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It all started this summer. I live in a predominately all white neighborhood, although there are several prominate black families dispersed throughout. I am very athletic and work out regularly. I am also very well endowed. I workout at the local fitness center and jog regularly throughout the neighborhood. I always knew that in the back of every white women's mind is the fantasy to be fucked by a big black cock. Mine is about 10" long and as thick as the average woman's wrist. I am a black musician and my schedule gives me the flexibility to fuck the wives in the neighborhood, while their hubbies work during the day. I began my usual jog and headed for the fitness center.

I always wear spandexes and a tanktop to show off my slim muscular figure, but especially to show the outline of my thick, black cock. I looked around at the people in the facility, which is always filled with mostly white women. As I pass them, I always notice them discretely sneeking peeks at the thick outline tucked inside my spandex. Most of them swallow hard and stare. I pretend not to see them and am always greeted with a shallow hello. I started my usual workout and worked up a pretty good sweat. I noticed a blonde, who always seemed to be next to me during my workouts. She was about 5'5, 130 pounds and a nice ass like a black woman. She would always make small talk and soon introduced herself as Robin. The first time, I pretended, mistakely to rub against her as I made my way to another piece of equipment.

I pressed my big cock against her ass. She closed her eyes, moaned softly, and then I felt her shudder. I must have stayed there for about 1 minute and she pushed her ass hard against me and moaned several times. I excused myself and got on a piece of equipment directly in front of the bench press. Robin got on the bench press and opened her legs wide. I swear I could see evidence of a small amount of moisture and her swollen clit. I completed my work out and left to go home for a shower. The next morning, I started my usual jog and noticed Robin standing on her front porch, in her sports bra and athletic shorts. Her house was situated so that I could jog through the backyard. I looked around to see if I was being watched. It seemed clear. I went to the back door and rang the doorbell. "Hi. Could I have a glass of water?" I asked. She smiled and invited me in. "I see you are headed for your workout," she smiled. I said "yeah, but I've changed my mind now." I was rubbing my big, hardening cock through my spandex.

I got up locked the door, and pulled the blinds shut. I walked over to her and placed her hand on my cock. Robin moaned. "God this thing is so big Ummm..ummmmm..." I pulled her sports bra over her left shoulder, exposing her hard nipple. I bit down on her nipple and covered the top portion of her tit with my mouth. At the same time, I squeezed her ass and put her hand inside my shorts. "God damn...fuck This thing is fuckin' big It's twice as big as my husbands and a whole lot thicker" she shouted with excitement and lust in her voice. She started masterbating my big cock which stood past my navel now. I pulled her panties to the side to expose her hard clit and wet cunt. Her asscheeks tightened as I rotated my forefinger on her clit. "Fuck...that feels so fucking good....oohhh.....You're gonna make me cum like that....fuck" I was determined to make her cum with my fingers first. She started dry humping my cock and grinding hard.."oohhhh I can feel it I gonna cummmm" she cried out. I slipped about three inches of my cock inside her, and kneaded her ass. Her pussy started pulsating and trying to suck more of my cock inside. The room got quiet.

I pushed the entire 10" inches of black cock deep inside her and held it there. Her body started convulsing uncontrollably and her pussy was spasming at a quick pace. Then suddenly she screamed loudly, "I'M CUMMING I'M CUMMING OHHHHHHHHH GAWD BIG BLACK FUCKING COCK SO DEEP FUCCKKKK" I looked down and saw her cum seeping down her left thigh. "SO good So fucking big and good" Her body went limp as her eyes rolled to the back of her head. Her cum had leaked onto the floor and was embedded in the crack of her ass. I carried her to the countertop and laid her there. Robin opened her legs widely and began to masterbate her clit. She was writhering and moaning. I climbed between her open thighs and looked at her pussy filled with female cum. She raised her head and watched me aim my big, purple cockhead, which was easily the size of a plumb, at the entrance of her pussy. She masterbated faster and raised her hips higher, trying to get more of my cock inside her pussy. I then, placed the tip of my black cock on her clit and rotated it slowly. I covered my cockhead with her pussy juice as she rapidly stroked her clit. She kept mumbling, "Big black dick...big cock, fuck ummm..hummmm..I want to cum again soooo bad" With that, I eased three inches inside her and stroked hard She came. Then I eased six more inches deep inside her and she came again. Then nine inches. Robin screamed loudly and exploded, " Ohhhh....ooohhh I'm CUMMMING AGAIN I'm CUMMING OOOHH GOD CAN'T STOP CUMMMINGNNNNG CUMMMINGGG" I looked down and saw that my cock was covered with white, creamy cum. This really excites me. I rammed the entire length deep inside her pussy and her body started to shake and convulse really hard. She gushed cum all around the base of my cock. Her body got stiff. I withdrew the entire length and started pounding furiously. Her pussy was making wet sounds and cum was oozing on the countertop. She moaned, "Ohhhhhh Yes Yes I'm cummming again Damn fuck fuck me Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeee"

I stay hard for hours so she had no idea that she was in for the fuck of her life. I withdrew my still rock hard cock. I watched the pool of cum leaking from her pussy and watched her stroke her hard clit. She stroked so fast, her hand was a big blur. I eased my cock back into her cunt, causing her to moan and grind her ass up off the table. I stroked her pussy with long deep strokes and made sure I held my cock in place when I hit the bottom of her pussy. Her ass started trembling slightly and I knew she was on the verge of another orgasm. I placed my middle finger inside her asshole and bit gently on her nipple. I held her as she jerked and spasmed. "Uhhh ohhhh I can feel it Here it cums again I'm gonna cum HARD BIG BLACK DICK OHHH FUCK FUCK FUCK" Her body stiffened once again and then started shaking violently. Robin screams as tears rolled down her face, "I'M CUMMMING CANT STOP AGAIN ITS CUMMMING HARD OHHHHHHHHHHHHH GODDDDDDDDDDDDDD" I held my cock deep inside her and gently kissed her nipple. She was moaning and grinding her pussy weakly. I pulled my big cum covered cock out and stood up. I was amazed at how far her nipples and clit were poking out. Her nipples were about one inch long and her clit was sticking out about 1/2 inch from its hound.

There was so much cum on the countertop and her pussy, and she was still oozing cum. It had gathered in a puddle on the countertop and thickly cover her pussy lips. I kissed her and said good bye. I dipped my finger inside her cunt and placed the cum on her lips. She licked it with dreamy eyes and only nodded in complete amazement. As I exited the backdoor, I saw another white women, standing at her back door with a robe on. She had a finger in her mouth and her robe opened a little to expose a little of her bush. I watched her eyes travel down to my crotch area. The cum had seeped through my spandexes and showed a big wet spot. Robin loves my cock and from now, I will fuck her regularly.

But as far as the other woman, ummm, that's another story.

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