tagIncest/TabooI Got Caught in Girls Underclothes Ch. 02

I Got Caught in Girls Underclothes Ch. 02


Sis and I are both over 18. She's my older sister and is home from college for the summer.

If you haven't read Chapter 1, you should.

Now, I had to decide; we could continue with our
deal and I'd wear her bra, and she'd go topless for me, or we could stop now and finish my boring summer.

We don't get to real sex in this chapter, but it's not bad for a kid who's never done anything before.


Sis had taken me by surprise and shocked me. No one had ever touched me like this. But she didn't stop with touching. She handled me; played with me until I squirted in my pants. Submitting to her had been humiliating. But it was also incredible how she had turned me on.

Now, Sis was standing in front of me waiting for my answer, her breasts beautiful as ever. Once I shot my load in my shorts, she had let go of me and given me a disgusted look. You would have thought I'd squirted right in her hand instead of my shorts.

I guess she figured I needed time, "OK, why don't you think about it while we go upstairs? I'll shower and you'll want to get out of those shorts and shower too. You have a real mess down there."

"No shit, Sis."

There were many reasons why this was a bad idea. First, she was my sister for Christ sake. If any other girl had asked, it would have been a no-brainer. I would have jumped at the deal, but this was different. Second, what if our parents found out? I didn't want to think about this. Of course, I wasn't going to tell them, and neither would Sis. Third, can you go to jail for messing around with your sister? I'd never had a reason to consider this question up till now. Of course, that only mattered if mom and dad didn't kill us first. Fourth, I'd have to change schools if our friends found out, assuming another school would have me. I'm not sure what Sis would do. Maybe it would be easier for her in college. Finally, I wasn't happy at the prospect of wearing a bra! And did I mention, she was my sister.

This was so wrong. What I'd already done was bad enough. If you believed in hell, I was going straight there on the express bus for what I was thinking about now.

As we started up stairs, I could see that she had never bothered to pull her panties from between the cheeks of her ass. I'd lived with Sis eighteen years and never noticed that she was a girl and a beautiful one. She had always been just my sister. I guess boys put sisters in a sexless category, more of an IT than a SHE. Perhaps it's a kind of blindness between brothers and sisters. In any case, I was no longer blind to my sister.

Staring at Sis's ass while following her up the stairs, I made my decision. "OK, I'll do whatever you want." In that short time staring at the nice round curves of her ass, I had gotten stiff again.

Sis laughed as she reached back and tugged her panties from her crack. As she did, she stretched them and pulled them from side to side as if adjusting them. As Sis adjusted, I saw more than her cheeks.

"I knew you'd see it my way. OK, let's get cleaned up. Come on. I feel like having pizza tonight."

I followed her back to her bathroom. Inside the bathroom, she picked up the bra, snickered, and handed it to me. "Here's your bra," and laid it on the counter top, as she sized up my fresh erection. "You've recovered," as she took a slap at the tent pole in my shorts. It bounced a couple of times and she giggled and slapped again, like a cat swats one of the spring toys on a scratching post.

"Ouch, take it easy Sis. How would you like it if I pinched your tits?"

"Well, it might be fun but remember the rules; no touching, at least for you."

Standing there in only her panties, "I've gotten a little messy." She started to remove them. My eyes were on stalks. I was going to see Sis completely naked!

My pecker throbbed as I anticipated seeing Sis naked. It surprised me how much difference the prospect of seeing her without panties versus seeing her in them seemed to make. They didn't cover that much, but God I was desperate to see her without them. It felt like such a big deal.

But she was just teasing me. "It's better if you turn your back. You're not ready for it anyway."

I groaned, "Please take them off and let me watch you shower, Sis. You don't know how ready I am."

"No, you can't watch! Now turn your back, and no peeking or PLAYING WITH YOURSELF."

I frowned and did as instructed. I heard the shower door open and close. In my current condition, I couldn't help but squeeze myself, but I didn't play with myself. I dribbled pre-cum all over myself, but I didn't jerk. My erection ached. I'd never been stiff this long.

Shortly, the water stopped and from the shower, Sis said, "Be a sweetie and get me a couple of towels."

Dutifully, I went to her linen closet and got two towels. As I turned back toward the shower, it occurred to me that I might get a peek through the glass shower, but she took really steamy showers. With the steam, I saw even less than before. I whispered, "Shit!"

"I heard that. You know the only thing you get to look at tonight are these," as she leaned against the glass of the shower, pressing her breasts to it. As they flattened out, I got a nice view of her nipples and areola. Her breasts looked twice their normal size.

She stepped out of the shower with one of the towels wrapped around her head like a turban. The other was around her body, held up by one corner tucked inside tightly at the top, just over her breasts. I wished I had gotten a smaller towel, but this one made a very short dress. I could see her legs from just below her crotch downward. She was awesome.

I was staring at her, my pecker throbbing, and breathing heavily. She had a look of pity as she shook her head, "Poor thing. You've really got it bad don't you?"

I groaned, "Yes."

"OK, you can take care of yourself in there," she ordered as she opened the door to her shower.

I reached for the door to close it behind me, but she had a hand on it and held it open. "No, I'm going to watch, and you'll need to angle the shower head so you don't splash water all over my floor."

I complied and grumbled, "I didn't get to watch you!" and started the shower with my shorts on. It was embarrassing to shower naked for her to watch, but the idea of her watching me jerking off was worse.

She stopped me, "Do you always shower in your underwear?"

"You want me naked?" After the way she had fondled, jerked, and squeezed me until I went off in my shorts, it wasn't such a big deal. "Heck. Why not?" and slid my underwear down off my ass and over my erection. It bobbed up and down several times, as it emerged from my shorts. Then I slid them to the floor and stepped out of them, naked.

I turned my back to her and grabbed my equipment, ready for relief.

"No, not that way. I said I want to watch!"

I released myself, not wanting her to watch me masturbating, sighed and turned to face her, my erection pointed up at her face.

"That's a nice one," as she reached in and with the tip of her fingers pushed it down and watched it spring back. She had the tip of her thumb in her mouth lightly biting down on it. Her lips drew back in a devious grin. At this moment, she reminded me of a shark.

I trembled each time her fingers pushed at the tip of my dick and she said, "You're definitely going to need some relief before we get pizza." With that she wrapped her fingers around my throbbing member and pumped it several times.

Suddenly I had visions of heaven. She was going to jack me off right here in the shower. God was I ready, and then she stopped.

"OK, you need to take over from here. You do know how to do this don't you?"

"Fuck, Sis. You're really going to watch?" I already knew the answer and grabbed myself and began to jerk. I knew the moves better than Sis did from years of practice, but it felt like a poor second compared to the feel of her hand. When it came to the motions, she wasn't very good at it, but it was amazing how much better her hand felt than mine.

She saw the look on my face as I approached the finish line and leaned in and picked up my wet underclothes and draped them on the end of my pecker. "You better not get a drop of cum in my shower. I have to stand in there barefooted."

Her eyes locked on mine, "Baby brother, you've had a lot more practice at that than you should. It's sad." Between the tone of her voice and the expression on her face, I could almost believe she was sympathetic.

She handed me a towel and I dried myself off and headed for my room. As I walked past her, something soft landed on my shoulder, "Here's your bra. You'll need it tonight."

I was pathetic, getting ready to go get pizza with my sister while wearing one of her bras. How desperate could you get? Maybe we could use the drive through and eat in the truck, but I knew that would never happen.

That sister I told you was so nice earlier. Well, she was starting to feel more like the Punisher.

But then things picked up. From her bedroom, "Hurry up and get dressed. I need your help to decide what to wear for my end of the bargain. I'll lay a few things out and you can help me decide."

"Really?" My freshly jerked pecker twitched and again showed signs of life. This whole thing was hard to comprehend. Was she really going to show me her breasts while we ate pizza? If she did, I'd probably be so far gone I'd have to jerk off in the pizza places bathroom. Who was I kidding? She'd probably do it to me under the table in my shorts again.

Despite my misgivings, I was standing at her bedside in no time, ever the optimist I guess. She was just emerging from the closet wearing a really short skirt and nothing else. I didn't know she had one that short.

She looked at me with a big smile as I swallowed hard a couple of times. I was gawking at her, drooling pre-cum into my underwear. She was gorgeous and practically naked.

Knowing very little of practical value about girls, I had no idea what to do with Sis, but I desperately wanted to do something. That message was being relayed loud and clear from just below my waist.

There were several things stacked on her bed. She grabbed the one on top. It was red and looked way too small. I was expecting something that resembled a blouse; sleeves, arm holes, buttons, zipper, or something. It had none of these. She put her hands through it and then pull the red thing down over her arms, head, and then shoulders. Apparently it was a one size fits all and could stretch a lot. With a little squirming, she slid it down over her breasts. I could see her nipples outlined in the tight elastic fabric. They were nice, and my dick throbbed in response.

She giggled as I stared at her breasts. "You like tube tops?"

"Uh huh," was all I could get out.

"Let's see what you think of the other two," and wriggled out of the tube top and picked up something that looked like a cross between a bra and a vest. She put it on. The cups were large enough to hide her breasts, but if you didn't hook the little elastic strap across the front, it would hang open. Nice. I could see promise in this, and I couldn't wait for the pizza parlor.

"What else have you got?" I asked. Curiosity was killing me. Could it get any better?

She was wearing a devilish smile as she picked up the final candidate. I think she left this one for last on purpose. It wasn't the first time I'd seen this top. It was a shear smoky black see through thing. When I'd seen it in the past, she had a swim suit top under it or a regular blouse. To demonstrate, she held it up in front of her like she would a blouse at the mall. I could count the little bumps around her nipples.

I could barely speak, "I'll take... that one."

She pulled it on and it was amazing. There were her breasts like they were behind glass. I'd never seen real breasts before. It was like she wasn't wearing anything.

With her top selected, "Put your bra on and you'll want a shirt and light jacket unless you want everyone to see your bra."

She watched as I tried to put on her bra. I wasn't sure how girls got into these things. It was tight. Sis had nice breasts, but her chest just wasn't that large. She snickered as I maneuvered the unfamiliar garment. She helped me adjust the straps, but even so it was still pretty tight. This had the potential to be really humiliating.

She followed me to my room and asked, "May I use your letter Jacket?"

I went to my closet and got my letter jacket. It was longer than her skirt making her look like she wasn't wearing anything under it. It was a hot look and showed off a great pair of legs.

"God Sis, what are you trying to do to me?" My balls ached from my near permanent state of arousal for the past couple of hours.

She looked at me, feigning pity, and said, "You said this was what you wanted so I'm giving it to you. Besides, I have big plans for you baby brother, and we need to quit calling each other Sis and baby brother. That's probably going to sound weird on our date. From now on, we need to call each other by our names. I'll call you Tyler, and you can call me Katy."

She'd been right of course. It would be better if people didn't think I was staring at my sister's breasts and I knew I would be. In that top, who else would be staring at them? I was uneasy about that question. Most likely every guy in the place.

Dressed and with the name thing settled, "Sis... I mean Katy, what did you mean you had big plans for me?"

"I'll tell you about it while we're eating. Can you look up a decent pizza place on your phone that is way far from home? I don't think I want to meet anyone we know."

I found a Barros on the north loop of 202. It would take 30-45 minutes to get there from our place. Surely that was far enough. Most of mom and dad's working friends didn't know us very well, and it was way too far to worry about seeing our neighbors or friends.

Dad had left us the keys to his truck. As we approached, it Sis slipped her hand into mine, "Be a gentleman and get the door for me."

Her hand felt nice. I could get into this date thing, even if it was with my sister. There was a feeling of excitement and I wondered if everyone who goes on a date felt it.

When I got to the truck, I clicked the fob to unlock the passenger door and opened it for her. Dad's truck was a big Ford he used to tow our boat. It was so high that there was no easy way for Sis, who was 5'4", to get into it. It was a high step for me and I was almost a foot taller than Sis. She raised her foot to climb in, but it was too high. Of course, it did show off her thighs. My jacket and her skirt rode up far enough to show off her white silk panties.

She turned to me with a pixie smile. "Well, I guess I'm going to need a lift," and took my hands and placed them on her hips and then placed her hands on my shoulders. I lifted her up and slid her butt back on the leather seat.

As she slid into place on the seat, her knees parted and I could see all the way to her white panties. She left me staring for what was seemed like 30 seconds. She smiled as she spread them a little wider. It was hard to tell but she seemed to be enjoying showing off for me.

I could see all the way up her thighs. She wasn't wearing hose, so it was Sis's bare skin. I had never thought much about the difference between bare skin and panty hose. This was enough for me to know that I preferred bare skin. I could just see the crotch of her panties. They appeared to be wet. I wasn't sure why they would be wet.

Sounding impatient, she urged, "Hurry up and get in. If I get any hungrier, I'm going to get cranky." Had her words slurred a bit? Did she say hungrier or hornier? Since we were headed for pizza, it must have been hungrier, or at least my brain was expecting that, but I'm not sure that is what my ears heard.

I understood hungry perfectly well. When it came to horny, I was a little vague. Whatever she said, I didn't want her to get cranky. It had already been a hard day.

As I pulled out of the drive way, she asked, "Can you drive with one hand?" as she grabbed my right wrist and pulled my hand from the steering wheel. "Time for a lesson in control," and pulled my hand down between her legs to rest on her left inner thigh a few inches below her skirt which had all but disappeared.

"It's OK. You can play my leg."

She didn't have to tell me twice. The truck wiggled in its lane as my hand immediately began slipping up her thigh toward her panties. Her thighs clamped down on my hand and she said, "I didn't say you could touch that. You can get close but don't touch! If you do, I'll make you pay and you know I can. And focus. Don't get us killed. You're all over the road."

It took a force of will, but I got a grip and tried to focus on staying in the two lanes as Sis requested. I kept my eyes focused on the road ahead, mostly, and my hand began to gently rub her thigh. I think I felt her body tremble and heard a nearly inaudible moan escape from Sis. Her body tensed, emphasizing well-muscled legs. Lust aside, I couldn't help but admire her bodies condition. From time to time, she squirmed as if she was uncomfortable. My hand rarely left Sis's thigh during the drive.

Shortly, Sis placed a hand on my thigh and began rubbing. Unlike me, she didn't stop when she got close to my junk. Apparently, the no touching rule was just for me. She slid her hand until it was crowding my sore balls further back against my crotch. I licked my lips and swallowed several times as her hand pressed against me.

I said, "Hey, that's not fair. I didn't get to touch you."

"Well, you wanted to play this game and you know I make the rules," as she pushed her hand even harder against my junk.

"This is your first important rule. When you are with a girl, she makes the rules about touching her body. No matter how much you want to touch, if she says NO, you can't. If she say YES, you can... unless she changes her mind, and she has a right to do that, no matter how far you've gone."

My balls were aching, and I was feeling so much tension in my member that I moaned, "What about me? Can I say no?"

"Of course. This works for the guy too. Do you want to say no?" and as she asked, she rubbed the edge of her hand up and down my erection several times.

"No, but I can't go in the pizza place this way. If you keep doing that, I'll mess my pants again. I can't go in looking that way with all those people around," I protested. "I can pull over here and take care of myself. I can't take much more of this... Please?"

Tenderly, "No, Tyler. You can't stop by the road side. If you do, someone may stop to see if we need help, and I don't think we want any help with this," and she rubbed my crotch gently.

With what sounded like affection, she said, "It's OK. I'll take care of you. Just don't run us out of the road. This will be a little distracting."

With that, her hands slid to my zipper and belt, and suddenly I was unzipped and my pants were open. I felt her fingers reach inside my underwear and wrap around me. She said, "Where's dad's box of tissues? I'll need to catch this."

There weren't any tissues in the truck. With nothing to catch with, I was starting to think I'd have to go straight for the men's room and hope there was an empty stall where I could take care of myself.

She looked at me and grinned, "Don't' worry. I told you I'd take care of you," as she leaned against the seat, arched her back and raised her rump enough to allow her to reach up under her skirt. In a flash, her panties were sliding down over her knees and then off her feet. "I told you I'd take care of you!" as she draped her panties over the head of my member.

I couldn't help but stare at Sis's thighs and the intriguing V where her legs ended and her upper body began. I could just barely see pubic hair deep in the V between her legs.

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