tagNonHumanHybrid Theory Ch. 02

Hybrid Theory Ch. 02


Greetings and salutations; I know that it has been a while since my last update, and for that I apologize, I'd also like to thank those who still maintain an interest in my shit, as well as a SPECIAL and MASSIVE thank you for those still interested in THIS story in particular. I know it's been over a year, and for those who have been waiting, thank you so fucking much for still being interested. There have been a few minor changes to the story, but you'll notice them as this chapter continues, as they are pretty obvious changes. The changes don't really affect the story, but hey, you'll still notice them. Pathetically short foreword over with, let's get straight into it.


Gabe had been living a terribly sheltered life, which was more out of fear of losing him than anything else really. Wynne and Paul had grown increasingly attached to Gabe, and Wynne had somehow always managed to convince Paul that it was too much of a risk to let Gabe out of the property – a belief that Paul didn't necessarily share, but he understood his wife's feelings as they had never had any children of their own, so the 19 years in which they had been taking care of Gabe were some of the happiest of their lives, and it wasn't too hard to figure out that Wynne wanted to keep him with them as long as possible. He was also home schooled, so his going to college was something he had to fight tooth and nail for, as he was sick and tired of being cooped up in the house, and wanted to go out into the world, make friends, make enemies, get into fights, drive, get drunk, get high, get bitches and get laid. His grandparents had actually seen through all the phony reasons that he had given with regard to why he wanted to leave home, and after Paul had finally gotten Wynne to loosen her grip on Gabe and allow the boy to start living his own life, things started looking better for Gabe. So he applied for, and got accepted into the college in the city. This meant that Gabe was finally going to be able to live his dream life, an in general, get more life experience, as he was the first to admit that he was painfully ignorant, as he had ben living in that house for 19 years, and had no contact with anyone other than his Gramps and Grandma.

Now in the present, Gabe stood in his rather dorky bedroom which was adorned with posters of half-naked women, race cars and pictures of himself and his Grandparents. What made the room dorky was not the content itself, but rather the number of posters, which just made it seem like he was trying to overcompensate for something, which he was. Gabe was looking at himself in the mirror. He was about 6'2, but always said that he was slightly taller in a bid to impress 'bitches', as he so regularly referred to women as, thinking that it was cool and 'gangsta'. He had a natural tan, short black hair that he spiked up, and blue eyes. He was also clean shaven. He was virtually a carbon copy of his father; he just had different coloured hair and eyes. He was in tremendous shape, which was vastly due to the Spartan training regime which he was put through by his Grandparents. Gabe just stood there, looking at himself, before smiling, and making all sorts of facial expressions; smiling, winking, licking his lips, etc. Then all of sudden he became stiff and rigid, and looked at the mirror with the best bedroom eyes he could muster.

"Hey there baby..." he said, in a husky voice a few octaves lower than his normal one. "...name's Gabe. You must be wearing space pants, cos yo' ass is outta this world!"

He then winked and kissed the air, before flexing his right arm, and making his pecks dance. He then gave his own variation of a 'Pimp Laugh'. Wynne and Paul stood in the doorway, looking at this kid put on one of the most embarrassing attempts at picking up a woman either had seen in their near thousand year long lives. Paul just looked up to the heavens and face palmed himself with an audible sigh, and Wynne's shoulders just sagged, as she closed her eyes and shook her head.

"Good God, this kid is such a dork! 'Space pants?' Come on..." Paul said to himself, more than anyone else.

Wynne just nodded in agreement with the statement. Just then. Gabe then saw them in the mirror and snapped his head around, still in his pose, at lightning speed, face beet red in embarrassment.

"Gramps! Grandma! What the hell?! Don't you know how to knock?!"

"Why should we knock when the door is wide open? Besides, knocking would have made absolutely no difference, because we still would've seen you."

"W-w-w-well, what do you want then?" Gabe said, still embarrassed as hell, but quickly turning his head away from them and clearing his throat and stopping his pose. He then walked away from the mirror and headed towards his bed, where his bag was open and some items of clothing were folded, but still had to be placed in the bag.

"We're here, because we want to discuss a few things with you."

"Oh yeah? What kinda things Gramps?" Gabe said in a slightly high pitched voice, still embarrassed about being caught while practicing one of his smoothest pick up lines, while haphazardly throwing the clothes into the bag, just doing it for the sake of doing it.

"Your parents."

This made Gabe pay instant attention, and stop what he was doing. His cheeks went back to normal, and he turned around to face his grandparents. His face was serious, and he sat down on the bed.

"What about them?"

"Well, as you know, your mother was a Vampire, and your father was a human. Normally, this kind of union isn't a bad thing, but your mother was actually a very powerful vampire, therefore it was seen as a bad thing. She—"

Gabe stood up from his bed and walked towards his grandparents. He walked up to them with his head down the entire time, and this worried Paul.

'What? Has he seen through our story? Shit, will I have to—'

Gabe's head then shot up with speed, and revealed a large and goofy looking grin on his face. He then started laughing rather loudly, which caused Paul to flinch ever so slightly, with his left hand on his hips, and he repeatedly crashed his right hand on his Gramps' shoulder.

"Oh come on Gramps! I already know all this, as well as what you're getting at!" Gabe carried on laughing for a bit longer before placing his hands gently on Paul' shoulders, and looking reassuringly into his eyes. "Don't tell anyone my last name even when asked, and if by some way they manage to figure out what it is, just claim that Angela Xavier and I share a last name, and that's all that we share, right?"

Paul smiled at Gabe with a look of pride in his eyes. Even though Gabe was rarely serous, and his naivety and ignorance were often apparent in how he handled everyday situations, he was still surprisingly mature and wise for some one who had been sheltered all his life.

"I take it by that look on your face that I'm correct. Looks Gramps, I'm not stupid. I know that my mother was an important person. The biggest issue here is that I only have two sources from which I can get info on my mother, and since my mother is such a delicate subject, I can't just go around speaking to every Tom, Dick and Harry trying to verify whether or not you two are telling me the whole truth bout my parents, therefore, I'll just have to trust you, which I do. Now it's your turn to trust me to live my own life. You two are my grandparents, and I love you, but I've reached a point in my life where I need to live. For 19 years, I've been like a caged bird, with my only link to the world being TV and the internet. I've only had you two for company, and as much as I loved the Spartan life style (Gabe shuddered at the quick recollection of the punishment and training he received), I think it's about time I got out there on my own, and lived the champagne life style I've yearned for. All I ask is that you not only trust me, but trust that you raised me correctly." Gabe then took his hands off Paul's shoulders and walked back to the bed, before carrying on with his terrible attempt at packing his bags.

Paul stood there, slightly overwhelmed by the speech that Gabe had just given him, and was feeling rather guilty that he and Wynne hadn't told him the entire truth about his family. Just then, Wynne walked past him and up to Gabe, who was secretly doing the job so badly he was hoping that Wynne would finish it off for him. When he felt her hand on his, he looked towards her with a blank expression on his face, when he really was doing fist pumps in his mind because he knew he had succeeded. He then stepped away, and watched as Wynne tossed his clothes out of the bag, and start folding and packing them away.

"You know Gabriel, these past 20 years have been amongst the most enjoyable that Paul and I have ever experienced during our very long lives. We have also trained quite a lot of vampires over the years, and I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that you are most definitely the most talented person that I have ever trained. You do things that I've never seen another do and that, I think, comes from your mother. However, you have something that every other vampire I've ever come across lacks, and that is a warmth and kindness that has the ability to affect those around you. I've seen it affect your mother, Paul, as well as animals as well, and I have no doubt that it will also affect the people that you meet in the future. Maybe we took the sheltering a bit too far, but you will find that everything we have done, has been for your future and your well being."

Wynne then felt an arm go around her shoulders and when she looked, up she saw Gabe grinning at her just like he was at Paul. She then smiled back at him sweetly, and continued to fold and back his clothes, having completely seen through his plan to get her to pack his bags for him.

"Oh, and one more thing sweetie."

"Hmmm? What is it Grandma?"

"If you want to live your 'champagne lifestyle', then I suggest you don't reveal that you still wear underwear with superheroes on them." Wynne then held up Gabe's pair of Marvelous Mastodon boxers, which then made him blush, and look away.

"B-be quiet Grandma! Marvelous Mastodon is cool, no matter how old you are!"

Paul then spoke from behind him.

"It'd also do you well to re evaluate your, what do you call it again, your mick? Slick?"

"MACK!!" Gabe screamed in anger, as he turned back sharply.

"Ah, that's right; Mack. Well, yours sucks kid. What was that shitty line you were saying earlier, 'Space socks?'

"PANTS! IT'S SPACE PANTS you old bastard! What do you know about macking bitches anyway?! You're like a thousand years old!"

This line only served to annoy Paul.

"What was that you brat?! At least I have experience when it comes to macking bitches! You're just a Marvelous Mastodon boxer wearing virgin, whose only experience is with his right hand!"

Gabe then looked down, and turned his body around slowly, fists clenched and body shaking slightly. Paul thought he was getting pissed off, until Gabe suddenly snapped his head up, revealing rivers of tears streaming down his cheeks, and a half sad, half angry expression on his face.

"Well whose fault is it that I'm still a virgin! You're the ones who kept me locked up here in the country; far away from civilization, and other people! If I had gone to school like a normal kid, I would've had a never ending TRAIN of bitches in this house!"

"PUH-LEEEEEEEEZE!! Never ending train of bitches?! The only bitches you'd get are the ones that will follow you home if you pet them on the head, and feed them a doggy treat!"

"What was that you old bastard?! You better watch yourself, before I put your geriatric ass in a home!" Gabe said, bringing a shaking, clenched fist up to his face and sniffing.

Paul just looked directly into Gabe's eyes, as his fury and anger grew. He then brought his hands up and started clicking and cracking his fingers, as his eyes started turning black.

"What was that you ungrateful, bratty little snot nosed virgin? Come closer and say that again!"

Just as Gabe started approaching, Wynne walked in-between the both of them, and jumped up, extending both her legs fully and perfectly straight, performing the splits in midair and spun, catching each of them on the cheek, sending both Paul and Gabe spinning and twisting about. Both skillfully caught it in midair though, and sorted themselves out, landing on their feet, looking at Wynne and screaming at the same time.



"Quiet! Gabe is leaving today, and all you two can do is argue about something so trivial!" They then both stammered, trying to get in a word to defend themselves, but Wynne just gave each an evil eye so fearsome and powerful, that both just cowered.

"S-sorry 'bout that..."

"Yeah Gramps, ditto..."

Wynne then smiled, and her face went back to one of a sweet old lady. She then looked over to Gabe.

"Oh, and Gabriel, another thing that would help greatly in your conquest of women is if you stopped referring to them as 'bitches' and please, for the love of all that is Holy dear, please stop the walking with a Pimp Lean? You aren't a Pimp. Stop trying to walk like one."

Gabe then looked at Wynne with disbelief all over his face, before standing tall, and picking up his now packed and closed bag, since he landed near his bed. He then slung the large bag over his shoulder and walked slowly with a Pimp Lean past Paul and Wynne into the hallway, before looking back at them, looking for a positive sign. They both disapprovingly shook their heads in unison, which broke Gabe's heart. But he was defiant in his belief that the Pimp Lean was the 'shizznit' and refused to let their disapproval dishearten him. He then continued walking towards the kitchen, where he planned on fixing himself a quick snack before he had to leave. He wasn't really hungry, but after being forced to go to bed without dinner on many a night due to his not correctly performing a technique, Gabe planned on getting one over on Paul by eating as much food as he possibly could before leaving. If he needed an excuse, he could always state that the length of his upcoming journey into the city would leave him famished if he didn't get something to eat now. As he started walking over towards the fridge, he heard a car hooting and he turned around sharply to find Paul standing there with a smug look on his face.

"I figured you were going to do something like this, so I actually had the cab driver waiting on standby by the time we went into your room. Consider this punishment for being a pain in the ass for close to 20 years you brat."

Gabe turned around, and narrowed his eyes at Paul in faux anger, before laughing; knowing that he couldn't even use his lame excuse, as he had been completely exposed and walking over to get his bag. He then lifted it up and started walking over towards the door when Wynne came into the room and stood next to Paul. They both watched as Gabe opened the door, and walked towards the cab. The driver then came out and took his bag for him, and Gabe thanked him with a nod. He then turned around and walked up to his grandparents who were now waiting for him at the doorway. He went to Wynne first, and wrapped his arms around her tightly, wrapping her up in a wonderfully warm embrace, which she reciprocated. After a few more moments of hugging, he finally let go, and looked at Paul, who just huffed and looked off to the side, before awkwardly extending an arm. Gabe smiled at him, and completely ignored the hand, wrapping his arms around Paul's neck, and squeezing him tightly. He then gave Paul a long, and purposely awkward and wet kiss on the cheek, which sent shivers down his spine, and made him push Gabe off. Just as he was about to lambast him for it, he saw Gabe looking back at him with love filled eyes which actually made him tear up slightly, and look away. Gabe then gave Wynne the same look before taking a few steps backwards, and looking at the two of them together.

"Well Gramps, Grandma, I'm off! I can't thank you enough for everything you've done for me up until now, and I don't know if I'll be able to repay you for what you've done, but I cannot stress to you how much I love you two for it. Stay safe, and I'll be seeing you soon okay?" Gabe then flashed them a truly heart warming smile.

"Oh, and Gramps; next time I see you, I'll bring you photographic evidence of all the bitches I'll be fucking!!"

Gabe then brought his fist up to his chest and banged it twice, before giving the peace sign with that same hand, doing an about turn, and walking towards the cab, doing a Pimp Lean. Paul and Wynne were still caught up in the moment so it took them a while before they realized what he had just done, which gave them the mother of all delayed reactions, but before they could do anything, Gabe was already in the cab with the window down. As he signaled to the driver to go, he started his Pimp Laugh and the car drove off. As the sound of the Pimp Laugh faded, Paul and Wynne stood there, unsure which reaction to give. Eventually, they just burst out laughing, because of the Gabe like way the farewell ended in. Their laughter was accompanied by an endless stream of tears, as they laughed hard for quite a while, turning and walking inside. They closed the door and sat on a couch in the lounge, and the laughter started to cool off. The thing is though, after the laughter stopped, the tears carried on flowing. They carried on flowing, and eventually, Wynne started sobbing audibly, causing Paul to put his arm around her and hold her tightly.

"It's okay Winnie, that boy will be fine. He may be a dorky goofball, but he's terribly strong, and has limitless potential. His vampiric potential is already out of this world, but then he still has his father's genes, which we haven't seen as yet. All I know, is that boy's future looks really bright from where I'm sitting."

"That's all well and good Paul, but how is he going to react when he finds out that we haven't told him the complete truth about his mother, or about the identity of his father."

"Honestly? I have no idea, but like you said, that boy has maturity and wisdom beyond his years and experience. I'm sure he'll be able to handle it like a rational adult. Besides, if he doesn't and he flips out and tries to kill us, I'll just throw a haunch of meat at him; that'll calm him down."

Wynne laughed at that, and wiped the tears from her eyes, and snuggled into Paul's side. After a few minutes, she looked up at him.

"Speaking about calming down, go get the Scotch, would you Paulie?"

"Scotch huh?" Paul said looking down at Wynne, and smiling. He then bent down and kissed her on the forehead before getting up. "Scotch coming right up."


Gabe sat in the back of the cab, with a huge smile on his face, and eyes that were larger than golf balls. His was terribly giddy, and was pointing at everything out the window, saying things like "WOW!" and "look at that!", and was annoying the fuck out of the cab driver. He wouldn't have minded if Gabe was pointing at landmarks, or animals, or buildings, but he was pointing at EVRYTHING; trees, grass, clouds, things that looked the same everywhere as it was a long drive to the city. In an effort to stop himself from kicking out paying customer, and driving over him until his body became a lifeless, he initiated conversation.

"S-so, what's your name there Kid?"

"Huh? Oh, I'm Gabriel, but you can call me Gabe; how about yourself?"

"Marty. You can call me Marty. So Gabe, you headed to Stern College huh?"

"Oh yeah! Marty, I'm finally going to be able to live the champagne lifestyle I've always dreamed of! Just wait, I'm gonna have a fucking never ending TRAIN of bitches leading in and out of my dorm room! I'm just gonna go crazy, and be the pimp I really am Dog!" This speech was accompanied by a string of 'cool' and 'thug' hand and finger gestures like 'peace' and 'east side' and the like. Marty just looked back at him via the mirror with his shoulders sagged and his mouth wide open.

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