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In the early 21st century, human populations across the globe suffered a major financial meltdown, followed by a massive terrorist attack. The insidious attack, however, targeted the reproduction rates of the world's women. 50 years after the attack, women around the world began to see the results of the genetic bomb that the terrorists had delivered. Women began giving birth to multiple girls at a time, while males being born remained constant. The end result of this genetic gap was a male to female ratio of over 1:1000. Men began to take more and more liberties with the female population, who soon became a mob if they encountered any males over 18.

Women were the first to try to fix the problem this unnatural ratio caused, first by trying to implement morality laws, dress codes, and even restrictions on who could and could not meet men for sex. Men were forced from government. Women's political parties began to run the country, and soon the world was under women's control. However, this power soon was corrupted by the very people who tried to fix the problem. Women who wanted to engage in prostitution had to be licensed and registered. Men could report women for illegal sex and be rewarded for doing so, often by being given convicted law breakers as slaves.

Soon, men had found the perfect loophole in the legislation to regain total power. The revolution was quick and decisive. Women who argued, fought with their husbands or fathers, or any other male for that matter, could find themselves hogtied, gagged, and hung outside on "punishment collection stands" for conversion into slaves in under an hour. This is the story of one such unlucky girl, and her conversion from a normal teenager, to nothing more than a decoration.

Chapter 1: Captured

Sarah was a typical teenage girl in her final year at high school. It was rare for an 18 year old to reach the end of school without having been collared by a male, or converted by the morality police, but Sarah thought she had done it. She had lost her cherry on her 18th birthday to her father, after he had thrown her a birthday party, complete with the traditional spanking. Now, she was getting ready to walk across the stage and receive her diploma, and to begin her life.

Sarah had dressed in the official school uniform, which included a blouse, pleated plaid skirt, white panties and bra, and white socks and Mary Jane shoes. All the girls at the school knew what it meant if they failed to wear the proper uniform at any time. A reminder had been hung up from last year's graduating class at the beginning of the school year in the main courtyard.

Emily had come to school with pink panties on one day, and had found herself within 10 minutes of entering the school grounds bound to a cross, gagged, and forced to display her incorrect uniformed body for the rest of the school year. She had not been able to attend classes, and therefore she had failed her high school exams, instantly sentencing her to a life of slavery upon the completion of the school year. Now as the rest of her class was receiving their diplomas, she was being taken down, and stuffed into a collection van, nude, gagged, and severely hogtied. She also had to suffer the humiliation of having a massive dildo shoved into her pussy, as she hung on her frame, to await her fate.

As Sarah received her diploma, she couldn't help but smile. She had done what only 2% of the female population had been able to accomplish. Survive high school without winding up on a rigger frame.

Sarah was so excited as she walked home, she failed to notice a boy in her class following her. As she rounded a bend that hid the path from the street, the boy made his move, and reached out, and touched her arm. Sarah was startled at first, but then she got scared, as she saw the boy unzip his fly, and pull his cock out of his pants.

"Congratulations, bitch. You made it past high school. Now I guess it is time for your first test. Suck my cock, or I'll have you riggered in a heartbeat for being a cock tease in public, what with that short skirt showing off your panties."

Sarah paled, as she heard the boy's command, but she knew if she didn't obey, she could be enslaved on almost any charge. Reluctantly, she dropped to her knees, and took the boy's cock into her mouth, and began to lick and suck the shaft. She could already taste his pre-cum as his cock engorged, and stood rigid. She tried to get him to cum quickly, but her efforts weren't going to save her. As the boy tenses, she felt her arms grabbed from behind, and heard the CLICK, CLICK as a pair of metal handcuffs closed around her wrists.

"See, I told you all the school girls out here were nothing more than sluts and slaves in training. Now we have another one to add to our growing collection. Let's get her stripped, mounted, and dangling, and then see if we can get some more."

Sarah was helpless as another pair of hands began ripping off her clothes, tossing them to the ground in a pile. She could only whimper as she was soon stripped to her birthday suit, and forced to lie on her belly as her ankles were bent back to her thighs as metal clamps began to close over her body. Soon, She was in a tight hogtie, her legs splayed wide and her head held back and up as the capture crew finished their work. Only a quick plea escaped Sarah's mouth as a large ring gag was forced into her mouth, holding her wide open.

Her now tightly restrained body was lifted up by the frame, and she found herself being placed on a pickup point stand, behind another girl. Sarah's face was forced right between the legs of the girl on the stand in front of her, and the crew made it a point to force Sarah to begin licking the girl's pussy. Sarah could hear the girl's whimpers as her tongue began to tease the girl's slit, and soon, Sarah could taste the girl's pussy juice as she began to buck on her frame.

Sarah wasn't spared her own humiliation as she saw the crew return a few minutes later with another bound and helpless girl on a frame. Sarah could only shutter as she felt the pickup stand rock gently, before she felt the girl's mouth at her own exposed pussy, and then she felt the girl's tongue enter her and begin to lick her out, and Sarah began her own bucking on the frame. Sarah passed out after her third cum, and after she had licked the girl in front of her to over 5 orgasms.

Chapter 2: The factory

Sarah awoke to her frame swaying on a conveyor belt high above a factory floor. She couldn't see too much, besides a girl's pussy in front of her, but her ears told her there were many machines working hard within the facility. She could discern the sound of high pressure hoses and air guns, vacuum sealers, and the constant hum of other machines within the facility.

Sarah's frame took a side track on the rail network, and Sarah found herself dangling inside a white room, with a sealed door on one end, and with the slam of another door, a sealed compartment within the factory. Sarah squirmed on her frame as best she could, and tried to whimper around her ring gagged mouth, but the workers or the computers didn't seem to care. Sarah felt the air pressure change, causing her head hair to stand up, as well as the fine hairs around her pussy. A loud BUZZ sounded, and the room grew even whiter, then it got quiet.

Sarah took a look with her eyes down towards the floor, and saw a large pile of hair now on the ground, and she realized that the room had somehow managed to not only kill off her hair, but also make her smooth all over. Sarah whimpered, as she was very pound of her hair. Sarah then squealed as she felt a plug slip into her pussy, a second into her ass, and a third was forced down her throat. Also, electrical pads were positioned over her pussy, nipples, clit, knees, elbows, and other muscles.

Sarah wanted to gag or spit out the one in her mouth, but before she could even try, some kind of sticky compound was sprayed all over her body, effectively sealing her skin and all the attachments in place. Sarah was shocked at how quickly things were progressing, but she was even more surprised as she felt her whole body tense and relax, as her muscles were zapped with the electrodes.

As the shock let off, Sarah found herself staring at a huge set of nozzles, all pointing at her body. Sarah squealed behind her gag, but no sound emerged as the nozzles began to unload their cargo on her body. Sarah could only gasp as she watched her body become a neon purple color, except around her breasts and pussy, which remained uncolored. Sarah whimpered as she felt her frame begin to move, and she could only dread what was next.

Sarah dangled along above the shop floor, listening to the sounds of machines moving and operating, obviously turning slaves into items, but Sarah could not guess what fate had in store for her. As she was carried along, she managed a glimpse of a loading dock, but all she could see were shipping crates being loaded onto trucks, already sealed.

Sarah's frame rattled on, and finally stopped within another room. Sarah saw another, empty frame before her. Suddenly, the clamps around her frame released, dumping her to the floor. Sarah stood up, and then felt her body being directed towards the new frame. Sarah was helpless as her muscles moved her to turn around and back into the frame. Sarah heard the CLICK as the locks engaged, trapping her back against a rigid frame, forcing her to jut her chest out, as well as having her ass pointed out further to the rear.

Sarah now could see that her pussy, ass, and breasts were being presented, while her back and legs were being hidden. Sarah wondered why this was happening, and what was to become of her. Soon, however, the answers became clear. An image appeared before her, of a wine case with a girl helplessly standing inside. Sarah let out a startled scream, but the gags prevented any sound from emerging.

Sarah felt a tube being connected to the plugs in her pussy and ass, then she felt a clear tube being fed thru her mouth gag, and down the back of her throat. Sarah was helpless as the machines of industry turned and continued her transformation. Sarah watched as her frame was lifted a foot above the ground, and then watched as a wooden floor base plate was positioned under her frame. Sarah could only watch as the complex cooling system and computer control network board was placed on top of the base plate, followed by a wooden cover with a small hatch to allow access to the computer and climate control setting switches. Sarah then felt her frame settle onto the bottom of the case box, and heard bolts being tightened down, mating the frame to the base unit.

Sarah was in a panic as wires were plugged into the computer access at the back of the base plate, and hidden within her rubber covered body. But her real terror was just beginning. Sarah heard a saw start, and then watched as a laser began tracing around her body every 8", mapping every contour of her rigidly held body. Sarah could hear the saws working nearby, obviously cutting shelves for her new prison. Sarah was helpless as machine arms moved the back and side panels into position around her, and again the bolts being tightened to the frame and base unit, completed the terror.

Sarah watched wide eyed as the shelves began to be placed around her, each being screwed down tightly, adding more confinement to her already inescapable bondage. Slowly, the shelves rose, until they paused at her pussy. Sarah was shocked as she felt a dildo being slipped into her pussy, along with a vibrator. Sarah squealed as they were plugged into the computer control unit, and then tucked away under a shelf. Sarah watched as more shelves were placed up her body, until finally only her head was visible. Sarah could only flex her pussy around the dual dildo and vibrator as they began their test cycles, bringing the helplessly bound slave to orgasm. Sarah's frame shook as she came, but the case was so well put together, observers looking at it couldn't see anything happening. Only Sarah, trapped within the inescapable grip of her prison, felt and experienced her first cum within the wine case.

The machines finished quickly, installing the door, window, light, and roof to the case, before a quality control check was done in a vacuum chamber. Sarah felt the case move into the chamber, with the door closed. Then she heard the door creek as a vacuum was created outside the chamber. Sarah was stuck within the wine case for an hour, as sensors checked to make sure there was no air loss, before the vacuum was released, and the case was crated up for its trip to the new owner.

Chapter 3: Home Again

When Sarah next could see out of the wine case, she found herself looking at a familiar room. From her limited view, she could see a family portrait hanging above a fireplace, and recognized herself and her parents, and her younger sister. Sarah was shocked, but even more so when the door to the case opened, and her own father began to adjust the controls within, setting the climate control temperature, as well as other settings Sarah couldn't see, before beginning to load in bottle after bottle of wine into the prison around his former daughter.

Sarah tried to get her father's attention, to let him know it was her, but he couldn't hear her. Sarah let out a moan as 2 of the bottles rubbed against her nipples, causing them to become hard and erect. Sarah could only stand helpless as her father finished loading the wine into the case, before closing the door. As soon as the door closed, the vibrator and dildo in her pussy turned on, bringing Sarah to a shuttering orgasm.

Suddenly, as she came down from her orgasm, she heard her father's voice in her ear.

"Hello Sarah, or should I call you the wine cooler now? HA! HA! Anyway, as you probably know your back home. The factory called us, and told us you had been caught being a cock tease in the park, and they wanted to offer us the privilege of first order, before putting you in the general market. Your mom and I talked it over, and we decided to buy you, and make you a display piece. Be grateful I suggested the wine cooler, because your mother wanted you as a chair, and your sister wanted you to be part of her bed. Anyway, you're ours now, so don't get any hope up of being released. If we tire of the wine case, your next move will be to either a lamp or part of a bed, so pray we don't get bored with you. Anyhow, I have set the maintenance cycles for nightly, at midnight, with food and water available 2x a day. Also, you'll be cumming almost hourly, so enjoy it. Oh, and enjoy yourself dear."

Sarah shuttered as she thought of the other possibilities, and felt grateful she at least knew who her owners were going to be. But then she felt the orgasm controllers kick on, and everything else faded into her new bliss....the wine cooler of pleasure.

Sarah's father and mother watched the external display as their slave daughter was forced to cum. They smiled, knowing it was only a matter of time and age before their other daughter joined the living furniture around the house. Smiling, they cuddled with each other as their night stands quivered as their own orgasms were forced upon their bodies. Indeed, it was good to be in charge of the human furniture company.

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Love it

Wow, this story really got me going. I love the idea of someone being turned into an object and trapped.

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