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In The Dog House Ch. 01


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"What a bitch!" he exclaimed, looking at his cheap watch for the tenth time. They were both supposed to be on location at eight a.m. "Where the hell is she?" he complained.

A taxi quickly drove up beside his own car and a blonde waved to him from the back seat. He watched impatiently as she discussed payment with the taxi driver and then handed over some bills. He had to admit she was photogenic. The television cameras absolutely loved her. She had long, blonde hair with enough curl in it to give her an unprepared look, or perhaps it was a 'just rolled over in bed' look. Her eyes were light green. Her lips were red and full. She would never win a national beauty contest, but even without make-up she stood out. As she let herself out of the cab he got a glimpse of her long legs. "Damn!" he quietly swore. She was wearing tight jeans that, unfortunately for him, covered her lovely legs, but they were tight enough to emphasize her round, firm butt. She was definitely not some skinny model, but she was not overweight either. Her bottom had a little padding and other than that her tits were about the only visible store of fat on her. Clearly she didn't need to wear a bra. He believed the rumours that her breasts were all silicone; they just looked too firm to be natural.

He took another appraising look at the woman as she stretched to grab her bags from the back of the taxi. Today she wore a loose fitting, almost transparent, white top that looked to be made of lace. The front had a double or triple layer of material down the middle to make it opaque. It was tied up over her chest with a white string dangling down to her navel. The top offered a nice view of her cleavage, but she kept the string tied tightly enough that even if she bent over no one would see much more of her breasts.

As the taxi raced off, she calmly walked over to the impatient man. He was in his late thirties and wore jeans and a t-shirt with Led Zeppelin written across it. The shirt was torn on one of the sleeves and his jeans were loose and unfashionably faded.

She offered him her hand and performed her camera-freezing smile. "Hi, I'm Jolee Rider. You're Wilson, the cameraman?" Her voice was higher than average for a woman, but not squeaky. He remembered that she was well known for her TV voice, which was a little huskier than her normal talking voice.

While grumbling he wondered, who the hell did she think he was, standing here waiting in the appointed spot holding a heavy and expensive video camera in his hand? "Yeah, that's me. You're two hours late."

Her smile disappeared. "I'm sorry. It couldn't be helped. Some of the girls..."

"I don't give a damn," he interrupted.

That was the problem with the TV business, she thought, no one really gave a damn about anyone or anything. She had stayed up until two a.m. listening to a long sob story from one of the contestants. Jolee had done what she could to encourage the young woman to continue with the contest. After all, the quarter million dollar grand prize for the winner was nothing to sneeze at.

"So, are you ready? The producer told me the girls will all be going to that dark three-storey building across the street," he asked as he lit a cigarette

"You're not actually going to smoke that, are you?"

He gave her a dirty look, then cast the lit cigarette to the ground and put it out with the toe of his shoe. "So I guess you're ready, then." It was a statement and not a question. He lifted the camera up to his shoulder and started recording video of the street and the outside of the building. It was a Monday so there was some traffic, but this wasn't a big city and they weren't near the business core; so it would be a simple enough matter to walk directly across to the building.

He had been warned about her by other people on the show. Jolee Rider might seem all warm and cuddly and look like the type of woman you'd pay big money to sleep with, but she was an ice-queen. A few guys had tried to chat her up and she had shot them down mercilessly. The contestants seemed to like her, though, and the viewers certainly did. He thought it odd that the contestants, all pretty young women and similar in age to Jolee, didn't treat her like a rival. In fact, they were all quite friendly with the show's hostess. He hadn't seen anything like it in his twenty-odd years in the business. Usually young women like the contestants were all catty with a host like Jolee Rider, being envious of her face and body, and hoping one day to replace her.

Jolee grabbed the filming instructions from her bag and then reconsidered reading them. Wilson seemed to want to get on to business right away and her comment about the cigarette probably made him think she was prepared, even though she was not. She gave him a small smile to try to make him warm up to her.

She always seemed to have trouble with men in this business. The first producer she met fucked her over, literally. He wined and dined her and told her she was guaranteed a spot on his show. He seemed really smitten with her, but it was all an act. The day before the filming started he announced another girl had gotten the job; and from the long kiss that the two had in front of the cameras, Jolee had deduced that the producer had been sleeping with that girl as well.

Jolee had been with this reality show through all seven episodes so far. The girls were given risque situations to participate in and then any that refused to go along with the flow were out of the show. There were supposed to be twenty episodes in total and although they had started with thirty girls, who all thought they were onto easy money, they were now down to just fifteen contestants. The worst loss, although it was also the episode with the biggest viewing audience, was the S&M club. The girls had to dress up in outlandish costumes, some that showed quite a bit of skin. While none of them had to actually have sex with anyone there or even submit to being touched, four girls had walked out of the show rather than put on the revealing costumes and consort with people who they had considered to be depraved perverts.

Jolee had put up with her costume that bared both her breasts, as the producers had arranged for a blurring effect to conceal enough to televise. She also had been required to role-play some S&M scenes, as a preview of what the girls 'might' have to do. There wasn't supposed to be any real sexual contact, but in one scene she had nothing covering her pussy or bottom and a male club member was supposed to place his hands over those private spots on her body, as if his hands were a g-string. In the middle of the recording the creep had stuck a finger into her vagina and given one of her cheeks a squeeze. She had squirmed in an attempt to get his finger out, but the crew had ordered her to stop moving so they could get their shots, not realizing what the guy had been doing.

While she had been terribly embarrassed about the unwelcome probing, she had been surprised to find that the contact had made her very wet. She had used the towel that she had been given to cover herself, to discretely grab his hand and dry his finger as he pulled it out of her pussy. Jolee feared that someone might see his finger glistening in the lighting and deduced what the man had done. Prior to that, the last time she had engaged in any sexual contact had been that jerk of a producer six years earlier. After that, she had made a promise to herself to keep her legs closed while she focussed on her career. The men she worked with seemed to resent her for it, but all she could do was tell them she wasn't interested and hope they would stop making advances towards her.

Wilson was tapping his foot impatiently. "Can I put this bag in your car? It has all my extra clothes and personal effects. I'll put my purse in there, too. If that's okay with you?" She gave him another smile.

"Yeah, sure." He clicked on his keychain and the car beeped as it unlocked. He thought, 'yeah, sure you bitch. You're all smiles when you want something from a guy, but when it comes down to a guy wanting you to put out a little then he's out of luck.'

He locked the car door once she was done.

"Get a shot of both angles on the street, Wilson. I don't know which direction the contestants are coming from." He did so while muttering to himself. "I'll do a voice-over later describing the street and the exterior of the building."

Exterior? He wondered if she intended to actually go in there. He thought this time the girls were just going to go into the entryway, talk to the doorman and then leave. Wasn't this place supposed to be a little more sinister than the S&M club?

"You did read the instructions, didn't you?" Wilson asked.

She gave him a startled look. "Why of course I did. I'm a professional. Why did you ask me that?" Jolee was concerned about looking unprofessional and not knowing her instructions would be a black mark against her. She had meant to read the instructions given to her yesterday afternoon, but one thing after another had prevented her. In the taxi, she had to keep telling the driver to watch the road as his eyes kept wandering to the reflection of her chest in the rear view mirror.

"No reason. No reason." Wilson guessed that he had just misheard the producer's discussion. Or maybe someone up top had changed their mind. In any case, it wasn't his problem. He just had to get the video, return it to the studio and then he was done with this blonde bitch for a few weeks. "I've got my shots. Let's go across the street and see what the place looks like up close."

The two crossed the street together, hesitating once as an angry driver sped up and honked his horn at them. The building had an exterior of rectangular, dark stones in a random jumble of sizes. The windows on the first floor all looked like mirrors and nothing could be seen inside, though they both tried to peer in. The windows on the second and third floor looked to be normal windows, but as Jolee was watching one of them darkened as if it had suddenly been polarized. In front of the building there were four steps leading up to a roofed entryway that was about twenty feet square in area. The steps were one solid piece of dark green basalt. The entryway had what looked to be a gold oil-lamp in the center of the ceiling. The door had a symbol in its center: a silhouette in bronze of a kneeling, naked woman that was as large as a man's hand.

"This place looks expensive," said Jolee. She peered about for some way to open the door, but there was no latch or handle on the massive, dark, steel door. Jolee examined the bronze symbol closely. The craftsmanship was so fine that she could see a nipple projecting out from the woman's breast and some bronze hairs curling up from the image. She gently reached up and caressed the bronze, curious to see what the texture would be like. As she touched it the door quietly began to open inwards.

Jolee quickly backed away a little and stepped on Wilson's foot with her heeled shoe.

"Watch where the fuck you're stepping!"

"Sorry. Quick, get some video of whoever is opening the door and as much of the interior as you can."

"Like I wasn't already doing that," replied Wilson, taking weight off the injured foot.

The door swung wide, revealing a carpeted and panelled interior with the image in bronze repeated on the walls and ceiling. Jolee couldn't see anyone inside. Open, the doorway was one and a half times her height and wide enough so three of her could walk side by side into the room. She walked into the silent chamber and motioned for Wilson to follow her.

"Like I was going to wait out here. I know how to do my job, you know. I'm not a complete idiot." As Wilson stepped in his voice became muffled.

Jolee frowned. She hadn't meant a slight against Wilson. She had heard he was one of the better cameramen hired for the show, although there had been whispers that he was selling unedited footage over the internet and he was known to ogle the contestants more than he should. The contestants had voiced concerns about Wilson before the girls had been obliged to walk two miles along a beach full of cavorting nudists. Of course they had to strip down for the challenge, but since everyone else was nude and it was an adults-only beach, it wasn't a real challenge.

Jolee had been required to walk the beach naked and alone the day before the girls did and eight guys propositioned her, some not very subtly. One had stood in front of her with a big smile as his erection grew. She had hoped that someone would intervene in her behalf and when no-one did she jumped into the surf, hoping to avoid the guy. He had followed her into the water, thinking she was looking for somewhere less public for a quick fuck. She was a good swimmer, but he was better and he caught up to her while they were swimming in about fifteen feet of water. He put his arms around her and kissed her cheek. His cock pushed against her pussy hair and then slipped between her legs, tickling her. They had both been underwater, so she was not able to tell him to stop and she had been surprised that he had actually caught up to her. She pushed away from him and pointed up to the surface. Apparently he misunderstood her wish to speak to him on the surface as he nodded once, grabbed her head and held her down while he swam to the surface. He pushed her face up against his erection and tried to push it into her mouth, which she kept firmly closed. She grabbed his thighs with the intention of pushing him away and he suddenly came directly into her face. Luckily the seawater diluted much of the semen but she could still feel stickiness on her cheek. He released her and when she got to the surface he said a quick 'thank you' and then swam back to shore. She was astonished. Had she just been raped? She didn't quite think it qualified as a rape, but it was certainly unwelcome. She was raked over the coals, as the producers lectured her later about wasting everyone's valuable time while she went frolicking in the water with a stranger. They had to carefully edit around her meeting the guy with the erection, although one of them said they had a beautiful shot of her rising from the surf like Venus, with her wet hair and glistening tits. She believed part of their anger was over the fact that she had, at various times, refused to have sex with each of them. They replayed the video of her and the man on the beach a dozen times with her sitting uncomfortably in the same room.

Jolee looked about this chamber carefully, figuring out camera angles and exactly where the girls should stand. The carpet was thick and there was a mat immediately in front of the door, which slowly closed behind them. She watched Wilson pan about the room and then head over to an obsidian plaque beside a second door. There was a small drawer below the plaque. Beside the black wooden door was a small buzzer. This door, leading deeper into the building, had a doorknob, although it looked to be made of gold. How much money do these people have, Jolee wondered? She stretched a finger out to the buzzer.

"Wait a minute, blondie. This plaque is a list of rules and regulations and says it must be read before the buzzer is pushed for entry."

"Okay, what does it say: no shoes, no shirt, no service?" She smirked at him, but he simply frowned in response to her joke. Not willing to give me an inch, eh Wilson, she thought, but you probably want to give me six.

Wilson's camera suddenly clicked. He examined it closely and then swore quietly.

Jolee glanced at the plaque. 'Regulations for the Lupinus Major Club. Rule 1. Dues are to be paid up before entry is allowed. Rule 2. Entry by invitation only.' She stopped. She didn't remember seeing an invitation or card for this place in the papers she had been given. But then she hadn't had much time to look through the papers. She or Wilson could run out to his car and take a quick look, but then the cameraman would think she wasn't prepared and word would get back to the producers and she might be replaced. She was popular with the viewers mainly because of her tight tops and short skirts, but she knew there were a thousand other women who looked just as good as she did. I'd better buzz and act like I know exactly what I'm doing, she thought. Damn that contestant and her sob story taking up all my time last night. Jolee then felt guilty about blaming the poor girl for her own problems today.

She rang the buzzer just as Wilson seemed to get the camera working again.

"Yes. Who is it?" asked a man's voice in a very calm and gentle tone.

"Hi. I'm Jolee Rider from the TV show 'Take a Chance Girls' and with me is a cameraman named Wilson. We'd like to come in, please."

There was a pause. "Ah, yes. I have you on our security camera now. Did you really read the regulations, miss?"

Jolee eyes opened wide. She obviously hadn't read the rules, but there was a camera on her and she had to make out like she knew what she was doing. "Why yes, I have read the rules, but I haven't been here before so I may need a little reminder every once in awhile." She smiled her sweetest smile, guaranteed to make testosterone race through any man's veins, and then flashed it around the room. She couldn't see a security camera anywhere. "Quick read the rules, Wilson," she whispered to her associate.

"Miss Jolee Rider, if you are aware of the rules then you are fully aware that no female enters the Lupinus Major Club clothed. If you wish to enter, please remove all clothing and deposit it into the chute. It will be cleaned and returned to you when you leave."

Jolee frowned for an instant. Remove my clothes, she wondered? Oh, the producers have come up with a good one this time. There would be lots of skin to increase ratings and a bit of subtle blurring to please the censors. Okay, girl, just remember the S&M Club and the nude beach and let's hope these rich guys are more respectful of a girl's personal space than the two jerks I met before. She turned to Wilson. "Take a few steps back and get some good video of me undressing. I'll do it as risque as I can. Wait a minute, Wilson, put the camera down and train it on me. You read all the regulations while I'm undressing."

"The camera doesn't work like that, sweetheart. I have to hold it to get a video and there's nowhere I can set it to get a good angle of you peeling anyway." Jolee noticed the anticipatory smile on Wilson's face, while she cringed inwardly at his use of the word 'peeling'. She wondered if this would be the highlight of her career decades from now: she stripped on camera much like any bar-room stripper would.

"Uhm. Okay, you concentrate on reading the regulations while I take my clothes off. You just keep the camera steady and I'll make sure I stay in the frame."

Wilson turned his head to start reading the regulations. Jolee watched him for a few seconds, but missed him flicking the viewer on the camera with his thumb. As she began to slip off her shoes, his eyes drifted to the viewer and he licked his lips. Next she began to unzip her jeans and she slowly worked them down her legs and then stepped out of them. Wilson's mouth watered as he took a good look at her long, smooth legs. He fantasized about what they would feel like wrapped around his waist with her feet crossed behind his ass. Next she began to slowly untie the string on her top while facing the camera. Her eyes were intent on what her fingers were doing. It loosened enough that it dropped from her shoulders and then opened over her chest and abdomen. Wilson got a heart-pumping look at the narrow gap between her breasts as they settled slightly. He saw that she had no bra on and then remembered that some of the guys had said her breasts were firm and didn't droop, despite being about the size of grapefruits, and her nipples were always flat. In the discussion the men had all agreed that her unresponsive nipples were more proof of her 'ice-bitch' status. She grabbed a side of the top in each hand, smiled shyly at the lens, then turned partially away from the camera and lifted the shirt over her head and off her arms. As she lowered her arms, Wilson caught a brief glimpse of the pale curve of her breast before her limb concealed it. She looked over her shoulder and cast a shy glance at the camera. Then she reached down and slowly slid her panties down her legs. Keeping her legs straight as she did so she was forced to bend over, showing a glimpse of the folds around her pussy that Wilson and the others agreed must be dry as a desert. She stepped out of her panties, collected her clothes, opened the door to the chute and dropped them inside.

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