In Sara


David is about to graduate from high school and almost 19. Sara is in college living at home and is almost 21. This is the second part of the story and I would advise reading the first - In Sara's Pants - to get your hand in so to speak.



"What CAN we do?"

Sara sat fidgeting with her robe, lifting the hem from her knees and letting it drop.

"We shouldn't be doing anything."

"I know that. But, I think, we are way past ..."

She closed her eyes, "Obviously, touching."

We were back in negotiations. A new bout of guilt and concern and fear, and an attempt at sanity was flooding Sara right now. I was wanting more, and my pressure was causing problems. She didn't 'Trust' me, as she put it. For my part, I was aware why.


"Just about anywhere." She closed her eyes.

"Just about?"

"Anywhere," she conceded.

I added, "and we can see each other naked?"

"Considering I let you touch me anywhere, yeah."

We were talking quietly and kept looking out the door of the kitchen not wanting anyone to overhear. She came up with the idea of us needing some 'ground rules' because while she wanted to actually put a stop everything, she did not trust herself or me to be able to. She wanted us to at least try, and to somehow contain it if we couldn't.

I continued, "We can kiss?"

She nodded.

"Uh, how about like blow jobs?"

"If you need release." She was twisting her hair.

I paused a moment, looking at her. Drinking her in. How did this happen? She had become so desirable to me, her almond eyes cast down, the deep V of her robe between her breasts, soft hair falling around her shoulders. I ached for her. I could literally feel her soft skin on my own, the glow of her cheeks made me crazy. What was this? It was devolving into a compulsion, which we were now trying to contain by rules. Could this be something we wanted and enjoy rather than something we can't stop? But we shouldn't want this. It WAS crazy. I paused, trying to catch her eye, but she wouldn't look at me.

I asked, "what do you WANT?"

She didn't look up, tugging her robe tight. She had nothing on underneath. I knew that. I had already groped her at the sink, and felt her melt as I kissed down the back of her neck as my hands wandered inside the front of her robe.

She let out a long breath, "I guess I just want to know what the lines are, to feel some limits right now. Ok? Something to hang on to when we 'need' it, if I have to have it. And when it does happen to keep inside some routine."


"Routine! Is that what this is?"

"I don't mean it in a bad way. I want to KNOW, yes."

"What we have is, I think it's incredible. Amazing."

She met my eyes as I said that. A glimmer. I had said something she wanted to hear.

"Yes, but I want it all the time. And I shouldn't. So, what is that but - Crazy, that's what it is. Everything I want I shouldn't."

She stood up, and paced away from the table letting her robe fall back from her shoulders and slide to the floor, standing in the middle of the kitchen naked, without pretense before padding over to the coffee.

"What are you doing?"

"Being crazy." She looked over at the door, "I feel like being naked, and with you I can. Our RULES are that you can see me naked. Right?"

"What if?"

"Mom took Billy to a morning game. We got all morning."

She had been getting more reckless lately, as if she wanted to get caught. But I loved how natural she looked just then.

"Mom could come home early."

Sara shrugged, "Maybe we should get our own apartment David, live together," leaning herself away from me and spreading her legs wide apart giving me a perfect view of her cunt. "You know. Like brother and sister," wagging her ass back and forth.

I hit her ass with my open hand.

She jumped, "Ow. I'm serious," turning to me and giving a perfect view of her little bush. She began tickling her fingers through the hairs of her puss cooing, "If you did, I'd let you fuck me."

Her nakedness and her indiscreet offer made me instantly hard.

"And that is off the table right now?"

"Fucking?" She took a bite of bread, letting her free hand slide across her breasts and down her tummy not answering my question. "Don't you want a little of this?" plunging her fingers through her bush again.

"Isn't that what this is all about?"

I watched as she touched herself. "You think I'm beautiful?"

"More than you know."

"You like my little kitty? Mmmm," she began fingering herself, "does my kitty like David?" She was rubbing two fingers between her legs. "I'm wet."

I was reaching out to her, "Come here!" I couldn't stand it anymore.

She turned her back to me, "You Love me?"

I paused a beat, and she glanced back, an unmistakable flair of anger.

"It's hard. Complicated."

"Bet it is. See, so we have a rou-tine, and NO fucking."

"You're angry."

She sat down in the chair next to me, defeated, "Not with you."

"With what then?"

"Gee, I don't know. How about, I wasn't expecting to have to move back home and have my little brothers hands all in my pants. Or my own raging hormones." She turned her chair to me and began tugging my cock out of my boxers, "making me crazy. Or how every time I get a little horny, or hungry, or want a little," she began fondling me. "This little one eyed monster." She was waving her finger "Bad!" at my cock, before covering it again with my boxers and sidling right onto my lap still completely naked, wrapping her legs wide around my thighs and pressing her breasts to my bare chest while holding her arms around my neck. "You have no idea what you've done, do you? I'll be wondering the rest of my life, no matter who I am with or where I am, what will happen when YOU show up." And with each word she bumped her puss against my hard cock, "What ...will ... happen ... then? Can you tell me ... Huh?"

It made me so crazy to feel her sliding against me like that. I pulled her to me as I said, "So stop."

"That's the problem. It takes both of us. And you don't want me to. Do you?"

As we talked, I was matching her movement on me as I said, "Fuck me then, right now. Give it to me. I want to feel you, not have to take it, sneak it out of you." Our sexes steadily sliding together, her head bobbing up and down as I slid her against me.

She wrapped her arms around my neck, "I won't be made to feel like I've done something wrong." She leaned in and whispered in my ear, "You want it right now, don't do?" as she so deliciously ground her bare pussy down on my cock,

"Sara!" I moaned, "Oh, God." I could feel my cock digging into her slit, sliding along, could feel the head of my cock catch right at her vagina as she sat on me. As she pressed down I breathed, "Fuck me!"



"Because I can't have you. So, you can't HAVE me, and what we been talking about? David, we really need to stop."

"I can't stand this." She kept this perfect rhythm on my cock. "You're on the pill."

"Yeah, so?"

"You can't get pregnant."

"It's not about that."

"Sara, let me INSIDE you. I want to cum in you, be inside you, feel you. Be naked with you. Fuck me. Fuck me, let me inside."

She closed her eyes and sat silent rocking herself on me.

I was running my hands all over her body, and as my hands reached down her hips she lifted herself lightly letting my fingers press in between her legs, find the slit of her puss and finger fuck her. She began lifting herself up and down on my hand, her mouth rubbing on my shoulder kissing me there. I pushed her back from me and took her nipple in my mouth. Sara let her head fall back as I sucked on her, sucking as she rode my fingers pressed up inside her. She was moaning against me. We began to kiss, falling together, her hair covering my face as we kissed with open mouths, touching our tongues, her body rocking up and down as we kissed.

"Feels good doesn't it?"

"Lets go to your room."

"If, I let you, I would want to be with you, forever David. And I can't. We never can."

She was leaning herself to me, pressing her mouth to mine as she spoke, and then kissing me so desperately it surprised me. I pulled her down hard and began dry humping her bare puss through my boxers digging my cock head into her through the fabric. "David, if we Do It, I'll fall in love with you, really, I will, I already am. This might be a game for you, it's not for me. We have to stop."

"It's not a game."

She was riding me hard.

"You're little fuck toy. Oh, god," she jumped as the tip of my cock slipped from the opening in my boxers so that the head of my bare cock slid along her slit. Skin to skin. The feeling electric, immediate.

Jesus god, it felt so good.

Her breath was catching in her throat, she could feel me. "That what I am? What happens if we 'break up' if you can call it that." I felt my bare cock slide back between her legs, her whole body responding, "Oh, god." Her whole body melting. "Jesus. You'd still be here all the time. How do I ever get away from you?"

"Sara," I held her to me. I was trying to pull her down, slide her forward, dig my cock into her. I could feel the head of my cock press to her opening, the pressure of her vagina opening around the head of my cock. But each time I pushed she would slide her body back away as I strained to be inside, to feel her close around me. I so wanted to feel her, to be inside.

She kept riding me, "What's happening? I have never felt so attracted. How can I be so attracted?" She was panting, speaking between breaths, holding her mouth open. "To want it all the time."

She let the head of my cock pop into her vagina, I could feel the pressure of her hole squeezing around my cock. This unbelievable feeling of her opening around me, it's pressure. Exquisite. I wanted to thrust inside, press her down hard, I could feel myself sliding inside. Deeper. I wanted to feel her, all the way in, pump into her. I wanted to fill her with my cum, feel my cock in her belly. Feel her juices on me. I was inside. We were fucking again.

She was lifting herself up, and sliding back down on me, and then rising up so that I'd slip outside of her again.

"It's not normal, oh my god," lowering herself down, but letting my cock slide along her slit again. Her words were ragged gasps.

In frustration, I was begging, "I don't. It's, let me." I continued pleading, tugging her down, feeling my cock slip inside again, deeper, the rise and fall of her body as she began to ride my cock, deeper. "Maybe if you let me inside you it would, you know, calm us down a little. The craziness would let go of us a little, we could."

She stiffened, looked at me wide eyed and slid back away from me, pushing against my chest. I was slipped out of her again.


"So you would fuck me to get over me, what a guy thing to say!"

"I didn't mean."

"Jesus David. A notch in your belt?"

My hands were still between her legs, I was rubbing on her clit, my cock sticking straight up between us. I could see her cunt gaping open.

I breathed, "Just Fuck me. We could go to your room right now, I'd lay you on your bed, turn out the lights. Lay down on you. Sara, open your legs, wide, let me fuck you. Oh god, Sara, let go, let me. Fuck me. I want to fill you with my cum."

I was thrusting my fingers into her, she was riding me again and I was moving her back over my cock, letting it slip along her slit again, and mashing her clit in my hand. I wanted to make her crazy, I wanted to make her want it. She was trembling against my hand, her stomach contracting, she was starting to cum, her body was jerking forward against me, her mouth open, panting, breathing so hard letting her hips slide back and forth along my cock. Faster.

She breathed, "God, I want you inside me. In my cunt. ohhh."

"Come on."

"Oh fuck!"

She lowered herself down and my cock squeezed up inside her, all the way up inside. She sat down on me, letting me pull her down hard, grinding her clit right at the base of my cock. Back and forth we ground our sexes together.

"It wants it so bad. But. No. We can't David, we can't." Her whole body was trembling and she began spasming against me. "You making me cum. Oh, no. David. Don't cum in me."

When, she began pushing her hands against my chest, sliding back away from me. I was so close, as I slipped out again.


She was holding her hand across her stomach, standing up on unsteady legs, her pussy swollen, red, her cheeks mottled. Eyes unfocused. My cock shiny with her cum, I wanted to fill her, lay her back, fuck her until I came in her.

She was standing naked right in front of me, my hands reaching out, taking her hands.

"Fuck. David. Wow! I don't know. THIS is why we began this conversation. It's just that everything leads to this one point, and then it stops."

"Because you stop it!" She took her robe and wrapped around herself. "Sara."

"David. You're my brother. Our bodies don't know who we are with, they just know they get to this one point and no further, it makes me crazy. Fuck! Fuck! It's crazy to want you inside me, we can do everything else. I want to let go. Honest. David, I do. But we can't. We just can't!"

"You can't leave me like this."

A glimmer in her unfocused eyes. She stood naked in front of me, her breathing calmed. She closed her eyes standing up close by me, "Go ahead, feel me."

I began to run my hands over her body the way I always do. Soft long strokes over her skin, letting my hands slide through her pussy, down her thighs, up between her legs, squeezing her breasts, stroking up her bare back, around the front up her abdomen, holding her throat in my hand. Petting her like a cat, feeling her press her whole body to my hand wherever it moved on her.

"Your hands, I love your hands. Touch me, like this. Isn't this enough?"

I continued to stroke her beautiful beautiful body, up her legs, over her ass, sliding my finger through her slit teasing her clit, squeezing her breasts, pinching her nipples.

"THIS we can do, forever."

"At least make me cum."

She leaned down between my legs and pressed her mouth over the tip of my cock, pumping on me with her mouth, kneeling down on her knees. I watched her mouth open around the head of my cock."

She looked up at me, "We said blowjobs are ok right?"

I took her by the hair and pushed her down on me, thrust myself into her mouth until I was cumming, watching her cheeks fill with my cum. I wanted to cum inside of her, but the release. So delicious.

"Ah, yes, cumming." She held my cock with her hands and pumped on me faster, a dribble of cum running down her chin.

She let go, "there. Happy."

I said nothing.

She stepped away and pulled the robe back over her shoulders, tied the sash tight around herself and left.



Our encounters were leaving me in a permanent state of arousal, and Sara was right. It was true that I kept wanting more no matter how much I got. It always felt like not enough. In response Sara was feeling more and more guilty and nervous when she gave in, the recklessness of it all.

Sara had said it perfectly. 'Every time we are together we get to the same point, and stop. Our bodies don't know we are brother and sister.' But that line between us was always moving.

This week Sara was being excessively strong. She was always busy, distant, absent, out of reach and resisting my every overture. It was driving me crazy, but I had 'promised' as she kept reminding.

However, by the end of the next week I could sense her resistance weakening. Sara too was noticeably horny. I could see it in her eyes. It's like going without eating, becoming the only thing you can think about.

At one point she had mentioned that if I was getting too out of control she would understand. Sara was letting me massage her leg at the dinner table without so much as giving me a look, when for weeks I could not touch her. Today she had even slid her leg over to the side to give me access without prompting. It is hard to describe how our skin and bodies would react to the other after extended periods apart. I could literally feel the hunger rising between us, that tension pulling taut. To see her cheeks flush when our eyes met; and I especially loved the way Sara moved when she was aroused, the sway of her hips, the soft glow of her skin, the smoke in her eyes. We gradually became like animals, it's so very hard to describe.

I was laying in my bed at night masturbating two, three times a night, my only release. It was the only thing that allowed me to be 'patient.' I had also come to realize that the longer we waited, the hungrier Sara became and the more she could not control herself, or follow the 'rules' as we had laid them out, when we finally gave in.

That line she had drawn would get utterly lost at times, but her resistance to making love remained fixed, unalterable.

By the end of two weeks I was so utterly frustrated it hurt, I literally ached for her. I needed a Sara fix, I was agitated, almost angry. Like a hungry animal, with the food laying in plain view.

I finally reached that point where I could not take it anymore.


Sara loves to read.

She reads while laying on her stomach on her bed in her room, and the best times we had together was while I was helping her 'study.' It was the most privacy we had in the whole house, and I had even rigged up a way to lock the door.

This evening, I went looking for Sara. She was as I expected in her room reading. I was beyond hungry and not interested in following the rules. I was ready to take what I wanted this time.

I walked in and closed the door. Click.

She did not look back at me, she just called out, "What?"

"Nothing. Mom took Billy to the store. We got an hour. What you doing?"

She lay there and kept reading, not answering or even turning to look at me. I walked over to the bed and sat down so as to make the mattress shake a little, looking at her the whole time. No response.

I must say, every time I am at this moment, sitting by her side, silent, knowing I am about to touch her body, run my hands over her skin. I feel such a surge of adrenaline, my hands are always trembling as I reach out to her.

I lay my hand at the small of her back, and began drawing circles on her.

"Mmmm. Feels nice. Be good," was all she said.

She was wearing a pair of high cut shorts and yellow half top. She was barefoot, her feet crossed at the ankle. This time, as I slid my hands along the outside line of her thighs up over her hips, I grasped her shorts and panties and immediately began to slide them down her legs. In one motion they were to the bottom of her ass.

She jumped, surprised by how suddenly I was stripping her. She wiggled her bare ass at me, "Leave them on."

I continued pulling them lower as she lifted her hips for me. "Aw come on." I slid them down her legs and off.

So she lay bottomless as I sat back down at her side looking up the curve of her hips, narrow waist, bare ass, her pink pussy peeking out from between her legs. God, she had the best ass.

"You have the best ass."

She waggled her ass at me a little in response.

I lay my hand at the small of her back and began rubbing her there once again, in larger and larger circles rubbing my hand down over her ass cheeks, and just as suddenly as I had taken her bottoms off began pressing my fingers down between her legs, opening her cunny right up.

At my touch, she opened her legs wider cooing out as she did, "I'm reading here!"

"Don't mind me."

"It's kind of hard to concentrate. Just touch me, nice." wagging her ass at me again.

In answer I let go and stood up to slide my shorts and boxers off so that I was bottomless as well. To this activity she finally did glance back, and while not moving from her position I know she was aware that my hard cock was sticking straight out.

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