tagIncest/TabooIncest Planet Ch. 01

Incest Planet Ch. 01


Thanks to Tigerssman for his help this story.


The Astro scientist was all excited, a new planet had been found in a Galaxy far, well not too close to here.

Humans had made great strides in living in clean cities; they could even terra-form areas if needed. Also, they could transfer materials at the speed of thought. First teleportation sites were transported to move a greater amount of materials at one time.

Transforming the entire planet would take time so selected areas were picked to start cities and the cities would grow into more rural areas for the pleasure of the people. In twenty years more than half the planet will have been transformed.


The first to come over were the dominants. They were to set up shop and gain more power over the subs for each day they were there. Vast empires would be made overnight.

The CEO's of companies could not just hire anyone. Everyone on Earth got a new identity when they came to the new planet. Except for a few exceptions, they were all family. Very few of the execs knew that fact. The transformation was so complete that you would not even realize you were sitting next to your father or an identical twin every day you went to work. A dominant would need to inform you that you were related.

In addition, at least twenty-five of their employees needed special talents. With

Melody was running late, "Stupid fucking alarm clock, why didn't it go off? I can't be late for this interview. I will have to Uber it while I do my makeup."

Traffic was horrendous; Melody was glad she had gotten a driver.

Her driver almost exploded his load at first glance. He couldn't look away from his passenger.

It was not Melody's perfect posture that stiffened his shaft, nor her flawless, black fishnet stocking encased legs that hid under a well-pressed black pleated skirt. Nor was it her 36EE tits that strained to break through her white satin blouse, or her perfect pouty dick sucking lips. No, it was her eyes, her captivating violet eyes.

She jumped out a half a block before her stop and made a break for it. Her driver came like no other time. He came right through his boxers and slacks, all that cum would be dried by the time he got home.

Melody was out of breath by the time she got to the receptionist. "Miss Melody to see Mr. Leo, 10:00 AM appointment."

The receptionist looked at the giant clock, it read 9:59 AM.

"You are very prompt my dear. You would not believe how many people don't think about the traffic around here. We run a business here, I give them a two-minute grace period. Take this card and say what it says after you enter the last elevator, then we can have a time-stamped photo and voice print. Oh, and you have to leave your phone with me."

Melody entered the elevator and said, "1411 Zebra." She almost said her name but remembered she wasn't told to say her name. She thought, "I bet everyone says their name. That must have been a test."

Melody brushed out her long tousled black hair as the elevator rose.

"Excellent, my dear! I will allow the word, as it clarified what you were saying to the camera." The receptionist was well pleased with Mr. Leo's selection so far. Just how would she react to the training?

Melody was surprised she had to step into a small cubical when she got off the elevator; it was like an airlock. The lock mechanism did not release until the elevator doors were closed. It kept the floor soundproof.

"You must be Miss Melody, I have heard good things about you. I am Miss Kimmy, Mr. Leo's personal assistant. Please follow me."

As they entered Mr. Leo's office, the heat hit Melody right in the face. Mr. Leo had set the thermostat to eighty-five degrees making it oppressive. Melody was already sweating, advantage Mr. Leo.

"Yes, please come in. It is very hot in here, isn't it? We can't have you dehydrating, here is a sports drink. As he came around the desk to hand Melody the drink, Melody could see he was wearing extra-long basketball shorts and his cock was stretching two inches past the hem.

The drink, of course, was not your average sports drink. The sports bottle was three parts horny and two parts thirsty. The chilled pitchers of the drink were one part horny and two parts thirsty. The more you drank the thirstier and horny you got. After Melody finished half her bottle, Mr. Leo turned on the outside camera where Miss Kimmy was.

The scene had played out many times. Miss Kimmy loved screwing her brothers. Melody was perceiving a very brutal rape was happening in front of her. She thought Kimmy's clothes were shredded and the rapist was ramming his cock deep. Kimmy could not protest as a pair of panties were stuffed in her mouth.

Melody did not care, it was an immense turn on. Her skirt and panties were around her ankles and all the buttons had flown off her blouse as she ripped it. Right in front of Mr. Leo, she was shoving three fingers into her cunt and sloshing sounds could be heard. Both of her nipples were being turned two rotations in both directions.

In truth, you could not see any exposed flesh on Kimmy. An extra pair of panties were shoved in her mouth, an unbuttoned shirt was over a buttoned one. A lot of dirty talk as to what the rapist was going to do to Kimmy and a lot of pleading for mercy from Kimmy gave Melody sensory overload.

Mr. Leo walked over to his refrigerator and got a chilled two-quart pitcher of the sports drink. As the first pitcher was being emptied Melody yanked the gym shorts off Mr. Leo, his cock slapping her in her face.

"Give me that slab of beef and get that slut of a secretary in here with a camera so I can give her some free whoring lessons."

As Kimmy was recording the event, Mr. Leo's dick was growing and getting thicker to new records. Kimmy was force feeding Melody the drink every time she came up for air.

After the third pitcher Melody got his cock up to seventeen inches in length and ten and a half inches in girth. After the fourth pitcher was finished Melody broke into tears. "Mr. Leo, I beg and plead with you to pound my ass with this monster until I pass out, even if it takes several orgasms for each of us."

Mr. Leo threw Melody over his desk and spread her legs wide apart as Miss Kimmy lubed up Mr. Leo's dick. She added more after a few short strokes. Then Mr. Leo shoved his cock all the way in with one stroke, he couldn't believe he buried the whole thing.

As she drank, she commented that she wanted to be hung by her nipples from the ceiling. Later she said, "You need a full set of BDSM gear for me to pleasure you." Mr. Leo was enjoying fucking his grandniece's brains out.


HR was backed up trying to get skilled staff. The President of HR was headed out to lunch; she hated running the gauntlet of mediocre talent. She never sees an applicant before her staff whittled down ninety-five percent of them.

Today was different, however, as she left the office she noticed a petite mousey young girl half hidden behind a potted plant. Her buttoned-up green cardigan accented her green eyes. Her face was hidden behind thick tortoiseshell glasses. She was wearing a below the knee black skirt that was very unflattering.

Intrigued, the President of HR walked over to her and said, "Follow me, my pet."

Just before they entered the office, the President of HR said, "You will refer to me as Mistress Dom at all times."

The office was huge, with a small uncomfortable metal chair that was in the center of the room. Mistress Dom's desk was a very large wooden desk and she had a large leather chair. They were on a six-inch platform with ramps going down each side so she did not fall.

"So, what is your name dear?"

"Missy, Mistress Dom. Do you want to see my resume?"

"No, my pet. I have been doing this long enough to know half of the resumes are lies, and the other half are so bad they should be lies."

"My pet, you have such beautiful hair. Why is it so long?"

"Well Mistress Dom, I got together with several of my friends, as we all have distinct color hair we decided to grow our hair super long and donate to 'Locks of love'; they make wigs for people with cancer. We go to the salon every week to make sure it is luxurious. It is expensive doing it that way, but they have been through so much already. I would want nice hair for my wig if I was in their position."

"That is very admirable, my pet. Not many like to pay it forward for people they don't know."

Missy was squirming, her legs were crossed and she had a vice grip on her lips. She could not avert her eyes to look at Mistress Dom; she was in total submission.

Mistress Dom came around to the front of her desk and now Miss could see her from the front. The dress is all red leather, a deep cut bustier, belt, panties and glossy red leather thigh tall boots with five-inch spikes. She was topped off with a riding crop and handcuffs on her leather belt.

Missy was on sensory overload; Mistress Dom's scent permeated her leather clothes. Missy was getting weaker on her knees.

"What do you think of my boots? I bought them yesterday, and I am not sure about them. They have a strange odor. Do they smell OK to you?"

Missy licked her lips and fell over when she tried to stand up.

"Well, if you can't walk over here, I guess you will just have to crawl over here?"

As Missy crawled to Mistress, Mistress pulled out a large dagger Missy did not see before. It made short work of Missy's clothes and now Missy felt the cold steel of the handcuffs on both wrists.

"Take deep breathes, my pet. You can kiss and lick them also. Just think what it will feel like when I command you to lick my toes. You no longer think for yourself, unless commanded to do so, you are mine."

Mistress Dom put a very elegant braided brown leather collar around Missy's neck and attached a leash.

Even though Mistress's name was Dominique, it fitted her lifestyle. For most people, they would get arrested if they had a naked human on a leash in their car. The cops did not even give it a second thought, just Mistress taking another slut to the club.

Missy was very self-conscience crawling naked into the club. Once inside Missy saw all the other slaves were naked and sitting on the floor by their master. Mistress went from table to table, at every one Mistress would ask about the welfare of the slaves and subs.

The slaves and subs loved Mistress, in some cases, she saved their lives. Mistress would not put up with a bad Master or Mistress. If she saw that the Master's treatment crossed hard lines, she intervened, taking personal ownership of the sub or slave on the spot.

Mistress had seen it all, giving the sub an overdose so he and his friends could gang rape the sub. The sub was so bruised and bloodied she was spitting up teeth. If she complained, she got more of the same. Hot iron branding that left third-degree burns, was somehow fun for some people.

Her influence was so great, that the Master would be banned from the community worldwide. He would also receive some advanced sub training before he left.

What happened after they left the club was another story, they were so drunk they could not stand. All their cars were parked and reported stolen outside an impound lot that charges $100.00 a day. The girl would have a rape kit did that would link right to the men. Tattoos were common, and it made identification easy. All the while the men were in lockup, their bill was continuing to rise. Such abhorrent behavior got them fired and blackballed for several states.

Missy couldn't believe her luck. She was exposed for all to see, but she felt the safest she had ever been in her life. She would follow Mistress Dom's commands unless it was an unlawful command.

The following day Missy was beckoned into Mistress Dom's office. Gone was the folding chair, replaced by a mate to Mistress Dom's chair; the chair was moved closer to the desk. Mistress used the folding chair to magnify the intimidation factor that the platform afforded. Mistress towered over all applicants.

Today was a conference about the contract. There was the formal contract for the business. It was straightforward, just a few signatures and things like a W-4 for tax purposes and to Missy's excitement a sub/slave contract appeared later.

That document was extra-long. Included within the main text was a section of Mistress Dom's 'Hard lines' and a checklist for 'Soft lines': each had areas for addendums. Mistress Dominant was surprised when Missy wrote a lengthy addition to the 'Hard lines'. Missy checked about half of the 'Soft lines'; it was less than Mistress Dom wished.

When Mistress reviewed the contract, she saw that Missy went into detail about her hair.

"Missy, how much do you spend on your hair every week?"

"One hundred dollars Mistress. It costs more because we use all-natural products, no chemicals."

"Missy, that is over half your paycheck!"

"Yes, Mistress Dom, we can't even afford to go out and get a burger, but we do it for all those people with cancer."

"Missy, call all of those friends and invite them to dinner at my house."

"Yes, Mistress."

"Missy, I have a friend who is a blonde. She is about to go into chemo, and the doctor said she will lose all her hair. She does not want to go around wearing scarfs all the time."

"Blonde is the hardest one to get, too many women either dye or bleach their hair to change their hair color. Don't even get me started on all those funky colors. Chemicals kill your hair. It will come out in clumps after a while."

"My friend is a natural blonde; all of us are naturals. Have your friend have a consult with 'Locks of love' and my friend will request her hair goes to her this time if she agrees."

Later that night, Missy pulled her car up to the guard house. She said, "Missy and friends are here to have a dinner with Mistress Dom."

"Yes Miss, she is expecting you. She wished you to come in early, so you may view the gardens before you go up to the main house."

While wandering the gardens, one of Missy's friends said, "Damn. These gardens are fucking gorgeous."

Missy turned on her friend and yelled, "Pam, the redhead, you are just here for a couple hours; Mistress Dom is a Lady, my Mistress, not to mention your hostess. Please do not disrespect her by using your foul mouth. You can leave right now if you don't think you can handle that."

Her friends were in shock. Missy never raised her voice to anyone, ever, much less yelled at them. It was obvious this dinner was very important to Missy, everything had to be perfect, even if that meant asking one of her best friends to leave.

"I am sorry Missy, it was a very improper comment for me to make. I will be on my best behavior."

Missy yelled far louder than she intended. Mistress heard her comment in the house that was some distance from the gardens. She smiled.

Mistress suggested to the chef the night before, "These ladies can't even afford to go out and buy a burger because they spend so much money on their hair for cancer patients. I suggest building a menu around the most flavorful cut of cow you can find, just remember smaller portion sizes would be better."

"I know the exact menu Mistress. Permission to use the best china and candlesticks?"

"Granted. I have a few surprises for them, let's pull out all the stops."

When they arrived at the huge mansion, the butler announced them. It was like a time warp to 150 years ago. Mistress had a full live-in staff. They were shown to the study, where Mistress Dom was waiting.

All five girls were roommates. They all looked fantastic and Mistress could see the benefits of keeping healthy hair. The most breathtaking one of the lot was Sue-Lin, an Asian with jet black hair that was much finer than Missy's.

Mistress stated that dinner wasn't ready yet and asked if anyone would like some tea. All heads nodded. Mistress rang a small bell and a maid appeared. "Six teas for our guests."

"Now, let's start introductions, I'm Dominique."

"I'm Pam."

I am Emily, but everyone calls me Em."

"I'm Erin."

"I am Sue-Lin, but my friends just call me Sue."

"And I'm Missy, Mistress."

Just then the maid came in with a teapot and some tea that was in an infuser that fit on top of the cup. She poured all six cups and left, leaving the teapot and infuser behind.

After one sip, there was a collective, "Wow, I never had tea like that."

Missy saw that Pam was going to go on an uncensored tirade. Missy threw the car keys at Pam and pointed towards the door. The message was unmistakable. Pam swallowed hard and remained silent.

The other girls looked at Pam, then Missy, then Pam again. The ball was in Pam's court and Mistress could do nothing.

"Dinner is served, Madame."

It was the best news Mistress ever heard, everyone could take a deep breath.

A tear stained Pam said, "My Lady, can you show me where the ladies' room is?"

Mistress showed Pam, in fact, she followed her in.

"What's going on Pam, that wasn't Missy out there?"

"It isn't Missy My Lady, it's me. I swear like a sailor on leave. I am trying hard to stop. I pray every day for God to help me. This dinner is so important to Missy; she would rather have me leave than to ruin the night with my swearing."

"I see, wash your face to clean up those tears."

The chef said, "My Lady told me that you could not afford to buy a burger because of what you do for cancer patients. Tonight's menu that is in front of you is built around top sirloin beef. Just tell us what you want, and you will have it."

Pam said, "Chef this food looks fantastic, please don't feel insulted, but I am not feeling very well, and I doubt I can eat this rich food. Is it possible for me just to get some plain old soup?"

"Yes Miss, I am sorry you are feeling unwell."

"Because you are not feeling well, I insist you stay the night. Any room but those that are marked."

Pam bolted up the stairs, the maid was having a demanding time keeping up with her. Pam ran down the west wing, now unused, and went to the last door.

"Miss, I will get sheets and bedding for this bed, as well as a light, in case you need it during the night."

"Could I bother you for a Bible, paper and a pencil? I screwed up royally tonight and I don't know what to do."

"Yes, Miss."

In truth, except for the master bedrooms, Pam's room may have been one of the best in the mansion. The balcony lets you look over several gardens. Each garden had different themes so there were different fantastic flowers in each, and the glen on the west side provided awesome sunsets.

Missy had already moved in, and most of the others slept near her in the east wing.

Mistress asked the maid, "Where did Miss Pam go to bed?"

"West wing mum, last room."

"Thank you, continue with your duties."

As Mistress approached Pam's room, she could hear her crying from several rooms away. "May I come in?"

"Yes, My Lady."

"What is the matter, Pam?"

"No offense My Lady, but I wish I never came, my warning was out in the garden. I almost cursed again when Missy threw the keys at me and pointed to the door. I couldn't even eat chef's meal."

"I am sure she will forgive you."

"I beg your pardon, my Lady, humans can't forgive. They may say so, but the baggage is still there. It may take one or two years, but at the lowest point where it is, thrown right back in your face."

"Did you come up here this early because of Missy?"

"In part My Lady, my bedtime is around 6:30 PM because I get up at 4:30 AM to pray for an hour or more and then everything else, my hair takes thirty minutes."

The next morning the girls woke up to the smell of bacon and pancakes, fruit cup, orange juice or milk and packed lunches were in the refrigerator.

"Now girls, I was going to bring this up last night, but I think everyone needed a good night's sleep. As Missy may have told you, I am President of HR for all our companies. I am the very best at what I do. I get paid an obscene amount of money for it also."

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