tagBDSMIntroducing Kate Lesson 01: The Cell

Introducing Kate Lesson 01: The Cell


Jess lay on the cream leather sofa with the afternoon breeze gently blowing in through the open French doors. It was a warm Sunday afternoon and almost all the windows and door were wide open to allow what little breeze there was to blow through the house. Almost all the doors...

She was wearing a knitted shoulderless tan top, but she was wearing it as a dress, which explained why its sleeves reached halfway down her fingers, yet its length barely covered her butt. Her white silk underwear was exposed and easily accessible to her fingertips as she lay there and daydreamed. Her long tanned legs reached down to unlaced brown ankle boots that rested nonchalantly on the expensive sofa.

"Hi!" she smiled as her guests walked in through the open door. She swept up from the sofa and pushed back her long dark hair to greet them.

"This is Kate." James smiled as he introduced his new girlfriend.

"Hello Jessica." the slightly shy blonde replied as she held tightly to James.

"Mmm, hi." Jess purred back in her usual dreamy sultry way as she slinked up and kissed both visitors on the cheek. Her big brown eyes then fixed on James as she clomped back to the sofa in her unlaced boot.

Jess's eyes were expressive and James already knew that Jess didn't approve of his new girlfriend. Kate was far too vanilla. Her modest knee length dress, her blonde hair in a simple ponytail; sexy yet with no fun. No leather bangles buckled tightly around her wrists, no straps on her shoes encircling her ankles. But then that was why James was keen for them to meet.

"Tom here?" he asked.

"Mmm." Jess smiled her wide smile as she pointed to the basement.

James followed the direction of Jess's finger and walked off to find his friend. He wanted the girls to have time together, plus he could hear football commentary coming from below.

There was only one room in the basement, although 'cell' would have been more accurate. It was windowless and the front was constructed from bars taken from a real prison and now bolted into the reinforced concrete structure of the house. Although the ten foot square space inside did contain a sofa, and TV.

Tom stood up and they shook hands through the bars.

"Is Kate here?" Tom asked.

James nodded.

"Is she ready to meet Jess?"

"Is anyone ever ready?

Tom smiled. "Exactly! We fucked all morning, but now she's left me in here for three hours."

"You married her."

Tom shrugged nonchalantly

"Going to let me in?" James knew it was a pointless question and Tom responded by simply gesturing towards the empty keyhole.

Tom's team scored and both guys looked around to see the replay before returning to the problem in hand.

"Will she...?" James asked as he tried to rattle the bars that were too rigid to rattle.

"Maybe? If she hasn't lost the key or taken offense at something I may or may not have said last week!"

James made his way up to the light and breezy ground floor and to the sofa that now held the two women. Jess was sitting facing Kate with one leg propped up on the sofa so that her legs were apart. Kate sat upright with her hands and ankles crossed.

"Jess, keys?" James asked.

Jess smiled at him quizzically with her big dark eyes. She wasn't going to make this easy.

"To open the room...?"

"What room?" She smiled sweetly, knowing full well that he was trying not to freak out his date.

"To Tom's room?"

Jess's pout widened into a smile as she uncurled her bare legs and stood up, her underwear acting as pair of very short hot pants.

"Keys, keys, keys..." Jess looked around the room. "Keys...?"

"This?" Kate whispered as she found a large key between two sofa cushions just beneath where Jess had been sitting.

"Thanks sweetie...let James in will you."

Jess bent over to pick up an empty wine glass and then walked out to the kitchen leaving James staring at her butt and Kate looking confused. This would be interesting, James thought as he took Kate's hand and led her down to the basement.

By the time they reached the cell, Kate had her hand on her mouth and her big blue eyes were flicking between the cell and James.

"Kate, meet Tom. Tom, Kate."

"Great to meet you at last Kate." Tom replied, his warm smile a world away from the surprise on Kate's slim face.

James beckoned his girlfriend towards the door and watched as the very confused and self-conscious blonde pushed the key that she'd been given into the lock on the heavy steel cell door. Her trembling fingers turned the key and she almost stumbled back as James pulled the door towards her and slipped through into the cell.

"What do I do now?" Kate's pale lips were now curving slightly.

"Jess probably wants the cell kept locked." Tom answered honestly.

"Really?" Kate fidgeted. "Oh!"

Kate felt awkward about locking the two good looking guys inside and it took her a few moments to actually turn the key. She pulled it out and held it at arm's length between her fingertips as if that way if wasn't her who'd locked them in. With the guys now watching the TV, Kate quickly clipped back up the stairs.

"I locked the cell is that OK?" Kate asked as she sat down next to Jess and started to drink the neat vodka that Jess had poured for her.

"Thanks sweetie."

"But why is your husband locked in a cell?"

"Because you locked him up?" Jess smiled.

"Yes, but he was locked up when we arrived."

Jess moved so that she was sitting cross legged facing Kate. "Its erotic and sexy having a guy behind bars." In this position, Jess's top was doing little to cover her underwear.

Kate was breathing hard. The locked up guys, the sultry atmosphere or Jess's behaviour, something was affecting her and she didn't know where to look or what to say.

"Does Tom like it?"



"Want to find out?"

Jess walked across the room and returned with a pair of handcuffs, Jess being one of the few women who could manage a sexy hip swaying walk in unlaced boots. It may not have turned Kate on, but it certainly added to her air of confidence and intimidation.

"Are they real?"

"Want to find out?"

Jess stood in front of her, her posture reminiscent of a ballerina. "You want to be the one with the cuffs or the keys...the outcome is very different."

"Cuffs?" Kate whispered.

Kate had always been fascinated with the idea of being tied up. But even so, she'd just asked a semi naked woman to tie her up. How the hell did that happen?

Jess kicked off her boots and slinked closer until she was sitting astride Kate's lap. Kate's personal space now completely invaded by this alpha girl. Their faces were almost touching, Jess's eyes totally dominating from this range. Kate whimpered as Jess pushed her hands above her head and handcuffed her wrists to the metal bar that ran along the top of the sofa.

"Erotic?" Jess asked as she ran her red painted nails down Kate's body and slowly moved her hips back and forth across Kate's lap.

Kate was shaking as Jess's dark eyes bore into her. She then let out a cry as Jess's thighs tightened around her waist. Jess laughed and then explained how she could do anything to 'her captive', Jess's lips brushing against her ear. Kate was panting, with tears in her eyes by the time Jess climbed off.

"Does that answer your question of why Tom's in the cell?"

Kate nodded.

Jess lifted Kate's dress to reveal the most innocent white cotton panties. "No" Kate cried as she struggled against the cuffs. Being tied up was fun, but she didn't want to go with a girl. What the hell was Jess doing down between her legs?

"Relax, we have the boys for that." Jess reassured her as she briefly touched Kate, but then pulled Kate's cotton dress back down where it lay modestly across her knees.

Jess held the handcuff keys between her fingers and watched Kate's eyes follow them.

"You can't take your beautiful blue eyes off these?"

"They're my only way out."


After a few minutes more teasing, Jess lent in and unlocked Kate's cuffs. With her hands free, Kate quickly finished the next vodka followed by coughing and spluttering. Perspiration had stuck her bare thighs to the cream leather sofa and she moved to free them. As she did, she felt something between her legs.

"You've padlocked something to my underwear!" Kate exclaimed.


"What is it?"

"A present."

"It's a key."

"Yes, to the boy's cell." Jess smiled teasingly. "The only one."

Kate reached under her skirt and started to pull down her panties, but by the time they reached her knees she felt too exposed and self-conscious. Moments later and her underwear and the key were back in place hidden deep inside Kate's dress.

"Kind of phallic, isn't it." Jess observed as Kate struggled to position the key between her legs.


"I want to see how the boys react."


"Plus it will be easy to unlock the cell, the keyhole is about the height of your pussy."

Kate was feeling the effects of the alcohol as she stood up and walked around the lounge. She felt the key knock against the inside of her thighs. Each time she stepped with her right foot, the key was forced against the left butt cheek. An unusually teasing massage. She sat back on the sofa and adjusted the key slightly and crossed her legs, before finishing her next drink.

"Feel sexy and powerful?" Jess asked.

Kate uncrossed her legs, repositioned the key and recrossed them. The key again pinned between her thighs.

"Is this really the only key to their cell?"


Kate grinned. "What do you do when you let him out?" She asked.

Jess didn't answer, but instead passed her the vodka bottle and two glasses and told her to take down to the boys. The only other command was 'don't let them out!'. That should be easy, Kate smiled, they had no way of knowing that she had the key.

The alcohol combined with the high heels meant that a very wobbly blonde clipped down the stairs into the basement. The football had finished and with nothing else to distract them, the guys watched James's sexy date walk up to the bars.

"Drink is good, key would be better." Tom smiled taking the two glasses.


Kate could feel the temperature building between her legs as the boys peered pitifully through the heavy steel bars. Tom and James looked so sexy each holding their empty glass. Fuck, she hoped she wouldn't melt the key!

This could be fun she smiled as she placed the vodka bottle on the floor just out of reach. Tom was impressed. James was amazed and they shared a smile. This cute blonde seemed to be getting into the fun. James crouched down and stuck an arm through the bars only for his hand to fall short. Kate quickly sat on a nearby stool and crossed her legs, even her classic dress wouldn't hide the key with the guys crawling on the floor beneath her.

"Sweet!" Jess called as she walked bare foot down the stairs.

She walked up to Tom and pushed her leg through the bars. Tom knelt down and kissed her knee and then worked his way up, easy enough when Jess hadn't bothered with shorts or skirt.

"Do you have the key sweetie?" Jess asked Kate.

With the boys watching, Kate was suddenly embarrassed to admit that the key was between her legs. "Upstairs, I'll get it."

Kate clipped unsteadily back up the stairs and out of sight. She slipped out of her panties only to remember that the key was padlocked to the crotch. Fuck, she'd have to open their cell with her panties attached! Even worse, locking the boys in and the feel of the key between her legs had made her, and therefore her panties, damp.

With her panties hidden as discreetly as possible in her hand, Kate clipped back down and quickly used the key to unlock the cell. Kate then tried to remove the key only to find it wouldn't come out unless the cell was closed and locked.

"You guys coming out?" Kate asked.

They didn't answer and now James was looking at the white material sticking out of her closed fist.

'Bang', 'click'.

After less than five seconds of freedom, Kate had locked them inside the cell again. She pulled out the key and quickly hid it behind her back. Shit, why did they all have to see her wet panties! All three of them were now looking at her as the metallic clang still echoed around the basement.

"Fine! The key's locked to my underwear."

Kate blushed as she held the key and panties up for them to see. She was embarrassed, but also strangely aroused as she held up her used underwear.

"Put them back on sweetie." Jess smiled kindly. "They don't deserve their freedom."

Acutely aware that three people were watching her, Kate stepped into her wet underwear and pulled them up her slim legs. By the time they'd reached her knees, the action was discretely hidden inside her dress. Also, unknown to the others, she tuck the key inside her underwear such that the long key reached from her clit to her vagina. With her underwear once again tightly enclosing her butt, she smoothed down her dress and looked at the guys with her hands on her hips.

"Nothing to see now!" Kate announced defiantly.

The key now massaged her as she walked back and forth. Both guys were now holding the bars with their biceps tensing. Kate wanted to touch, but she had to turn away and bite her lip to hide the fact that she'd reached orgasm.

James and Tom were transfixed on Kate. Her narrow waist pulled in by a thin flowery belt and her dress hanging loosely down to her knees. The combination of vodka and guys behind bars had changed her into something more confident and more sexy.

Jess watched in admiration. This certainly wasn't how she'd expected things to unfold. A convert to the cause and potentially an accomplice in future games.

"The key?" Tom asked.

Kate shook her head.

"Your panties then?"

Jess walked up to the bars and pushed Tom's head down towards her pussy. Now on his knees, Tom grabbed Jess's butt and pulled her firmly towards him. With his wife pinned in position, he pulled down her panties and kissed.

Kate looked on in astonishment, the only thought in her mind being 'could she do the same to Tom?' She'd only known him for a few weeks. But Tom was desperately trying to reach her through the bars, biceps flexing to no avail. She let down her hair and shook to free up her thick blonde hair with a little curl. She stepped forward until he could reach her and from there his arms propelled her forward.

James ducked his head inside her dress and pulled down her underwear, but only a little. She knew he couldn't take the key while her panties were still around her thighs and anyway, he was only interested in what was underneath. He held her tightly as he kissed her to prevent her body shaking. He was now inside her and her cries were building.

He finally stopped and let go. Kate staggered backwards and tripped as her underwear caught her ankles. With a dazed smile on her face, she pulled up her panties and climbed less than elegantly to her feet.

Jess had also finished and was leaning with her back against the bars and her arms crossed, her knitted tan top sitting crookedly against her breasts. She walked forward, took Kate's hand and led her back up the stairs. A good start, but Kate had much more to learn.

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