Hurricane Gina


"What do you think of Gina, your mother-in-law?" She asked.

"To be honest, I barely know her. From what I've seen of her, I have no problems with her."

"What you've seen?" she inquired.

"Yeah, what she's done while I'm around her. What did you think? Did you think I was talking about how she looks?" I asked.

"Do you find her attractive?"

"Um, well, sure, she's pretty attractive." I stammered.

"Interesting." She muttered.

"What?" I asked.

"Well, most men, when asked if an older woman is attractive, will qualify it by saying "for her age", but you did not."

"I meant nothing by it."

"Do you find older women attractive?"

"I'm attracted to attractive women. It doesn't matter if she's older"

"So you're not opposed to being with an older woman?"

"If I were a single man, I would not be opposed to it I guess."

"So if you met Gina, and you were single, would you pursue her?"

"Uh, I don't know. That's not a situation I'll have to worry about. Cause I'm married."

"Matt, to be perfectly honest, I think you are attracted to your mother-in-law, whether you like to admit it or not. Your wife's dreams did not start until after you met her mom. I think that she might have noticed something between you two, something that may not have deliberately been done, but something nonetheless. I think she picked up on this, and is subconsciously worried that she might not be enough for you."

"Are you saying my wife believes her mom is more my type?"

"I believe you are primarily attracted to older women. You might not have fully realized this or come to terms to this, but I believe it to be true."

"That's ridiculous. I've never been with an older woman. I like younger women. Why would I want to be with an older woman?"

"Exactly. It's forbidden fruit. Young men don't usually pursue older women because there's a stigma. Most think that a guy who has sex with older women has mommy issues, but I don't necessarily believe that."

"What do you think?"

"I think men that pursue older women like great sex. And, for the most part, attractive older women know exactly what they are doing. They know what they like, and they know what men want. Younger women generally are more afraid to let loose. Older women are more sure of themselves. They know what to do, and they do it well. Older women go wild"

"Are you saying older women are better at sex?"

"For the most part yes, I believe that to be true. Mature women know great sex, and will be satisfied with nothing less."

"And you think I'm into this?"

"Yes, I do."

"What makes you say that?"

"I'm good at my job."

"Answer the question."

"I don't think one meeting between you and her mother would be enough to keep these dreams going. I think you showed an attraction to her at the wedding. But, for these dreams to keep going, she would need to see something that reinforces this line of thought. I think maybe you've done things during your marriage that made your wife think you are into older women. Maybe she's noticed you check out an older woman, on more than one occasion?"

"This is totally not what I thought this would be. I don't check out older women. I'm not into them, at all. It seems like you're trying to convince me that older women are better in bed. I don't know why, I mean, you're still young. I don't generally hear younger women telling me that men are better off pursuing older women."

"I'm not saying that. I'm just saying I understand what they have to offer."

"I'm not into MILF's, or mature women, or whatever you want to call it."

"Have you ever masturbated to MILF porn?"


"You heard me."

"I mean, sure, I've seen some MILF porn. I don't make it a point to look at it."

"Are you sure about that? Would you say you come across MILF porn often?"

"I guess it comes up a bit every time I look at porn, but not always."

"And what do you think of it?" I didn't know how to reply to that. I generally like seeing younger women when I look at porn, but, whenever a MILF appears, it's a whole different animal. Did I notice that their bodies were generally better than their younger counterparts? Did I notice that they fucked harder than younger woman, that they were rougher than any younger girl could dream of being? Did I get the sense that the male porn stars enjoyed the MILF sex a lot more than with the younger women? No, I couldn't admit this.

"It's porn. It's not rocket science." I replied simply. "Why are you bringing MILF porn up?" I asked.

"I think you have an untapped MILF fetish. I think you subconsciously check out older women. I think your wife senses this and this manifests itself in her fear that you want to have sex with her mother." She paused, and then continued. "I'm telling you this not because I believe you should pursue your fetish. Of course you shouldn't cheat on Jenny. I'm saying you need to understand what's happening, so you can move away from it and focus all of your attention on Jenny."

"I don't have a MILF fetish!" I told her. She smiled.

"I think our time is up."


I walked out shaken by my interaction. I don't know where she got this idea that I was into MILF's but that's simply not true. I've never had sex with an older woman, nor have I ever wanted... well, maybe there was once or twice. Yes, I've had fantasies about Gina, but, who wouldn't? She's perfect. That, round, heart-shaped ass. Her gorgeous face. Those massive, perfect, MILFy breasts. To just get the chance to avail myself in her MILF flesh, losing myself in it. Wait, what?

I walked out and saw my wife smile at me as I entered. I gave her a small smile as I sat next to her. Gina didn't wait as she stood and walked into Dr. White's office. I looked over my wife's shoulder as we hugged and watched Gina's ass sway sexily as she walked.

I didn't go into specifics about what we talked about. I just told Jenny it went well. We waited for Gina to finish her meeting, and then we would all go in together and talk to Dr. White.


(Dr. White)

Gina didn't bother to shake my hand as she sat down. I couldn't help but take in the MILF beauty. She was breathtakingly gorgeous. I didn't blame Matt for being attracted to her. Like I told him, I could respect what MILF's have to offer. And this MILF, she was offering the full package.

"So, Gina, describe your relationship with your daughter." Dr. White asked

"Well, it's been difficult. I can't say it's been easy. In many ways, she's been a disappointment. That's not to say I don't love her. I do. Every time I've tried to make something out of her, she's fought me on it, and rejected all I've tried to teach her." Gina said.

"What kind of things have you tried to teach her?" I asked.

"Oh, things about acting like an adult woman, not a child. I've tried to teach her things about getting a man. Looking good, how to flirt, etc." Gina said.

"And these are things that you are good at?" I asked.

"Just look at me, darling. Do you think I have problems getting a man?" Gina said with a giggle. I thought, not at all. This is a woman who has no problems getting men interested.

"What kind of men are you interested in?" I asked.

"I'll put it this way, Doctor. I haven't had sex with a man older than 30 in sixteen years."

"So, you're into younger men?"


"Have you ever thought why?"

"Well, as men get older, around thirty, they start thinking they should act like a big tough guy. I like my men to do what I tell them. I want them to treat me like a queen. Younger men do this."

"So, if a man starts fighting you for control, do you break it off?"

"Yes. I know what I'm doing. When men think they know better than me, then they don't deserve me."

"So, it's about control?"

"Yes. I'm not an easy woman to get along with. But to those who understand their place, the rewards are fantastic."

"So the ideal man for you will be young and easily controlled. Submissive." I said in almost a whisper.

"Absolutely. Ideally, if I could meet a man, maybe 25 or so, and could cultivate him, turn him into the man I need him to be. To dominate him, so he truly knows his place and will never fight me back. That man will be my mate forever." Gina said, with a fire in her eyes.

"What do you think of Matt, your son-in law?" I asked, almost subconsciously seeming like a suggestion.

"He seems like an ideal candidate." Gina replied.

"So you're interested in him sexually?" I asked, surprised at this woman's honesty.

"Yes. He's good looking, and he is quite enamored with me."

"What makes you say that?"

"Whenever I'm around him, he can't take his eyes off of me."

"He's checked you out?"

"Did my daughter tell you about her issue with the wedding photos?" Gina replied.

"Yes, she was disappointed that there were not enough photos of the reception." I replied.

"There were more photos, you see. I thought I'd spare her the images of her husband checking me out. Staring at my ass. Looking down my cleavage. Staring at me over his wife's shoulder. Needless to say, few photos made the cut." Gina replied.

"So, how does this make you feel?"

"Do you think I should defer him to my daughter when he's so gagging to be taken? To be stolen from her. Who am I to not let nature take its course?" Gina explained.

"So you think it's inevitable that you and your son-in-law will have sex?" I asked.

"Absolutely. I plan for us to start fucking this weekend." Gina said simply.

"Excuse me?" I asked.

"I'm gonna fuck Matt this weekend. I'm going to steal him from my daughter. And you're gonna help me." Gina explained.

"Why do you think I would help you?" I asked incredulously.

"Listen, Dr. White." Gina interrupted, "I know what you're gonna tell me. You're gonna say that I shouldn't do this. I shouldn't betray my daughter. But you know deep down, that this is what is meant to happen. My daughter is inadequate in every way. And that stud of a son-in-law of mine? He belongs with me. You've talked to them both. This is what they all expect to happen. Right?" I hesitated.

"Tell me!" Gina insisted. I couldn't violate their confidentiality, could I? Could I deny the fact that this was going to happen, whether I wanted it to or not? There was no point not telling her. Gina was not the type of woman to be denied.

"Your daughter dreams about you, and her husband. Having sex. Night after night, she dreams about it." I said. Gina smiled. "And Matt? Matt is into older women. He doesn't accept it, yet, but he will."

"You're damn right he will. He will accept his place soon. And you will help. You need to tell my daughter that she has to leave me and Matt together, alone, for the weekend. She needs to believe that we can be trusted not to fuck each other. It'll give me time to fuck him, to show him his true place. With me. Fucking me. Day after day. He needs to see that I'm the woman he's been waiting for. An older woman who will dominate him, who will run his life, who will give him everything he's ever wanted." Gina said, nipples hard.

"Why would I do this? Why would I betray Jenny? She's my friend." I said.

"Because you want to see it happen as bad as she does. I'm sure that as soon as you met me, you've been able to think of nothing except the image of me and my son-in-law, in his bed, fucking the shit out of each other. It turns you on. I can tell. That's why you brought us here. I'm sure there was a moment when Jenny told you about me, and you realized I'm the type of woman who deserves the best. You know that a man like him deserves the best. A younger man fucking an older woman is the pinnacle of sex. And if they are betraying his stupid wife, her daughter, it's that much hotter. As a therapist, you surely know this. You don't realize how much power you have over these weak minded fools like my daughter. Imagine the power you could have, to change their lives to suit you. Look at you. You're clearly smart, attractive. But you don't use it. Imagine how incredible it would feel to take advantage of some insecure woman, worried that she is not good enough for her husband, and suit it to your own needs. Imagine the power you would feel by establishing your superiority over her by fucking her man, betraying her trust. That kind of sex is life--changing. Once you have that kind of sex, you'll just keep looking for more. You won't be able to stop." Gina monologued, like an evil villain.

"Is that what happened to you?" I aked, nipples hardening despite my horror at her words.

"It's been sixteen years since I've had sex with a man that wasn't married, or in a relationship. I fuck taken men. It's not even hard anymore. That's why I'm gonna fuck Matt, my own daughter's husband. The ultimate betrayal. I already know he'll be a challenge, but when I get him, he'll do whatever the fuck I want him to do. He'll be the perfect mate for life." Gina explained.

"Will you mate with him?" I asked.

"Absolutely. What a waste it would be to have Jenny be the only child I've brought into this world. I'm sure I can do better." Gina answered.

"You talk as if you hate your daughter?" I asked.

"I love Jenny, but she needs to understand her place. And if I have to steal her husband to do it, I will. It is my duty as a mother to teach her. She'll be better off." Gina replied.

"Why do think I should betray her?" I asked again.

"It's gonna happen, whether you want to or not. You know that. So why not get in while you can? Accept your place in this process. Like I said earlier, there are rewards for people who accept their place." Gina said.

"What rewards?" I asked.

"Once I start fucking Matt, I can bring you in. I can teach you so much. You have potential darling. You have so much power that you don't even realize. A few years under my tutelage, and you can be like me, a woman that all men are gagging to fuck. A woman like that, that truly understands her power, can get any man they want. All you need to do is allow me to be alone with him. That's it. If you do, you'll become part of my world. I'll teach you using Matt. Imagine Matt and us two, in a threesome. I'll teach you what you're capable of with him. He'll do whatever I tell him. He'll fuck his wife's therapist, because I'll tell him to. Imagine, a threesome, with a handsome, big-cocked young man, eager to do what he's told, and his mature, hot-bodied mother-in-law. Imagine the possibilities." Gina said, laying out her dark designs. I was speechless, turned on.

"Dear, I think our time is up." Gina said.



The secretary called me and Jenny into Dr. White's office where Gina was waiting. Dr. White was deep in thought, and she looked a little flustered. I sat next to Gina, and Jenny sat next to me. Dr. White looked up at me, then, as if coming to a decision, she started to talk.

"Well, I think this all went very well." Dr. White started, "And after meeting you all, I've come to a conclusion on a course of action that I think will be beneficial to all involved." Jenny looked at Dr. White hopefully. Dr. White exhaled, than continued.

"Jenny, I've realized that you have absolutely nothing to be worried about. I've talked with Matt, and Gina, and I know that these are two people that care about you very much. They love you, and they don't want to hurt you." Dr. White said. Jenny smiled a little, but didn't seem convinced.

"That's it?" Jenny asked.

"Not quite." Dr. White replied. "I can see you're not quite convinced of what I'm saying. So, I think we should do a little exercise to prove you have nothing to be afraid of."

"What kind of exercise?" Jenny asked.

"I think it would be good idea for Gina and Matt to spend some time together, alone." Dr. White started. Jenny started to protest, but Dr. White stopped her. "Jenny, you will not move past this unless you know that Gina and Matt can spend time togetherwith nothing bad happening. You need to trust both of them, and believe in them, and not have to worry that anything will happen. The best way to do this will be if Matt and Gina spending the weekend together. From tonight to Sunday evening. If you do this, you will be so much happier. You will be able to live a full and happy life with two people who support and love you very much. Will you do this, Jenny?" Dr. White asked.

Jenny thought deeply, and, gathering up the courage, replied "Yes. Okay. Let's do this." She squeezed my hand tightly as she said this.

"That's great. Just great, Jenny." Dr. White said with a smile. She glanced over at Gina, who gave a nearly imperceptible nod. Dr. White glanced at me.

"Besides Matt, I think this will give you a chance to get to know Gina better. I hope you don't mind me saying, Gina, but she told me how unhappy she is that she barely knows the man that makes her daughter so happy." Dr. White said.

"Yeah. Definitely." I said, unsure of how good of an idea this really was.

"I look forward to it." Gina said.

"Where will I go? Should I get a hotel or something, or go out of town?" Jenny asked.

"Well, Jenny, I had a thought." Dr. White started. "Jenny, I consider you a friend. A good friend. And, if you don't think it's inappropriate or unprofessional, maybe you could stay at my place. I know we've always talked about meeting outside the office. This would be a good chance to do that."

"That would be great." Jenny said happily. "So, when does this start?"

"Well, you guys were my last for the day. So, we should probably head out now." Dr. White stood up, as do we. She started to grab her things. We followed her out as she started to close everything up. She let her secretary go, and we walked down to the lobby of the building.

"Excuse me for a sec." Gina said. "I left my bags over there at the security desk." She sauntered over to the desk and the guard stammered as he handed over her bags. Her hips swayed as she walked back over. We walked out into the parking lot.

"Well, I guess this is where we split up." Dr. White said. She stood next to Jenny, as I stood next to Gina, as we faced each other, about to separate. Jenny walked over and hugged me. "I'll see you Sunday, baby." We hugged each other tightly. Dr. White shook Gina's hand, and as the hug ended, she shook mine. Jenny turned to Dr. White.

"I need to run home first. I need to get some clothes, and supplies. I hope that's okay?" Jenny asked.

"Well, I was kinda hoping for a clean break here. I didn't really want us all to go to your place then split up." Dr. White explained.

"Don't' worry." Gina started, "Matt's gonna take me out to dinner. That should give you time to get your things before we get there." I was taken aback by Gina's decision, but I accepted it, thinking she was a very forward type of woman.

"Works for me." Dr. White said.

"Did you drive here, mom?" Jenny asked.

"No, I took a cab. So, I'll be riding with Matt." Gina said, glancing at me.

"So, I guess this is it." I said. Everyone nodded in agreement. Dr. White started walking to her car, and Jenny began to follow. She looked over her shoulder and gave me a cute little wave.

"Havea good weekend!" She called out. I now stood next to Gina, as they walked away. I nervously looked over at Gina, and she looked at me.

"Let's ride." She said.


I drove though town, heading towards a classy little local restaurant I've taken Jenny to a few times. I glanced over, and couldn't quite take in the fact that my passenger seat, usually occupied by Jenny, was now occupied by Gina, her gorgeous looking mother.

"I think you can drive faster than that, Matt." Gina said.

"I'm going the speed limit." I told her. We were on a little used highway on the outskirts of town, and it was pretty deserted.

"C'mon, Matt. Live a little." Gina said, "Please, for me?" She added with a little pout. I stepped on the pedal and sped up to ten miles over the limit.

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