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I See The Moon


My fiancé Ben is taking a nap with Luna sleeping on his chest after spending most of today on an extension-ladder painting the intricate gingerbread work on the second story of our house. Luna is our four month old female beagle puppy; we bought her to celebrate our engagement.

Goodness, our little dog follows Ben everywhere. Luna would have climbed up the ladder to be with him if she could; they look so precious sleeping like this.

I need to wake Ben soon; we plan to shower together before having an early dinner. All these intimate little things like showering together are so new to me; not to mention the endless hugs and simple touches from an affectionate man who basically is so delightfully kind and gentle.

It took most of my adult life to find Ben.... for Fate is cruel as well as kind, and Fate brought us together.

Tomorrow I am taking Ben to meet my family for the first time. My parents are looking forward to meeting him; especially my father. They are hosting an ox roast for us in celebration of our engagement and everyone will be there.

I am somewhat apprehensive about my uncle Cain who will be attending. Uncle Cain believes that anyone who does not subscribe to his narrow hard shell Baptist views is going to hell.

Cain is a large and strong, domineering man, and somewhat of a bully. Cain gave up trying to argue religion with Dad. My father discretely knocked him unconscious behind the garage at a Fourth of July Picnic. They both agreed it was an accident and shook hands; we don't talk about it outside the immediate family.

Other good news; yesterday Ben and I received written confirmation from my attorney that my divorce has been finalized.

My ex-husband, a defrocked Baptist Minister is now hiding somewhere in Mexico after embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars from our church. Luke burned it down for the insurance money and stole that too.

I am a native Mississippian born and bred and can trace my roots to the founding of the country. I met my husband Luke here at a Born Again Christian Revival meeting on the county fairgrounds.

I was seventeen years old and a virgin. I was saving myself for marriage. Luke was twenty-three with a worldly air about him and a bright future ahead of him.

Luke looked incredibly handsome with his longish and thick wavy black hair...his baby blue eyes. He has such wonderful long eyelashes and a dimple in his chin. Even then Luke was a well known charismatic speaker. He had his audience eating out of his hands.

They were swaying in joyous rapture praising the Lord. Women were fainting and a few men were crying openly being caught up in the moment.....I was in love.

Reverend Scott introduced me to Luke later that day at our evening church social. Luke was wearing his trademark white linen suit. I had butterflies in my stomach when I shook his hand. Luke's hand was cool and smooth. I noticed that his nails were freshly manicured and thought this so sophisticated.

Luke was being groomed to take over when Reverend Scott retired in the spring.

When we walked over to the refreshment table for punch Luke's hand lingered on mine. He told me I was a very pretty girl. He complemented me on my dress and this caused me to blush and feel light headed. I was tingling all over and of course more butterflies.............

I awoke to the sight of my miracle, my golden haired angel touching my face with her hand saying softly, "Ben, you said to wake you."

Mary Beth leaned forward to kiss my lips as Luna stood, stretching and yawning, wagging her little tail for Mary Beth to pet her.

Always a Lady, Mary Beth's golden blonde hair was put up in a bun that was held in place with two carved hair sticks and nothing else. She was wearing a translucent airy pale green muslin dress and like me will go barefoot every chance she gets.

Women from the city where I grew up and lived most of my life never dressed like this. I love the fact my angel always wears a hat outside to protect her fair, creamy skin from the sun; what good common sense.

And then there is the way Mary Beth talks; I find her soft accent sweet and endearing; the syllables just roll off her tongue to caress my ears.

"That's my baby," Mary Beth said picking the puppy up to hug Luna to her bosom, "do you need to go outside to do your business?" Mary Beth put her on the floor and followed Luna to the back door to go outside.

Shortly after, I then joined them outside barefoot; the warm grass felt wonderful underneath my feet. Luna was smelling everything in sight; the innocent joys of a puppy, where every new scent and sound, the slightest movement is an adventure to explore; Luna is a smart little dog and already house broken.

Luna came running to greet me in that clumsy, awkward way many puppies do at this age; it's a miracle they don't trip over their little feet.

"Yes, Luna, you're a good girl," I praised petting her and then putting my arms around Mary Beth's waist to hug her and to kiss the back of her neck, "I love you, Mary Beth my golden haired angel."

"I love you too, Ben," Mary Beth said squeezing my hands as we watched Luna let out a little yip and spin around to bravely chase a yellow and brown striped tiger swallow-tail butterfly that flew by. Luna stopped once to assure herself we were still in her sight before pursuing her dangerous prey to the edge of the stand of magnolias bordering the east side of the property. "The chicken is marinating in the refrigerator and will be ready for the grill after our shower," said Mary Beth, turning to put her arms around my neck to kiss my lips with her warm, sweet kisses; heaven on earth kisses, my angel's kisses.

"Luna," I called, "come good girl," I encouraged, also using the hand signal I taught Sophie; "we're going in the house now."

Mary Beth was my first time with a woman. My angel says this is what makes me special....can you imagine that; a woman who actually thinks an ugly cuss like me is special.

We have so much to explore and experience together. My thoughts and imagination of what is erotic and intimate are no longer merely words or dreams: Mary Beth is my reality......

Ben closed the wood accordion gate across our open bedroom door so Luna could see us. He told Luna to be a good girl and lay down; amazingly she did. Ben has a way with animals; they instinctually sense his goodness.

Taking the initiative, "Please close your eyes, Mary Beth. I want you to undress me with your imagination and sense of touch."

Closing my eyes, I reached up and put my hands on Ben's shoulders leaning forward to kiss his warm lips. Ben is special; incredibly thoughtful....and oh, so very gentle.

I'm so glad Ben is getting over his initial shyness with me. I tingle all over when Ben kisses me and this is not puppy love.

I ran my hands up his neck and touched his face trying to memorize the features of his face with my fingers tips.

I ran my hands over his head, with and against the bristles of his sensibly very short brown hair, thinking, 'he's mine and I want him. I wanted Ben from the time I first kissed him, the night of our harvest moon.'

My hands went to the collar of his white shirt where I started unbuttoning at the second button from the top. Next, I unbuckled his thick brown leather belt so I could pull his shirt out of his blue jeans, my hands lingering to stroke and squeeze his hard cock through the material.

I was thinking, 'He's mine now and I will brand his cock with my lips and tongue...what wonderfully naughty thoughts. Ben brings out the woman in me to have these thoughts.

My mother would be scandalized that I would even think of having a man's cock in my mouth....Luke would never let me even touch his manhood. Sex with Luke while it lasted was so banal and predictable....there now Ben's shirt is off......'

Mary Beth took a step back stumbling and opened her eyes. I caught her, pulling her close to kissing her lips. She returned my kisses. Soon, my golden haired angel's tongue was caressing my tongue with hers. I can smell her sweet musky woman smell enhanced by her vanilla perfume.

The scent of a woman, my woman shifted my arousal into overdrive. I have lived with years' of celibacy waiting for the right one, saving myself for my angel when she came for me.

I held myself back knowing Mary Beth is worth the wait..........

I closed my eyes again and ran my hands down Ben's hard bare chest and felt the hard ropey muscles on his arms and back, taking note of every burn and scar that he bravely earned before we met.

I started kissing him, working my way down his chest and flat stomach caressing him with my hands until I was kneeling at his feet.

I unbuttoned the single embossed copper button of his blue jeans and then unzipped them pulling them down around his ankles for him to step out of which left only his briefs. They were bulging in front where his rock hard cock pressed against them trying to escape.

I squeezed his firm ass through the fabric and then ran my hands down his muscular legs before pulling down his briefs. Ben's cock is longer and thicker than Luke's. It was standing at attention for me to lick and to use as I pleased.

My eyes were still closed when I took it gently in my hands measuring the girth and length burning the dimensions of my man's manhood into my memory while kissing his balls and licking the tip of his cock before standing to face him, smiling......

"It is your turn, lover" Mary Beth said opening her eyes and lifting her arms for me to remove her dress. I did, pulling it over her head and then letting it drop to the floor.

My angel removed the hair sticks from her bun and shook her head so that her long golden blonde hair unfurled down her back almost to her waist. My golden haired angel shook her head again until some of her hair fell forward partially covering her face to play peek-a-boo through it with her blue eyes, eyes to put the most precious and rare blue sapphires to shame.

I closed my eyes and pushed Mary Beth's hair away from her face before gathering it up into a ponytail, next twisting it up into a loose bun to let it drop down again.

I traced the length of her golden blonde tresses down her back with my fingers, touching the bottom to memorize where it ended on her curvaceous body.....Mary Beth is my earth bound epiphany.

I took my angel's face in my hands to kiss her lips long and deep. Our tongues entwined and I sighed with contentment before reaching behind to unhook her bra to remove it.

I slowly slid my hands underneath Mary Beth's hair at the back of her nape letting my finger follow the shape of her head and face while kissing her mouth again sighing with contentment.....

Ben kissed my forehead, my cheeks and ears and neck; behind my ears... everywhere. I was tingling all over thinking about of all that I had missed. Ben was kissing me as if I were the most precious thing in the world.

I love him so much that I stumble for the words, therefore I will use his; Ben is my earthbound epiphany.

Ben worked his way down my neck and shoulders, lingering at the base of my throat, taking in the scent of my perfume I put there for him. I intuitively sensed what he was doing and smiled to myself thinking "Ben notices all the little details."

Ben has so much self-control, while I was absolutely dripping between my legs; my panties were no longer damp but wet with my sweet juices of arousal.

Ben's hands and fingers were everywhere touching; probing, lingering on my shoulders, on the small of my back and my ass. Rubbing and teasing; squeezing with his hands through the cotton of my white panties.

Ben's mouth was kissing me in places that I had never been kissed before. He was paying special attention to my full breasts and engorged nipples, licking and sucking and kissing.

Ben gradually worked his way down until he was on his knees at my feet, kissing and caressing. Once there Ben removed my panties before he stood up to study me with his warm grey eyes, wonderfully expressive eyes, the window to his kind and gentle soul.

I saw nothing but love there; love mixed with passion....our shower would have to wait. Ben's hard manhood was standing at attention; my willing womanhood, my sweet moist flower was awaiting his hard cock.... our arousal would not be ignored.

Ben smiled and took my wrists kissing them. He then picked me up underneath my knees and cradled me as would a groom carry a new bride over a threshold to put me gently on our poster bed.

"Please lie on your back and close your eyes again my beautiful angel."

Ben kissed my face and neck, working his way to my sensitive breasts, stroking and sucking and licking; paying particular attention to my engorged nipples. I could hardly contain myself from moaning with pleasure. I wanted to orgasm with his hard cock inside of me.

"You have beautiful breasts Mary Beth. They are full and round with such pink nipples to match your perfect pink aureoles. They are a heavenly contrast to your creamy white skin. They were meant to be licked and touched and so I shall continue my angel."

Ben lay down beside me and continued licking and sucking on my breasts with his warm wet tongue; all those years; I never imagined it could be like this. I caressed his head and face with my hands while moaning and gasping with pleasure.

I pushed my pussy into his hand as he was stroking me. Ben parted my pussy lips to get at my sweet, swollen clitoris making me gasp and pant and moan all louder. I was so unladylike, taking naughty pleasure in expressing my sexuality.

I didn't care because my moaning and squirming and dirty talk aroused Ben all the more; aroused me all the more...I can tell by Ben's passionate kisses.

"Please Ben, I want to come. I want you to kiss me...oh god this feels so good! I want to lick and suck on your big cock.

'I can't believe I said that!' I thought, 'what a wonderfully naughty thing to say; what a glorious naughty thing to think; fuck me, fuck me, fuck me and fuck me hard, Ben; how's that for naughty and dirty!'

"All in good time; keep your eyes closed my love......"

I brought Mary Beth to the peak of orgasm and stopped. My golden haired angel is such a hot, passionate and sexy woman in the sack; it makes my head spin.

I never dreamed that Mary Beth would talk like this in the throes of passion, or that I would be aroused by it...wow. I'm quite shy around women, although I maintain a professional neutral demeanor at work, however, not with her, not with my angel.

I was betting myself that her ex-husband the defrocked and disgraced minister never went down on Mary Beth; the fool that he is.

This is what lovers do. Oral sex is so pleasurable....the tastes, the smells... the sensual touch...the sounds all blended together with love; the key element of true passion; giving to one another freely and naturally to be as second nature as breathing.

Inspired by my golden haired angel, I went down on her licking and sucking and teasing while Mary Beth lay there thrusting her dripping wet, sweet and delicious pussy in my face for me to lick harder.

Mary Beth's hands were above her head in her hair. My angel was rolling her head to from side to side as the first orgasm washed over her and yet I was still not finished with her.

Mary Beth rolled over onto her stomach and she got on her hands and knees, anticipating what I wanted, telling me silently what she wanted.

My dam was about to burst and now that Mary Beth was satisfied I rammed my cock into her still dripping pussy while holding onto her hips and pounding her relentlessly.....

I had never done anything like this before; as a matter of fact all that I experienced was the momentary missionary with the ex and nothing else.

This delight along with oral was all new to me. What added to the delight was we were both as naive. I was getting aroused a second time, another orgasm was starting to build inside of me and I was thinking naughtily, 'I can feel his balls slapping against pussy. My kind and gentle shy man has a wild side.'

Ben's lustful thrusts increased in speed and in power as he reached forward to grab my long hair. He twisted it into a ponytail and pulled my head back as he continued pounding me.

I was bucking and panting and moaning as my second orgasm burned through me, burning away all my pent up inhibitions, "Fuck me harder, Ben! Fuck me harder!"

I could feel Ben's hot, thick and rich seed being pumped into my dripping and swollen ravaged cunt as he came. Ben was breathing in and out deeply while softly moaning; and to think how close Ben came to taking a vow of celibacy. Praise god that he didn't.

"I'm sorry, Mary Beth," Ben said blushing, "I didn't mean to be so rough with you; it's just, I mean...."

"I loved every minute, every millisecond. It's who you are, Ben; It's who we are together; why hold back, you didn't hurt me. I loved it and I love you.

Life is short Ben; let's honestly experience this facet of our love as it comes to us naturally without reservations. I love a man who takes charge and who better than you; the brave man who rescued me."

"Yes ma'am," he said smiling, "I can live with my angel being a hot and sexy number when we are alone....Mary Beth."

"Yes, Ben."

"You'll always be a fine Southern Lady in my eyes."

"That's so sweet, Ben, and this Southern Lady is going to suck on your cock before bedtime."

"Yes, Ma'am....."

Luke and I courted for two years and during that time we were never alone together. We were always chaperoned or with other couples, members of our little church.

My mother is an elder in our church. Mom was convinced that Luke and I were the anointed couple. Mom was convinced we were perfect for each other.... or so it seemed at first. Dad on the other hand was not so sure.

My Dad is a sometimes Baptist and was a lackadaisical Lutheran before he married; Mom's words not mine. Dad attended church with us every other Sunday out of love and respect for Mom.

Dad's philosophy of the situation; "The Lord can have me every other Sunday. He may have me for all eternity if he so has a mind. Short of that, the catfish and Zeke and I have a long standing appointment."

Dad went fishing on those as he called them "I'm-playing- hooky-from-church- Sundays" with Ezekiel (Zeke) Hawthorne a bona fide bachelor who pretty much was of the same mind. Mom let him because if she didn't Dad wouldn't attend Church at all preferring to fish every Sunday; we prayed extra hard for their souls.

On our wedding night I went into the bathroom as all new brides do to make myself beautiful for my sexy husband.

I took my long light blond hair down and brushed it until it shone like burnished gold, thick and soft falling to the middle of my back.

I was growing it waist length for Luke. My mother's light blonde hair is waist length. I was taught a woman's hair is her crowning glory and life was glorious on that special day.

Since the revival meeting, I imagined how our lovemaking would be on our wedding night. Luke would take me gently into his arms and kiss me. He would tell me how beautiful I was and how much he loved me.

Luke would slowly undress me and I would undress him. I would feel his hands gently caress my breasts. I would taste his lips for the first time. He would kiss and touch me in places I never imagined could be touched or kissed.

When the sweet juices of my womanhood flowed freely and I was ripe and ready, Luke would gently break my hymen with his manhood while kissing me.

We would make slow and gentle love, our souls entwined and my husband would slowly bring me to orgasm spilling his seed into my fertile body making me a soon to be mother.

Afterward we would lie there in each other's arms talking about our future and choose the names for our many children. Then finally, Luke would hold me gently, stroking my hair; we would fall asleep in each other's arms, the good Lord watching over us....or so I imagined.

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