tagHow ToHow to Survive the Holidays

How to Survive the Holidays


Are you down and depressed? Has everyone's over joyfulness just got you wanting to punch something? Are you gaining too much weight from all those holiday treats? Do you just plain hate Christmas and all its pretend goodness?

So how do we get through these tough times? Here are a few little tips that might make your spirits bright or have you laughing all the way!

Depressed? First thing you have to do is ask yourself why are you feeling so depressed. Is it the bills that you know are piling up from the endless presents you seem to have to buy?

If this is it then a simple way to fix this problem is make your gifts. Some people call it cheesy, or cheap but from my experience people love to get gifts from the heart. My wife and I karaoke all the time, it is one of our fun stress relieving things we do. I found a free program on the net that turned my computer into a recording studio so a couple of years ago we decided to give everyone a CD of us signing some of their favorite songs. It went over so well we now get requests at Christmas time. Now you might not have singing talent but we all have a talent. Maybe it is baking for you or painting or writing. Whatever it is you can make something personal for those people you wish to give gifts too. And liking the task cuts your stress in half and makes giving enjoyable.

Have the money but not the time to shop?

Make a list of the things you need to get then ask a friend who loves to shop to get them for you or hire a professional shopper. That lets you stay away from the headache of the crowds and you have also given someone employment for the day.

Feeling the goodies getting you?

Are you feeling your tummy bulging from all the snacks and foods that are always available as you go to all your relatives and friends?

Pace yourself, you don't need to eat everything in site. It isn't rude to refuse to eat something. If you don't want to seem rude by refusing food then just take smaller portions of everything.

Alone at Christmas and depressed?

You are not alone at all. Check your local papers, many cities have events for people just like you. You wouldn't believe how many people have no one to share the holidays with. Don't let it get you down. You want to make yourself feel better go to the local food bank and volunteer your services to help serve Christmas dinner to the homeless. You think you have it bad because you have nobody? After serving for an evening at a food bank you will realize your life is looking pretty good. Besides you always feel better knowing you have helped others less fortunate.

Another idea for getting rid of the loneliness, go to your local animal shelter and adopt a pet. Pets make great company and can cure the bluest of blues.

Just can't seem to get in the Christmas mood?

Pour yourself and eggnog and curl up on the couch and take in a classic Christmas tale. It's a Wonderful Life, Miracle of 34th Street, Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Frosty the Snowman, any version of A Christmas Carol or How the Grinch Stole Christmas are a few of my favorites. A special shout out to my favorite Christmas movie of all time The Man in the Santa Claus Suit, if you can get your hands on it.

I know this little How To won't solve all of your Christmas problems or headaches, I just hope it helped. I am not a doctor or profess to be some kind of genius these are just a couple of personal things I have done in the past when I am having a Blue Christmas...

Oh yea I almost forgot a couple of other things that might help you get out of the Christmas funk.

Sing some carols. Go to your local church for service and sing along with the choir as they belt out the classics. If you can't sing I recommend Elvis's Blue Christmas CD. Just something about the King and Christmas that puts me in the festive mood.

I hope one or more of my ideas work for you and that you and your loved ones have a blessed and happy holidays and a safe and prosperous new year.



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