tagNonHumanHunger Within Ch.02

Hunger Within Ch.02


* Glossary of Terms *

Terms of endearment for female mates

W=wolves V=Vamps

Nanu- beautiful W

Faten- temptress V

Amira --beautiful V

Damila-beautiful V

Nadira-rare or uncommon W

Leila- dark hair W

Shirin- sweet W


Male mates

Lyall- shield wolf W

Mirza -- my prince V



His mate was in the park somewhere near by. He sensed her. He walked in the direction her scent blew from, but when he reached out with his senses she was gone she had vanished. His father was wrong she existed he just had to find her.

"Get away from me Michael I don't want to hear it!"

"Jenai you have to know I love you. You're my one. My promised."

"In finality it's my choice I don't have to choose you my Father will back me I can guarantee you."

"She meant nothing to me it just happened. You need me and my power base to run your father's house."

"That is where you are really wrong the only reason my father is trying to put us together is that he feels the council would rather see a man in power than a female but he knows I can run it on my own since I have been for the past fifty years!"

Ryan turned the corner following the voices and her scent slammed into him. He looked up and saw them. She was beautiful. Her honey toned skin looked good enough to eat. Her plump pink lips even more so. His eyes roamed her curves from her tempting neck, and full breasts to her sensuous hips down to her feet everything about her drew him in.

"Excuse me mam, I don't mean to interrupt but I couldn't help but hear your distress." He interjected.

The look in the eyes of the man standing next to his mate made a Rumble and full out growls erupt from his chest and lips.

"Move now!"


Who was this man in front of her and how much did he hear?

"I will not move away from her!" Michael said lowly.

They were inches away from each other Michael was showing his fangs which meant he really was emotionally overwhelmed. At the age of almost four hundred he rarely showed his true self right now his fangs were bared almost touching past his lips to his chocolate skin tone. His eyes glowed amber in color lighter than his calm cocoa colored depth. His face marred in anger.

Jenai felt a warm push of power that was familiar but not because she knew it was coming from Michael. It wasn't it was coming from the stranger and it felt good. More than good.

She stepped around Michael and placed a hand on the strangers arm.

"Please for your sake walk away."

"You want to leave with this man?" He said eyebrow raised glaring his green gaze into her gray one.

"No but I don't want you injured on my account." She said pleading.

"He won't harm me or you Nanu."

Jenai pressed her back into Micheal's chest urging him away from the man in front of her. The man inched closer to her chest the heat and warmth radiating from his body the power rolling into her core and seeped back into Michael making him cringe.

"Who are you?" Micheal groaned painfully.

"Her mate."


"Thank you again uh Choi?"

"Yes mam that's my name and it's no problem it is my duty to help a woman like you."

She rolled her eyes.

"What do you mean woman like me?"

"I mean no offense I mean you're a woman I'm a man you are woman. I'm strong woman are weak it is just fact."

"I'll show you weak!" She uppercut him straight in the jaw. Catching him off guard and knocking him back.

She then put full forced punch into his gut doubling him over and knocking the wind out of him. Using her foot on his shoulder she knocked him to the ground. She saw a rage that she only read about in him and she pulled her gun.


He looked up at her his wolf was teetering on the edge of breaking free. His wolf wanted to teach her a lesson.

"You need to learn your place." He growled.

In a seconds time he had the barrel of her gun centered between his eyes.

"That won't hurt me." He laughed.

She knelt at eye level her green eyes burning into his lilac gaze.

"I have been paranoid lately because of reading Laurell k Hamilton's books so I always make sure my gun has silver bullets but if you want to take the chance with your life you go on right ahead."

His eyes widened slightly then narrowed as he decided she was right, he was wrong and she proved strong. She would be a challenging mate but a good one and definitely fun to tame.

"I'm sorry Nadira you are right I was offensive let me apologize with a homemade dinner?"

"Uh no. My name is Tyleya Not Nadira." She scoffed.

"I know."


He blurted the truth to soon he saw it in her eyes she was going to run.

"Nanu I mean you no harm I have waited for you for so long don't run from me."

The male next to her began to laugh hysterically.

"Young one you really have no idea with whom you are speaking do you?" The male laughed again.

"I'm not speaking with you. I am speaking with her it is business between us not any of your caring." Ryan growled.

The woman that was his mate removed her touch from him and took a step back.

"You are not my ....you are mistaken I am sorry." She whispered.

"There is no mistake I have waited to find you and your scent says it all. I know there is no one that will keep you from me."

His eyes shifted to the male next to her and a rumble started in his chest again.

Her eyes widened. Was it fear?

"Do not be scared of me Nanu I would never do anything to harm you or bring you unhappiness."


This man was crazy he had to be one of those delusional humans with the new obsession Twilight has made more than a few crazies. It had happened when the whole Dracula craze was popular too.

"I think we should take him to the hospital Michael he is delusional."

"I agree."

"Uh I disagree. I am far from delusional. I heard you say you had been running things for your father for over fifty years. Well I have been learning how to take care of things for mine much longer. Look, I won't make you come to me but at least take my information contact me if you need anything."

He handed her a card and walked away. The way he walked was no doubt masculine and oozed sensuality that she couldn't quite touch on but wanted to badly.

"Don't tell me you are thinking of calling this fool? I won't allow it." Michael grouched.

"Michael don't tell me what to do."

"Jenai you would be foolish to fall for such ludicrous lies. There is no way he is your mate no matter what powers he may have he is probably a warlock or wizard but in no way can he be your mate for all we know he could be a dog."He said mockingly knowing the strangers true form.

"Now who sounds foolish and crazy?" Jenai walked toward her apartment leaving Michael in his frustrations.


Tyleya got into her car somewhat confused he had said he knew her name was not Nadira but he had called her by it anyway. He had exuded a strength and anger she had only read about and was hot beyond Laurel K. Hamilton's expectations of supernatural men but, was he that or had her imagination gotten the best of her.

She drove to her apartment her fiancé had to be worried. He had called her cell phone during the "attack" and she was to shaken or maybe guilty to call him back.

She walked up to the elevator to press the button.

"I was worried about you baby you didn't call me back and you were running late." His voice melted through her.

"Oh I got held up at the library sorry Liam you know how I get caught up."

He sighed. "Yes I know I just it's not safe for you to just be out there so late.

She rolled her eyes. "Says you."

He pinned her against the wall in their private elevator and kissed her hard her mouth opened to him like it always did wanton and needing. She whimpered when he pulled away to lead her to their bed. He was the perfect mix of Italian and Irish his hair was short but untamed and he was still in his suit from work.

She loved how he looked in his suits but she loved how he looked out of them more. He undid his tie and threw it across the bedroom chair. He stopped and smirked as her facial expression screamed how much she wanted him. He pulled her tightly against him and she could feel his need for her. He wanted to lose his control and she needed him to do just that.


Choi slammed his fist into his desk the leg cracked and moaned from the pressure and abuse his strength caused.

"I need to find her!"

"Who did you lose?" Ryan laughed.

"My mate." Choi growled his wolf on the edge of exploding from him.

"Calm yourself Choi I won't warn you again."

Ryan said his alpha power filling the room.

His eyes glowed his wolf ready to correct his lieutenant for his forgetting his place sure it was a momentary lapse in judgment but one that he could not let slide.

He sent a push of power at Choi. He crumpled to the ground eyes down in submission and whimpered his apology.

"I have never wanted anyone so bad and I don't even know where to start to find her I have never seen her at the library before until today."

"I understand Choi." He said with empathy.

"How could you? You have mates lined up but none of them are your true mate."

"I met her today Choi while I was in the park she has my information but I know nothing of hers. Her scent is burned into my memory and her eyes are going to haunt me till I make her mine so I understand completely."

"You found her?" Choi asked in disbelief

"Yes. I will not accept these substitutes. I want only her and I will not be happy till I claim her."

"Your father is going to be pissed."

"It's not my father's decision."


The club was packed. Bodies fused together in rhythmic unison. Jenai watched as her patrons danced and drank their way to a familiar numbness one she wished she could get from your average alcoholic drink no her poison was something she had to hunt for.

As Jenai scanned the club again she saw that there was trouble in the making. The money on nights like this was great but someone always had to start trouble she tapped her headset and contacted Tyleya her head of security.

"Ty there is a fight bout to brew to your left 3 o clock."

Ty listened to her boss in her earpiece and turned to see there were two drunken idiots arguing over some blond broad.

"Boys we can do this the easy way or the hard way what's it gonna be?"

They looked at her and laughed she knocked them both off their feet and neither guy saw it coming.

"Come on man we didn't mean no harm."

"Then stop acting like idiots there's plenty to choose from no need to fight over her." she nodded in the direction of their conquest.

Sometimes Tyleya hated her job the idiots she saw and the stupidity she had to intercept on the regular mad her head hurt.

Jenai looked up to see Ty had succeeded in stopping the brawl from becoming an issue. Her eyes how ever drifted to the door when the man who said he was her mate walked into her club and his power pulled her attentions to him.

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