tagInterracial LoveI Never Meant To Fall In Love

I Never Meant To Fall In Love



Here's my next story. Hope you like it. Thanks to Tanglegirl for taking the time to help with the editing. More to come on this one I promise.


Chapter 1

Esau opened his eyes effortlessly as though he had not just awakened from a sound sleep. It was Friday morning, he had a short day at the office and then he would be heading to the airport. He was taking a forced vacation. He had accumulated too many vacation hours and had to use them or lose them. He was a workaholic and damn proud of it. He reflected on how he had not become the youngest CEO for a booming company by chance. He had invested years into his education while taking every opportunity afforded him to get there. Hell, it had cost him three relationships and a marriage. Needless to say, he was a man on a mission. He had worked for everything he had and he was not going to lose it due to frivolous living.

He reflected back as a child, his mother would read the story of Esau and Jacob in the Bible. He and his brother Jacob were named after them because they too were twins. Esau remembers how his namesake had lost everything to his younger brother because he was careless. He had vowed he never wanted to be that guy, even if they did have the same name. Now he smiled at what he had accomplished in just seven years.

He yawned and stretched his long, muscular, athletic physique. He had to admit his bed was especially inviting this morning. He glanced over at the alarm clock. The time read 4:30AM. He rolled his eyes and cursed, "Damn! Man, can you ever sleep in. You set your alarm for 6:30 and here you lie wide awake." He chuckled to himself. "Well, better get the party started", He thought amusingly. He pulled the covers back as he slid his body to a sitting position. His large feet touched the mahogany hardwood flooring sending a chill through his body. He noticed he wasn't awake by himself. He smiled, "Hello Lil respect". This is the name he gave his cock, because all the women around the office complained about how all they wanted was a little respect. He had made plans on giving it to them but he could never get himself to stop working to become the player he fantasized about. One thing he truly enjoyed was sleeping in the nude. He liked how the fancy sheets his sister made him buy really did feel soft against his skin. But more importantly it made for easy access, but who was he kidding, it had been three years since his divorce and he had not even tried to become sexual with a woman. His easy access these days was to "Palmina", he would settle for that for now. Looking around to the other side of his bed, he longed for the soft wetness of a real woman.

He pushed off his bed to a standing position and walked over to his bathroom. He had to admit since allowing his sister, Rachel, to redecorate his house, he liked being at home. He still regretted the carpet decision. He should have kept the carpet in the bedrooms at least. But the hardwood flooring was growing on him. He made a mental note to tell Rachel to get more rugs. He turned on the shower and caught his reflection in the mirror. Although he was in good shape with no fat on his body, he was losing his definition. He patted his stomach and vowed to get back to the gym soon. He glanced up, rubbing his hand through his tousled, curly hair, he thought, 'I need to get a haircut before I leave'. He stepped into the shower allowing the tepid water to cascade down his body, he began to sing, "Pretty woman walking down the street..."

Six months ago

"Mr. Robertson, you have a call on line two from Stewart Reynolds about the new plans for the "Finland Project" and Michael from HR asked if you could call him when you get a chance." Lauren's voice came through the intercom.

"Thanks. Can you come to my office? I have a few letters that need to be sent out special delivery today."

"On my way." She agreed.

In a matter of seconds, Laruen appeared in his office doorway. It was something about her presence that made him nervous and excited all at once. Her outfit was not provocative, but she sure as hell made it sexy. She wore a rich plum colored, soft textured sweater with a v-neck that gave a teasing peek of her chocolate cleavage and hinted at the roundness of her ample breasts. Her sweater, emphasizing her flat stomach, lay complimentarily on her black pencil skirt that gripped her curved hips like a glove as it caressed her thighs and just kissed her knees showing off those sheer, barely there pantyhose she wore that made the shape of her legs more defined while neatly tucked into her black stiletto heels. She smiled at him and said, "Where are those letters?" Her silky voice caused him to look at her lips, sublimely sensual and bold with the same plum color of her blouse expressing their shape and fullness. His gaze continued up to her celestial nose that always seemed to be turned up slightly and finally gazing into her hazel, almond shaped eyes that seemed to penetrate to his very soul. He raised the letters in his hand as he reached with his other hand for the phone. He watched her glide over to him and retrieved the letters from his hand and sashay away with her hips moving seductively from side to side. He swore she did that on purpose, just to tease him. She seemed to flaunt her sexiness in front of him. He licked his lips and felt his cock twitch in response to what his eyes saw. He snapped out of his trance.

"Mr. Reynolds", he said into the phone receiver, "Let me hear the good news."


Lauren sat at her desk processing the letters for Fed Ex. She smiled when she thought about that goofy look on Esau's face when she appeared in his office. She thought fondly, "that man needs a woman for real."

Tammy stopped by to see what she was going to do after work. They chatted about getting a drink and checking out a new club that had opened last weekend. Lauren was a bit tired from all the overtime she had been putting in on this new project but she loved seeing the overtime her on paychecks. However, she agreed to hang with Tammy. Tammy was a blonde haired, model-type attractive woman with a quirky sense of humor that had it bad for Mr. Robertson. However, Lauren had gently informed her that Mr. Robertson preferred the more common looking girl with more curvature. Tammy always stated there is always a first for everything. Lauren would just shake her head and smile.

As Tammy was leaving she asked in a hushed tone, "Do you think that Mr. Robertson might want to join us?"

Lauren rolled her eyes and said, "Absolutely not. Especially after the last outing we had. Girl, you embarrassed me and yourself. I think I will keep you two apart from now on."

Tammy made a face, "Hater." returning to her cubicle.

Lauren laughed at her as she watched Tammy fade in the distance. She shook her head as she remembered that God awful night. It was late and the company was having its annual Christmas soirée. Tammy had come all dolled up with some six inch hooker heels on and she had hit the bottle one too many times before even arriving. She was hanging over every Executive, well, single Executive, in the place. Mr. Neville was the one to take her on. She managed to get her to his office and as Tammy would recall, "thoroughly fucked the shit out of me".

Esau, the workaholic that he is, showed up, greeted a few people and then scurried to his office calling Lauren on her cell phone to let her know where he had gone if anyone was looking for him. She laughed because everyone knows where he disappears to. She thought I will give him a few hours before making him go home. She knew he threw himself into his work to help him get through the nasty divorce, so she did not blame him for his actions. Whatever happened, about 11:30 she went to tell her boss to go home and enjoy his holiday, however, he was not in his office and she could hear voices down the hallway and they were pretty audible even though the doors were all closed. She decided to check it out and to her surprise she found Tammy and Mr. Neville fully stripped and entangled on his couch and her boss standing like a little kid who walked in on his parents, standing there with his hands over his eyes, trying to figure out how to undo what he just seen. All she could hear was Tammy's drunken slurs.

"Mr. Robertson, You know I love you but a girl has needs."

Lauren grabbed her boss, and politely escorted him back to his own office. He was now laughing but she could tell that he was bewildered about the whole scene. He thanked Lauren for getting him out of there.

"I don't know what happened. I walked in and at first I did not see them until I heard a voice say, 'Fuck me with that big hard cock.' I was shocked and took it a few minutes for my eyes to register that I was not alone and that two people were having sex. I could not move. That's when you came in."

Lauren tried not to laugh at her boss and his seemingly naiveté. She walked over to him and said, "That's enough excitement for one day. Why don't we call it night?" She reached out to touch his shoulder and her heel got caught in a snag in the rug, she lost her balance. He turned just in time to catch her before she fell. They were face to face and his hand had rubbed against the side of her left breast. She swallowed hard.

It seemed like an eternity that they were looking deeply into each other's eyes. His greenish blue eyes were endless like the ocean. She was drowning and did not want to be saved. When she heard a female voice screech.,

"Yeah Lauren, get some" Tammy was standing in the doorway, with her dress turned inside out. He helped her up and they quickly retreated to a comfortable distance.

"Are you okay?" he said not looking at her.

"Y-Yes I am, Thanks." She said as she smoothed her blouse.

"Good, that was a close one." He finally glanced her way and cleared his throat.

"Yes." She said awkwardly pulling on her skirt.

"You are right I need to get home. So, I will see you after the holidays. Well, I am sure I will be here most of the break but you have a good time with your family." He said as he headed to his desk.

"Sure thing, if you need me to come in, call me on my cell." Lauren said as she grabbed Tammy who was standing at the door waiting to see some real action take place.

"Sounds great."

"Happy Holidays, Mr. Robertson." She said retreating from his office.

Tammy said in a loud whisper, "Girl, you not gonna jump on that?"

"Imma 'jump on' you if you don't shut up and come on." Lauren scolded.

Lauren did not hear Esau when he was speaking to her. She was caught up in the moment of what she was remembering.

"Lauren, I'm going to HR..." he noticed that Lauren had not acknowledged him.

"Lauren? Lauren?"

Lauren heard a voice in the distance snapping her out of her memories. "Yes, sorry I was daydreaming I guess" she said sheepishly.

"Oh don't worry; it happens to the best of us. I was just saying I am going to HR and Stewart will be sending over an important fax in the next hour or so. I want to make sure I get all the paperwork signed immediately so we can start this project and hopefully have it up and running by year's end."

"Got it, I will make sure to keep a look out for it."


"Michael, you wanted to see me?" Esau hated having his day interrupted with HR matters. It was always something that the HR manager could have dealt with or something that could have been avoided if someone had done their job correctly.

Michael was the newest HR Director and he was very thorough but a bit of a pit-bull about policies and procedures. He was on a mission to get everything straightened out and in order. Esau liked that but it seems every week there was something else.

"Ah Yes, Mr. Robertson, it seems you have not taken a vacation in several years. You have..." he searched for the file on his desk, and continued, "300 hours of vacation time and 120 hours will have to be used by December 31st or you will lose it." He pushed his glasses up on his face and looked at Esau for a response.

"I see, well... can we give my hours to someone else?"

"No sir they are non-transferrable."

"Buy me out then."

"Sorry sir, no can do"

"So you are telling me I have to take three weeks in less than six months. We are about to start a major project. This is ridiculous! I can't plan a vacation and focus on this project at the same time. I can but I don't want to."

"You can choose to lose the hours sir. If you don't take them by December 31st they will be lost to you, regardless."

"Thanks Mike. I will think about it. Is that all?"

"Um, yes Sir, that is all."

Esau was lost in his thoughts as he walked back to his office. He made up his mind to just do what he does best and if he could squeeze in a vacation he would. Otherwise, he would just lose the hours. It really was not all that serious. He ran his fingers through his hair, as he entered the stairwell.


"The fax arrived and I have everything marked where signatures are needed and have made note of all items needing your attention. Also, FedEx will pick up the letters around 4:30, in case you may have something else you would like to add or other items to go out." Lauren said not looking up.

"Oh great, what would I do without you missy." He said stopping to admire his secretary's proficiency.

"Well, for starters...absolutely nothing," she said flatly with a matter of fact tone and smiled turning to look at her boss. "So, did Michael give you more HR assignments you want me to take off your plate?" she said as she grabbed her notepad.

"Um, n-no, he said I have too many vacation hours and need to take 120 hours before the end of the year." He said frustration lacing his otherwise cool tone.

"Oh is that all, where are you going? Do you want me to get the travel agent on the phone?" she beamed as if he had asked her to go with him.

"No, I can't afford to plan a trip right now with this project getting underway. I need to remain focused. This is going to be a great boost for my career and well, vacations come and go."

"Esau, you deserve to enjoy life too. If you will not plan the vacation, then let me do it for you. I will get a few brochures and you can choice the destination. I will make sure it's painless." She said taking charge and picking up the phone.

"Yes, ma'am." He knew there was no backing her down when she put on her motherly tone with him.

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