tagExhibitionist & VoyeurIllicit Liaison Ch. 01

Illicit Liaison Ch. 01


(I wrote this series of stories without dialogue intentionally as an experiment)

We aren't supposed to be together. Both married, both to other people. But we have our reasons, our needs, and this way of satisfying those needs keeps both of our families intact and happy.

I pick you up after work in a cab early one afternoon. We're both supposed to still be at work for several more hours. This is our time. You slip into the car next to me, still dressed in your work clothes. That just won't do. The cabbie knows his instructions and drives the cab out to the edge of the development.

At the edge of the wooded area is a blanket, just where I've laid it out. He parks the cab next to the blanket, shielding it from the street just as the trees shield if from all other directions.

You open the door and without a word, step around the car onto the blanket. Your pulse races as you stand in the makeshift, open-air changing room. With a wicked smile at me you start to strip out of your work clothes, down to your bra and panties, barefoot on the blanket. The cabbie isn't making any effort to disguise his lustful gaze at your beautiful near-naked form.

Holding your work clothes in one hand your tap on my window to make the expected exchange with your date outfit. You frown when I don't lower my window, and I love the look of surprise on your face when the cabbie lowers his and reaches out for your clothes. For a moment I think you are about to balk...but then you smile again and hand them over. His hand is shaking more than yours is as he takes them and places them on the set next to him.

You look back at me expectantly again. I motion toward the cabbie, who has his hand out the window, this time pointing to your chest. Without hesitation you unhook your bra and let the straps fall from your shoulders. I expect you to take it off and hand it to him, but you up the ante and hold it against your chest, lean over his outstretched hand, and let it fall into his grasp. Your bare breasts are inches from his fingertips, and he has a good close-up view of your naked chest.

He puts your bra on the seat as you stand topless before him, playing with your nipples, teasing him. With a visibly shaking hand he points to your last item of clothing, and I catch my breath as I don't know what to expect.

Your hands trail sensuously down your body, under the waistband of your panties. I can see as your lithe fingers work under the shiny red fabric, slowly at first, then more quickly. The excitement of the exposure, the wantonness of your acts, and the feeling of your fingertips buried inside your wet pussy and frantically working your clit are too much to take for long. You start to shudder and collapse to your knees in orgasm, still rubbing yourself as you spasm again and again. Your hair falls forward, obscuring your face as you gasp and shake.

When you have recovered, you lie back on the blanket, slide your hands out of your panties and press the fabric tightly against your sopping pussy, soaking up your passion. You raise your hips and slide your panties down, giving the cabbie an unobstructed view of your feminine treasure. Your rise to your feet and sinuously step up close again, placing the balled up damp fabric into his trembling hand. With one hand you close his fingers around your delicate lingerie, with the other you guide the fragrant gift to his face, and he inhales deeply of your sexual scent.

As you stand naked, hands on hips with a self-satisfied smirk, I roll down my window as he rolls his up, and hand you the bag with your clothes for our date. Our rendezvous has just begun.

There's nothing in the bag but a gauzy black satin slip dress and a pair of black pumps. You slide into the almost weightless dress and slip on the high heels. I then hand you a pink butterfly vibrator...the kind with straps that you wear under your clothes. You put it on so that the body of the butterfly rests against your still moist lips, and the head presses against your sensitive clit. I hand you a sheer black thong and you slide it over the butterfly, pressing it against you. It sends a chill through you even though I haven't touched the remote that sits tucked in my pants pocket.

You feel sleek and totally sexual as I get out of the taxi to hold the door open for you, brushing past me provocatively as you ooze into the car.

You frown again as I close the door without getting back in...you were hoping for a little backseat action while we drove to our destination. From the prominent bulge in the front of my black dress slacks, you guess that I would be more than capable of fulfilling the burning need inside you. Instead I give you a wink and go around the car and sit in the front next to the cabbie. I give him the nod and he pulls away.

I turn around in my seat and tell you to sit quietly with both hands palms-down under your thighs, feet flat on the floor, legs together. We have a long drive and I plan to tease you the entire time.

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