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I'm Forever Yours


This is a request story. It could fit into the IR category, romance, or even incest. In the end I chose romance because it's more about two people in love than it is incest or race. Hopefully I met the expectations of the requester.


My sister and I were born three minutes apart, she was the older. Like most twins we were close, completing the other's sentences, thinking the same thing at the same time, always together as though we were connected at the hip. We had separate rooms but spent most of our existence in one room or the other together. We each had gender specific friends, but they always took second place, if it came down to them or us... it was always us, always each other's best friend.

When we began puberty, it wasn't our parents we showed our pubic fuzz, or the little nubs on her chest, we went to each other. Throughout high school we dated and hung with others, but at the end of the day I was in her room or she was in mine, talking about our date, who we were with, how much fun or how much of a drag our date had been. We respected each other's 'space' but with one another is where we were the most comfortable.

Our parents were what is now known as mixed race, dad was from El Salvador and mom was from Belize, he was much lighter skinned than mom, the result was two light brown babies with wavy black hair. In the city where we grew up there were several black family's we knew of but didn't necessarily hang out with, maybe that's part of the reason Liz and I were so close. Although we both dated white kids in high school, college years were different in that we couldn't be together all the time and with a greater variety of the opposite sex to date we went out with more people of our own race.

You might say that's good, or bad, what we discovered is that there are just as many assholes who are dark skinned as there light skinned, reaching the conclusion what was inside the person was more important than what color they were. Being apart was hard on Liz and me, we texted almost daily, heck, I knew as much about her life hundreds of miles away as I did my own life. We were by no means wealthy, dad was a full-time chauffer and mother taught high school English, both Liz and I worked part time jobs all through our college years. Dad died in our junior year of college and mother retired the year we graduated.

I received a degree in economics and Liz in marketing, with the job market at the lowest it had been in decades we were willing to take a position anywhere we could. We had determined we no longer wanted to be separated, with that thought in mind, we set about looking for a city where there might be a position for both of us. Little did we know the end result would be the opposite of what we already knew culturally and geographically. We were thinking LA, Phoenix, Dallas, maybe California if we got desperate enough, but not Concord, New Hampshire.

Mother was oaky with us being that far away and for our graduation from college she had gifted us her 7 year old 4-Runner and given us $5000 to get started, admonishing me to make sure I took care of my sister. We had both had received favorable reviews for jobs, we packed our meager belongings into the Toyota 4-Runner and drove our young hind ends to Concord, New Hampshire, a very long way from Tempe, AZ. Liz found work with a smaller firm right away, she made enough that we could pay our bills but there was none left over. In a city of 40,000 we figured there would be work available in my degreed field soon.

On the first day of attempting to rent an apartment we ran into difficulties, it wasn't a race issue, far from it, people didn't want to rent to young single people, even if we were siblings. It was always followed with, now if you were married that would be different. You might scream that's discrimination, and it is, but if you don't think people are discriminated against daily, and I'm not referring to just one race or nationality, then you have your head up your ass. Since both our last name was Arroyo, Liz came up with an idea.

"Since they want married, we have the same last name, so let's give them married, at least we can get a place to live. We can go to the mall tonight and get a set of inexpensive wedding bands."

Made sense to me, the credit check was run in my name only and we had an approval for rent by Friday. As diligent as I was sending resume's and filling out job applications, my degree would not be put to use for some months. I had grown up helping my dad and knew the trade well, there were times I would fill in for him if he was ill. He had driven for the Crawford's for over twenty years, they knew me and never had an issue if I filled in. The employment agency contacted me and asked if I was willing to interview for a local chauffer position, after Liz and I discussed it we agreed, what could it hurt to interview.

Mrs. Stein was a widow in her mid-60's, the chauffer she'd had for over 30 years was retiring and she needed someone who knew what they were doing right away, there wasn't time to train anyone.

Following a half hour or more of conversation she told me she would like to hire me as her personal chauffer. When I told her what my degree was in and that I was still pursuing work in that field she told me she understood, she needed someone right away and would like to hire me until such time as I found a position. In her words, she would have someone who knew the trade and I'd have an income.

The pay package was actually quite liberal, I'd be making just under 40 a year to drive an older woman here or there. The part I didn't like was she wanted me available to go out in the evening on occasion, but as she said, that was not often anymore. I told Mrs. Stein I needed to talk with my wife before making a commitment, she indicated the next day would be fine. When Liz asked if I'd accepted the job, I said I'd told Mrs. S that needed to talk with my wife first.

Liz smiled, "Your wife?"

"Isn't that what we decided after the apartment fiasco? We're husband and wife?"

As Liz and I talked it over we reached the conclusion that working for Mrs. Stein was better than no job and I was likely being paid more to drive her than I would be paid in a starting position with a firm.

I told Mrs. Stein I would take the position with one condition. I was not willing to wear the traditional chauffer attire, I would wear a quality suit and tie, but I wasn't going to look like the kept darkie who drives Miss Daisy. She laughed, then smiled and nodded her head in agreement, a suit would be proper, especially in this day and age. My schedule varied, if the Mrs. had appointments in the morning, I started work at 7, if not I started work at 8. If she was going out in the evening, it was considered above and beyond and she included a little extra in the next paycheck, besides, she was never out later than ten.

I adapted quickly, Liz and I still had plenty of time together and we were finally bringing home enough between the two of us to start putting money away, we had about half of what mom had given us and didn't want to touch it if possible. I'd been driving a little over three months when Mrs.S. asked if I was interested in making some addition income. I indicated I was as long as it was legal, I was sent me to pick up a lady and bring her to the house. After a few hours visit Mrs. S. told me to take Vivian home and that she had some things at her house she needed help with, I was to try and accommodate her if possible. There would be no lifting or arduous tasks, she simply needed some assistance.

Vivian (she wouldn't allow me to address her by her married name) was early 50's, not a looker per se but not homely either. Dark brown hair that I'm sure was enhanced at the beauty shop, medium height, maybe 5'7", not skinny, not chubby but hefty, a bit of a muffin top but nothing hanging out so to speak. Breasts appeared to be in the 36 range, maybe a D, mommy hips and a reasonable waist, nice legs and a plump ass. She seemed to me to be the type of woman who was always put together, it wouldn't have surprised me to learn she put on lipstick to wash dishes.

I followed her into the house, she instructed me to wait in the foyer until she called for me, disappearing down the hall, calling me to her approximately five minutes later. As I turned into a room, I realized it was her bedroom, I saw nothing to indicate a man slept in this room, so assumed it was hers alone. She was still in her dress, but I noticed a pair of panties and bra laying on the chair, I didn't know what to do, should I stay or run? I could just see the headline, "housewife attacked by chauffer." Then she spoke.

"Gloria told me you could help me with whatever I needed done, I'm hoping that's true, and if it is, I'm counting on you to use discretion and respect my position, Lester, I'd like you to make love to me. My husband is gone most of the time and ignores me when he is home, I've wanted a lover for some time but was afraid. Gloria assured me you are a kind man, I've been told black men are large down there, but Gloria said you would be gentle."

Holy shit, this wasn't in the employment manual. After pondering it a minute I told her I would do as she asked, but I was going to control the pace. Her face flushed as she said, "Oooo, I like a man in charge."

She agreed I could do whatever I wanted as long as I explained anything she didn't understand. The next twist was that she also didn't want to be completely naked, she unbuttoned the top of her dress, lifted the bottom waist high and lay her otherwise naked body on the bed. Legs spread, pussy gaping, when I asked if missionary was okay, she nodded, moving her hips up and down as an invitation.

Normally I would eat a woman before I screwed her, but not Viv, she was wet to the point of the pubic hair around her vulva having beads of liquid on them. I asked if she wanted me naked, she told me no, just remove my pants and make love to her in my shirt and tie. The moment of truth was about to arrive, would she be disappointed I didn't have the elusive huge black cock? The fallacy foisted on ignorant white people by... well, I don't know who, common sense would tell you all you have to do is look around any locker room to see everybody is about the same.

Take my pants and underwear off but leave the shirt and tie on, this was one kinky bitch, but I'd give her a ride none the less. When I asked if she had condoms, she said she didn't need them and to fuck her. As I got ready to penetrate, she grabbed my dick, swiped it up and down her slit a few times and pulled it to her opening, then she immediately hooked her legs across my ass and drove me into her vagina. My cock is a solid seven and fat when fully erect, I slipped into her all the way to my balls with one stroke. I wasn't used to a woman using fuck in her vocabulary or the aggression she displayed.

"Oh Lester, Gloria told me she thought you'd have plenty of meat for me. I love this, we'll have to do this again, now fuck me hard Les, fill me with cum."

I wasted no time pulling back and then jamming the thick head all the way in, not stopping until my pelvis slammed into hers, soon her hips were meeting my thrust as I pistoned my rod in and out of her. Her body was thrashing about, breathing deep and ragged, tits bouncing all over the place, slapping against her chest as they flopped back and forth, she was close to cumming so I kicked it into overdrive. Her hips began slamming upward erratically and her tummy tightened, I knew she was in the throes of an orgasm, causing me to hammer even more vigorously.

"Please cum Les, fill my pussy with your black baby cream, give it all to me Lester. Hurry, I'm ready to cum again."

As she pushed upward and held in place I jammed downward and stayed put, my cock spewing spurt after spurt inside her, twitching, shooting little bits until there was nothing left to give. I pushed up and went into the bathroom where I washed my cock and balls, which upset her, she wanted to lick me clean. Little did she know I would have washed anyway, telling myself I'd surely fuck her again if the opportunity arose. I did wonder about the racial thing and hoped it was not going to get weird. As I reached for my slacks, she took my hand and pressed something into my palm, a bunch of 100 dollar bills wadded together.

"Vivian I don't need your money, Mrs. Stein asked me to help you out and I agreed, I can't take this."

"Please Les, please take it, I imagined you being my jigalow, please let me keep my fantasy."

She was still laying on the bed half asleep as I tidied myself, her top still open, tits sagging to the side, dress still waist high, legs spread, cum oozing out and running down. She beckoned me with a finger and asked if she might have a kiss even though it wasn't expected of me. I leaned over, kissed her softly, then sucked each nipple and left for the stable, metaphorically speaking, the horse had been out to stud, it was time to corral him again. Mrs. S. asked how it had gone as casually as if she was asking how the weather was.

I replied all went well, then told her what Vivian had asked me to do, that I had agreed to meet her need and that she had given me money. I asked if I should I pass it along to her.

"Oh no Lester, that money is yours, had you tried to hide it from me I'd have been sorely disappointed, you've proven your honesty, the money you're given is yours. Lester, there are several more ladies who are willing to pay you handsomely to make them feel sexy and desirable again, someone to dote over them, if only for an hour or two. If you're not opposed to it, I have other friends who will want your services, Viv can't keep a thought to herself, she'll tell the others by nightfall."

I must have looked confused, she let me know if I didn't want to screw them it was fine, it wouldn't affect my employment at all. All were very wealthy, all older, the youngest being 48, all very discrete and all willing to pay for good sex, the fact that I was a black male enhanced it for some of them. I thought to myself, what the hell, a pussy is a pussy no matter what color it is, and their money was green. But the whole black cock thing was bothering me.

Mrs. Stein, this thing about being black has me concerned. Do I need to be?"

"No, a few of them watch to much porn, they think every black man's equipment is like what they see on the porn videos. Not to be crude, but let them think what they want, just ride them and take their money."

I didn't say anything to Liz at first, I wasn't sure how she would react. I had two more that week, Mrs. Henrey was on Thursday, she was talking about a black man this and that, how she craved a big black cock, but didn't seem to notice mine was average as I jammed it into her sixty year old cunt. She wanted me to finish in doggy, talk about a wild fuck from behind, that pussy could suck the life out of any dick. When she crammed a wad of money into my hand she thanked me for fucking her with my big black cock, she obviously had no idea what she was talking about. On Friday was 69 year old Lucy, by far the most erotic and enthusiastic fuck of the week, meeting me at the door in super sexy lingerie. That broad nearly wore me out before we were through, I fucked her in three different positions before I eventually painted her love tunnel with sperm. As she squeezed a wad of money into my hand she whispered into my ear,

"Next time I want that lovely meat down my throat, I will love sucking your cock and swallowing your load. I had a black lover in college, you remind me so much of him."

As I prepared to drive home Friday, I decided to count the money I'd been tossing in the glove compartment all week. There were 18, one hundred dollar bills, I nearly crapped my drawers. Liz had supper waiting as I walked in the door, she walked over, patted me on the chest and gave me one of her every day when I get home pecks on the lips, then went back to setting the table. We had eaten and were talking about our day and week in general when I reached in my pocket and handed Liz the 1800 dollars.

"Where did this come from? There's almost two thousand dollars Les. Am I going to have to bail you out of jail?"

"Not unless screwing old rich women is a crime."

With her face all scrunched up she yelled, "What the hell are you talking about Lester Arroyo?"

I proceeded to tell her of the extra curricular activities. To my amazement she wasn't as pissed about diddling the old broads as she was about contracting an STD. I explained none of them had been with anyone for years and Mrs. S. assured me they'd all been checked before she would send me to their homes. "So, is she pimping you, what's her cut?" When I told her we kept every penny she laughed and called me a man whore.

"I'm not getting any at home, I have needs as well as the next guy Liz."

"What's that supposed to mean? You aren't getting any at home."

"You know what I mean Liz, neither of us are in a relationship at the moment." Secretly I wanted to be with my sister lovingly and sexually, but was afraid to ever tell her.

She stopped me, "By the way, I liked what you said about how WE keep all the money, nicely done Romeo."

Sitting on the couch I could tell her mind was not on the book she was reading, she was staring at the page but hadn't turned it in five minutes. I took her arm and tugged her toward me lightly, she shifted and sat against my side, head on my chest.

"Okay, what's up cupcake? You know you can't hide your feelings from me."

"This will sound stupid Les, and I don't want to sound stupid. I don't want you to laugh at me."

"I won't laugh, promise."

Sitting up she looked in my eyes and said she found herself being jealous of those women. She felt like they were stealing my affection for her away, and it made her feel empty. I explained she was still my number one girl and no older woman giving me money for sexual attention was ever going to take that away. She asked if there was a set amount for each encounter and I told her no, they simply pressed a wad of bills into my hand and that was it. I didn't have to kiss them if I didn't want to, nor did I eat them, although one indicated she wanted to suck my chocolate bar with the creamy center.

That statement brought about a squeal and much needed laughter. We surmized I would not be at this job long term, so if stuffing a few old lady's with a hard young dick brought in an extra two grand or more a week, let's strike while the iron is hot. Monday was always business day for Mrs. Stein, I would spend my day taking her wherever she wanted to go to conduct business and get her home by six. On Tuesday I was once again diverted from my daily driving by Mrs. S. for the rest of the week, adding another client to the three I had done last week.

Friday morning, I was sent to a Mrs. Smith, I thought nice name, couldn't you think of anything more original? Only to eat my thoughts when I drove into the driveway with a big "welcome to the Smith residence" sign at the gate. Mrs. Smith was a 61 year old black lady, I don't mean to sound racist or perpetuate a stereotype, but she was shaped like the lady on the Mrs. Butterworth syrup bottle. Wide hips and ass, huge tits and a bubbling nature with a huge smile. Laying on the bed with cum running out of her pussy as I dressed, she commented she hadn't had a stiff young black cock for years and was so thankful when Gloria called her. She alone put a thousand dollars in my hand and told me she'd see me in two weeks.

I handed $2800 dollars to Liz Friday after supper. She came around the table and gave me another peck, saying I had earned two kisses. My sex duties were spread out over a two week period most of the time, in a typical week I was averaging 2000 to 2500 to fuck older women, who in reality were a fine piece of ass most of the time. They were eager, enthusiastic, grateful and ready to try anything they'd seen on their internet porn.

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