tagMind ControlIn Training Ch. 14

In Training Ch. 14


Tyler blinked in surprise from the floor where he had landed, his hard cock dripping with pre-cum and slightly slick from Liandra's plentiful juices. Steven stood over him, glaring menacingly. Tyler held up his hands, palms facing towards the other man. "Listen, Steve-O, I'm sorry. I was just. . ." Steven was in no mood to listen and gave him a swift kick in the hip, making him grunt in pain.

"I know what you were 'just'. You think you can come in here and score some time for free with my property. I don't care what the fuck you've been through. You don't fuck with my property. If I offer her to you, it's one thing, but you should know better."

"I'm sorry. I really am. I miss Des and I needed relief."

"You won't be getting it here. Put your junk away and get out. You're not welcome here for awhile." Steven's voice was frigid and his eyes were dark with anger. "I'll let you know when. . .if. . .you can come back. Until then, stay out of my way, Ty." Tyler hurriedly stuffed his rapidly shrinking cock into his jeans and struggled to get up. He could hear Liandra moaning as she lay on the bed, still needing to be serviced and he knew that if Steven hadn't arrived, she would no longer be a virgin. He also knew that he would have been in more serious trouble than he cared to imagine if that had been the case. Without another word, he exited the room, shutting the door behind him. He had soon gathered some things and left the house, feeling certain that eventually Steven would invite him back.

As soon as Tyler exited the room, Steven turned his attention to the nude figure on the bed. She was squirming with need, her pussy lips glistening with dew. She looked up at Steven with half-closed eyes, and reached for him. He was hard immediately, but knew he had to move her quickly. "Why aren't you dressed yet, slut? If you had been, then Tyler wouldn't have tried to take what's mine. You almost gave your cherry away, Liandra. I shall have to punish for that, when we get to our new home." He reached out and tweaked her nipples hard, making her shriek and squirm. Her body ached for sexual pleasure. "Your training is coming along nicely, little whore. You crave the pain and the sex now, don't you, kitten?"

"Oh, yes, Master. I'm sorry. I was bad. Forgive me. Love me." Liandra's voice was husky with need and longing. Her pussy throbbed and twitched, begging for something to take away the ache. She spread her thighs wide, trying to entice Steven between them, but instead heard the sound of his belt being drawn from its loops and then her pussy lips were suddenly stinging as he slapped them with it. She cried out and felt her body ready itself even more for sex. He slapped her cunt again, and then again, the third time holding her nether lips open and letting the belt kiss her clit. Her hips twisted and bucked on the bed, and Steven found himself laughing aloud at her response. He continued to spank her pussy and clit until he knew she was about to release, then he stopped suddenly.

"Don't you dare cum, Liandra, or your punishment when we get to our new home will be twice as bad. You're a dirty little slut and hungry for cock, and tonight you'll get plenty. Tonight the boys will play with you until they've tired of you for the moment. In fact, you'll be the pretty prize for our poker game tonight, as well." Steven grinned at that brilliant idea. He could charge whatever he wanted for the other men to play, and whoever won would win extra time with the girl to do what they wanted with her, as long as they didn't fuck her and didn't mark her. He watched her struggle to keep from giving in to her body's need, biting her lip and clenching her fists, but as soon as he twisted her nipples again, she could no longer control herself and came in a raging storm. He watched her, smirking with pleasure, thinking of just how much he was enjoying her training.

Steven quickly dressed his slave and hurried her to the car, along with her things. He had no plans to return to this house anytime soon, as they would be safer at his other house. Turning to Liandra, he handed her a cup and had her drink what was in it. As they drove along, her eyelids drooped and she fell into a deep sleep. He could scarcely wait to start his business. He would have to get another couple of girls as well, he decided, as he drove. Unwilling ones would be best suited for his client's tastes. Virgins if at all possible, to make the possibilities of pleasure even more varied. It would be delicious, even more so than it already was. He had his prize filly with him, here in the car, but two more mares for the stable would be perfect. His cock grew rock hard at the thought of all of his girls bound and helpless as he moved from one to the other, sampling their wares. Taking one tight pussy after another, forcing them to kiss and touch each other, or suffer the consequences. Steven drove in a roundabout way to get to his hideaway. He didn't think they had been followed, but he wasn't taking any chances.

Soon they were safely ensconced in the garage, and Steven took his unconscious prisoner of love to her new room. He laid her on the bed, fingering her as soon as she was free of his arms. He felt her stir slightly, and teased her pussy beneath the short skirt he had put on her. It barely covered her hips, and left nothing to the imagination. She moaned softly and he ran his hands over her bare belly, feeling the softness of her warm skin. He leaned in and kissed her deeply, pushing his leg between her thighs and parting them. Liandra moved her body against his leg, and he felt her nectar oozing through his jeans. So wet and ready. She was perfect. He kissed her again and unzipped his jeans, freeing his thick cock. Pushing up the hem of her skirt, he slid himself along her nether lips, enjoying the feel of her arousal coating him. Her eyelids were beginning to flutter softly, and he pushed her shirt up, freeing her pert breasts as well, exposing her to his gaze again. He took a nipple hungrily and slid along her slit again. His shaft ached to slide into her. He wanted to fuck her raw and spurt inside her. "So delicious," he murmured against her breast, supping on her again. Liandra was twisting beneath him, trying to allow the thick tool to slip inside her. He let it dip just inside her entrance, unconsciously mimicking what Tyler had done. He could feel her hungry cunt wanting to suck him in deep, offering pleasure galore, but again he reminded himself of her value and held back.

Steven allowed himself several more minutes to play with his mouse, then he pulled back. Liandra's eyes were open now, and she was looking up at him adoringly, inviting him to take her. He gave her a wry smile and shook his head, tweaking a nipple with his teeth, and making her squeak. "You are too precious, my whorish angel. Your body was made for sin, and so it shall be used for such, but for now, you need to be punished for allowing another man to touch you today without my permission. Come along." He took her by the wrist and led her from the room, into the toy room. He stripped her of her clothes, feeling her responsive body tremble at each touch. He led her over to a device that was very strange in its appearance. It was a metal frame, that looked as if it could serve as a door frame, but was slightly wider than the norm. Chains with cuffs on the end hung from the top and at the bottom, short chains with cuffs were also attached. Liandra's wrists were quickly stretched above her head, exposing her delectable breasts quite nicely. Her legs were spread and her ankles fastened into the lower set of cuffs, parting her pussy lips and exposing her a bit. Now, Steven swung a small mechanical arm and positioned it between her thighs. A projection from this arm slid into her and rested against her clit. When the motor was turned on, the projection acted and felt like a tongue. The speed could be adjusted, so that the chosen person could experience long, slow 'licks' or quicker swipes.

More cream was applied to Liandra's nipples and clit, and then Steven attached clamps to her nipples, kissing each one first as he fastened them. He activated the device and watched his plaything writhe in her bonds at the sensations it caused. Smiling at his naked prize, he went over and took out a small cat-o-nine tails, testing it against his palm first. Moving in front of Liandra and showing her the toy, he said "Now, my pretty slave, you have been quite bad, as you know. You allowed Tyler to put his hands, mouth and cock on and in you without my permission. What's more, you were begging for him to fuck you. That is not to happen again. I am the only one who can give you permission to fuck, and you are not allowed to give up your cherry yet. It is mine to do with as I please. Isn't that right, sweet whore?" He lightly brought the cat down across Liandra's naked breasts, making her gasp. He laughed softly and adjusted the motor on the device between her legs, then struck her again, a bit more firmly. Steven played with her in this manner for a very long time, changing the tempo on the small projection each time she seemed close to cumming. He intended to get her body so accustomed to cumming when the cat or whip were being applied, that if she heard the crack of one, she would instantly be wet.

Liandra was lost in what had become for her a normal state. The 'tongue' between her legs and the touch of her Master's toy were driving her crazy with need and longing. She had been very bad, she knew, but when Tyler had been touching her and kissing her, all she had been able to think about was having him inside her. She had wanted nothing more than to fuck and be fucked, and that was what she still wanted, only now by her Master. The sight of Steven and his commanding presence made her weak with desire. She loved that he was teaching her, and she hoped that she was learning well. Her body was becoming accustomed to the routine and it wouldn't be long before Steven would have to dose her very little to keep her in the same state she was in now. Had she been truly aware of what was happening to her, she would have been horrified, but as it stood, she felt as if everything were completely as it should be. Her nipples were as hard as diamonds and her bare breasts were tinged with rose from her Master's tool. She shivered and shook with need.

For his part, Steven was so pleased with his little angel, that he continued to play with her. He could imagine her up on a stage, hearing the crack of a whip and dropping down to the floor, spreading her legs and opening herself up to be used. His cock was rock hard at the thought. He decided that would be one thing that would happen tonight. The men could pay to taste her pussy and fondle her tits. He might even decide to let some lucky bastard take her ass tonight, but he hadn't decided. He knew as soon as she was no longer a virgin, he would be plowing her all night. He struck her a final time with the cat and then moved over to her. She was trembling on the edge of orgasm, but had managed to hold herself back somehow. Her training was working, and he was pleased. He leaned in and began sucking her right nipple, finding it to be the more sensitive of the two. She was moaning and throwing her head back and forth, silently pleading. Steven just continued to suckle her, changing the tempo on his device to its slowest setting then revving it back up again. Her hips were bucking and she was scarcely able to control herself now.

"You want to cum, don't you, my pretty?"

"Please, yes, Master. . .oh please. . .I'll do anything. . ."

"Well, yes, you will, but do you mean that literally?"

"Yes, yes, I do!" Liandra was frantic.

"What if I decide to fuck your ass, little slut? Will you let me do that?" Steven reached around behind her and grabbed her ass. Liandra looked slightly frightened, but her body craved release too much. "You feel my thick cock pushing against your body, don't you, whore? It's very big. Just think how it would stretch your tight hole." He squeezed her cheeks with both hands now. "Would you like to feel me part your cheeks, and tap against your rosebud with the head of my dick, and then begin inching it into you?" He kissed her roughly, then pulled back. "You'd love it, wouldn't you? Such a dirty girl. Gonna take lots of cocks to satisfy you, but you'll have them soon enough."

"Master. . .I beg you. . ."

"What? You want me to fuck you, Liandra? Is that what your hot cunt wants? A piece of meat buried in it? You do, don't you. . .you want that."

"Yes, I want that." Liandra sounded almost robotic, repeating his words.

"Soon, my pet. Soon you'll have all the cocks you can handle and then some. It'll be interesting to see how many you can take in one night when that time comes. For now though, you're still just my little plaything. . .my fucktoy."

Deciding he had better let her rest a bit before that night, Steven increased the device between Liandra's creamy thighs to the perfect speed and then he played with her nipple clamps and kissed her until finally he allowed her to cum. Her orgasm was so intense that when it was done she hung limply from her cuffs. She would have fallen had she not been held up by her wrists. Steven quickly stroked himself off, letting the hot seed fly all over Liandra's limp body, then he released her, and carried her to her room. He left her there to sleep for awhile with a note to shower when she awoke and get dressed in what he had laid out for her. He would come and get her later. He went up and made some dinner for his pet, dosing it with just the right amount of aphrodisiac. He wanted her so hot and horny that night that nothing would satisfy her completely. "Wait'll they get a load of Liandra," Steven murmured to himself as he prepared her meal. "She's so perfect and they'll be creaming their jeans before it's all said and done."

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