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I'm not a racist but I've always liked white girls, its just something, can’t put my finger on it but I had to experience one.

It all started when I joined an Internet dating service. I gave it a try to make a few net friends and see if any were up to meet. We had been chatting for a few weeks on various different topics, I intentionally chatted with a white girl because I wanted to see what the sex would be like. We exchanged picks and I liked what I saw. I wasn't too fussy, she, not too tall, brown hair, brown eyes with potential.

When we caught each other late at night online, we sometimes steered towards sex and what each of us would do to each other to fulfill our needs. The first time we chatted like that, it seems there was an instant link between us because the words got hot, very hot, and it was a matter of time before Kate told me what had happened. She had cum!!

This was to my words, as I typed, it seems like I hit her in the right places and I would ask her if she masturbated whilst we chat late at night, and she would tell me "yes" on condition I did too and also "cum too". I did masturbate myself and like it and presume she did the same too. She would also tell me that sometimes she would wake in the morning to wet sheets after thinking about me.

This continued for a while and we exchanged numbers and I found out, that this girl was really horny. On occasion sending hot text messages throughout the day, which would make each other horny especially at boring days at work.

The time had finally come for us to meet, because she lived quite far away, and was visiting her auntie who did not live too far from me, we decided that we should meet in the flesh.

It was a Sunday, I had awaken excited that morning at the prospect of meeting my online lover and whether the sparks would fly between us. It took me 2 hours to finally reach Gillingham due to the shit train service that day, but once there I called her up and her cousin dropped her off.

We met and went for a walk, chatting about my journey before going for a light bite at the local wimpy fast food joint. Gillingham was such a boring place on Sunday because everywhere was close, but I had other things on my mind.

After the meal we walked down a few streets before we finally found an alleyway where we kissed, tongues deep down each other’s throat. I pressed my body close on hers and Kate giggled at she could feel my black cock hard through the material.

The alley way was not a good place, so we broke our kiss and walked looking for potential fuck spots but the park had kids running about and there were loads and loads of streets, a bit too public we thought.

We walked and walked until our luck was running thin but we managed to find a hotel out the blue. We quickly checked in and before our door had closed, we were ripping each other’s clothes off, kissing passionately. I cupped her small tits and sucked on her pink nipples till they went hard.

I liked her smell and another thing, which turned me on big time, was the contrast. Black on white skin. We humped for a while with just her knickers on and my boxers, but it wasn't long till I could feel her wetness seep through the material.

We kissed long and hard, our hands roaming each other’s body, before I ripped her knickers off and waited at the entrance of her love hole with my cock rock solid. Kate gave me the go ahead and my cock slid in with ease. I started off slow, pumping in and out then working up speed. It was a frantic fuck, hard and fast and she loved it.

Kats a petite white girl but she was really wet. My cock slid in hard, deep and fast as I pumped with more and more force on every thrust. This continued until I to aid my thrusts with the headboard of the bed and pull with my thrust.

We continued fucking each others brains out till Kate cried out "were both going to cum at the same time" and with that I trusted harder and deeper and we both did, cum at the same time, it felt awesome.

Our bodies collapsing on each other, we had built up some sweat and her love juices coated my black cock glistening it and love juices continued to run down her leg. We needed a rest but that was for a short while until we were fucking each other’s brains out again.

Looked like all the hot sex chats we had by mobile and the net paid off and I had fucked my first white girl and loved it!

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