tagBDSMInstructions from Anne Ch. 01

Instructions from Anne Ch. 01


The book was a surprisingly easy read and dealt with topics that were completely foreign to me at the time. Topics such as fem-dom, cuckolding, chastity, feminization, humiliation and bondage were discussed at length. The author explained each step from a neutral perspective regarding the pros and cons of each step and why each was necessary to ensure a happy productive female-led relationship. I could not imagine Lori employing all these ideas as I found some of them simply too far out there to be real. For example, what male would voluntarily put his penis in a cage and then find satisfaction in having his wife have sex with other men or allowing one to be dressed in female clothes. The finest example of this nonsense was the concept where the author stated, and I paraphrase, "There is no greater form of submission then to have your husband eagerly and willingly support your cuckold lifestyle by orally servicing you after you return from a date with another man." There was no way Lori would do this, she is just too conservative. I completely understood the concepts from the female point of view, but just couldn't wrap my head around the idea of giving up complete control 24x7x365. Surely this would be a fad, I decided that I would play along get some great sex and spice things up a bit. Also an idea was forming in the back of my head that what was good for the goose, was good for the gander and that we could eventually switch roles. With the idea of switching roles and getting her to agree a threesome I decided to play along. This was going to be fun!

A few hours later a slightly tipsy Lori came home and asked me to make her a cocktail and to get myself a drink as it was time to talk. I walked to the kitchen poured a hefty amount of Windsor Canadian into a tumbler, added some ice and club soda with a small twist of lemon and grabbed a BudLight for me.

I walked back into the family room and give Lori her drink and asked her how her night was and asked her what she bought. She replied that she was just window shopping and that she wasn't ready to take the plunge. What a weird statement to make - take the plunge...... Then it dawned on me she must have been out looking for guys to make me a cuckold. I immediately got defensive and asked her if she slept with another man. She smiled and said, "Of course not silly! I was just teasing you, I wanted to see how you would react." She smiled coyly and said, "strip, if you do I will make it worth it."

I got up kicked off the shoes, tore off my shirt, stepped out of my boxer briefs and pants in one motion and walked over to her and put my cock inches from her mouth, she smiled, licked her lips and started sucking, eagerly like the night before , again with an intensity that I had not seen in years. I thought that this weird but thought that I could get used to this new found explosion of sexual energy.

After 5 minutes or so and just before I was ready to unload she stopped and asked me if I finished the book and wanted my thoughts on what I had just read. She went on to say that she found the book incredibly exciting and wanted to explore this lifestyle. She admitted that some of the ideas were out there but didn't rule anything out. I explained that I felt the same way and just didn't know, but I did admit that some of the ideas were certainly going to be fun.

She looked at me and started sucking again. Again, after 5 or so minutes and before I was ready to cum she stopped. Again she told me that she found the book highly erotic and that it stirred something inside of her and she really wanted to try this. She told me that she loved me and that this would enhance our relationship. She stated again that we should try this for 6 weeks and then decide, however she insisted that if we do this, we both have to commit and follow the book as a blueprint. After she said this she started sucking again.

Again, after 5 minutes she stopped leaving me high and dry and frustrated beyond belief. I begged and pleaded to cum I told her I would do anything and please just finish me off. She looked at me and started to laugh saying ,"That book is right, once you control the male orgasm you control the male." All I knew is that I wanted to cum and cum bad. I told her that I agreed and would try this for 6 weeks and asked her to please finish me and let me cum in her mouth.

She started sucking with even more vigor and I responded by grabbing her head to control the pace -- bad idea -- she stopped pulled her head back and slapped my cock extremely hard three times. She scream at me saying, "IF YOU EVER DO THAT AGAIN THAT WILL BE THE LAST TIME I EVER SUCK "MY" DICK." I was stunned, she had never been that forceful with me, yet I wondered about the "my" dick comment as I apologized.

She went on to say that she was in charge of when and how I would cum and that if I had a clue about the last hour's conversation on female-led marriage I would acquiesce. I was taken aback and a bit confused at her outburst; I mumbled another apology and told her she was right and that I would never do that again. She smiled and said, "Ok, I know you are a novice at this, but just be a good boy and let me take control." She further stated that since she now controls my orgasms she will decide if and when I get one. She said she accepted my apology and wanted to know if I wanted her to continue.

Of course I wanted her to continue and nodded my head up and down. She said, "Ok but I have a condition for each of your orgasms." She continued by saying that she loved last night when I cleaned her after sex and stated firmly, "Every time you have an orgasm you will have to eat it, no matter where you cum - take it or leave it." I gulped, but quickly thought back to last night and rationalized that it wasn't so bad and remembered the satisfaction I received about giving her a great orgasm and quickly agreed. She smiled and said that she loved me and resumed sucking.

She sucked like a women possessed and in no time I could feel my balls start to churn and felt the telltale signs of an impending orgasm. Lori felt this too as she picked up the pace, gradually replacing her lips with her hands. Finally I could take no more and started shaking; she went faster and faster putting her free hand under the head of my cock as I started to shoot. I started bucking and she kept stroking milking me for everything I could give, catching every drop in her free hand. When finished, I nearly collapsed, I was spent, done and ready to sit down. I muttered a small thank you and started to turn to go clean up when I felt a sharp tug on my penis.

She shouted , "Where are you going Mister, you have a small job to perform!" I looked at her and literally begged not to have to do this. She ignored my request, pulled me down to my knees with a sharp tug on my balls and said, "Open, you know the drill."

To emphasize her point she grabbed harder on my balls and squeezed until I opened my mouth to start to protest. At that the same time I started to protest she raised her open hand containing my cum and proceeded to wipe the contents off it with my lower lip. I knew from last night and the discussion tonight that I had to do it. I knew that it would be better to just swallow it and swallow it fast. I did it and again it wasn't so bad, I looked at Lori who sat back grinning and said, "Good boy, please lick the rest of it from my hand and you are done." I meekly and submissively knew that arguing wouldn't work and crept forward to finish the job.

As I licked her hand clean of my cum, I felt strangely calm and quite submissive, a very similar feeling to the feeling I had last night and when I finished cleaning her. When she said, "Good boy", I had a sense of pride and satisfaction. Where did that feeling come from?

After that night things pretty much continued as normal; with the exception that I was getting more and more sex than ever before, however I was usually tied down or restrained in some way. True to her word I ate every last drop of cum that I produced. While I never truly enjoyed the taste, I did enjoy the intimacy that we shared while cleaning her and had a great sense of satisfaction about giving an orgasm every time we made love. She always praised my efforts and I was always proud of her compliments.

For her part Lori become more and more dominate and started using the book as a bible. I started receiving very small requests; each request was followed with an explanation of why it was required. For example, I was requested to call her Mistress or Ms Lori at all times to show respect. When asked to always make the coffee in the morning, I was told that she needed to sleep in and that I should respect that. All in all the steps where quite easy and the sex was the best it had been in years and I was enjoying this, I was enjoying being submissive!

In retrospect, I realize that each request and explanation took me down the road to being a sub and for her to become my domme. The talk of cuckolding and the other more extremes of the lifestyle were not brought up, and to me almost forgotten.

All was fine and going great until the end of the 6th week. As had been our custom we got ready to go out for our Friday date. As I was upstairs changing out of my suit and getting ready to put on some blue jeans Lori walked into the room holding a bag from Walmart. She said, "I decided to get you new underwear, your old underwear was ratty and holey and needed to be replaced." With that she threw the bag to me. I caught the package and saw a 10 pack of women's panties in various colors. I looked at her and said that she couldn't be serious and that I was not going to wear panties and I preferred boxer briefs.

She coldly looked at me and said, "Jimmy this is not about your preferences anymore, we are in a female-led relationship and you are sub to me. Tonight is the end of our 6 week trial and you need to decide whether or not to continue. I for one am enjoying this and I suspect that you are too, I see you are getting erections after we make love and during the process of cleaning me. You like this, admit it! Tonight you need to decide if you want this to continue. If you do you will take out the panties, right now, select one of them and put the rest in your sock and underwear drawer. You have 5 minutes and then we will go out to dinner."

I sat clad dressed only in my blue boxer briefs and stared at the package on my lap, I looked at Lori meekly and asked her why. She replied, "The wearing of female clothing, especially panties is a constant reminder of our lifestyle and your place in it, furthermore you may grow to like them, you have 2 minutes left."

I looked at the panties and deep down knew that this was a big step; the challenges ahead were going to be bigger and more daring. I was conflicted, I wanted to please her, I had grown to like that role, however I was a man, and what self respecting man agrees to wear panties? In the end I just said -- fuck it -- who really cares -- if I do this I will get more great sex tonight and what was the harm.

I looked at the bag ripped it open, reached in and took out a yellow pair and placed the others in my drawer. When I got up to throw the plastic bag in the wastebasket Lori came up to me a hugged me. She pushed down my boxer briefs and noticed that my cock had started to grow and said, "I think our friend down here likes the idea of wearing panties." I looked down and although it was not completely hard it was well on its way. I smiled back at her and told her that I would do this for her and that I loved her. She beamed at me and gave me a big kiss and told me that she loved me too and that this was going to be fun. After the kiss she said, "Let's get going we don't have all night, I want to get home at a reasonable hour and reward you for your good behavior." I reached down picked up my underwear and threw them in the hamper and proceeded to put on the panties. They were yellow and high cut and did not do a good job of holding in my package, but they did feel smooth and were actually very comfortable after I arranged things down there.

The sushi in Larkspur was excellent; we talked about this and that and generally had a great time. It was after the third serving of warm Saki when Lori steered the conversation back the events of today. She explained that tonight is the last night that I could back out of this lifestyle for at least 1 year. She said that since I read the book, I was able to make a decision based on the contents. She informed me again that she thought some of ideas were a little far out there and that she herself did not know where this would lead and explained that she truly enjoyed the idea of being in control and could sense in my actions that I like being submissive.

I told her that in a way I liked being submissive and that I felt a sense of freedom by giving up control. I also explained that I liked her newly awoken sex drive and that I would like this to continue. I explained to her that I too thought that some of the ideas were too far and that I just did not know. She explained that she understood, but could not promise anything as she really did not know where this would lead. In the end we decided that we would continue this lifestyle for 1 year. With the decision made we headed off towards home.

During the car ride home Lori was as giddy and happy as I ever remembered, and was rubbing my crotch and asking me if I liked the feel of the panties over my penis. She undid my buckle and opened my fly and started rubbing, I must admit that the sensation of the panties on my penis was pretty intense and unlike anything I had felt before. She continued until I was completely erect and on the verge of cumming . She kept telling me how sexy and exciting this was and how we will both grow to love this lifestyle. She kept at it and all I could do was try to focus on getting us home.

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