Huddled Together Ch. 11


John rested one hand on the wall beside her head, as he pumped his hips forward with each stroke. The fingers of his other hand tightening on her slippery nipples, making her cry out softly. The water had softened John's work-roughened hands; the change adding to the heightened awareness Anny had of them gliding over her skin. Everywhere he stroked her, it seemed her awareness followed; and as he stroked, the arousal built between her slippery thighs.

Anny's hand was trapped between them, wrapped around his throbbing shaft, as John pulled her closer. John's muscles were smooth under her other hand, but she still detected a coiled tension in them. She felt the tingle in her taut, pink nipples as they rubbed against the curly chest hair of her lover. The tingle flowed down her spine, chasing down between her cheeks as John's hands tugged them gently apart, his fingers rubbing the soap into the cleft, pressing gently at her little puckered star. Anny groaned at the sensation, and felt John's cock jerk in her hand.

As he continued to rub over her cheeks, cupping underneath and separating them, Anny felt another rush of heat flow through her sex, and a curious burn reach the soles of her feet. She nipped at the brown peak of John's nipple, making his whole body jerk this time. A loud groan met her ears and she found herself being lifted. John's hands were under her thighs, wrapping her legs around him as he pressed her back up to rest against the smooth marble shower wall.


John couldn't hold out any further; he had to have her, now.

His hands were under Anny's thighs, and he had forced her up against the wall of the shower. John could feel her body tense slightly as it came into contact with the slightly colder surface, but relax as he continued intensely kissing her neck and shoulders.

John could hear Anny's breath deepen as he brought the tip of his manhood up to her waiting entrance; he paused long enough for the remaining water to flow off his member, and started lowering her body down onto his.

A fulfilled sigh escaped Anny's lips as she easily welcomed him inside her. John could feel Anny's internal heat taking over from the steamy water around him. John was tired from the day's trek, but he didn't need to inspire his arms to start lifting Anny's body up and down; plunging him deeper and deeper inside her with every stroke.

Anny lowered her face down to John's shoulder as she was thrust up and down in the air; nibbling here and there to encourage her lover to take her harder, faster. Her hands roamed through his hair, as her legs bounced up and down in response to his athletic fucking.

Anny was breathing hard and laboured as they continued their urgent connection; John could tell she needed this as much as he did.

John could feel his release approaching, and could sense that Anny's had just started; Anny's fingers gripped on so tightly into the back of his head, and into his shoulder blade. Anny's finger nails involuntarily dug in deeper into his back, her womanhood convulsing stronger and stronger around him. His body demanded release into her right now, it couldn't wait any longer; it needed to possess his love with all he had.

John's legs stiffened as he dropped her down onto his thighs; burying himself into her as deep as he could go. Cum came surging out of John and ejected straight into his waiting Anny.

Minutes passed as the two came down together from their highs. Eventually they began kissing lightly over each other's bodies, as their senses came back to them.

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