tagIncest/TabooI'll Be Home for Summer Vacation

I'll Be Home for Summer Vacation


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a followup to my previous story, I'll Be Home for Spring Break. Although this story stands well enough on its own, I recommend reading the first installment for the full experience.


When she left home the plan was a mere seedling. Now it was a leafy, blooming flower, ripe for the picking. Jess knew, with all her heart and mind, that her roommate Tabitha would soon be hers.

No seduction was needed. Tabitha already wanted her; Jess had simply overlooked it. Her unforgettable Spring Break had made all clear, as if the truth had been present all along.

It was a coincidence that the two girls arrived at the same time. They met at their dorm's entrance.



They hugged. Though it was brief, it awoke Jess' new sapphic cravings. Physically, Tabitha was on par with Jess. They were both on the short side, and in the breast department, sported only handfuls. They differed in skin tone and hair color. Jess was a pale, freckled ginger. Tabitha had an exotic looking mane of dark hair, supplemented by frequent visits to the tanning bed.

Jess and Tabitha entered their meager living space and starting unpacking.

"How was your trip?" Tabitha asked.

Jess suppressed a smile. "It was nice."

"How did...mine was nice, too."

Jess caught that. Tabitha was about to ask how things went with Jess' mother. When Jess departed for Spring Break the situation with her mom had been a source of apprehension and anxiety. Tabitha was being polite, putting the matter aside until Jess was ready to talk.

What Tabitha didn't know was that the reunion between Jess and her mother had led to orgasmic bliss. Tabitha also wasn't aware that Jess' Aunt Brenda and cousin Allison got involved, helping Jess ascend a taboo ladder where her mother, Adrian, waited at the top.

As they unloaded their bags, Jess sprang the first phase of her plan into action.

She waited until Tabitha was turned, then laid the RealisticCock, the proverbial key that had unlocked the incestuous door, onto her bed.

"What is that?" Tabitha exclaimed with shock.

Jess feigned nonchalance. "Oh, this? A birthday present from my cousin Allison. It's called a RealisticCock. Kind of a gag gift, I guess."

She started to put it in her nightstand.

"Can I...?" Tabitha held out her hand.

"Huh? Oh, sure."

Jess handed the toy to Tabitha. She gripped it mid-shaft, staring in awe. The rubber dick was finely crafted. It had bulging veins, a detailed set of balls, and a ridge that shaped its crimson head.

"My God," Tabitha gasped. "And have you tried it?"

"Oh yeah," Jess answered, monitoring changes in her tone.

"I mean, it looks like the real thing, but the material it's made of. I'd worry it would, I dunno, hurt."

"It feels awesome," Jess proclaimed. "Once you're ready, it slides in with no friction at all. Perfect."

A week ago Jess couldn't have been so open. But this was the new, sexually awakened Jess.

Tabitha blushed. Whether that was embarrassment or arousal Jess couldn't tell; she hoped it was the latter. Tabitha handed back the RealisticCock and Jess put it away.

"If you wanna try it sometime, feel free," Jess offered.

Tabitha shuffled her feet. "Maybe I will."

Another pussy for its resume. Jess grinned at the thought.

"Well, it was a long drive, and I'm feeling pretty gross," Tabitha said. "I'm gonna take a shower."

It was just as Jess hoped.

"Have fun!" Jess said.

Tabitha smiled before leaving. "You too. Don't be too tough on your RealisticCock while I'm gone."

Jess waited until she was sure Tabitha was showering. Then she grabbed the towel and RealisticCock.

The outside hall was mostly barren, save two other girls who were walking in opposite directions. Jess made her way to the communal shower room, keeping the RealisticCock concealed under the towel.

The large room was evenly divided. The first half had toilets on one end. Sinks and mirrors were on the other. Further down were the shower stalls, walled by yellow curtains.

One stall was hissing. Jess surveyed the room, making sure she was alone. Then she quickly stripped off her clothes. The rest of her body was sparsely freckled. Her aureole were small, petrified ends on her little tits.

Jess shuddered with pleasant memories at seeing her shaved pussy. She remembered Allison's careful and professional grooming. Hairs were beginning to reemerge. Jess would soon take care of that.

Still pretending this was all innocent, she threw the towel over her bare shoulder, keeping the RealisticCock hidden. Then she smiled and pulled back the curtain.

The wet and naked Tabitha jumped. "Jess!"

"Oh! I'm sorry, I thought this was empty," Jess lied.

Tabitha's tips were slightly larger than Jess' but with the same mild depth. Soap suds slid between her tits and down her tummy. There was no hint of any tan lines. Jess was awestruck. Her pussy leaked at the sight before her.

"You," Tabitha said with a knowing smirk, "are a damned liar, Jess."

Jess stepped inside, closing the curtain. She slipped behind her roommate and put her arms around her middle.

"Mm, am I?" Jess cooed. "I can find another stall, you know." She kissed her roommate's neck.

"You could," Tabitha replied. "But you won't. You wanna know why?"

Jess cupped Tabitha's soaked, soapy tits, leaning close to her ear. "Why?"

"Because I won't let you."

The two girls collided under the water's low pressure. Hands and mouths changed places. Tabitha planted kisses on Jess' neck, shoulders, and clavicle; her hands groped the girl's small ass. Jess licked Tabitha's cheek, groped her tanned tit and slid two fingers in her, evoking a moan in response. Tabitha was no virgin, and her cunt was a tight squeeze.

They continued this frantic and uncoordinated dance until Tabitha stopped.

"What if somebody hears us?"

"You're right! Gosh, that would be terrible," Jess replied, barely serious.

"My God," Tabitha remarked. "You came back a kinky bitch, Jess."

Jess was still pistoning in and out of Tabitha's slippery twat. The shower was quiet enough that sucking sounds could be heard.

Then Jess dropped her bomb.

"I brought a friend in here with me."

With her free arm, Jess lifted the towel she'd rested on the shower wall, revealing the RealisticCock like a main course.

"I offered to let you borrow it," Jess reminded her. "I just didn't say when or how."

Jess rubbed the cockhead against Tabitha's distended, puffy pussy lips. Her roommate sported a dark landing strip.

"Say when," Jess said in her best Saturday Night Live Pepper Boy skit voice, brushing up and down, "say—"

"—fucking shove it in me!" Tabitha growled.

Jess didn't. She rubbed faster. "Has it been a while, Tabitha?"


"Been unfulfilled lately?"

"Yes," Tabitha groaned.

Jess guided the RealisticCock to its hilt. Tabitha squealed and squirmed. The redhead began a steady back and forth motion, pulling the RealisticCock almost out before driving it in again.

"Oh God yes, oh God yes, oh, GOD, YES!"

Tabitha threw her head back and went rigid. Jess kept the RealisticCock in place; she was shocked to get such a fast cum out of her friend. Tabitha looked at Jess with new eyes.

"Again?" Jess asked.

"No," Tabitha said. "It's your fucking turn."

After Jess came three times and Tabitha twice more, the water was chilly. They couldn't keep their hands off each other as they hurried back to their room. They collapsed on Jess' bed in a struggling tangle of arms and legs. Jess utilized the pussy eating lessons she'd learned from her familial teachers.

In the aftermath, they cuddled in a spent embrace, the scent and flavor of each others pussies on their rapid-fire breaths, all over their naked bodies.

Tabitha turned to her new lover.

"Alright. Fess. What happened?"


"Open it."

"You first."

"No, I insist."

"Hm. Same time?"

Jess unfolded the paper and scanned it. She broke out in a wild smile.

"3.7!" she exclaimed.

"3.9!" Tabitha yelled.

"Yes! We kicked freshman year's ass!" Jess beamed as they hugged each other on Tabitha's bed.

"We should celebrate, Ginger Snap," Tabitha suggested.

"What did you have in mind, Tabby Cat?" Jess asked.

"How else do we always celebrate?" Tabitha grinned.

Jess unbuttoned and unzipped Tabitha's jeans. "I can think of a few ways."

"Oh, that reminds me."

Tabitha walked to Jess' nightstand. Her pants dropped to her knees. She kicked them off, revealing the nothing she wore underneath. She pulled the RealisticCock out of the drawer.

"I sprayed Willy Wollop and ran him under the sink today," Tabitha explained. "It's been forever since he's had a bath."

"I'm sure he's very happy," Jess said.

"But I'll bet he can't wait to get dirty again, the bad boy."

'Willy Wollop' had received plenty of action over the last two months. But after Jess' confession, Tabitha was silent for three days. The waiting was unnerving for Jess, so much so that she began feeling that guilt she thought was long gone.

And then, one afternoon, a naked Tabitha attacked Jess after class. Since then, the girls kept air freshener beside the door; their room was filled with pussy fumes ever morning, either remnants of previous nights or fun at sunrise.

"Uh oh," Jess said. She'd removed her own bottoms and was combing through her mons. "Embers are coming back."

Tabitha examined her own naked cunt. "Same here. Whose turn is it to shave who?"

"Believe it's yours."

Tabitha smirked. "Are you lying, Ginger Snap?"

Jess spread her legs, offering her dampened pussy for sacrifice. "Do you care?"

"Oh no," Tabitha said. "But I think Willy Wollop is really riled up after his bath. I don't think he'd mind a few little hairs.

"Actually," Jess began, popping a finger in her mouth to taste her twat, "I have a better plan for him."

Tabitha was visibly flushed. "Yeah? What's that?"

"Let's torture him," Jess smiled.

Tabitha cocked her head. "What do you mean?"

Jess curled her finger, the wet one, in a 'come here' gesture. Tabitha complied. Jess pulled her on top of her.

"We make him watch," Jess said huskily.

Tabitha kissed Jess on the neck, making her squirm. "Oh, poor Willy Wollop."

She got up to place the toy vertically and at an angle where 'he' had a perfect vantage point.

Tabitha returned to the bed, where in between kissing her way down Jess' freckled body she said, "I feel (kiss) bad for (kiss, kiss) teasing him so bad."

Jess scooted up further. "And the poor thing doesn't have hands of his own."

"Then I have an idea," Tabitha suggested. "Let's cut the poor guy a break."

She guided Jess into a different position and then straddled her cowgirl style, their wet pussies synchronized.

"Why don't we give him such a hot show that he cums himself even without hands?" Tabitha cooed.

"Tabby Cat, that's...oh."

Tabitha started grinding in a circular motion. Jess raised herself to accept her friend's movements. She cupped Tabitha's tits, kneading the humble protrusions in her fingers. At the center of their union their stubbly pussies became a sloppy mess, and with each roll and grind, more wetness lubed up the hastening act.

Jess came a little; Tabitha took it as a cue to move faster, grind harder. Both girls' nipples were fully engorged, their cunts swollen and stirred.

By now their tribbing was filling the room with their scents. Tabitha breathed them in. Another, stronger climax hit Jess, curling her toes. She thrashed her head about as a third threatened to explode.

"You like this?" Tabitha gasped.


"You fucking like this?"

"Yes, Tabby Cat, yes!"

Tabitha went silent, save for her rapid respiration.

"Don't call me Tabby Cat," Tabitha said.


"I'm not Tabby Cat," Tabitha reiterated.

"T-then who...oh God..."

"I'm mom, Jess. Call me mom!"

Tabitha's words brought Jess to a new level of arousal. She bucked and moaned as their frenzied scissoring continued.

"Oh fuck!" she screamed.

"That's right," Tabitha insisted, covered in sweat, feeling a massive orgasm of her own rising. "I'm mom, Jess. I'm your fucking mother. Say it."

"Oh God, Tabitha."

"Say it!"

"MOM!" Jess screamed. The coup de grace climax knocked her mind and body senseless. When she came down from a high so strong no words could paint it, she was tangled in Tabitha's flesh, their naked bodies sullied with sweat and cunt juice. Tabitha was kissing her shoulder.

Jess peered at the silent, stoic Willy Wollop.

"Do you think we've tortured him enough?" she asked, drained but still eager.

"Mm?" Tabitha looked at the RealisicCock as well. "No, I don't think so. I'm sure he understands that we're not done yet."

"That so?"

"Oh yes."

The girls had several blissful orgasms in an intense 69, after which they both stared at Willy Wollop and made a display of a slow, sensuous, deep tongue kiss, exchanging their feminine flavors. Tabitha's taste soaked her partner. That would bode quite well for Willy Wollop, she decided. He'd slide right in.


Jess and Tabitha were finally spent. Willy Wallop, sticky with a fresh coat of juices, had been haphazardly tossed aside.

"So what are your plans for summer?" Tabitha asked, stroking Jess' red hair.

"I'm going home for summer break," Jess replied.

"Oh." Tabitha smiled. "To see your mom?"

"Yeah," Jess acknowledged. "And everybody else too. But there's one other thing."

It peaked Tabitha's curiosity. "What's that?"

Jess gulped and prepared herself. She'd been thinking about it a while; now it was time to say it.

"Tabby Cat, I'm going home. And I want you to come with me."


The last box was packed. The sheets and comforters were stripped from the beds. The closet was emptied. The carpet was vacuumed.

Jess and Tabitha had worked all morning to give their dorm a proper sendoff. They'd showered after the cleaning was over, making sure to reward each other for their hard work.

Now they sat together on a barren mattress. Their families would only need to help with boxes.

Tabitha seemed fine with the idea of spending a week together. She raised no questions at all about what might happen during summer break, or what Jess would do if Allison, Aunt Brenda or Adrian made a move. It hadn't been discussed.

Tabitha looked over their task list. All the handwritten boxes were checked.

"That's everything," she said. "Carpet, closets, sheets, drawers emptied. All that's left is turning in our keys. So what now?"



"You know what happened. You know every detail. Are you sure you're comfortable with this? A-are you weirded out?"

"That isn't the term I'd use," Tabitha replied. "This is some sketch you've gotten yourself into. I won't lie. But I've had time to think about it. And maybe..."


"This thing with your aunt, your, your cousin, and your mom...I'm cool with it," Tabitha said. "I'm cool with it even though this is certainly uncommon. Dare I say it? I'm cool with whatever you get into while I'm there. I was just wondering if we can work out a deal."

"What kind of deal?"

Tabitha grinned, and it was that naughty, suggestive grin that always got Jess oil-slick.

"While we're there, your relatives get to fuck you however many ways or however many times they want. But I get to have my own fun."

"Define your own fun."

"Oh, we'll play it by ear, Ginger Snap. I won't do anything that makes you uncomfortable."

She chuckled. "Well maybe not too uncomfortable."

"So you mean joining in," Jess said. "Right?"

"If it came down to that, how would you feel?"

"Well, I'll tell you this right now. Mom, Allison, and Aunt Brenda are horny freaks. Especially Allison. I've never heard them talk about bringing anybody into their bed except themselves, but I doubt they'd turn you away."

"But how would you feel?" Tabitha reiterated with seriousness.

It was an interesting question. For the entire semester, Jess hadn't shared her Tabby Cat with anyone, nor had she ventured outside of the relationship. It was a concept that was new, strange, and with a big question mark instead of a period.

For now, Jess smiled. "We'll play it by ear."

"Then we have a deal?"

Jess clasped her lover's hand. "Deal."

Jess' cellphone started blaring. So did Tabitha's. They both took their respective calls.

"Hi, mom," Jess answered.

"Hi, sweetie. Ready to bid freshman year goodbye?" Adrian responded.

"Not sure yet."

Adrian chuckled. "Well, we're pulling up by your building. We think it's the right one. Believe your roommate's crew is behind us as well."

"Clefton Tower?" Jess asked.


"That's our building. Who all's with you?"

"It's me, Aunt Brenda, Cody, Allison, and Uncle Harry."

Jess felt a knot in her gut. "Uncle Harry?"

"Yeah, we figured that even with all our girl-power we needed a man to help us if we decided to get lazy."

There was laughter in the background. Uncle Harry said something unintelligible.

"Yeah, and then we'll just leave you there," Adrian said to him.

The last time Jess saw Uncle Harry was when she was leaving. He'd been sitting on the porch, quiet and observant. He hadn't bothered to say goodbye.

There had been a look in his eye, Jess remembered. It was a look that didn't express positive feelings.

Of course, Uncle Harry probably knew about the women in the family. He had to know.

"Jess? You there?"

"Huh? Oh, uh, yeah."

"Well we're parked. Both cars. Hurry down."


There were hugs, greetings and introductions all around. Jess' camp was welcoming and warm to Tabitha. Jess detected no animosity from Adrian.

Tabitha introduced the family to her own.

"Everyone, this is my family. My mom, Kendra..."

Kendra was tall and youthful in appearance. She had raven-black hair that matched Tabitha's, and her eyes were narrowed and green, accented by eye shadow. She was a stunning beauty.

"...my oldest sister, Sybil..."

Sybil also had dark hair that she wore wavy and past her shoulders. She held her mouth slightly open, exposing pretty teeth. Sybil was also attractive, and with the same bust size as her youngest sis. She was as tall as Kendra.

"...and my second oldest sister, Kate."

In contrast to the other two women, 22-year-old Kate was blonde. She shared Tabitha's brown eyes. Height-wise, she was the medium of the three siblings. Youngest to oldest also meant least to greatest height.

Jess noticed that Kate wasn't wearing a bra. Underneath her button-up blouse were plump tits that bounced with each movement. Neither Kate nor Kendra lacked in bust size. Poor Sybil and Tabitha got the worst out of that deal.

"Alright, so everything's checked off," Tabitha told the crowd. "We just have a few boxes."

Tabitha took the lead as the other women and the silent Uncle Harry followed them.

Little Cody, Allison's son, clung to his mother's neck. Jess noticed that Allison had lost a great deal of her baby weight, and more besides. Allison had always been thicker in comparison to the others but had developed quite the alluring figure while Jess was away.

"I like her," Allison whispered to Jess as she walked past.

Knowing Allison, that wasn't an 'I like her' in any platonic sense. It was more of an "I'm going to pin her to a bed and make her cum over and over," 'like her.'

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