Human Sexuality in College


"No, sir!" she replied, clearly shaken.


"No, sir!"


"Uh, I was smiling at the thought of touching it, sir!" she admitted, a clear blush crossing her face.


He moved on and yelled at another girl down the row. My partner was clearly embarrassed at having to admit she wanted to touch my hard-on, and she now stared straight ahead with a serious look on her face.

"Right now, Mistress Anne is attaching a map to the female worms. The boy worms must read this map and direct his team to the destination. A table and one brother and one sister will be at each destination where you will report as you are to report here at this table. There, you will be given directions on your first task. Complete it and return here for your second task."

A few minutes later, Mistress Anne stood between us and taped a map to my partner's chest. I couldn't see what she was doing until she stepped away to put a map on the next sorority pledge's chest. My partner had a map duct-taped to her chest between her full breasts. Since she was so well endowed, the map actually spanned across her breasts but was small enough to only cover the split between them; her nipples were still exposed. At the same time, two brothers were walking down behind each of the lines and were tying our wrists together behind us. They were using plastic ties to make sure our hands were flat against each other, and we could not pull them apart.

"This is not a race for time," the brother explained to us all. "Your hands are being tied behind your backs to ensure that you don't use them. You must find other ways to accomplish the tasks. You will be graded on accomplishing the task and various aspects of performance. If you have any questions, too bad. Now get going. Scumbags, dismissed!"

Task 1 ------

First thing we did was break up into our teams. Each boy-girl team went into a huddle to introduce themselves and discuss strategy.

"Hi, I'm Greg," I said to my partner.

"I'm Janice," she responded. "I'm so embarrassed. I hope you don't think I'm a wanton slut."

"Of course not," I replied. "I took it as a compliment. What else would a guy think of a beautiful woman admiring his erection?"

"Oh, I'm not beautiful, but thanks anyway," she replied.

"Ah, but you are beautiful. I have to admit, I have no experience to speak from, but in comparison to the pictures I've seen in Playboy, you're in the cream of the crop."

She was blushing profusely by this time, and she obviously wanted to change the subject. "Well, thanks. Now let's figure out what we need to do." She held her chest out for me to read the map.

I was definitely distracted by her large, firm breasts, and the hard nipples seemed to be calling out to me, but I tore myself from staring or trying to lick one of them to read the map.

The map was a copy of one of the trail maps used by the national forest. Someone had used a Magic Marker to write, "You are here," with an arrow pointing to the park. Then there was a large X marked on one of the trails. It looked like a two-mile hike.

As we headed down the trail, we noticed other couples headed off on other forks. Apparently, we all had our own trail and our own destination. There were only about five couples, so it seemed reasonable.

We chatted and got to know each other a little as we walked.

"You said you don't have a lot of experience," Janice said. "I don't have any. I'm not only a virgin, but I've never even been on a date."

"Really?" I exclaimed. "Neither have I!"

We were both surprised at this. I thought she was far too good looking to be a wallflower. Besides, knowing guys, her breasts alone would attract most of them. It turned out that she went to an all-girls school and was very protected by her parents. Now at 18, she could go off on her own, and she was trying to expand her horizons.

I told her about all the reading and research I had done in the area of sexuality and relationships. It was hard to admit that my lack of opportunities and my shyness was replaced by a focused urge to learn as much as I could on the subjects. I also explained some of my viewpoints with respect to how society seemed to overrule nature and even the Bible. My attitude was with an open mind, though I was still somewhat inhibited because of my upbringing.

Janice seemed quite distracted by my erection. She kept staring at it, and she asked me questions about it, wondering if it hurt when it was hard or because it bounced when we walked. She asked if it got hard on its own or if I had to feel some arousal for it to get hard. She also wanted to know if I could will it hard or soft. I told her, no, it didn't hurt and that it usually got hard because I was aroused. I also explained that I could will it hard, but I did it by thinking arousing thoughts.

"That means you are feeling aroused right now," she said to me.

"Uh, yeah," I admitted. "I guess I've got a bit of an exhibitionist streak in me."

"Oh, so that's why you got erect so fast when we stripped."

"Actually, I was so nervous, I was surprised that I was hard," I admitted. "What got me worked up was looking at you. I've never seen a real live naked woman before, and you've got a killer body. It was all quite overwhelming."

"You really think I've got a nice body?" she asked. "I always thought I was too skinny, and these breasts of mine are just too big and white. They need some tan, and I've been thinking about a breast reduction."

"Oh, don't do that," I scolded her. "As soon as the word gets around about what a fabulous body you have and how nice your breasts are, you're going to get more dates than you can handle." She seemed to have to think about that.

I asked her about her nipples, wondering about what made them hard. She admitted that they sometimes got hard because she was cold, but she added, "They're hard now because I'm aroused. This is the first time I've ever been naked around another person, other than my doctor, and I find it quite exhilarating. Not only am I naked around a strange man, but also I've just been naked in front of a whole bunch of people I don't know, and I'm hiking through the woods naked. It's all quite intense, and I'm all tingly inside. I guess there's some exhibitionism in me, too."

We talked some more about philosophies and sexual mores. Janice seemed interesting in my views, and she indicated she was working on relaxing her own inhibitions based on many of the restrictions taught by her family. She wasn't quite in agreement with everything I said, but she still had an open mind.

Then Janice asked, "What was it that the sister whispered in your ear?"

"She told me to make sure no upperclassman saw my cock go down."

She thought about that for a moment, and then said, "Ah, now it makes sense. When the guy was saying that he wanted to make sure we heard him when he said we were to be standing at full attention, he wasn't just talking about our stance. He was saying that you need to be hard, and I bet he also meant that my nipples were to be hard, too."

That sounded logical. Why else would he make a point of "full attention?" I also now understood what Winter was saying when she described this fraternity as one that would help overcome anxieties with the opposite gender. Not only were we initiated right off with being naked in front of a number of people including members of the opposite gender, but also we were encouraged to perform very intimate things with each other. I was already feeling quite comfortable with Janice, especially considering I had a constant hard-on with her, and rather than be offended as I would have expected, she seemed to enjoy it.

When we got to the destination, a fraternity brother and sorority sister were waiting for us at a table. We both presented ourselves at attention, as we were required. The brother told us to stand at ease and then told us to read the directions on the table.

The brother was clearly impressed with Janice's breasts, and he made no effort to divert his eyes from them. I saw exactly what I read about; guys just can't look a woman in the eyes. The sister, on the other hand, was more respectful to me, although I did catch her glancing at my erection a couple of times.

On the table were some alligator clips tied together with small chains. We were to attach these clips according to a diagram and return to the main table in the park.

"Are you serious?" Janice asked the two behind the table.

"Hey, we're not forcing you to do anything you're not comfortable doing," said the sister.

"If you don't want to do it, you can leave now," said the brother smugly to Janice's tits.

Janice looked at me, and I said, "Look, I'm willing to do anything to get over my shyness and anxieties, and this fraternity seems to be the best way to accelerate that. If I have to do some weird kinky things to be accepted in this fraternity, I'm going to do them. As long as I don't have to hurt anybody or force someone else to do something they don't want, I'm okay with it."

Janice thought about it for a few minutes and finally agreed. "You're right. Let's do it." Since our hands were tied behind our backs, I had to attach the alligator clips to Janice, and she would have to attach them to me. Also, without our fingers, we had to use our mouths to attach the alligator clips. Janice went first and picked up one of the clips with her teeth.

"If my parents knew I was at this school taking Human Sexuality as a major, I'd be in a convent in a matter of hours. If they knew what I was doing right now, I think they'd disown me," she said as she leaned over the table.

I said, "So, you're in Human Sexuality, too, huh? So am I."

"Coo'" she said with the clip in her mouth.

She had to attach the clip to the underside of my scrotum on one side. The other clip went on the other side, and the chain between them was supposed to loop around my shaft three times.

Janice dropped down to her knees in front of me and squeezed the clip with her teeth. Since I was fully erect, she was able to reach my scrotum under my left ball easily. She made sure not to clip to my ball itself but to the skin around it.

I expected it to hurt, but I was surprised that it was more like an itch. The alligator clips must not have had really tight springs.

Next, Janice had to rotate her head around my cock with the other clip in her mouth to get it looped three times. The chain was barely long enough to reach the underside of the other testicle, but with a little tugging, which pulled the chain tight as it slid around my shaft, she made it. I found it extremely erotic having such a pretty woman so involved with my genitalia.

The chain I was to attach to Janice had two alligator clips on both ends and some kind of ornament in the middle of the long chain. I didn't have any trouble attaching the alligator clips to Janice's large, erect nipples. They were so stiff and long, the clips snapped around them easily. I was surprised by the moan from Janice, though, and I asked if I was hurting her. She just shook her head to say no, but the blush on her face indicated she was feeling something. The chain was long, and the ornament actually dangled right at her pussy level. I wondered if there was some significance to that, so I looked at the diagram more closely. Then I looked at the ornament more closely. Sure enough, it was some kind of clip, and I thought it was to be attached to her clit. Good thing Hustler Magazine showed me where a clit was, or I'd have looked like a real idiot.

"Um, I think this thingy is supposed to attach to your clit," I said to Janice.

"Oh my God!" she gasped. Her face was quite flushed, and I sensed this was very erotic to her.

I held the ornament up with my tongue while she inspected it.

"I guess you're right," she said in a hoarse whisper. "You shouldn't have any trouble finding it. I'm so turned on, its gotta be obvious down there."

She was right. That little bud I saw earlier was her clit. It was so big and hard that it actually poked right out from between her pussy lips. Based on my readings, I expected there to be some kind of hood or fold covering her little love-button, but apparently hers was completely exposed. I could smell her musky odor as I fumbled around with the little clip in my mouth, and I discovered the sheen on her thighs was her vaginal juice leaking out. Apparently, she was very aroused.

When I started using my tongue to figure out where her clit was before attaching the clip, she suddenly jammed her hips forward, driving my tongue even deeper between her lips.

"Oh my God!" she said again. "If you keep that up, I'm going to have an orgasm right here in front of all of you. This is so embarrassing."

"Thath okay with me," I said as I positioned the clip. I decided to stick my tongue between her lips again to see if I could get her to climax. I don't know why I did that, but it seemed like a fun thing to do. I dug around her clitoris a few times, and then sucked it between my lips. That's all it took. Janice jerked and shook all over as she went into a very powerful orgasm. I had never seen a woman have an orgasm except the staged ones in porn videos on the Internet. This was such an exciting thing to watch and be a part of, I thought I might blow my own climax in sympathy. I continued to lick and suck until she jerked her hips away from me. She bent over at the waist and panted for a moment before presenting her pussy to me again. Her face and upper chest were a deep crimson color, and she was biting her lower lip as she stood stiffly in front of me not saying a word.

I managed to clip the little gizmo onto her highly engorged nub, and she shuddered again, giving a low moan.

"Bravo!" the couple behind the table cheered.

"Extra points to the girl," the sister said as she wrote something on her clipboard.

"What! We get extra points for having an orgasm?" Janice exploded.

"The purpose of this exercise is to humiliate you, teach you who your superiors are and to force you and your partner to be intimate with each other. You demonstrated two that were above the requirements yet within the realm of this task."

"Oh, God, how embarrassing," Janice mumbled as we came to attention in front of the table before being dismissed.

"You two have actually earned a number of extra-credit points," the brother admitted.

"Shhh," the sister admonished him. "We're not supposed to let them know all the things we give points for."

As soon as we were dismissed, Janice and I headed back down the path from which we'd come. The jingling of the chains could be heard and reminded us of the pinching pain of the alligator clips.

"Wow, that was cool!" I said to Janice when we got out of earshot of the others.


"I actually made you climax," I said. "I've always fantasized about doing that."

"Yes, you did," Janice admitted, "and I don't think I've had an orgasm that powerful ever."

"That is so amazing," I continued. "I always thought it was men that were 'on the edge' and would have orgasms easily. You've just proved it isn't just men."

"Well, I guess I should go ahead and admit it," Janice said. "Listening to your views and attitudes, I feel very comfortable talking to you. Hopefully, you won't think I'm a deviant or something, but based on what you said before, this shouldn't sound deviant to you."

I repeated my views that deviant behavior in my mind is being cruel or forcing one's will on another person, so as long as she wasn't in that category, I doubted she could ever be considered deviant or immoral in my book.

"Well, seeing you with an erection like that has me really worked up. Maybe it's because of my sheltered life, but I've been on the edge ever since we stripped our clothes off. What with being naked in front of all these people, having a really cute partner that is obviously aroused and has a wonderful erection, I'm a wreck inside. I hope that doesn't scare you."

"Not at all," I replied. "As a matter of fact, it really turns me on. Looking at you has me really worked up as well, and knowing that you are just as aroused only excites me more. I'm sure that if I was touched or rubbed the right way, I'd be spewing all over the place."

"Really?" she said with sincere surprise. "It doesn't turn you off to find out how easily aroused I am? I always thought I was a nymphomaniac or over-sexed or something and men would be repulsed by me. When I touch myself, I have these fabulous, really powerful orgasms that make me want to explode inside. I want them over and over again, but my parents have me trained to think it is disgusting and deviant behavior."

"As I've been trying to tell you, I don't think that way, and I don't understand why society does. I believe that part of the reason we're all so messed up is because our natural instincts are so repressed," I explained.

"You're not saying that just to make me feel good so that you can later take advantage of me, are you?" she asked.

"Absolutely not!" I moaned. "It could be that I'm frustrated like you, maybe for different reasons, but it has driven me to do this research and make my own conclusions. This is what I've come up with. I find you so amazing. I've read about women like you, but I didn't know they really existed. You sound like my fantasy woman; someone who is open, likes to show off a little, and loves a good orgasm. I sure hope we get to spend more time together after this is all over."

"Really? You're not grossed out by me?"

"Not in the least. Look at my erection. It's as hard as it has ever been. Just hearing what you just said, and hearing it from such a gorgeous creature, it's driving me crazy."

We walked in silence for a while. Although my hormones were in full swing, there were a couple of places along the trail where I slipped and almost fell. One time, the distraction caused my cock to droop, and the chain slipped off.

"Oh, damn," I groaned. "Sorry about that."

"Not a problem," Janice said with a grin, almost enthusiastically. "Let me see if I can help."

She squatted down in front of me and sucked my half-flaccid cock into her mouth. Oh, God! I had only fantasized about a blowjob, and now there was a beautiful woman giving me one. I don't think I was in her mouth for 30 seconds before I was hard as a rock again, but she didn't stop right away. She sucked and licked my cock until I was about ready to explode. Then she suddenly released me.

"Let me know if you're getting close to cumming," she said casually. Just the sound of her saying "cumming" almost took me over the edge. "I'm not concerned about you cumming on me or even in my mouth, I'm just concerned about keeping you erect. I've heard that after a guy cums, he loses his erection for a while, and we don't want that."

"Well, you better stop now," I suggested. "I'm pretty close."

"Wow, that was easy," she said, looking at my erection. "I thought it would take a lot more than just that."

"I told you, you're a beautiful woman, and I'm very inexperienced. The combination is overpowering."

Janice then used her teeth to open the clip on one side of my scrotum and looped the chain around my dick three times again. Once again she had to pull on the clip to tighten the chain before attaching it to my sac.

We continued down the path a little way when, suddenly, she got very serious. "I hope I don't offend you," she said quietly, "but I'm not ready for a relationship. I'd really like to go out with you sometime, but I want to do some more experimenting for a while."

That really caught me off-guard. Going steady or some kind of dating agreement hadn't entered my mind. Apparently, it had entered hers. Was she considering something more serious? My ego suddenly leaped.

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