tagBDSMInnocence Lost Ch. 02

Innocence Lost Ch. 02


While Zara finishes her drink Robbie captures her breasts and buttons the tight leather vest closed over them. Her gasp and soft moan as the slightly rough leather first rubs and then crushes her swollen, tender nipples makes him smile with pleasure. The night is young and his imagination runs wild. Zara sets her glass down on the bar and looks at him, her eyes still glazed with passion. "Fix your clothes babe," he tells her, his hands busy doing the same thing. "I'm hungry and I know the perfect place."

'Oh god,' she thinks, 'now... he wants dinner!' However, she nods and stands, fingers busy doing as he commanded.

"Romantic lighting, soft music," he continues, "and... private booths." He grins mischievously when he hears her groan softly. "Also, once the food is served the waiter won't return to the table until signaled. So we won't even have to deal with untimely interruptions." This time he's not sure if it is a groan or a moan, probably a bit of both. He chuckles and wraps his hand around hers. "It's not far from here so we'll walk."

'Lovely,' she thinks, 'my legs are like jelly and he wants to walk." Smiling bravely, knowing he's not nearly done with her yet, she walks with him. Outside night has fallen, the air rapidly cooling now that the sun has set. Zara shivers as the cool breeze plays across her still fevered flesh.

Robbie glances at her; then watches as another shiver ripples through her body. He imagines shivers of another kind and smiles softly. 'Oh yes, training her is going to be so much fun.' He leads her around the corner. About halfway down the side street he tugs her to a stop and turns to the stairs leading up into the building. As she walks carefully up the steps she sees the sign, small elegant simple. It has only two words written on it -- Wicked Indulgence. 'How does he find these places,' she wonders.

The first thing she notices when they enter is the lighting, it is soft and romantic just as he said; then she notices the silk screens and greenery blocking the tables from her view. 'Oh wow!' No matter which way she looks all she can see are beautiful plants and elegantly painted silk dividers. The walls are covered in what appears to be cedar stained a glossy deep red. Taking a deep breath, she nods; it is cedar. 'It smells just like a cedar glade filled with flowers.' She catches a hint of incense, 'or how an elegant Asian garden might smell.' Awed by her surroundings, she follows the tug on her hand, eyes shifting rapidly from one beautiful tasteful thing to another. A squeeze of her hand catches her attention and she realizes they have reached their booth.

Robbie grins at her reaction to the place and waits patiently for her to slide into the booth. There is only one way into the small curved booth. Backing the booth are silk screens decorated with peacocks and lotus. The other end of the booth is screen off by an elegant arrangement of greenery. Interspersed among the variety of leaves are red and white blossoms. Zara slides her hand down the back of the booth as she sits. 'Feels like leather,' she thinks, 'but it can't be real.'

"Yes, it's real leather," Robbie answers her unspoken question softly as he slides into the booth next to her. "Real leather, real silk, real oak," he raps softly on the tabletop. He laughs as her eyes widen with each word. "They have a very exclusive clientele." He reaches over and unbuttons the top button of her vest, his fingers teasing the cleavage slowly being revealed. Zara blushes and looks around franticly for the waiter.

"Robbie..." she whispers softly, "please..."

Robbie chuckles. "Still shy my sweet? Even after what you just did?" Zara blushes as she is reminded of what just happened at the club. "What happened to that naughty lady who didn't care who saw her cumming?" He teases her as his fingers undo yet another button.

"Oh god Robbie... I thought you said you were hungry."

"Oh I am my sweet," he interrupted her. "Hungry for a great many things. Some of which I will get here," his voice husky with need he continues teasing her verbally as his fingers reach for her skirt and slides it up until her bare bottom is resting on the cool leather, "some I will get later. After all you did mention dinner and dancing did you not?"


"No buts my lovely Zara. First we will dine," he gives a wicked look, "and then we will dance. There's a little dance club I know where one can get away with all manner of naughty things on the dance floor and no one will say a word." He laughs softly at the priceless look on her face. He can tell that she doesn't know whether to be scared or turned on, but he knows it's a combination of the two. It almost always is their first time.

"Now..." he opens the menu so they can both see it, "what would you like to begin your dining experience with?" Zara shivers; she can tell from the wording of his question that he has something devilish planned.

It only takes a few minutes for Robbie and Zara to make their decision and Robbie signals the waiter who appears almost immediately. 'He was watching,' she thinks and flushes a deep red, her mind busy trying to calculate just how much he could have seen. 'The table is not that large and there's not tablecloth so whatever happens beneath the table might be visible to anyone watching, but what about the seat.' She squirms a little as her thoughts lead her down paths she's never traveled before.

Robbie places their order and requests a bottle of wine to go with their dinner. All the time he is watching her face, watching her squirm from the corner of his eye. He glances at the waiter as he takes the menu and nods at the impassive expression.

As the waiter walks away with their order, Robbie turns in his seat and faces Zara. Zara glances at his face; then lets her glance travel slowly down his lean form. With his leg cocked and resting on the seat of the booth the outline of his hard cock is easy to make out. Zara trembles and wonders what he's planning. After what seems like the longest minute of her life, she finds out. Robbie strokes her bare leg from thigh to knee softly, and then grasps her behind the knee coaxing her to place her leg over his. As she shifts in her seat to comply with his silent command, he notices a damp spot on the seat. 'Hmmm... is that a reaction to me or her wicked thoughts,' he wonders. With his other hand he takes her hand and places it on his thigh, only inches from his aching rod. "Where's that coy little lady who thought she could get what she wanted by teasing me back in the club?" he asks her softly.

Sighing softly she reaches out and runs her nails over his jean-covered cock. "I think you scared her away," she replies in an equally soft voice.

"Are you telling me," he answers as his fingers stroke lightly over her thigh and bare mound, "that you've had a change of heart?" He slides a finger in the slit his maneuvering has revealed and strokes her sensitive nub. "That you no longer want to please me?"

"No!" Zara gasps and jumps when his questing finger finds her swollen, tender clit. Robbie watches her face as he continues to tease her. "I just... oh god I don't know. Just not sure what to do anymore." Her voice quivers as she struggles to hold back the moan that wants to escape.

"So I've shaken your little world up a bit have I?"

"More than a bit. You've turned it all upside down." This time, as his nail flicks across her nub, she can't contain her moan. "Oh god ... please..." she begs as her hips lift, trying to bring his fingers closer to her dripping sex.

"Mmm... I love hearing you beg." He continues to finger her warm, wet pussy and uses the other hand to release a couple more buttons. He watches as each deep breath she takes reveals even more creamy flesh. Her soft moans and whimpers are music to his ears. Like a master musician he continues playing her body reveling in her reactions. His cock, under her talented fingers, begins to throb with intense need.

"Why... how... oh god please..." Zara begs, her mind spinning as he slide first one finger and then another deep into her warm cavern. Muscles tighten involuntarily when his thumb flicks across her sensitive clit.

"Please what? What does my sexy slut want?"

"Please Robbie. You're going to make me cum."

"You don't want to come?" Robbie adds yet another finger to her dripping pussy and grins when she whimpers and bears down on his hand. "You want me to stop?"

"No! Yes!" She groans and struggles to speak. "Please Robbie..." she begs, almost in tears. "I need to cum." Every shudder, tensing of muscles, shiver tells him how badly she needs release, but he keeps her on edge, wondering just how far he can take her.

Whimpering and squirming, Zara bites her lip and fights to find release, but every time she gets close he draws her back. She wants to scream in frustration but can't, not in the middle of a restaurant. Instead, she tenses and whimpers. Robbie's eyes darken with desire as he watches her struggles. Finally, she can't take anymore and tears slide slowly down her cheeks as she begs again her voice almost to soft to be heard. "Please..."

Robbie's serious expression almost frightens her, but nothing's going to stem her need now. She watches his eyes as he leans closer and captures her lips with his. Her eyes drift shut and she moans deeply. He can taste her tears; feel them as they continue to flow. It's time. Clasping one hand behind her head to hold her tightly, he drives his fingers hard and deep into her sopping pussy. She bears down on his hand just as his thumb finds her clit. Suddenly, she explodes. Her mind spins. Robbie's lips capture her scream as he drives her higher and higher refusing to let her come down.

Slowly, ever so slowly, he eases his fingers away from her and holds her as she continues to cum, unaware yet that he has left her. He wanted to know if he could push her to the point where her body would take over and block all and else and he's gotten his answer. Gradually, she comes down, but the trip down is not smooth. Every time a muscle tenses or twitches she soars again, just not quite as high. When she can once again master her own body, Zara sighs and relaxes against Robbie's hard chest. He gathers her close and just holds her while she recovers.

"Good girl," he whispers softly. "That was so beautiful. You were beautiful."

"I had no idea it could feel like that." Wiping the tears from her face Zara shifts until she's sitting on her own again. Almost. When she tries to move her leg Robbie holds it firmly where it is with one strong hand and shakes his head no. Sighing, she relaxes her leg and instead reaches for the buttons on her vest. Again his hand intervenes and he shakes his head. Blushing, she folds her hands demurely in her lap. His smile of approval sends butterflies to wing in her midsection.

Robbie signals the waiter and their drinks appear and are shortly followed by their meal. With a slight bow the waiter leaves them so they may continue their meal in private. Once again Zara wonders just where he goes and how much he can see. Robbie interrupts her musings by popping another button open. She gets the message. He wants her full, undivided attention or else. Knowing now that he will make good on his threat, she gives Robbie her complete attention.

Smiling his approval, Robbie marvels at how easy it's been so far to teach her to respect his control. Clearly, she was meant for this life. He encourages Zara to eat and they dine quietly. He knows she is processing what has happened so far and allows her this quiet time to think. Even so, every so often he reaches down and runs his fingers lightly over her thigh and each time she looks at him, startled by her body's reaction to his touch. Only when he removes his hand and smiles does she return to her meal and musings. Once the meal is finished and they are relaxing with a glass of wine Robbie reaches for her hand and sets it back in his lap. Her eyes dart from his face to his lap, where his rock hard cock is still outlined by denim. He says one word, "Dessert." Then laughs when she blushes furiously.

Robbie watches as she begins to speak; then thinks better of it and seals her lips shut. The panic in her eyes says it all.

"Pull your skirt up around your waist." His tone is gentle but firm. When she hesitates he raises one brow and she hastily complies. "Good girl. Is your cunt still wet?"

"Y...yes..." she stammers started by the tone of his question.

"Good." Zara shivers at the look on his face. "I want to watch as you play with it." When she hesitates he tells her, "Go on. I'm waiting."

Blushing, trembling, she reaches down and fingers her pussy.

"Use your other hand and spread those lips. I want to see you rubbing your clit."

Heat flushes through her body and a light sheen of moisture appears on her exposed flesh as she obeys his commands.

"Mmm... yes you are wet aren't you." He can feel her shivering almost continuously now and his cock grows even harder. "That's my pussy now." Her back arches as his words increase her arousal. "I'm going to thoroughly enjoy teasing and torturing it." His words cause her to hesitate. "Don't! If you stop now then I'll have to punish that lovely pussy before we leave here," he commands. Robbie can tell his words are unsettling her, yet he also knows that they are arousing her too. He wants her off balance.

Zara's eyes close as she rubs her clit harder, faster. Then her fingers slide deeper, plunging into her tight love canal. She gasps softly; her soft warm flesh is still sensitive from being punished by his cock earlier this evening. She shudders as heat floods through her lithe form. 'Her body is so expressive,' Robbie muses as he watches her, 'and so responsive.'

Zara's breath catches in her chest and he knows she is close again. 'She's reaching the peak much quicker now... not used to being this aroused for this long.' This simple exhibit of the power and control he can command makes him crave even more. Having one woman, this woman, responding so instinctively to him like this is intoxicating. His commands and control strip away her inhibitions and fears like a sculptor chipping away the common rock to reveal the exquisitely rare beauty hidden within. 'Her passion is so beautiful.'

Reaching over Robbie pops another button open. Then another, and another until her heavy breasts are exposed to the cool air. He watches as her nipples pucker in the coolness and harden to tight rosy nubs. He rubs the back of his hand over one nipple and feels his swollen rod jump when Zara moans softly. Quickly he grabs the same nipple and pinches it hard. A small shriek escapes her lips as her pussy spasms and she climaxes hard.

"Stop!" He gives her nipple a twist when she doesn't respond quick enough. Not wanting her to have time to think he tells her, "on your knees." He uses his hold on her nipple to guide her down under the table; once she is moving he releases her nipple, shifts in his seat, and releases his hard, throbbing cock. By the time she has taken her place between his knees he is ready for her.

Framing her face with his hands, he looks down at her. Confusion and passion war within her eyes. Threading the fingers of one hand through her hair and pulling it back from her face he holds her tightly and then grasps his thick rod with the other. He strokes his cock slowly and watches her eyes as they follow the motions of his hand on his hard shaft. Zara moves her head forward but is brought up short by his hand in her hair. Confused, she darts a look at his impassive face. Seconds later her eyes are back on his cock. She licks her lips when a bead of pre-cum appears and again tries to move forward. Once more he holds her back.

A soft whimper escapes her throat, so soft he would have missed it had he not been waiting for it. Robbie guides her head forward and allows her to wrap warm lips around his thick cock. Not waiting for her to adjust to him filling her mouth he continues to push her head down until the entire length is buried deep in her throat. Choking, she struggles to get free, but he holds her there until she stops fighting him. Once she submits he loosens his hold and allows her to move up and breath again. Her tear filled eyes lock with his. His fingers caress her cheek, brushing away the tears. His cock, still deep but not quite to the point of cutting off her breath, spasms and she swallows involuntarily. He groans and closes his eyes.

Freed from his gaze Zara recovers and goes to work sucking and licking as much of his cock as his grasp in her hair will allow. She feels him thickening and throbbing and sucks harder, but he takes control and forces his cock into her throat again. This time though he brings her right back up and then rams his shaft down her throat again. Once she catches on to what he wants, she relaxes and lets Robbie use her mouth.

Zara can feel her pussy dripping yet again; she closes her eyes and marvels at the feel of being used this way. His tempo picks up and her arousal grows. Time stops. Thinking stops. Only sensation remains. She can feel each throb, each breath he takes, so when his cock erupts she is ready; ready for his reaction but not her own. As his cum fills her waiting mouth, her body explodes and she climaxes too. Her head spins and reflex takes over as she swallows his thick creamy seed.

Gently, Robbie untangles his fingers from her hair while she licks him clean. They finish about the same time and find their eyes locking again. Smiling softly, he reaches out with a finger and wipes a stray drop from the corner of her mouth. Grinning Zara turns her head and sucks his finger clean. Robbie chuckles and lifts her from the floor.

"That was fucking fantastic," he tells her softly as his eyes wander over her shivering flesh. His eyes are quick to note the extra moisture on her thighs. "I was going to ask if you enjoyed your dessert, but I can see," he teases her, "you enjoyed it as much as I did." 'I love making her blush,' he grins as a slow flush heats her cooling skin.

" I... I've never..." she stammers only to be stopped by his fingers on her lips.

"There are going to be a lot of those over the next few weeks." His voice is soft, gentle yet firm. "So sexy... ready to go dancing now?" His wicked grin guarantees that another "never" is going to disappear real soon.

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