tagMind ControlIn Control of Sandra Ch. 3

In Control of Sandra Ch. 3


A work of wishful fiction

After a bad wreck on my way home from work I found myself with the kind of gift that all men wish they had. The ability to control peoples minds either by projecting my thoughts into their heads or just speaking to them as if we were having a conversation. On several occasions I was able to get my neighbor to mow my lawn, have a beautiful girl wash her car at the car wash topless and get strangers do things in public places they wouldn't normally do.

My background is in construction and in my younger days I did competition power lifting, so I have kept in pretty good shape. I have had several affairs over the years but never left my wife or had her leave me. You see, she gets the best of me, which is my cock.

My dick measures about 10" long when it is soft and from 13 to 14" long at full attention. My balls are the size of small tennis balls and when I get excited the pre-cum flows in a steady stream soaking the shaft.

My wife told her sister Sandra that no other man could satisfy her and I had a chance to show Sandra just what she meant. Sandra stayed over at our house for several days and I got to use my mind control on her first. We fucked in every room in the house until my wife got home from a business trip, then both of them got to get real close and fulfill one of my fantasies.

Then my daughters Alice and Nikki got home from college just in time to join in on the fun. Needless to say the juices were flowing from every hole.

After cumming three times myself, I felt like I had just run a marathon and my dick felt sensitive and a little sore. This was the hottest sex I had ever had, first with my sister-in-law, with her and my wife and then with both of my daughters. All in the same afternoon.

When we were done, or I should say spent and drained. We all got into our shower together for a luxurious soak and soap. The shower was a remodel of the original house so me and my wife Kathy could fuck in it; she loved to get me in the shower so I could get a tongue bath from her.

"I love your shower, there is lots of room to move around." Sandra said while she soaped up my daughter Alice's tits.

"Yeah, when mom and dad were out of town Nikki and I would bring our boy friends over and give them a tongue bath too." Alice giggled. She was rubbing Sandra between the legs and over her ass while rubbing up and down on her leg with her pussy.

"One time you and mom almost caught us in here licking each others cunts. The only reason you didn't hear us was because dad here was pushing this meat in mom's mouth. He was moaning loud enough that there was no way you guys would have heard us. I remember watching mom suck this cock and wishing it was me with a mouth full of dad's dick." While Nikki was talking she had my cock in her hand soaping it up and down and rubbing Kathy's soapy tits.

My hands were busy helping Kathy rub Nikki's tits and pussy and sticking my fingers into each of their cunts.

"Girls I have just about had enough for today, as you can see my dick is not getting hard very fast and I think it is time to get something to eat and go to bed." Thankfully with my mind control everyone agreed, so we rinsed off, dried off and headed for the kitchen to eat. No one put any clothes on and the view from the back following them into the other room almost made me get hard, but it wasn't meant to be.

After a good nights sleep we all felt refreshed and ready for another day of togetherness. Alice and Nikki came into the kitchen wearing robes and nothing else. Every time they moved around the robes would flap open and give me a view of their tits or shaved pussies. Kathy and Sandra came into the kitchen with t-shirts and very short shorts on. Every time they would walk around I could see their tits jiggle; I could just make out their pussy lips looking at their crotches.

I was sitting at the table trying not to spill my coffee into my lap. I had come out with my baggy shorts on and no underwear. While watching all my women prance around and inadvertently tease me into a state of half arousal. I thought it could only get better if one of them would suck me off. I tried to pay attention to my coffee cup and not what they were doing.

"Did you sleep good honey? You look like there is something bothering you." Kathy, my wife said. She came over to my chair and gave me a deep tongue kiss while rubbing her tit onto my shoulder.

This completed the blood flow into my cock making a tent out of my shorts and soaking the front with pre-cum. Sandra came over and started to rub my back and her sisters ass while rubbing her tits on me too.

"I think your husband has some kind of problem with the front of his shorts. We should check and see what could possibly be wrong. Maybe one of you girls should pull them down." Sandra said.

"Yeah dad let us help you." Nikki says while opening her robe and rubbing her cunt lips.

"Dad you don't look comfortable at all, something is all swollen and dripping in your shorts." Alice laughs while stepping out of her robe and crawling under the table.

I can see that I will have to keep my thoughts in check and under some control or I'll wear myself down into an early grave. I lifted my ass off the chair so Alice can get my shorts off. Pulling them down past my knees my hard-on popped up onto my belly slinging a string of pre-cum onto my chest. Nikki gasps and starts to rub the juice into my chest hair while her sister grabs my cock spreading the pre-cum up and down the shaft.

"That's better isn't daddy, now you won't be so uncomfortable. This needs just the rite touch so it feels good. Would you like me to suck the juice from your big hard cock daddy, hmm?" Alice asks me while she and her sister slide their hands up and down.

"Yeah baby, suck daddies cock for him. Maybe Nikki would like to help too. Would you baby, would you like to suck on your dads cock and share with your sister?" I asked.

Nikki didn't say a word she just got down on her knees with Alice and proceeded to lick and suck my shaft. Both of them stroked up and down feeding the head to each other so they could lick off the pre-cum that was running out.

Behind me Kathy and Sandra watched while my daughters sucked my dick and made slurping sounds that made me think of eating some pussy. Kathy came around and stood on the arms of the chair putting her cunt rite in my face so I could lick it. I stuck my tongue into her wet slit sucking up her juices and licked her clit making her jump.

"That's it honey rite there, lick my cunt baby. Make me cum on your face." Kathy said as she pulled my face into her cunt, rubbing up and down. "Take care of your nieces sissy, I'm sure their pussies are dripping while they suck his fuck stick."

Sandra went around and laid on her back under the girls while they were taking care of me. She slid her fingers into Alice's cunt while she got between Nikki's legs. "Oh, Alice honey your all wet and ready for some attention. Your pussy needs something in it while you suck that big dick, doesn't it." Nikki lowered her cunt onto Sandra's face so she could lick and suck her juice out.

"Quit talking so much Aunt Sandra and suck my cunt. I need to cum real bad." Nikki gasped as she placed my cock into her sister's mouth.

This went on for several minutes with Sandra switching between each of the girls. Making sucking and slurping noises, muffling her moans while her mouth was filled with cunt juice. Kathy was really getting into me licking her clit and was having one orgasm after another.

"Yeah, Yeah baby that's it lick me there rite there. Oh God I'm cumming again, mmmmmmmm." Kathy said as she started to shake and vibrate on my tongue.

Meanwhile both of the girls were starting to moan and wiggle on their Aunts face. Sandra was really munching on Nikki's pussy and I could feel her attention wasn't on my cock any more as she moaned with one of my balls in her mouth. This nearly brought me to my climax but I held back. Alice was sucking my cock into her mouth and I could feel the head hit the back of her throat and slides down a little. She didn't even gag, but tried to suck even more into her mouth.

Kathy was done with her orgasm and was running her tongue into my mouth and kissing me all over my face. "You eat pussy real good. I haven't cum that hard from your tongue for a long time. I want that hard cock in my cunt rite now, stuff me like a thanksgiving turkey baby. Ram that long stiff missile up into my throat and shoot your cum in me hard. Make me swim in it baby." She said.

As Kathy got down from her perch on my face Alice had just about gotten me to cum in her mouth but I wanted to shoot into my wife's cunt while Alice licked my balls. Kathy turned around to face away from me and pulled Alice off my dick.

"No, mom dad is almost there, I can feel the veins throbbing on his cock mom. You know he's just about to give me his cream." Alice pouted but perked up when her mom squatted over my dick and lowered herself onto me slowly. Taking almost all of me into her pussy, then slowly pulling up until my cock almost came out. Just the head was buried in her then dropping down again.

"Your cock fills me up like nothing else could baby. It's so long and thick I could ride like this forever." Kathy said while she slid my cock in and out of her pussy.

Alice started to lick my balls and any juice coming out of her mother's cunt. While running her tongue from my asshole to her moms clit she would stop and suck one of my balls into her mouth then lick up the shaft to her mom's clit and suck on it. This made my cock jump and twitch in Kathy's pussy while I tried to shove as much as I could into her on each upward thrust.

While my wife and I were getting off on the attentions of our daughter's tongue, Sandra had her face buried in Nikki's pussy slurping away and moaning. Nikki switched her position so she could get to her Aunt's pussy too.

"That's rite Aunt Sandra suck my cunt, lick my juice so I can cum on your face, yeah, just like that suck my clit." Nikki said as she pushed Sandra's legs apart to eat her snatch. "My, my aren't you the wet one. I bet you taste as good as you smell."

Sandra was just like a fountain when she came, her legs would shake and she would throw her cunt up to meet whatever was in her at the time. Then she would erupt with a stream of cunt juice that would squirt out about 2 feet covering anything in the way. Nikki buried her face in Sandra's cunt and I could hear her licking and sucking on her Aunts pussy.

Nikki was getting ready to cum in Sandra's face when Sandra started to cum at the same time. They both buried their fingers in each other's pussies while grunting out that they were cumming.

"Harder, harder stuff me with your fingers. Fuck me, fuck me faster, faster." Sandra said while she finger fucked her niece.

Both of them came with a scream and a grunt, Sandra squirted her juice all over Nikki's arm and hand soaking the floor under her. Then Nikki came and pushed her cunt onto Sandra's face while she licked all the juice she could from her cunt and her own hand.

Meanwhile I was about ready to shoot my load in my wife's cunt while Alice sucked my balls into her mouth. Alice shoved one of her fingers into my asshole that sent me over the edge.

"Here it comes baby, get ready for a full load of cum. Yeah, um, um, mmmmmmmm." I said as I shoved as hard as I could up into Kathy's cunt. Shooting load after load in her box while Alice sucked on my shaft and pushed her finger into my asshole.

"Fill me baby, shoot your cum in me, fill my cunt with your juice." Kathy said as she pushed down onto me.

Alice was trying to suck my cock and her moms cunt at the same time while the cum was running down out of Kathy's cunt onto my cock and balls. She rubbed the cum into my shaft and balls that she couldn't catch in her mouth. All the time jamming her finger into my asshole making me squirt more cum into her mom.

"Do you like it with my finger up your ass daddy? Can you cum harder than ever? I think that is probably the biggest load of cum I have ever eaten. Mom, your cunt tastes good with all dads cum dripping out. I could lick it up all day." Alice said.

My cock slipped out of Kathy and landed onto Alice's face and mouth she quickly cleaned me up and started to suck the left over cum out of her mom's cunt.

Kathy leaned forward and let Alice suck the last of the juice out of her. "That's it honey, lick up my cunt and get all your daddies cum out. Wow, you sure can eat pussy good." Kathy said.

Just as I was starting to stroke my meat and watch the women enjoy themselves I noticed the neighbors 25-year-old son watching from his back yard. I didn't know if my mind control would work over any distance but decided, why not.

"Mark, from next door, needs to join our little party. Don't you all think so?" I said out loud. Everyone turned around to see him jump over the fence. Alice noticed right away that he had a hard-on that pushed out his shorts pretty well.

"Looks like daddy may have some competition in the meat department girls" Alice said while opening the screen door for him.

"Why don't you show him some hospitality girls, he looks uncomfortable in those shorts." I said while Sandra started licking my balls. Nikki pulled down his shorts and got slapped in the face with Marks 10" dick. His pre-cum left a trail on her cheek, which her sister licked off and then, stuffed his cock into her mouth. Alice took as much as she could down her throat and shared with her sister. Nikki started to suck on just the head while Alice sucked his balls in her mouth.

Watching the show got me hard again because while each of my daughters was sucking Marks dick they were fingering each other's cunts too.

Sandra watched me stroke my cock using my pre-cum to lubricate the shaft. Kathy started to help me by putting her hand around the rest of it down to my balls. Sandra was still sucking and licking my balls then would drop down to lick my asshole making my pre-cum juice flow out covering my hand.

"Sandra the next load out of this monster is going in your cunt so I can suck it out. Watch while I rub up and down on his cock. Look at how much juice is on just the head." Kathy said. Then she bent over to lick some off and suck my cock head into her mouth. "Mmmm, good."

I told Sandra to lay back on the table and spread her legs. I started to rub my cock up and down her slit while coating her with my pre-cum and juicing her up. "Come on, quit teasing me and stick that monster where it needs to go." Sandra said while she pulled her knees up to her chest.

Meanwhile both girls had their mouths on each side of Marks cock sliding up and down. Alice had his balls in her hand and was fondling them and rubbing them together, Nikki had her hand between Mark's ass cheeks and was trying to stick her finger up his ass. Watching both girls taking care of this stud was a great turn on and I could feel my dick jump while I watched.

"Come on Mark cum in my mouth so I can share it with my sister. That's it baby slide it in and shoot your load." Nikki said just before Alice held Mark's cock for her to suck like a lollipop. While Nikki was sucking on Marks dick Alice slid down and started to eat her sister's cunt.

"That looks like fun, I think I'll get a taste too." Kathy got down between Alice's legs and started to lick and suck her clit.

Sandra was getting off on just sliding my cock up and down her cunt lips. Every time I would slide up she would she would squeeze some more pre-cum from me and rub it on her belly and tits. This time when I slid down slowly and just as the head came past her clit I pushed forward and buried my cock as deep as I could.

"Oh, oh, oh that's it fuck me, fuck me hard. Don't stop, harder I'm going to cum." Sandra was pushing down on me as hard as I was pushing into her. Then I started to really fuck her hard without letting up. She just lay there and moaned and grunted every time I bottomed out in her cunt.

I was watching the action on the other side of the room. Nikki had her mouth full of Mark's dick while she squatted over her sister's face and Nikki had her moms face in her crotch sucking and licking like crazy. The scene made me want to cum buckets, which I did. "Here it comes Sandy I'm going to cum in you hard baby. Get ready, almost, almost. OH YEAH." I screamed and pushed one last time pumping a huge load of cum into her cunt. I could feel it running out both sides of her pussy soaking the table.

"Yes, yes, yes give me all your cum. Fill me up with it." Sandra had her orgasm then and squirted her juice all over the table and me; she came in buckets too.

"Here it comes baby, I'm going to cum, get ready, here it comes. Ung, ung." Mark said just as he let loose in Nikki's mouth. I could see her trying to swallow all of it but some dripped out and ran down on her face and tits. Nikki pulled off Marks cock with a pop and got up off her sister's face to share the load of cum she just got blasted with.

Kathy was giving Alice a real tongue bath and I could tell Alice was ready to cum. "Use your fingers mom, shove them deeper, faster, faster. That's it I'm going to cum, oh, oh, oh, mmmmmm." Alice said.

Kathy just had her tongue on Alice's clit and was ramming her fingers into her cunt when Alice let loose a stream of cunt juice that squirted directly into her moms mouth and on her face.

Meanwhile I was still hard and was slowly pushing my cock in and out of Sandra's pussy. When Kathy was done sucking her daughter's cunt juice up she got up by Sandra and me, first she kissed me and sucked on my tongue. Then she pulled my cock out of Sandra's cunt and licked it clean. Finally she started to suck all the cum and pussy juice out of her sister.

"Oh baby your cum tastes so good in Sandra's cunt. So sweet and tasty. I just love the way her cunt juice makes her pussy taste." Kathy said, then pushed her face and tongue into Sandra's box while she stroked on my cock.

Meanwhile Mark had another hard-on that he was stroking while playing with his balls. Alice started to eat her sister's cunt. "The next load is mine, all mine Mark. I want you to shoot your load of cum in my mouth until your balls are empty." Alice said while she moved into position to suck him off.

Needless to say the next several hours were filled with moans, sucking, licking, fingering, screams and squirts from several holes. But the best was when Mark and I just jerked off on the women while they sucked each other's cunts. Afterward both of us were licked clean. What a way to start a friendship with a neighbors son. Now we do all sorts of things together, all sorts of things.

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