In Sara


I wanted a little something extra today.

When I sat back down on the bed, it was to lay on top of her. My legs spread on each side of her calves, and leaning over her I began to softly lick my way up along her lower back. Lovely long slow laps with my tongue.

"I think you need a little bath."

"Mmmmmm. You think I'm dirty?"

She loved this newest of indiscretions. I licked up the middle of her back right to her halter, opening her halter at the back, letting it spring to her sides, and then licking lower and lower until I was bathing her ass cheeks with soft licks.

Sara arched her ass up higher as I licked at her there, so that she was gradually raising up on her knees while still reading, keeping her elbows down on the bed. In that position she looked like a crouching cat totally exposing her pussy to me. I lapped my way down her ass, licking along the inside of her thighs, and letting my tongue graze the edges of her cunny. I loved the feel of her short pussy hairs on my tongue. Sara had very little hair between her legs, and she liked to shave her bush at the front. Her pussy hair was darker than on her head, closer to the color of her eyebrows, light thin hairs between her legs.

I loved licking her like this, nuzzling my nose in between her legs and licking at her until my tongue was drawing a nice line right up the center of her puss. I was digging the tip of my tongue into the loose flesh of her swollen inner lips, opening her up and with her pink slit spread wide I got my first taste of cream.

Oh god I loved her taste!

I began pushing my tongue into her vagina, probing her cunt with my tongue and as I did that Sara let out a guttural growl, "Oh David," while tipping her ass higher, opening her legs wide. "You're being so bad."

"It's been awhile," letting my breath out between her legs as I spoke, blowing on her wet cunt.

I continued licking my way around her thighs and ass, between her legs, through her puss as she read, I could feel her breathing change. Sara, for her part, was trying not to respond to anything I did, but the undulation of her hips in response to my licks, her ass rising and falling in a fucking motion against my tongue betrayed her.

I was getting so aroused the tip of my cock was literally turning blue. I was in agony, leaking wet cum streaks on her.

I began licking my way up the small of her back again, sliding higher up along her body, letting my cock bump along the inside of her thighs higher and higher toward her little cunt, until the head of my cock lay right at the top of her thighs.

Also, as I rose up her body I pressed her down into the mattress, and being a little rough about it I physically took her legs and pulled them back so that she dropped down flat on the bed beneath me.

When I laid her down like that, she slid her legs tighter together. "David, I told you. Just touch me!"

I felt her jump when the tip of my cock touched her bare pussy, as I pressed my chest down on her back. She was trying to turn, move away but I was stopping her. When she realized she was pinned I nuzzled into her hair and breathed, "I'm going to fuck you now."

At those words she began pushing herself up from the bed as hard as she could, as I quickly took her arms and pulled them back to her sides, causing her to drop back down. She continued struggling a little as I met her resistance with just enough force to keep her in place.


"David! Stop it. Stop it. Let me up!" Insistent, but keeping her voice low.

I held her to the bed, my cock pressing up between her legs. God I loved the way her cunt opened from behind.

I breathed, "I'm not doing anything. Keep reading," which considering I was pressing her cheek into the pages of the book, she was in no position to read. I began sliding my cock down into the folds of her cunt, rising and falling on her, feeling her pussy open up lubricating my shaft and as I slid my cock on her the unmistakable feel of her ass rising to meet me. So hungry. The delicious feel of our sexes sliding together.

She struggled again, rocking herself back and forth on the bed, "David! I don't want to."

She was stuck, trapped on her bed. I felt her trying to close her legs tighter, but that just made everything feel so much more incredible. I loved how tight she felt when she squeezed her thighs around my cock.

I said it again, "Let me fuck you."

And at that she relaxed, lay still. We lay silent awhile as our sexes slid together, my hard cock pressing along her slit, her thighs squeezing tight on my cock.

"You promised."

In answer I let my cock slide up higher, and positioning myself began pressing at the opening of her vagina, sinking the head of my cock just inside and holding myself there a beat before letting it slip out and down along her slit again.

"I did."

She was moaning out, pressing her ass against me. "Oh, god, David. Oh, you have to. Oh," she was moaning, sliding against me. "Stop."

She was panting at my touch. The feel of my cock on her, was making her crazy. I knew she wanted this. I kept sliding on her, touching her vagina with the head of my cock, doing that over and over again, wanting to arouse her. I kept letting the tip of my cock slide around, tease her. She was immobile, waiting for me, waiting for me to fill her. To fuck her. I could feel her body yield, or at any rate accepting that I had her pinned.

As I held my cock at her vagina, I let the head of my cock slip inside, feeling her vagina open around me.

"Oh, oh, you're so bad," she moaned. "David. I told you, No. Oh, god, pull out."

"You feel so good."

I pressed myself further in, another inch inside and held it there. I could feel her body quivering beneath me, rocking her hips back and forth, squeezing me. The rough walls pressing me so softly, opening right up, taking me in, before I began raising myself up and slipping out of her again. The feel of her hips rising as I left her, and lowering myself back inside, letting the head of my cock pop back in, and out again. Over and over, driving her crazy.

I could feel the rhythm of her body matching mine, her hips rising and falling to meet me, taking me in, holding herself open for me, squeezing me, letting go. I kept teasing, taking my time. I wanted her to get so aroused, to want it. Making her hungry. Making her want me, unable to stop.

I whispered, "Want me to fuck you?"

"No," she whimpered as I pressed into her. "Oh, fuck, David. Fuck. Get Off. Get off!" She was rocking her hips as she lay flat on the bed, holding her thighs tight around my cock, raising herself to meet my thrusts.


And as I said that I lifted myself up while dropping my hips down slow so that my whole length slid deep inside, relishing the feel our bodies sliding together. Becoming One. I felt her involuntarily open her legs as I penetrated her, gasping as I held myself inside. I could feel the breath go out of her as I sunk in. All the way in. She lifted one knee out, giving me total access. I pushed up inside to the hilt, pressing her into the mattress with my cock.

I breathed, "I'm getting off," and began lifting myself up, sliding out slowly, so slowly leaving her body, until my cock head was right at her open quivering cunt shining with pussy juice. Her whole body waiting, as I pressed back inside, her low moan meeting my thrust as I filled her again. Over and over.

I began kissing her neck as I filled her, my voice right at ear, "Want me to stop? I'll Stop right now, go to my room," as I held myself deep inside, and drawing myself out, real slow. "Or I can stay," as I plunged back into her deep, "and keep fucking you."

I pulled out, my cock touching her open hole, as I lifted my chest and let go of her. She was trembling beneath me. She was free.

Her choice.

She lay there, her ass lifting from the mattress just touching, holding to the tip of my cock. Her body couldn't stop moving, vibrating, undulating against me, touching me, she was so hungry. Her hands lay out to the side. She was free to crawl away, but she did not move, just held herself there beneath me. I reached down with one hand and began squeezing her breasts. Anywhere I touched her was electric now, I could feel her body pressing back to me. When, unmistakably, I felt her ass lifting from the bed, pressing me inside. I could feel my cock slide all the way up inside as she lifted herself up and back from the bed. She was on her knees again.

She breathed out, "Oh, God!"

"You want me?" She nodded, and I pressed her back down into the bed, her whole body pushing back against me. "You want me to fuck you, say it"

She held herself to me. No answer.

"Soft or Hard?"

"Oh, any way, but you can't cum in me," was all she could manage. She was crouching again as I held her hips and bucked into her, long strokes.

"Tell me you want me to fuck you."

"David! You, we shouldn't."

"Say it."

"Oh, I, want, you, in me. Don't cum in me. Just fuck me."

I curled my hand down around her hip and began digging my fingers into her clit as we fucked. She wanted it, I could feel her as she was holding herself for me, steadying herself, pressing her arms up against the headboard to hold herself for me as I drove into her, pounded her. Her whole body bobbed up and down with each thrust. We were fucking faster and faster on the bed.

Gradually she fell back down onto the mattress with her arms out, hair spread out over her pillow. I continued to finger her clit and fuck her. She was trembling and bucking back against me, until her whimpers, "god, I'm cumming," I could feel her whole puss contracting, feel her shaking as she whimpered. "Yes. Ohh, oh cumming!" She was jerking and spasming on the bed, gripping the covers and pulling at them, burying herself into the mattress.

I could feel myself ready to cum, "Sara, I'm cumming!"

"Don't cum in me. Oh, god. David, no. Not!"

I let go and pulled out of her, let my cum spray up her bare back as she lay spread before me, shooting long ribbons of cum across her back. Pulse after pulse. It sprayed up into her hair in lines that ran down her back and over her ass.

I sprayed her until I was spent and let myself roll down beside her on the bed.

Our bodies relaxing, she lay motionless next to me. I rolled toward her and wrapped my arms around her.

"You shit," she turned to, while reaching to touch her back.

"God I'm mess. Get me a towel."

I got up and threw one to her.

She sat herself up, pulling at her hair, "It's in my hair!"

I lay on my back, both of us bottomless. My cock bobbing on my thigh. I pulled her back down to me so we lay hip to hip, my cock nestling into the hair of her puss. Her halter was stretched to the side exposing her breast. We were spent, sweaty, exhausted.

She had this grin on her face.

I asked, "What?"

"You still haven't fucked me!"

"What are you talking about?" I pushed her face down on the bed. "You have cum all over you. This is the THIRD time."

She scooped some cum, licked at it.

"You wish," looking up at me with a wicked grin, "I didn't GIVE it to you did I? You got to take it and it Doesn't count."

"Good enough for me."

"Is it? Mmmmm. You wish," she rolled back on top of me, bumping my flaccid penis with the mound of her puss.


Sara snuggled her arms around my neck and pulled her whole body to me, lifting her leg up over my thigh and nuzzling her mouth to my ear whispering, "Just imagine if I gave it to you. GAVE you my body. Whatever you wanted." She was rubbing the hairs of her pussy over my abdomen, squiring her whole body on me, our skin sliding together. "Me, laying on my back, my legs wide open, saying 'come here baby, I want you to fuck me. Fuck me please.' All the time in the world. In my bed, all night. No? And you'd get to lay on me, slow and sweet. Me on my back, my arms all around you. My legs wide open!" Her voice was all breath, it was wild. She continued, "I'd be telling you what I want, how I like it. 'Mmmm, yeah like that.' 'Keep doing that, mmmm, yeah, higher. Give it to me.' 'Mmmm, yeah, faster.'" She was moving herself as if we were fucking. "I'd be all open letting you in, rolling on top of you. Sitting on your hard dick, riding you, letting you play with my tits. Telling you how good it is. No? Let you sleep with me all night long, all curled together in a warm bed."

She let go and rolled off me onto her back, stretching her arms over her head.


She was right.


Next morning Sara was downstairs, in her robe. Our little chats.

I was kind of worried she would be mad at me, but as I stepped into the kitchen she simply looked back at me and smiled, "Hi." Her long breathy hi.

She looked happy, freshly fucked.

To see us after an encounter. All the tension melted away.

"You sleep good?"

"I'm a little sore." She pressed on her abdomen. "But yeah."

An obvious reference. I got a cup of coffee and sat down, deciding not to molest her the way I had. I felt calmer this morning. Release, it did wonders.

She had almost been waiting for my hands to roam on her, as she stood over by the sink a bit longer than necessary before taking her cup and sitting across from me.

I asked, "What are you doing tonight?"

"Actually, I'm, Um, busy."

"You are not. I want to take you out - on a date."

"A date!"

"You been saying I should, uh, be more romantic."

"That's sweet. But, Mike is taking me out. Sorry."

"What! You aren't going out with him?"

"No." She took a long sip, as if she were thinking about it. "Not really. But we figured that since we weren't dating, and neither of us HAD anyone, we should go out and help each other, hook up with someone. I said I might."

"So you haven't actually made plans?"

"We have. Stop it. I'm going to be busy, he SAID he'd call."

"Have dinner, with me." A whine in my voice.



"I can't. I told you. Besides, considering, our situation. I decided that I got to find some other way to, you know."

"No. What do you mean?"

"To, get what I need." I obviously gave her a shocked look. She continued, "We already talked about this, it goes round and round. You don't listen. You don't take me serious. I said we got to stop it, and last night!"

"Hey, that was you!"

I reached my hand out and slipped it into her robe, tickled my fingers up her thigh. She hit my hand, "Stop it." I continued to pull her robe open, as she let me. I pulled it nice and wide so that her breasts came into view. She shook herself from me, "Let go!"

I let go but she left her robe hanging open for me. I was reaching for her again, insinuating my fingers between her legs as we talked. She was opening her legs now as I softly petted the front of her bush, pulling her robe to the sides of her thighs until I could see her sex pressing down into the chair.

I took a little different tack. "Then, maybe I'll go out with Marnie tonight, while you are with Mikey. WE can hook up."

My talking about Marnie angered her. She moved to get up, "I have to go," and began walking out of the kitchen.

I called out, "Jealous. Turn arounds fair play."

Sara paused at the door, "You know if you would just listen to me. Trust me, it would." She halted, trying to find the words. "Be better, nicer," there was pain in her voice, "You know. If you weren't such a ..." She went to leave.


And looking back at me, "Brute."

"I do listen."

She let out a "HUH," and came to the middle of the room with her robe open. "You're a fucking brute!"

"Sara. Why? What. Just tell me, why we can't have sex."

"Um, Your my bro-ther." She sat back down leaning close to me, almost touching her nose to mine. "This is pretty much the definition of a dead end relationship."

I looked away, leaned away from her in my chair, pouting.

I think she liked the effect she had on me just then. That I could be hurt. "Oh, come on. Don't be sad," and she sat herself back up, and in a cheerier consoling voice added, "After all. I AM addicted to you."


What the hell?


"Yeah. Like crack cocaine. You know. It's bad for me, but hey, I can't stop. I can't say I want it," and she tugged her robe close. "Anymore than an addict wants heroin. Nothings changed."

Dead end.


The day after probably the best sex of my life. It didn't count, it could be better. She's addicted. She wants to stop. She's going out with Mike to find other guys.

Fuck. I was feeling a rising jealousy. The same one that time I had actually seen her with Mike, kissing him.

I had a moment of thinking. Her eyes on me, probing me with her eyes, she was reaching her hands down over my lap and began feeling for my soft cock, flopping it around. I started when her hand wrapped itself around the base of my cock.

"You shouldn't be wanting this either," she said looking down at my stiffening cock. And reading my mind she added, "and TAKING it from me does NOT count." I remained silent. She asked, "Does it?"

I didn't answer. Confused. She continued to play with me, my cock was sticking straight up and I was feeling aroused, thinking sit on me.

"David, what you thinking?" Her demeanor shifted as she let go of me and went over, poured another cup of coffee.

I wanted to say sit in my lap, but instead I said, "So what can we do? Seriously, what can I do."

She held her cup, her robe had fallen open again, her breasts and bush were swaying in and out of view. "Move in with me, we could live together."

"What? How does that change anything? Our dead end relationship." I spit the last phrase out.

"Inside OUR four walls. OUR secret, we can be some place. If we lived together. God, we could be naked all day long!" She paused, thinking about it, adding, "You could sleep with me."

"I can't. I haven't graduated yet."

"It's less than two months. We can plan. Come on."

"So. Until then, I can only TAKE it from you?" I grabbed at her, a mock molestation.

"It's what you pretty much have been doing anyway," she teased.

"But it doesn't count?"

She leaned to my ear again, "Mmmm. I want to ride you nice and long too you know. I want to be naked with you all day, tell you just how I like it and what I want. Curl in your arms under nice sheets in the dark all night." She leaned in close and let the breath linger in my ear, "All night."

"But tonight, your going out with Mike to pick up guys."

She leaned back, self satisfied, "Pretty much."

She was punishing me. I was still so confused. Going out with Mike? Finding other lovers. I couldn't imagine it. Then this. Should I call Marnie? Hook up? Do it. Follow up on my threat. This whole conversation had taken so many turns.

"So, you can stay away from me?"

"Well not like that," she slid closer.

"It's what you said."

"Yeah. But I need more," she was finding the words, "Control. We can't be doing this."

I had gone too far and I knew it, last night was too far.

I didn't know what to say.

But she didn't seem mad when I came in here, but she was going to get even. Get what she wanted. Was she going to be fucking fucking Mike? No way.

I was confused. I ventured on with, "But it was your choice."

"I don't get any choices any more cause I'm not choosing, and I can't trust you. You know how I get, how we get. You take advantage of me. You do! And I haven't had anywhere to get - release. You just don't know how I can get. Well, you do. It leaves me totally vulnerable. Living together is an option, a possible answer. But until..."

"You liked it?"

"David! Sweetie. It is NOT about that! Hello!! We can not be having sex. It IS a choice, we are brother and sister."

"You let me."

"I let you," her face was utterly serious. "It is not the same thing, as choosing. You are fucking Crack. You can still touch me, I can't imagine not, no way. I agreed. You agreed. You promised. But you!! It's not enough, never. Is it? And you sit and wait, wait me out. You get me to these points on purpose, and my body cannot stop. So I have to find another way, I can't rely on you. You can't even wait two months!! You won't even agree to my idea?"

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