tagInterracial LoveI Never Meant To Fall In Love Ch. 02

I Never Meant To Fall In Love Ch. 02


Two Weeks Later

Lauren got about five different brochures for Esau to look through. She was sure which one he would choose, but she still wanted to give him options.

"Okay, so here's the deal. Take a look through these and let's narrow it down to the top three. Then we will do some comparisons and then you can choose the best one for you."

"Lauren, I thought you said painless? This doesn't look painless to me."

"Esau, you are not going to come back from your vacation and complain about how it was not what you wanted or thought it would be like. This is one decision you are going to have to make yourself. Once the decision is made, I promise to handle everything else except pack your bags." She smiled.


One Month Later

Esau sat at his desk looking over the monthly reports for the "Finland Project". He was very pleased at the numbers and the projections were very impressive. He wished that he could get Meager and Meager to come aboard at this point but he knew that it would only be a matter of time with the results they were getting. He was interrupted by a light knock on his door.

"Yes, come in"

"Okay, here is your vacation package. I just got off the phone with Lisa in the travel department and she assures us that this vacation is all inclusive."

"Great, so let me hear it."

"Well, it's a Multi-Country Europe Vacation. You will have stops in Paris, Amsterdam, Venice and Lucerne with an 8 hour layover in Munich. It is important that I tell you all those you will be traveling with are over 40 and single. So there is no worries of the "Party animal" type in your group", She said making air quotes. The only other decision you have to make is if you want to take a train ride through the French countryside or spend a day or two in Lucerne?" She waited from him to respond.

"What would you do?"

"I'd stay in Lucerne."

"There you have it. Anything else?"

"Yes, your last night will be in Venice, also known as the City of Canals which is hailed to be one of the most romantic cities in the world. That being said, since this is a Singles event, they will have a prom like event. You will need to wear a tuxedo to this event.

"Wait a minute; I have to go to a prom. Ren, I'm not sure..."

She interrupted him, Esau; it's not a real prom. It's kind of a 'we been traveling for three weeks together let's have a formal sendoff'. I mean if you meet someone along the way you can bring them if not you go alone and have a nice dinner. No pressure."

"Ren, I'm not sure about all that. Do I have to be a part of it? I mean really sounds like too much pressure for me."

"No, however, it's included in your price. So you might as well enjoy it."

"Yeah, yeah, easy for you to say."

"Well, I will set up the dates. Which credit card did you want me to use to pay for this?"

"Okay, thanks again for doing all the work on this one. You can the American Express.


Two Weeks before Vacation Day

"Here are your tickets, your baggage tags and in this envelope are your maps and itineraries."

"Thanks. Can you hold to those for me and give them to me on the morning I leave? You know things get misplaced in the black hole." Esau said tilting his head towards his desk.

"Sure thing, how much did you want me to transfer over to Traveler's check or did you want to get Euros?"

"Umm, Traveler's checks are good. Let's start with $2500." He said contemplatively

"Very good, sir." Lauren said as she turned to leave his office.

"Oh and Lauren, can you set up a meeting with Eliza for Thursday morning? We need to finalize the schedule to move forward on the next segment of the Finland Project."

"Do you want to go there or would you like her to come here?" she inquired.

"Set it up somewhere in the middle." He responded tentatively.

"Got it." She winked and retreated to her cubicle.

Esau smiled as Lauren left the office. He was grateful to have such an efficient assistant. She was more than his personal secretary. Lauren took good care of him. From picking up his dry cleaning to helping him cook dinner for his mother when she came to town. He wanted to do something special for her. He had been taking notes about what type of perfume she wore; the type of shoes she liked, and even trying to listen when she was having conversations with Tammy about what she was doing over the weekend or special events in her life. While he was in Europe he wanted to get her something that she would really appreciate. He knew that she deserved it.

He knew he was going to have to get some help. As much as he did not want to do it he would have to take Tammy to lunch and see what information she could give him. When he thought of Tammy his skin cringed. All he could hear was 'fuck me with that big hard cock.' He chuckled at how he just froze up until Ren had come in and rescued him.


One Week Before Vacation Day

"Tammy, listen this is Esau. I was hoping to get you but since I am leaving this message. I need your help. Can we go to lunch tomorrow about 2PM? I need to know some things about Lauren and what I can get her as a thank you for helping me with planning this vacation and just being a great person and assistant. Call me when you get this."

Esau put the phone down and cursed under his breath. He hoped he was doing the right thing. He leaned forward and placed his head in the palms of his hands. He allowed himself to get lost in his thoughts when he heard a light tap on the door.

"Come in"

"Hey there, saw you in here looking like you were stressing. I thought I would offer some assistance, if I can."

Esau smiled, "Thanks Lauren but unless you can tell what the future holds...This one not even you can help me with."

Lauren looked concerned and was going to offer some advice but thought better of it.

"Well if you need me or someone to talk to you know that I am here."


Esau sighed as she left the office and reached down to readjust his cock, it had stiffened when he saw that it was Lauren at the door. He thought damn, she is so gorgeous and she doesn't even try to be.


Lauren watched Esau from her desk and felt her nipples hardened. That man was just so sexy and she could not figure out how to get his attention.

"Fate, just once be on my side." She whispered.



Lauren woke up feeling as if she hadn't slept even though she went to bed earlier than usual. She crawled out of bed and headed to the bathroom for a hot shower and then to the kitchen to fix herself a cup of coffee. Her thoughts ran through what she needed to accomplish today before Esau took off. He had mentioned that he wanted to go to lunch with her and then she could call it a day. She was looking forward to an early day and with it being the weekend she had planned on just relaxing.

Reaching for her cell phone she looked at the time and rubbed her eyes. She decided to get another hour of sleep. She'd be a bit late this morning but she did not have anything pressing at the office anyway.


Esau heard his phone ringing and darted across his bedroom to catch it before it went to voice mail.

"Hello. How are you Sally? Good, I am well thanks. No, it's fine. What was that again? Yes, I can send that over to you this morning once I get to the office. Yes, not a problem I will send it via email. I did tell you I will be out of the office for a few weeks but my secretary can assist you with any questions you may have. Oh really? I didn't know that. Well, tell Eliza to have a great vacation. She sure deserves it. Thanks Sally. Have a good day. Bye."

Esau check the clock it was 7, he needed to get his car packed before he left for work and he wanted to get to the office in about 30 minutes to make sure that he got everything done before he had to leave at 1:00. He walked into the kitchen to grab a power bar. He decided to have Freddy the doorman take his bags to the car. He pressed the intercom and grabbed his car keys.


The whole time that Esau and Lauren were at the restaurant he couldn't help but stare at her, he watched her lips as they moved when she talked and how she chewed her food. Her lips were so inviting he just wanted to kiss her. Her smiled warmed his heart. He wanted to put his arm around her as they walked back to the office. Why were these feelings so strong and why were they showing up now?

When they got back to the office building his limo was there and he fought the urge to take her in his arms and kiss her goodbye. He realized that he would really miss her over the next few weeks. He would have to make up reasons to call her so he could hear her voice.


Lauren wondered why Esau stared at her during lunch so much. She felt a bit uncomfortable. She thought to herself maybe he knows. Maybe he knows that I want more than a professional relationship with him. He's trying to be polite to me and not embarrass me. She convinced herself. For one moment she thought she saw something in his eyes; what was it pity? Concern? Interest? No she was imagining it. "Silly Girl" she mused.

As they approached the office building she could see his limo waiting for him. She wanted to say something to him but could not find the words. She sighed. She hoped that he would call her while he was away. She did not know how she would get through the next few weeks without seeing him let alone not hearing his voice. She would have to devise a plan to talk to him while he was gone.

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