tagMind ControlIn Control of Sandra Ch. 2

In Control of Sandra Ch. 2


In the continuing story of my remarkable gift of mind control and how it changes the life I used to live. (A fictional account)

After my accident changed the make-up of my brain function and allowed me to control other peoples minds and listen to their thoughts. I had my first encounter with how it worked using my sister-in-law as a guinea pig. Sandra was staying over at our house when my wife was called away to work out of town for a few days. Well what we did with each other still makes my dick hard.

A little background is in order. I worked for a medium size construction outfit as a superintendent, traveling out of town for many years. In my past I was a competitive power lifter and sports enthusiast. I married my wife rite out of high school and she and I have three wonderful kid's two girls and a boy. I had many affairs over the years but always came back to my wife who understood and told me I was the only man that could satisfy her and why should she leave me.

The only reason I could think of is the size of my cock, when it's soft it measures about 10" long but when the blood is pumping it comes to about 13-14" long. When I get a hard-on my pre-cum drips, or rather runs out the end of my cock, coating the whole thing like a slick missile. This is just the way my wife, lovers and my sister-in-law like it. Kathy, my wife, has caught my cum in a measuring cup, the first time I produce almost a half a cup and the second will be about a third cup. After about four hours my body will fill up the old reservoir and be ready for another round. My balls are slightly smaller than two tennis balls and seem to produce enough for everybody.

After my sister-in-law Sandra and I had fucked each other in all but three rooms of our house. I called it quits until my wife got home in a couple of days. Kathy came home on Friday afternoon, kissed me hello and said, "I need to get fucked real bad. Where is Sandy?" I told her that she was out by the patio sunning herself and probably wouldn't bother us.

I decided to try my new found power on Kathy and told her to take off her clothes in the kitchen and called Sandy to come inside. Sandy came in to see what I wanted and I told her that, "Kathy is home, why don't you take off your bathing suit and go say hello." Sandra said, "Great it will be fun to see her."

Sandra followed me into the kitchen after taking off her suit. Kathy already had her skirt and blouse off. "Sandra why don't you help Kathy off with the rest of her clothes. Kathy why don't you let Sandra help, you both have wanted to see each other naked for a while." I said.

Kathy said, "Come over here sexy and help me out of this stuff, you look good enough to eat. I had no idea you had such a good body under those clothes sissy."

Sandra said, "I can't wait to see you without those clothes on, I have wanted to see you naked for a while." They proceeded to get Kathy down to her birthday suit.

"Sandy, doesn't Kathy's pussy look tasty and don't her tits look like they need to be licked and sucked." "Kathy doesn't Sandra's pussy look good enough to eat and suck. Don't her tits look like they need to be rubbed and stroked." I told them as I got out of my own clothes.

Sandy started to lick and suck on Kathy's tits while rubbing her pussy lips and sliding her finger into the slit. Meanwhile Kathy started to rub and pull on Sandy tits. "Kathy climb up on the counter so Sandy can lick your pussy and you can suck on my cock." I told them.

"Sandy let me get up on the counter so you can lick my pussy, come over here sweetie so I can get some of that meat you have. I need a good injection of liquid protein." Kathy said.

I watched while Kathy slid up on the countertop leaving a trail of pussy juice for Sandra to lick up. Sandra pulled Kathy's legs apart and started to lick up and down Kathy's slit while she rubbed and pulled on her tits. I came over and put my cock next to Kathy's mouth and let her slide it in until she had enough to suck on while I stroked the rest towards her. My pre-cum started to run out of the corner of her mouth and down her chin as she licked and sucked on the head and three or four inches of my dick. "Mm, mm, mm you taste so good." She said around a mouthful of hard cock. "Lick me Sandy, put your tongue in me and suck on my clit until I cum in your mouth." Kathy said while rubbing me all over her face.

Sandra couldn't say anything because she had a mouthful of juicy pussy and her own hand fingering her own pussy. Sandy's pussy juice was dripping on the floor she was so hot to fuck. She had her tongue on Kathy's clit and three fingers fucking her sister's cunt like there was no tomorrow.

Kathy started to suck my cock like a vacuum cleaner, pulling more and more into her mouth and fondling my balls with one hand and the other on the back of her sister's head pushing it into her pussy like her whole head would fit.

I could feel my cum boiling in my balls ready to spray in my wife's mouth. I didn't want to cum in her mouth without her sister sharing it too. "You both need to have an intense orgasm now so I can share my load of cum with both of you." I said while trying not to blow my load.

Kathy came with a look of pure lust on her face and her knees pulled up to her chest, shaking all over. Sandra started to cum at the same time with her hand jamming her fingers into her cunt so fast it was a blur. I got down between her legs because I remembered how her cunt juices came out in a stream, but I didn't dare stroke my cock while she came because I would shoot all over the floor, what a waste.

Sure enough Sandra started to shake and quiver all over while she rubbed her clit hard and fast. I no sooner got my body in a sitting position under her when she let loose with a jet of pussy juice all over my chest, belly, cock and balls.

"Come and get it girls." I said. Both Sandra and Kathy got down on the floor with me and each grabbed my cock and started to lick up and down the shaft while they stroked me from top to bottom. They took turns sucking the head into their mouths and taking as much of the shaft as they could down their throats. Kathy was the first to catch a load of cum into her mouth, she was used to getting it and swallowed like it was her last meal even though some dripped from her mouth onto my cock and balls. Kathy pulled away knowing more was to come but she didn't want her sister to be left out. Kathy put my dick into Sandra's mouth feeding it to her like a sausage while squeezing the head to stop the cum from being wasted. My next load sprayed into Sandy's mouth like a fire hose making her gag a little, "Don't lose any of it sweetie, just keep swallowing fast. He isn't done by a long shot. You suck cock and pussy like a pro. Suck it baby, that's rite suck it good. Do you feel it coming up from his balls? So thick and sweet. Jerk on his dick at the same time, that's good he likes it that way, don't you honey."

I couldn't answer; I was cumming like never before, blast after blast into Sandra's mouth while she tried to get as much as she could. What cum dripped from her mouth Kathy would lick up from my balls to Sandra's lips. Finally the spurts would subside and Kathy would take over sucking the very last drops from my dick and balls.

"I have never seen so much cum from one cock in my life, and I didn't think I would like to suck pussy as much as I do. Your pussy tastes a lot like mine when I lick my fingers after I cum, Yummy good to the last drip." Sandra said while she licked her lips and fingers.

"Remember when you asked why I kept taking him back after those affairs? Well here is the reason." Kathy said while she stroked my soft cock.

From the look on my face she must have thought I went to heaven or at least into a real happy place. Kathy kept pulling on my rapidly swelling dick and Sandra started to fondle my balls and scratch at my asshole. I looked up to see both our daughters trying to hide in the hall, but I also noticed that they had their hands in their pants. Both were rubbing each other's tits and staring at the three of us on the kitchen floor. Bye now Kathy and Sandra were stroking me from top to bottom and the pre-cum started to run down their hands and lubricate the shaft.

I told the girls, Nikki and Alice, to come into the room and take off their clothes. Daddy had a surprise for them. "Nikki come over and give your dad a big kiss, and Alice help your Mom and Aunt get my cock real hard."

Now the thing to do would be to step back and catch my breath but just looking at my daughters changed that. Both had short brown hair with 36C tits and a tight ass. Best of all both had completely shaved pussies and were dripping just like their Aunt.

I didn't have to say anything to Alice she started jerking me off with the others as soon as she squatted down. As she lowered herself into range of my hand I started to finger her pussy which was sopping wet. Nikki was bent over me for her kiss and my other hand went into her dripping pussy. She stuck her tongue into my mouth and we played tonsil hockey for several moments.

With a pussy in each hand and three hands on my dick I felt the old familiar stirring in my balls. Kathy felt it at the same, "Girls get ready for a thrill, Daddy is going to spray his cum all over and I want each of you to get a taste. Sandra come over here and let's eat each other while we watch."

Nikki and Alice both took the place of Kathy and Sandra, they didn't miss a beat. "Oh, Dad you're so big and hard. None of our boyfriends can even come close to the size of this monster." Nikki said.

Alice chimed in with; "Keep your fingers working in my pussy daddy I need to cum so bad. Nikki is rite your cock is so hot, long and juicy."

Both these new hands were no strangers to jerking a man off, and I was really ready to shoot. "Get ready girls here it comes." I said. My ass was coming off the floor each time one of them would pull down on the head of my dick. I got to grunt one time and let loose with a stream of cum that sailed into Nikki's face. She pointed my cock at her sister for the next load that splashed onto her tits and shoulder.

"More Daddy, more. Cum all over us, spray us with your juice." Alice said while she jerked me off.

While my cock was still squirting Nikki was scooping the cum into her mouth and feeding it to her sister who would suck her fingers clean. Finally I started to slow down, "Why don't you girls lick me clean, after all we're family."

Meanwhile a few feet away Kathy and Sandra were in a 69 licking each others pussy, making slurping sounds and moaning when their clit was sucked on. "Oh yes, lick me, suck my cunt. Hmmm, It feels so good when you suck on me." Sandra said between her sucking and licking.

Kathy was humping her ass off the ground and rubbing her cunt into her sisters face, "Mm, mm, mm. That's it sissy lick me, suck on my clit."

Alice and Nikki were licking each other's face and cleaning off the cum from each other's tits while I watched. We all turned to watch as Kathy and Sandra started to have their orgasms. No words were spoken just grunting and squirming as Kathy let loose first, she started to push her crotch into her sister's face and her pussy juice was running down onto the floor.

Sandra, a few seconds later started to push her pussy into her sisters face after Kathy had started to cum. She let loose with a stream out of her pussy that soaked Kathy's face and neck, dripping onto the floor. But she wasn't done, another stream squirted out soaking Kathy's hair and face a second time. Kathy tried to suck up all the juice she could but could only get a little because she was having her own orgasm.

Alice and Nikki were frozen in place staring at their Mom and Aunt getting off like never before. "That was the hottest fuck session I have ever seen." Alice said while rubbing my cock and watching them come down.

Nikki was fondling my balls and rubbing her own tits while she watched. "Yeah, real hot. I'm afraid that daddy hasn't helped us very much with the show going on."

My fingers were still buried in their pussies but with all the commotion I had slowed down pumping their cunts. "Yeah daddy I think I want to ride the monster. But you seem to need a little help with the bend in this big dick of yours." Alice said while she lowered her face down to suck on the head and stroked the shaft with both hands. "Now it's getting bigger and better." She started to rub the head over her face and lick up and down the shaft. My pre-cum started to run and Alice licked more and more of it off the head just under the slit.

Nikki said, "You probably need to be warmed up to take this monster in your cunt, let me help get you ready sissy." She came around behind her sister and started to lick her from pussy to asshole while pushing two or three fingers into her to get her cunt stretched. Meanwhile Alice was sucking as much of my cock into her mouth as she could. She would gain about an inch every time her sister would lick her clit. Her saliva was running down my cock into the crack of ass.

"Good girl baby, suck daddy's cock. That's it get as much as you want honey. Not to fast baby daddy doesn't to waste it in your mouth. Daddy wants to fuck his cock into your cunt and cum in you." I told her. Just watching my dick slide into her mouth about made me shoot a load.

Alice stood up and came up to me until her pussy was over my cock. She squatted down and put the head into her pussy lips just rubbing it back and forth. Slowly she started to slide down onto me, taking her time to get adjusted to the size. "Oh, daddy it's so big and thick. Your dick fills every place in my cunt up. I love you and your cock more than anything. Fuck me hard daddy I need to get filled up with your cum. Shoot off your man milk in my pussy."

Nikki came up between us to lower her pussy onto my face. "If I can't have your dick now the least you could do daddy would be to eat your little girls cunt until I cum on your face." I took her ass in both my hands and pulled her to me.

I started to suck on her clit and lips, gently at first but as Alice road my cock I started to stick my tongue into her and fuck with it in the same rhythm. Moving my hand until I could get to her asshole, she was so wet my finger slipped in easy rite up to my second knuckle. This made her jump onto my face as if she was shocked. I started to work my other hand up to her cunt and got two fingers into her so I could lick her clit.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes that's the spot. Finger my cunt daddy. Fuck my ass. I'm getting close, real close, lick my clit, yeah, yeah. More, more, more, I'm cumming, I'm cummingggggg." Nikki started to push against my face rubbing her juice all over then she stiffened and grunted once spraying a stream into my mouth and face. I tried to catch as much as I could to drink it down but there was too much and it soaked my face and down my chest. She lay over onto the floor so I could concentrate on her sister.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck, fuck. So full of cock. Cum in me daddy, cum in me. I'm almost there, almost, oh, oh I'm cumming, I'm cumminggggggg." Alice said as she slid up and down on my cock. I started to push up into her cunt with force and could feel my nut sack start to tighten up.

"Here it comes baby get ready for daddy to fill his little girls cunt with cum. Feel me swell, do you feel it, do you? I'm cumming baby, rite nowwwwwww." I started to pump my cum into her cunt like I hadn't cum at all before. It was running down the shaft coating me. Alice started to cum harder when I shot into her squirting her own juice just like her sister and Aunt. Pretty soon the floor was soaked with a mixture of all our juices.

"Oh, God daddy that feels so good when you shoot your seed into me I can feel it hitting places I didn't know I had. I didn't want it to stop squirting in me. Sissy come over and feel how much daddy gave me." Alice said when she stood up and my cock popped out of her.

Nikki came over and put four fingers into her sister's cunt, we could hear the slurping sound they made while she pushed them in and out. "Al you're soaked but it smells as if it's good to eat." She started to lick her fingers and move closer to her sister's cunt. Nikki started to lick up both Alice's legs to get the cum running down, then she put her mouth onto her sisters pussy and sucked as much cum out of her as she could get.

"That's it sissy suck daddy's cum out, clean me up good." Alice said

Kathy and Sandra came over, "You need to be cleaned up honey, we can't leave you like this." Kathy said.

"My, my you are a juicy mess and I bet it tastes great." Sandra said as she got down in front of me and started to lick my balls and stomach clean.

Kathy licked my cock clean and helped her sister finish up all the way to my face, both of them giving me a good deep tongue kiss.

"There all clean." Kathy said. I told everyone to come into the shower and wash up. Our shower was large enough to accommodate all of us because when we remodeled it had to be big enough for our water sports. Kathy loved to get fucked in the shower, but that is another story.


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