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Ice Cubes


This was a vacation we had both looked forward to as more than an escape, but a chance to do something completely wild. The weather was no where close to the heat wave levels, but being so far away from where the humidity was tame, our bodies seemed to steep in the moment. Having just taken a shower to shake off the effects of the journey, large cotton towels provided out only dress.

You opened the windows and took in the view, but when you turned to share it with me, I was no where to be seen. The breeze off the ocean caressed your neck and shoulders, enticing you to return to the beautiful scenery. The sun shone through the shades and poured over your entire body. Warmth tingling through your skin as each passing moment made your temperature rise. Closing your eyes to relax and lose yourself in the sun's searing shadow, you don't notice the door open.

A trickle of water falls from the ice cube and glides down the back of your neck. A soft gasp escapes from your mouth, followed by a welcoming sign as the ice slides across your shoulders. Your head rolls to the side and you pull your hair out of the path of your new sub-zero friend. Holding ice in both my hands allows my icy massage to melt and leaves dozens of watery lines streaking down your body. With gentle ease, your body moved and your towel dropped to the floor. Seizing the moment, my ice coated fingers, worked the tension from your spine.

Dropping to my knees and replenishing the ice, soft kisses dashed about you lower back. Your sighs released as the ice worked around your curvy bottom, with each stroke followed by my warm mouth. The mixture of the cold and hot of the melting ice and my wet kisses was beginning to take hold of your senses. Leaning forward, your breasts smothered the porcelain desk top as your magnificent body took on an 'L' shape. Now your legs were full of strength and your luscious bottom took the full combination of the icy massage and fiery kisses. Making certain not to miss a spot, my mouth centered on the line of your rear and worked it's deeper into you. A soft moan marked your surprise at the bold path my moist tongue took and encouraged me to work harder.

The stance made the muscles in your legs flex and with new ice cubes, my hands worked at the tension. My mouth still locked on your forbidden region, began it's descent down your legs. It becomes obvious that your body has gone without proper attention for far too long. Each touch seems to unlock a new sound of pleasure and those sounds drive me further.

Ice water cascades down past your knees and my kisses follow soon after. The smoothness of your skin is rivaled only by the taste the pushes me further. Wrapping my body around yours, my icy palms massage the soreness from your calves. As if your cannot take anymore, you spin around and rest against the desk. For the first time, our eyes meet and the commitment of our passion is realized.

A slightly devilish grin comes to your face as you raise your leg to my chest. Taking hold of your foot, my hands seem cold, but soon the rubbing sets of erogenous zones you didn't realize you had. A slight tickle gives way to a different feeling, something sensual. Your eyes watch as I begin to kiss your foot, softly chewing at the overlooked and overworked muscles in your feet. Slowly using my tongue to lap at your arch and work the senses completely. A slight pause brings my tongue to your toes and works it's way across them. After a moment, you switch feet and now they both are bathed in my attention and my kisses. My hands make their way back up you thighs and hold at your belly. The kisses trail over your knees and make efforts to work the knots from your thighs away via the strongest muscle in the body, the tongue.

The look on your face tells me you want me to consume the hottest spot on your body, but my kisses pass over that place. Two new handfuls of ice caress your hips, soaking into your stomach. Your hands run through my hair send shivers down my spine. Reaching up from the floor, my arms entwine with yours for a moment and we hold onto each other. Sharing this time together of the balance of the overpowering heat and the soothing ice. Smiles greet each other as we enjoy this and an exchange of softly spoken greetings signal the moment is ours alone.

My cool hands run up the path of your cleavage and tenderly massage the muscles in your neck.. Moving on to the areas above your breasts, the neglected areas of your chest that carry the weight of your bosom. The aching they feel is soon soothed by the chilly massage and the power of my grip. The look in your eyes tells me you want more, and with a sly grin, I acknowledge your desire.

A stunned gasp escapes as new ice greets the edge of your breasts. Those sounds reach deep within my soul and fire me up. In a steady motion, my hands take the ice in a circular pattern that patiently closes in on your nipples. Another loud gasp is joined by a ripple of flexing that runs through your body. I can feel each twinge and clenching grasp, and my body stiffens in many places as well.

You lean forward and the cold that has radiated on your nipples is instantly reversed by the warm wetness of my mouth. Your hand cradles my head to your bust and the sensations of the ice and the warmth blend divinely. Just as the vibrations of my tongue flickering from nipple to nipple and the circular motions seem to be too much to handle, my body drops down. The path of my tongue trails down your belly to your sacred region.

Greetings of slow kisses allow me to taste your own wetness and it is too much for me to take. With one hand full of ice roaming all around your pussy, my tongue slips about your lips with an ease that is only possible through your glistening sex. My face is soon soaked in the mixture of the ice and your juices. As our eyes meet again, you seem almost lost in pleasure. Knowing ho to push my buttons, you cup your breast and pull it up, giving it a slow lick. Upon seeing my eyes widen, you take your time exploring this, and circle your own nipple with your own tongue.

Pushed beyond my own limits, my mouth makes a repeated path that takes the strongest muscle in the body all over your delicious pussy and stops a moment to playfully chew on your bottom. As standing seems to become too difficult, your knees repeatedly buckling, you step over to the bed and fall backwards into place. I crawl over to you and make sure to share a deep kiss with you. After exchanging whispered words, My body moves down the bed so I can resume tasting you, but your hands stop me and roll me onto my back.

With a look that says both 'getting even' and 'my turn' you take a handful of ice and begin to massage my body with the same meticulous care. Making my body tremble with the combination of the ice and your seemingly scalding mouth, delights you. Having touched me in many ways and enjoying the various sounds that escape me, you decided to turn up the heat.

Making sure that our eyes have met, your mouth closes in on my sex and your tongue cups my sack. In and instant, you suck on of my testicles into your mouth and roll it around on your tongue. As if showing off, you devour them both and wrap your hands around my cock. After slowly tormenting my sex with your mouth, you smile and suck my cock into the fire barbeque pit that is your mouth. With a steady series of strokes and so many licks that I am drenched, you tell me that you want me inside you.

Your body climbs on top of mine and as we kiss, you guide my cock into the oven that is your pussy,. The hest is so great it takes everything I have not to lose control. Our unison sighs communicate that we are sharing something special and as we grind, our hands explore each others bodies. Twisting over, our positions begin a series of changes. Each time, exploring the new positions to see how much pleasure we can give each other. As we explore further, it is becoming too much to bear and I pull free from you. A look of disappointment is accompanied by a sigh. Laying beneath me, I grin as you tell me you want to see me cum and I straddle your chest.

Knowing what turns me on, you lift your breasts for my cock to squeeze between. Our smiles and giggles, reveal a closer bond and a pause as we kiss. Tasting each other and wanting more. Your cupping of your breasts helps the pumping action around my cock. In a short time I can not hold on any longer and your eyes watch with joy as I slide down to unleash my boiling load of cum. The first stream lands quickly, leaving a line of my cum from the bottom of your breast, over your nipple and trailing all the way up you neck, chin and lips. Following shots cover your bust with my cum and random drops land amidst your belly, cleavage, shoulders, and your beautiful face. As the waves of my orgasm subside, our eyes meet again, and I know you want more.

I bend down and kiss your belly and look into your eyes to see your reaction as my outstretched tongue cleans up the cum I just shared with you. Making sure to massage my cum into your bosom with my mouth seems to turn you on a great deal more than I planned. You begin to talk dirty to me and share with me how much what I'm doing turns you on. With a deliberate and steady motion, my mouth plows up the first stream of cum all the way up your neck and into your mouth. Our kiss is soaked in the shared passion that we have just shared and our happiness if complete.

Sensing that your body has not yet peaked, I slide down your body, peppering you with kisses, until my face rests on your yearning pussy. Revitalized, my mouth unleashes a series of flickers, strokes, and vigorous lapping so determined that your legs, draped over my shoulders, clamp together. Unrelenting, my tongue delved deep into your sex and my hands part your lips, exposing your clit. Once more the muscle you enjoy so much delves into you and tests out which moves generate the sounds I so love to hear. As your orgasm nears, your hands run through my hair and draw my mouth closer to you. Patiently waiting, my tireless tongue finds the rhythm and my fingers work their way in as well. A steady motion that repeats has your body shaking and the building sighs and moans tell me what is coming, your orgasm. Just as the rhythm seems to be working your hands slap at me, but I refuse to stop and your moans grow into screams. Your arms stiffen as you prop yourself up, but it is unstoppable now. A suddenly rush hits you and your pussy erupts with a series of volcanic gushes. The sight of your female ejaculation drives me wild and I do a little dirty talking of my own to let you know how incredibly sexy it is to be witness to what you reached.

Collapsing onto your side, you are stunned at the power of the orgasm you had. I rain kisses down on your thigh, hip, and side as I close in to hold you. Our smiles say it all, but there is also something we both know is missing. I whisper into your ear what that is and your look is my answer.

Rolling onto your belly, my mouth works over your lower back and that curvy butt that turns me on so much. After a brief massage, my mouth works its way down you and licks everywhere. My fingers explore further and you are is relaxed and ready. Using my mouth to further soak and prepare you, but when you reach back and pull my face in deeper, it is obviously working. In a gentle motion, my cock slides to your into you and together we work it inside deeper. Your voice becomes savage and soon we are fucking as wildly as the tropical location we are visiting. The sounds we make echo about the room and we hold hands and I feel your clench. You tell me you'd like a repeat of what you witnessed on your breasts. Puzzled, I lean forward to ask again, you tell me you want me to 'cum all over your ass and lick it off.!

Those words are too much to take and soon my orgasm is building again. As ask, I pull out and fire a volley of cum that leaves your behind soaked. Many streaks reach as far as your back and one shot in particular coated your shoulder. Turning slightly, your hand goes to the back of my head and as our eyes meet, you lick the spot of cum from your shoulder. With that, you pull my face into you bottom and begin cleaning my cum from your body. After a few moments, you spin around and we share another cum filled kiss. Our hands caress each others faces, covered in sweat, ice water, and cum, our moment of passion has ended.

Until the next shower...

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