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Into the Maelstrom


Carolyn Lord knew it was going to a bad day the moment Mr. Brandon, the senior law partner, walked into her corner cubical at Nine that Friday morning. He was one of the original founders of the law firm where she worked for the last five years as a paralegal secretary, Brandon, Fields, and O'Connor. In his late seventies, he now spent most of his time wandering aimlessly around the various offices, and talking of old times at every opportunity. He had been quite good in a courtroom in his day, but his courtroom days were long past. At the moment he was parked in the chair located in front of Carolyn's desk, a very bad sign indeed, because that meant her morning was just about shot.

It was obvious that the old man had taken a liking towards her and was always looking for an excuse to be around her. Not that he tried to get "fresh" or anything; she had problems enough with the younger partners and associates about things like that. No, Carolyn was sure that Mr. Brandon was far too much a gentleman of the old school to try anything like that, or even think of it for that matter. He just liked to talk to her for extended periods of time and that always played havoc with her well-planned work schedule.

She liked the old gentleman and wouldn't think of hurting his feelings by asking him to leave, even if he wasn't the senior partner. So, as Mr. Brandon droned on, Carolyn put an attentive look on her face and tried to sneak in as much work as possible. She thought about her main concern for the day, getting ready for a major client conference this Saturday (it figures). Then there was her upcoming evening with Tiffany. She couldn't decide which was going to be worse: being at work on yet another weekend or going to a party with Tiffany.

Carolyn Lord first met the 18-year old Tiffany Goodbody when she appeared as if by magic in front of her desk six weeks ago. Tiffany was part of a freshman job orientation program the firm had arranged with a local college, and Carolyn, to her horror, had been designated as her sponsor. Her schedule was busy enough without having to baby-sit someone.

It did not help matters that Carolyn disliked her at first sight. She was everything Carolyn was not: a classic American beauty, outgoing and friendly as anything, undisciplined, and stupid as a rock. If she wasn't a cheerleader she should have been, with a full head of long, golden hair, innocent big blue eyes and pert, athletic figure. To cap it off, her family was extremely wealthy. She was driving a car (18th birthday present) that, Carolyn noted sourly, would have taken her years to save up for, if ever.

Carolyn Lord was a 30 year-old, olive-skinned Greek beauty who was from a poor family, with parents who were much older than others of her age group. She had straight blue-black hair, which she carefully maintained at just-above shoulder length with a slight inward curl at the ends. She was a delectable 5'6", with a firm 34C bust and a beautiful body which she took care of with the same amount of care that she used when taking care of her car or her apartment, and for the same reasons. It was hers, it was needed, and that was all that mattered. She had worked herself through legal secretary school, was extremely intelligent, and always maintained an impeccable appearance. She also maintained a very cool if not icy reserve that was very hard for anyone, man or woman, to break through, although many tried. As a paralegal, she was considered by those in the firm to be the best they had ever seen, and quite indispensable to their operations.

Tiffany, after a few weeks at the firm, began to hang around with another of the paralegals who worked there, a young, full-figured Latin girl named Maria. Carolyn had a problem with Maria. She had been with the firm for only a year, and Carolyn had been her sponsor as well. From the beginning Maria had gone out of her way to cultivate a friendship with the reserved Carolyn, which, after several months, Carolyn had finally responded to and they spent time together at the occasional weekend lunch or movie. Carolyn returned to her old ways, however, when Maria made a certain invitation to her. It was then that Carolyn ended their friendship. Maria had told her that she was part of an unusual group of friends who met every Friday for a weekend of "girl-games", and that she had told them all about her, and now Carolyn had a standing invitation to join them when ever she wanted. Carolyn thanked her and, outside of work, tried to avoid the young woman as much as possible from then on. She wasn't really sure what games Maria was talking about, but Carolyn wanted no part of them, whatever they were. She always thought it best to maintain a certain distance from those around her and this incident just served to confirm what she already knew to be true.

But now there was Tiffany. She of course couldn't wait to join Maria's group of party animals, and was in fact going to the group's "initiation" this Friday. It was a party at an apartment belonging to a Japanese exchange student named Tamiko Suzuki. But for Carolyn, the maddening thing about it was-- Tiffany didn't want to go alone. She wanted Carolyn to go with her! She told Carolyn that she was really a shy person (Ha!), and had trouble meeting new people. She needed Carolyn along for moral support. Not normally a vindictive woman, Carolyn Lord took pity on the insecure teenager and, against her better judgment, agreed to attend at least a short part of the party with her.

She looked at Mr. Brandon still talking away in front of her, and she sighed. It was going to be a very long day.


It was 6:30 that Friday evening when a reluctant Carolyn Lord finally arrived with a very nervous Tiffany Goodbody at the modest-looking apartment complex where they were to spend the evening. Inside the lobby, Carolyn was surprised to see that it really was a very plush affair, complete with health spas, pool, recreation rooms and security. Not bad for an exchange student, she thought.

As they waiting to gain permission from the front desk for entry into the building, Carolyn noticed that all of the people she saw there passing through the lobby were rather young, at most in their 30s, and rather expensively dressed. She was also surprised to notice that, despite the heavy lobby traffic going past the front desk, there weren't any men. It was only women whom she saw walking past her. Even the staff, including security, were all women as well. How strange.

They quickly gained permission for entry and proceeded up the silent elevator to the 10th floor. After walking down the thickly carpeted hallway, they finally came to the door of the apartment. Carolyn, naturally, had to do the knocking.

The door was opened by a short but very attractive young Japanese girl with long black hair cascading down her back. Carolyn was surprised to find the girl was wearing a very short silk robe and not much else. We must be early, she thought. She's not even dressed yet.

"Con Nichi Wa," the girl said, bowing slightly at the waist. "Good evening and welcome. I am Tamiko. You must be Tiffany and her good friend Carolyn. We've been waiting for you. Please come in."

"Thank you," Carolyn finally said, to cover for Tiffany's nervous silence.

They entered the large apartment to find the party in full swing. It was evidently a theme party of some kind, because everyone seemed to be wearing just very colorful (and brief!) bathing suits. Everyone that is, except Carolyn and Tiffany. Carolyn had gone to Tiffany's dorm directly from her job at the law firm, so she was still in one of her office suits. Tiffany was in her usual tight jeans and pullover.

Carolyn felt ridiculously overdressed. Tiffany had not said a thing about the proper attire. If she had known it was going to be like this, she probable wouldn't have come at all. Well, she'd just leave even earlier than she had planned. She gave it an hour, and that's all. She wondered if the scatter-brained Tiffany had known about the bathing suits.

They were soon surrounded by nine semi-dressed young women, including Maria from the firm. All present were greatly excited about their arrival and greeted them warmly. After looking at all the bare golden flesh in front of her, Carolyn noticed with grim amusement that, at 30, she was definitely the oldest woman in the room. And, after watching how everyone was dressed (or rather not dressed) it was clear that she was also the only responsible adult as well (although even the oldest girl there didn't look much over 20)! It was just one more thing to thank Tiffany for on Monday.

After introductions had been exchanged, Carolyn found out to her dismay that it was in fact a "pool party" (even though the pool was located in the basement of the building and the apartment was on the 10th floor), and that the pool had been reserved for their exclusive use later on that evening, from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. But pool or no pool, the girls were all quite insistent that bathing suits were obligatory for tonight's festivities.

"You mean you really didn't bring anything to wear for the party?" asked Amber.

"I'm sorry," Carolyn apologized. "I didn't know it was going to be like this. Besides, I may not stay all that long anyway, so please don't worry about me."

"But we told Tiffany all about it!"

"It figures," Carolyn groaned to herself.

"Well, I just forgot, that's all," Tiffany exclaimed, to Carolyn's murderous glare.

Tamiko pushed her way through the crowd to where Carolyn and Tiffany were standing, holding some small bits of brightly colored cloth and string. "Since you two didn't wear a bathing suit, here are a couple of mine you can use."

"I don't think so," Carolyn haughtily replied, looking down with ill- concealed horror at the terribly revealing two-piece suits Tamiko held up for them to wear. Even if they had been Carolyn's size, which was impossible considering how petite Tamiko was, they were still far too small for her. She always hated the idea of exposing her body to anyone, even in her own modest single piece suit. Wearing Tamiko's, she would be practically naked in front of these strangers. Not a chance!

"Tiffany's the one you want. I'm just a visitor here," Carolyn said brusquely. She wanted no misunderstanding about her desire to be included as little as possible in tonight's events.

Tamiko was terribly offended at her rebuffed hospitality (for the Japanese take their manners very seriously), especially when done in such an open fashion. "My turn will come, you proud American bitch," she thought with satisfaction. A vision of Carolyn naked on all fours while being pumped in her beautiful ass with a 10-inch dildo flashed through Tamiko's mind. Content with her thoughts of revenge, Tamiko kept her demeanor calm as she turned to Tiffany.

"Tiffany? How about you?" she asked, ever the polite host.

"Gosh, they're really nice, Tamiko," Tiffany gushed with a worried look on her face as she looked at the offered suits. "I know it's a pool party. But maybe a little later, when we go down there, OK?"

"Sure, honey. Whatever you want. Just remember, this initiation is for you after all and you're going to have to participate eventually."

"I know. And I appreciate being here, really I do." the nervous blonde said. "When will we start the initiation?"

"You'll find out," Tamiko replied knowingly, and walked away, still holding up the unused suits.

Hiding their disappointment, the girls led their guests into the interior of the well-furnished apartment.As the party started again, one or another of the girls would offer to get Carolyn any type of drink she wanted, but she always declined. Drinking, she felt, was just another way to loose control and she never liked for that to happen. So, she drank only rarely, and then for church or family functions only. She never drank at parties!

Tiffany, however, noted Carolyn with dismay, was accepting every drink she could get her hands on.The party soon regained its previous momentum and Carolyn lost Tiffany to her new friends. Left alone, Carolyn wandered about the large living room, admiring the exquisite oriental art scattered about. She was surprised to find that her hostess had excellent taste. Perhaps there was more to this girl than she thought. Abruptly, she found herself face to face with a very chagrined-looking Tamiko.

Bowing deeply, Tamiko said quietly in her lilting accent, "I came to apologize for my rudeness earlier. It was wrong of me to treat my guests in such a fashion. My poor clothes were obviously not suitable for a person of your quality."

Carolyn was taken aback by the girl's obvious sincerity. She also realized that her own behavior hadn't been exactly Emily Post either. Here she had come to a party, and managed first thing to insult her hostess. Worse, for Carolyn, was that she hadn't even remembered to bring any food, which was a Greek insult in itself! This girl had succeeded in making her feel very guilty indeed. Now she was obligated to make it up to the poor child in some way.

"No, it was my fault. Really," she said, trying to ease the girl's pain. "I can be very foolish sometimes. Please forgive me. Let me help in the kitchen or something. Please."

"No. You might soil that fine suit." Tamiko saw Carolyn blush and look down at the floor upon hearing that. Good! Tamiko thought. Serves her right.

"Besides," Tamiko continued, "the error was truly mine. As a token of my apology, please take this." Tamiko held out with both hands a frosted-glass filled with ice and a very thick, red liquid. "You will find it is the just the thing for a hot summer evening," she said.

Carolyn carefully took the glass and wondered how she could ask the obvious question about alcohol content without offending the girl again.

Sensing her hesitation, Tamiko said, "This is a favorite of my classmates at the school I attended in Japan, before I left for college in America. My mother always served this during their visits to our home. It is called a Mai Tai."

Oh, if her mother served it to her school friends, then it must be all right, Carolyn thought. Relieved that she had been able to avoid another mistake, Carolyn carefully put the glass to her lips and tentatively sipped the liquid. She found it was delicious and very cooling in the warm room. To cap everything off, she could taste no alcohol. The drink was completely safe.

"Why, this is marvelous!"

"Yes, simple but very soothing. It is after all only a mixture of various fruit juices. But, you must drink deeply for the full effect."

To Tamiko's satisfaction, Carolyn eagerly did as she was told. Soon Carolyn was holding an empty glass. She had drained it and hadn't even noticed. The drink was that smooth. The only problem was, she found that she was still thirsty.

"Could I have another, please?"

"I think that can be arranged."

Tamiko brought Carolyn a full pitcher of Mai Tai and then led her to two comfortable chairs which faced each other and were located away from the party crowd on the far side of the room near the kitchenette. There, the two of them talked on into the night, Tamiko being careful to replenish Carolyn's glass whenever it emptied.

After about an hour, the party moved over to where Carolyn and Tamiko were sitting, when Carolyn learned that Tiffany had finally been talked into wearing one of Tamiko's bathing suits. Great, she thought. Now I'm really going to be over-dressed.

"The spare suits are in the bathroom," Tamiko directed cooly, with a pointed look at Carolyn. The embarrassed Carolyn looked away as, with much collective cheering from the other girls, Tiffany left to change in the bathroom. In ten minutes she returned wearing tightly wrapped about her and tied securely with a sash, one of Tamiko's short silk robes she found in the bathroom. In spite of the robe, it was obvious to Carolyn that Tiffany was wearing very little underneath. Two of the girls, Fawn and Samantha, took her giggling back into the bathroom and, after much shrieking and laughing, returned holding a red-faced Tiffany between them, this time without the robe. Tiffany, in a very tiny black string bikini, was busily trying to tie the left side of her small bottoms while the two girls kept her moving forward by swatting her on her pert buttocks and slyly pulling on the strings.

"I just don't see the difference, that's all," Tiffany angrily muttered to Carolyn, to the latter's delight, as she fought with the short strings (Tamiko had cut them so that they were half the standard length) while constantly having to turn to avoid hands seeking to smack her barely covered bottom.

"What's the problem with a robe, anyway! I can hardly keep this suit on." Her breasts shook angrily in their too-small cups as she fought with the suit strings and Carolyn watched them with a unexpected interest.

Tiffany's ordeal ended when she finally got her strings to stay tied. The group then departed with the still muttering Tiffany into the kitchen for a fresh round of drinks. Carolyn could soon hear Tiffany laughing with the rest and was glad that Tiffany was having fun once again.

Carolyn was feeling very mellow by now. She disapproved at the way Tiffany had to display herself in the too-small suit (the girl could just get the bottom strings to knot, and her breasts were practically spilling out of their cups), but found herself enjoying along with the others Tiffany's obvious discomfort. Besides, she had felt all along that the only thing Tiffany really needed was a good spanking.

The party drifted back across the room, leaving Tamiko and Carolyn alone once more. After a time, Carolyn discovered that she was having a wonderful time here. Tamiko proved to be an intelligent and highly educated young woman (Carolyn couldn't think of her a mere girl anymore) whose tales of her life in Japan proved quite fascinating. To avoid offending Tamiko again, Carolyn made the sacrifice of drinking whenever Tamiko re-filled her glass. It didn't matter to her really. It was after all only an unusually pleasant mix of fruit juices, and she could always work off the calories on Saturday. The strange thing was, no matter how much she drank, she always felt a little thirsty.

Carolyn found herself completely captivated by Tamiko's descriptions of Japanese culture. She had never heard anything like it before, and couldn't hear enough about it now. Tamiko proved to be an excellent guide into this exciting new world, and would patiently explain anything that Carolyn asked her about. The normally aloof Carolyn found herself becoming very appreciative of this young Oriental.

As the evening wore on, Tamiko began to talk of various Japanese dating and marriage customs. To Carolyn's surprise, the exchange student then went on to calmly describe in intimate detail the sex life of a young Japanese woman. Normally, Carolyn would be horrified at this kind of talk, yet tonight she felt strangely detached about the whole thing. Tamiko made it all seem so normal, as they sat there in a living room full of half-naked people while she talked of things that Carolyn would have had trouble even thinking about to herself, let alone discuss openly with another person. Still, she knew that such talk was really not for her. It was only her desire not to once again offend this sincere young woman that kept her seated, and not jump up and leave the apartment immediately. Besides, what Tamiko was telling her, however Carolyn personally felt about it, was obviously of cultural and even religious importance to this young person, so Carolyn, taking another big gulp of her soothing and ever-present Mai Tai, was determined not to do anything to cause offense. Besides, it was getting just a little interesting.

If only she weren't so explicit, Carolyn thought. It was like being there, watching these terrible things happening. Worse, as Tamiko went remorselessly on and on, Carolyn began to feel as if what the girl was describing was being done to her, personally. Her mind reeled at the verbal images spoken by this calm beautiful Oriental girl sitting in front of her. As the girl went from sexual practice to sexual practice, Carolyn wondered if it was starting to affect her. She noticed that the room was becoming increasing warm. Worse, she was finding her body becoming uncomfortably warm. Her face was becoming flush. Her heart was beating very fast and she was practically panting, her breath had gotten so fast. She could feel the beads of sweat forming on her forehead under her hair line. She was starting to sweat inside her clothes, too. A trickle of moisture was forming between her confined breasts and starting to run down her stomach, while she could feel another one was going down the small of her back. In fact, her clothes were becoming very confining to her. How odd, she thought. This suit had always been such a good fit before. If only she could get out of her office clothes and into something more comfortable, then she would feel much better.

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