tagErotic HorrorInterview with the LVCs

Interview with the LVCs


Interview with the Lesbian Vampire Cougars

Interview 1: Veronica the Madame

Bisexuality is a job requirement for sex work, especially at the management level; the first and most important part of a Madame's job is to break in the girls, condition them and keep them in line. And a lot of that usually involves fucking them as hard as humanly possible, both literally and figuratively.

When Mildred had her way with me, it wasn't just for her own pleasure; she was conditioning me, brainwashing me. Loving me, or at least simulating love was a good way to keep me loyal, for a person starved of it their whole lives getting addicted was all too easy; for a poor little orphan it was more potent than any drug could've been, and when withheld the withdrawals can be more painful and damaging than anyone can imagine.

Always start as early as possible, people who spent most of their lives being abused from the state are the easiest prey and the best slaves, so what's better for a slave mistress than a slave with the body of an adult but an empty brain.

When I was still human and started my very first brothel I already had a lot of personality traits that define me today: the fetishes, the sadism, the child-like giddiness, the genuine love of all things sexual, that's always been there, the difference between then and now is that I have the means to make good on my desires.

When I started up I only had about a half dozen girls under me, some of them were some of the younger ones from the orphanage, just like me they were kicked out because they had gotten too old at 18 and weren't profitable, but they were still kids at heart, they looked up to me as a big sister and followed me, others were just homeless and other ne'er-do-wells I picked up along the way. Mildred taught me a lot of valuable lessons about how to keep the chattel under control: sugar, spankings and jealousy became my management philosophy.

Love became my weapon; these girls were so desperate for a mother figure in their lives they gladly gave up most if not all their earnings just for a roof over their heads and the love and attention of a surrogate mother. It wasn't even sex they wanted at the end of the day, after having to deal with that day-in-day-out they became repulsed by it over time; no they just wanted the comfort and stability of my presence, a few kind soft words and a warm bosom to lay their little heads on. So little effort for so much pay off, it should be criminal but nowadays it is, youngsters have it so easy these days; no wonder the world is going to hell, children are supposed to be slaves, how else can people function otherwise?

That part was the sugar, the jealousy worked the other side of the coin; a self-regulating system that required almost no effort, starve the addicts and they'll gladly fuck each other over at any opportunity for a kind smile and soft eyes, and of course to see me fuck over their rivals.

As for spankings, well I'll be honest with you I actually didn't use much in the way of spankings, when I punished my girls I used one of three methods, applied depending on the severity of the crime:

1.Tickling shouldn't come as surprise; I already said I had my fetishes when I was still human, this was the basic and most common punishment I dished out, usually for small things like not meeting the needs of client, I have to maintain discipline after all. I'd make a show of it, literally, I'd sell tickets and rent out a stage at a nearby cabaret theatre, the manager was always happy to host us because it always drew in big crowds. Usually we'd all dress up, the naughty girl would be tied up, naked and suspended either spread eagle or hogtied in mid-air for all the crowd to see; I and the good girls would be dressed up in costumes like cowgirls, showgirls, devils, you name if it was available to hire at a local costume shop we probably rented it for a night. All the girls participated but it was usually me, I took the lead and I was the most enthusiastic, it was especially fun because by now the girls had been so traumatized by the abuse the average client puts them through PTSD alone made this far more damaging than it actually was, although to be fair I was pretty brutal.

The only limitations I had back then were the limits of my body, those are gone now, and those girls are insanely lucky they're not around now because even back then I was like a Pitbull, give me a cute girl, oh hell just give me access to a body part like a foot or a breast and I'll go at it for days if I could.

I wasn't that ruthless back then, I still loved my girls, I still saw myself as a mother to them, so no I never actually tickled them to death, but I did bring them to the brink, I forced them to empty their bladder and bowels in public, I left their flesh bruised and their nerves tingling. By the time I was done they were just complete wrecks, I fucked them so bad in two completely different ways every time I entered a room, looked at them, passed by them or even showed off my nails I could see it: first they tingled and fidgeted and tried to hide their toes, then they wanted to rush off somewhere private to Jill off, but then the flood of trauma came back and then they became terrified, they were stuck in a netherworld where they were overcome by lust and yet so terrified even a cuddle could cause an emotional breakdown.

I loved it; it was one of my favourite games, people really don't give tickling its due, and to think it's actually legal.

2.Another one I like to use in public, if a girl starts to get unruly and really needs to be put in their place we go back to the cabaret, only this time they'd be servicing a very special client, human men aren't the only ones that to get their dicks wet. Oh don't worry, I loved my girls and there's only so many of them so I wouldn't ever subject them to something as cruel as a donkey show, it's usually nothing bigger and meaner than a pig, and the wonderful thing about the animal kingdom is there's no end to the variety of cocks and most all of them can be trained to eat pussy.

3.This one I saved as a last resort, if a girl tries to leave me or rat me out to the cops or betrays me to another group, well they say snitches get stitches, I say they get circumcised. Maybe I shouldn't have used it as a threat so liberally, maybe that's why Molly ratted me out; but aw heck it all worked out after all, and I still got her in the end, I just regret she just had the one clit.

When Rufio and I arrived in LA and had dreams about opening our own brothel, we had so much in common and had a lot of similar ideas about kinks, fetishes, psychology and how to keep girls in line, it's one of the reasons I fell in love with him. When I first saw Asians for the first time I fell in love with them, from the day they're born to the day they die, they had to be the cutest little things I had ever seen, I wanted nothing more than to snuggle up to them in bed like a little doll.

I had a dream of starting up the biggest brothel in LA, I'd have white girls, Mexicans and blacks there as the usual stock, but I had a special place in my heart for the Orientals; I wanted them to be my thoroughbreds, to be my personal harem. I even had a plan of also having a Cabaret operated in the brothel to, where I had the white girls dressed up in uniforms tickling the shit out of naked coloured girls, re-enacting scenes from American history and parodying shit like the westward expansion and the colonization of the Philippines. Goddamn I bet if Emily found about that she'd write some kind of nerdy paper about white privilege or some shit like that.

Hang on a second that reminds me. Hey Emily, I know you're listening you little slanty-eyed shit! If you can read or hear this it's really fucking simple! Asian girls are hot, they're made to be sex slaves and they're made to be subservient! White privilege means everyone in this house is entitled to your pussy like it's going out of fashion! If I could pimp you out I'd take you down to the sleaziest, shittiest hillbilly towns this country has to offer and let them have you for free, and believe me these are the kind of fuckers who's only knowledge of Orientals comes from cold war propaganda and porn, they're interested in only one thing about you and they still think it's sideways!

Anyway, the first 'recruit' we took in was this one girl, I think she was 23, I think she was Thai maybe. We took her off the street and took her to an abandoned building easily enough, it was easy to gag her, strip her and tie her down to a mattress, I gotta say I was surprised when I found out their vaginas weren't actually sideways.

We played with her feet the whole time; you can never beat a classic or the fact that both of us were massive foot fetishists. There's just something so incredibly romantic about two lovers, husband and wife, a union of two souls coming together to torment one submissive, I like to think my birth parents did this on their honeymoon. It's the way god intended, why else would make humans symmetrical with two of everything if they weren't meant to be split down the middle.

We were so enthralled we didn't even notice that she croaked, it took us like half an hour to notice, it's funny how time flies when you're having fun. That was the first time I tickled someone to death, turns out its pretty easy for the lungs to burst when they're under that much strain, helps when they're tied up so tight they can barely breathe. I thought it was fucking hilarious; it became my go to method of torture and execution.

When I wound up with my family I found my home and my calling, the fun times never ended.

The 1940s was a really good time to be in California, those Japanese internment camps were like a damn candy store to me. For my birthday the whole family came up with an idea to play with some tied up Jap girls, we rented some nurse costumes and went to a nearby camp, bribed a guard to let us in. When asked why, we had a few excuses in mind from interrogation, to experimental weapons, to medical experiments, to psychological warfare to just offending and dicking with the Japs for the sake of it in hopes of lowering morale. But we figured since we were from Hollywood we'd give them a Hollywood answer: we told them we were here to film a series of patriotic stag films, we called it 'Toe Ticklers for Uncle Sam', we even brought a camera to immortalize it for home movies, but hey we ended up making money off it on the underground porn network, it was such a successful venture we decided to go another six times.

God those were fun times: young and old, girls are just as hot as MILFs as far as we're concerned, just foot tickling of course, nothing too racy, it was the 40s after all and the guards wouldn't have tolerated it, but they sure enjoyed a good fetish film.

I remember being so disappointed by the next thirty years, I mean goddamn there was no end to the wars in Asia but no camps popped up, I really wanted it to be a yearly tradition; ah well I guess I should be happy there were no more nukes or ethnic cleansings, golden goose and all.

Still the 70s were fun too, I remember I ran into a bunch hippies hailing from Missouri, bunch of spoiled rich kids from a bunch of small towns, suffering from 'big fish, small pond' syndrome and didn't know any better but were super fucking horny and high and wanted to experience the California lifestyle before returning home to their mommies. Bunch a dipshit kids, normally I'd just use them and eat them, but I thought they'd be useful to spice things up; so I ended forming a brief, impromptu Mason family style cult with them, bullshitted them about demons and gods and Orgone energy, bunch of dumbass hicks who know so little about the world they can't tell fantasy from reality, even if in this case everything I told them was 100% true.

So together we decided to take some revenge on some filthy fucking commie students, people back in those days were dumb enough to think anyone with slanty eyes was automatically a communist, so kidnapping nerdy Asian girls from local college campuses was something they pursued with zeal. Don't get me wrong, I know not all Asians are commies but I ain't tolerating that shit, I was raised in the south and even if I'm a vampire/succubus/supernatural whatever, I'm still a red blooded patriotic American dammit! Any commies coming to take my mansion are going to die screaming, in the dungeon, and it'll take a few weeks.

Actually that reminds me, I need to have a discussion with Emily about her those silly little thoughts she keeps having, I ran a background track on her, typical middle class family upbringing and pinko philosophy. I don't stand for now reds or pinkos in my house, the only reds and pinks in this house are silk fabrics or swollen skin; you live under my roof you think what I tell you to think, I wonder if Regina and the others know anything about brainwashing, it shouldn't be too hard considering how pathetic she is now.

Anyway those hippies, I personally never got involved but it was fucking hilarious watching these idiots turn into a rape gang with delusions of grandeur, and the girls tortured totally had it coming, if only parents taught their children to respect the flag I wouldn't have to step in and do it for them! Spare the rod spoil the child, I'll bring the rod, the knives, the ropes, the rack, the teeth, the fingernails, the whips, the sheers, the car battery, the acid. I'm sorry what was I saying again?

Anyway after a few rapes I got bored with them and went back home, I never really followed up on them, I guess they just went back home. They were really, really into the demon worship I taught them though, like I said what I taught them actually was legit, so odds are they either got themselves killed or they probably set up some kind of yellow fever rape cult in the swamps they call home. Huh, that actually sounds kind of cool, I should probably check up on them one day; starting a cult in general sounds like a pretty cool idea in general, god knows Missouri is big and dank enough you could easily get away with that shit. I think I just thought up a new birthday tradition.

We celebrated the new millennium with a trip to Japan; we pulled some strings and got a private show in our penthouse suite with a really cute pop idol. Girl was barely 18 at the time, that didn't stop us, those girls are just made for sex, like mass manufactured, I never seen or had anyone with such soft skin or toned muscles or slim waist before, she wasn't really so much a human at that point but more like a living doll. Mass manufactured sex symbols, and when they get too old they end up in porn or something so they can be squeezed for more money. They call us monsters, but at least we have enough shame to hide it from the public, Hollywood and these Japanese music industries, they shake it right in the public's face and no one's the wiser, you got to admire the amount of sleaze and manipulation to pull the wool over the world's eyes without really trying. I wonder if Japan has its own Lilith, I bet she's behind that, I bet she'd be pretty hot too; I wonder if she likes redheads.

Wait so now you want to know more about Emily? How much do you want to know, I mean you read the reports we filed, we sent in the progeny application and it was approved, I got the paperwork right here if you don't believe me. Why the fuck do you care anyway, the rules say once that's approved she's our fucking property and what we do with her is our business.

What do you mean what are we going to do with her?

I don't know, I mean, she was a fucking idiot alright, she should've trusted me, I mean I offered her something people literally kill for; most vampires would have to offer us something big just to get a drop of Regina's blood, like an interdimensional portal or a summoning spell or at the very least a favor from someone important and thus useful. We gave all that and more to her on a silver fucking platter for nothing, and what does she do? Fucking ingrate, I should've just joined the others and fucking ate her that night.

But now we're stuck with her, sometimes I feel sorry about treating her this way, I guess I should just sit down and have a talk with her, but she brought this on herself. But rules are rules and she's blood now, so we're stuck with her, and we're gonna take it out of her hide, she needs to learn her place, maybe a couple hundred at the bottom will teach her a proper lesson. Farah's right, I'm too much of a soft touch and this mama bullshit went to my head, she's right I should enjoy this, that's the point of having her in this house, if she sleeps in my goddamn bed I'm going make sure she fucking earns it.


A/N: Hi everyone, sorry for the long wait, this is just a short story series I'm using to let off some steam and plug the whole between main updates. Expect a chapter out for every character, meaning we'll get a total of 6-7 all around this length, hope you guys enjoyed it.

Thanks so much for your support guys, hope you like this.

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