tagRomanceIrene and Jack Ch. 02

Irene and Jack Ch. 02


Six months later:

The lingerie and preggo division was up and running. Through trial, error, hundreds of hours going here and there, Irene had finally found a manufacturer stateside to make the garments. He was in Ohio, his grandfather and father both had been in the clothing manufacturing business, the facility was there, but he lacked long term commitments from anyone big.

He was keeping a skeleton crew working with spot orders, but those were always fast turn around jobs and created a large amount of stress. Irene had originally come from Ohio and kept up with local things at her home town through a couple of gossip rags online. It was on one of those she'd seen the article about a third generation clothing manufacturer trying to keep the company going.

PAP negotiated a deal with the young man for a two year trial contract, using stateside materials where possible. The work staff was quite excited as most of the machine operators left were women and were excited they'd be making women's garments.

When concern was expressed that his small work force wouldn't be able to handle the work load once the line took off. He confidently produced a stack of applications at least two inches high from sewer's and cutters the company had to let go over the years. All of them wanted to be back doing what they and their families had done for decades, make clothing.

With the first catalog in people's hands, the interest and volume of sales was overwhelming. Orders increased, the packing and shipping department increased, and the division was well on the way to showing a profit.

In her research Irene had flown an awful lot in the beginning stages, the company of course covering those expenses. She was also given a company car to use. The recognition and perks only inspired Irene to do more.

When she was in the office she still teased the hell out of me by flashing a new pair of panties or modeling the newest under garment being sold. She kept my dick in a state of arousal nearly all the time. There was more than one night we could hardly wait until her front door was closed before humping like rabbits.

Irene had been out of town a few days when I received a text on Friday afternoon which said,

"plane lands at 5, pick me up, cock at my place tonight. Have an idea I want to run by you. Your office wife, Irene"

As the manager and overseer of the lingerie/preggo division, she was already showing a 7% profit after only 4 months of actively engaging customers. Her division was projected to be above 12% by years end. If Irene had an idea, I wanted to hear it.

I picked her up at the airport, she was so horny she had my cock out and started sucking on it before we hit the main road. I thought she was warming me up for later, she had other plans and swallowed an entire load about half way home. Smiling, she licked and smacked her lips, "yummy, I missed you." At the house we didn't waste any time, she had me on my back riding me cowboy within ten minutes of arrival. We'd ordered pizza on the way from the airport, it was delivered about 5 minutes after Irene climbed off me.

As we snuggled on the couch, she was hugging my arm with both of hers and my hand was laying on her little kitty. Just laying on her bush, twiddling a few hairs, brushing sideways once in a while.

"I have an idea for a new line of lingerie boss. I was in the lady's room and noticed a girl coming out of a stall with her dress still up as she adjusted. There was writing in black magic marker on the front of her white panties. I stopped her and ask if she minded my asking what the writing was about. She said it was a gag gift from her girlfriend for her wedding, the writing said, "this belongs to Paul", with an arrow pointing to the V in her panties. It got me thinking. For two days I couldn't get those panties out of my thoughts."

"Boss, I want to start a line of panties with sayings on them. We also need to start offering garter belts, high quality nylons and other lingerie to the very small woman market. If you're smaller than a size 2 it's damn near impossible to find sexy panties, bras, suspenders and nylons at a reasonable price. We can include them in a separate section of our catalog under the brand name, "Naughty Nickers."

Smiling, I mused, "I think you've hit another home run Irene. What do you have in mind for sayings on the panties?"

"I haven't brain stormed with any of my staff yet, but five that come to mind are "fuck me" across the front, "it won't lick itself", "this pussy belongs to" and then we'll imprint whatever name they want, one for the anal gals could say, "this ass belongs to" printed on the back with a name, or, "it's ass not glass, fuck it hard". What do you think?"

"Will you have enough capitol to start it within your present budget?"

"I've worked all the numbers and I won't need any additional funding outside my divisional budget until we start selling and shipping. I spoke with Andrew at the Ohio plant, he said he can easily handle the additional load and he has screen printing in house."

We spent the rest of the evening tossing ideas back and forth before retiring and slowly making love, both of us tired, we drifted off to sleep.

The next night Irene and I were out to dinner when a couple stopped by our table. They'd been friends when Ingrid was alive, I hadn't seen them since the funeral. They chatted a bit, the guy gawking at Irene and the woman shooting daggers. As I announced we were just getting ready to leave, I held out my hand to Irene, as she stood she deliberately hugged my arm and made a show of pushing her breasts against me. The woman gasp as I bid them good evening.

In the truck I smiled at her, "you little slut, you just couldn't resist, could you?" We burst into laughter, snickering and snorting nearly all the way home.

With the new line Irene stayed busy, I saw less and less of her. Having time for sex only one or two times a week. She would still walk in, secure my office and suck my dick, or fuck me on the couch, or do doggy bent over my desk. Occasionally she'd show up with a butt plug, which would cause me to salivate.

I noticed she was spending almost every lunch in the cafeteria with a young man from shipping named Steve. Irene stopped in one evening while having her period, she wanted to suck my cock. It had been 4 days since we'd been together, and she knew I'd have a big load for her. Being the natural cock sucker she was, not a drop escaped her hungry mouth.

As we were cleaning up, I ask her about the young man in the lunchroom.

"Oh, Steve, he's nice, and he's very nice to me. Do you want me to ignore him? He's only been here 4 months and doesn't know my position in the company, or my position underneath you either." (she said with a giggle and snort)

"No pet, I don't want you to ignore him, just be very careful. You hold a powerful position within the company."

"I know, that's why I'm being so careful, I want to make sure he's interested in me as I am. Not as an officer in the company. He wants to take me for pizza this Friday. What do you think?"

Before I could answer Irene looked at me somewhat pensive and spoke.

"There is something we need to talk about though. Remember when we first did anal? On that night I became yours and yours alone. In my eyes you own every part of my body and every hole I have is yours anytime you want it. I'll suck your cock, fuck your brains out, and let you take my ass for as long as you can get it up. And after your cock won't respond anymore, I'll let you lick the jar anytime you want."

"Irene, pet, I can't let you do that. When you get married you need to be all his."

As the months progressed so did Irene and Steve's relationship. On one of our few evenings alone, Irene was staring at me, "Honey, Steve wants to make love to me, what should I do?"

"Well, does he make your liver quiver?"

"We've kissed and petted and gotten pretty physical, it was all good and my panties were wet each time, but no cock sucking or pussy licking yet. Should I go that route first, to see what he's like in a passion situation?"

"If you do, you'll know within 5 minutes if he's any good or not. I don't know how you'll do it, but you need to make sure he's disease free before he puts his dick inside you."

It was about a week later that Irene came bounding into my office and plopped her hiney on the corner of my desk.

I looked at her, "Please, have a seat, make yourself comfy."

"MMMM, I'd have to lock the door and get naked to do that." She purred. "Wanted to fill you in on the dating situation. I decided to do as you suggested, I let him go down on me and then I sent him over the moon with his first ever blow job. He did pretty good eating me, and he was open to my instructions, so that will work out. He's had sex before, but no one had ever gone down on him.

What a rush big daddy, I felt like I was deflowering him. He was so charged up he was sending cum down my throat in three or four strokes. He was so embarrassed. We waited a bit until I got him hard again, and after sucking him about 15 minutes I rocked his world. The next night we made love and it was good for both of us"

'"What about making sure he's clean?"

"I told him up front he needed to be checked by a doctor and then I wanted to see the results. He was happy to do that for me."

"How's the package, is there enough to keep you satisfied?"

"The package is nice, he's not as long as you, or as fat, but he fills me nicely. He's over 5", so he doesn't go as deep as you daddy, but that's okay, sometimes it hurts a little when I ask you to pound me hard. He's not as thick as you either, but he certainly fills me up, and I came more than once. I can take nearly all of his cock in mouth without gagging and gasping for air, he thinks I'm some kind of porn star."

"I want you to bring him to my office after shift tomorrow."

As Steve and Irene entered my office I motioned Irene to close the door. Steve was visibly uncomfortable and thought he was in some sort of trouble.

I spoke first as I shook his hand. "Steve do you know who I am beyond Mr. Reynolds, owner of PAP?"

"No sir."

"I also happen to have been Irene's lover for the better part of the last two years. Do you know what Irene's position in this company is? She's the division leader and overseer of PAP's lingerie/preggo and Naughty Nickers lines. She holds a very high position Steve, one that cannot be compromised or sullied by relationships."

"Steve, I've watched you closely for the time you and Irene have dated, I've investigated and vetted you. I know everything about you including when your parents died, how your sister committed suicide, why you left your last place of employment, that you drive a three year old F-150 pickup, red, Irene's favorite color, and that you live in a one bedroom apartment off of King St. Have I overlooked anything."

I would know in less than a minute the character and integrity of Steve by how he responded.

"Wow Mr. Reynolds, you didn't miss a thing. I wasn't aware I was being investigated, but I'm hoping I passed the test. I know how fond you are of Irene, I know you also want her to go on and find a man who loves her and treats her well. I hope you can see how much I adore this woman."

"What about her weight Steve? She isn't Miss Piggy by any stretch, but she isn't a model for skinny jeans either.When she has babies, she'll gain a little weight, are you okay with all of that?"

"Mr. Reynolds, no one has ever made me feel so special in all my life. I'm 5'11" and gangly, I'm not hung like a horse, nor built like a body builder, but I'd go through hell for this woman's love. My love for Irene will not change because her body changes having babies."

I thought about it for a few tense minutes, then told them I wanted to see them later that evening at Irene's, 8 o'clock sharp.

Both were waiting eagerly as I walked in at 7:50. I didn't knock, just used my key and opened the door. They were on the couch sitting together, I sat in the chair across from them.

"Irene, I need your honest opinion as to your future with this man. Is he someone to bang and have fun with for a while, or is he marrying material?"

"He's definitely marrying material. He has already proposed, and I told him he'd get my answer after I talked with you, you just happened to initiate a conversation earlier than I did. He's aware of the place you've had in my life, he isn't intimidated or threatened by it. Neither of us want to play the field, we both know what we want long term ... and that's each other."

"Then you have my blessings. Let's talk about the responsibilities and realities of you two being married. Steve, I will show you no favor as far as your employment goes, you'll earn every and any promotion you get. Your position calls for you to be in shipping, not on the third floor playing grab ass with Irene, and while we're at it, if I ever find you've betrayed her or screwed around, I will personally destroy you".

"You have your job to do, and Irene has hers. I'll do my best to ensure you get to be together evenings and weekends, but there will be times she'll have to be out of town. Are you going to be okay with that and not be jealous?"

"Mr. Reynolds, I'm 26 and I've never had a better job than I do now, never made a better wage or had benefits. I see how Irene lives and I want that, not the money per se, but the knowledge to do it right. We've talked about if we marry I'll be brought into an atmosphere I've never known before. That I'll be a part of conversations that cannot be shared with any others, and that we will be watched with great scrutiny, not by you, but by everyone who isn't you. I don't believe Irene will ever give me a reason to be jealous."

I gazed at Irene, "As Ingrid would have said Irene, it looks as though you have a winner."

She jumped up and down squealing and whooping, her breasts jiggling and flying all over the place. First, she kissed Steve deeply, passionately, holding him tight. Then she slid into my lap, arms around my neck, "thanks big daddy, you know how much I love you and you have made me so happy."

She then kissed me softly. No tongues, no fiery passion, a soft kiss. As she got off my lap I looked to see Steve's reaction. There was no jealousy, no animosity, nothing but a big smile as he approached me with his hand extended for a solid hand shake and thank you.

I got their attention, "Kids, I do have one request, and that's all it is, a request, but I think you'll find it bears wisdom. Irene, take some money out of the bank, you and Steve go buy an engagement ring and matching wedding bands. Since neither of you have any living relatives, your family is this company."

"Get married within two months, don't screw around with a long engagement, you know you want to be with each other, so do it. Steve I can see in your eyes that you don't want your wife buying the rings, in time you two will be able to replace that money in your savings. Will that work for you two kids?"

Irene was giddy with excitement, both were nodding yes to all I had said. I was on my feet heading for the door with a big smile, Steve was disrobing as he walked down the hall. Irene was right behind me, as I turned to say goodnight, she slipped into my arms. Her lips were soft and demanding this time. As she broke away she whispered into my ear, "I love you so much, thank you, now go home, I need to fuck this young man into next week."

"Got your lingerie on?"

She unbuttoned her dress far enough to show me her lacy open nipple bra, the nipples protruding and looking proud. She stepped back and lifted the bottom, I could see her red sheer panties, nylons and garters.

"If that doesn't send him over the edge, dump him and I'll marry you. Go show him why he's glad he fell in love with you." I swatted her ass as she squealed and ran down the hall.

As planned, Steve and Irene married seven weeks later.

A week before the wedding I promoted Steve to shift supervisor with a nice raise and more benefits. I had been watching his performance, though others had been in that department longer, none showed more initiative or dedication than Steve.

When someone complained I explained to them that PAP promotes based on merit, not length of employment. They'd all had the same opportunities Steve did, but chose not to avail themselves. When it came time to promote someone to supervisor, it was a no brainer.

The Naughty Nickers idea was a huge success and the line was showing a profit within 6 months. Irene took to married life with great ease, she and Steve were blossoming together, and it was enjoyable to watch.

Irene stopped into my office after hours a few times waiting for Steve. We would chat and talk every day stuff. On one of her visits she told me she thought she'd found a new personal secretary for me. A lady presently working in the finance department. A widow in her mid to late 40's, tired of being alone and very much interested in the concept of being a secretary first, but one with benefits. She knew who I was and told Irene she found me attractive.

My oldest daughter Edith was graduating with a master's in business administration, just like her daddy. As Edith and me were at dinner after graduation, I enquired what she thought she might do with her degree. Without a moment's hesitation she said, "I'm coming to work with you daddy, just like mama did."

I was, and wasn't, surprised. Edith had hinted more than once that since her mother died, her dad needed a woman in the office to watch over and take care of him. Edith also informed me she was moving back home, that revelation stopped me.

She had always said there was no way she'd ever live at home again after college. Ingrid dying and Edith growing up seemed to have altered her decision.

I helped Edith move back home, it was awkward the first few days, neither thinking about the fact that we were not alone. There were some getting caught in our underwear moments, some state of half dressed moments. On one particular morning Edith walked into the kitchen for coffee in her panties, stockings, a garter belt, and very thin bra.

As in sheer thin, see through, taught brown nipples thin. I was at the table and complimented her on her choice of lingerie. Edith hadn't seen me and blurted out, "Dad, what are you doing staring at me in my under wear?"

"Well honey, I'm staring at your underwear because you have nothing else on, and, you happen to be standing in my kitchen half clothed. Anything else you'd like to know?"

As Edith walked back to her room, coffee in hand, she bent at the waist pointing her butt at me, wiggled it and said, "kiss it." We shared an early morning chuckle.

When Edith returned she was dressed to the nines. I asked where she was going all dolled up. She told me the office, it was time she made an appearance and started getting things in order.

"Whoa, back up the truck. What do you mean get things in order? Keep in mind this company has run like a well oiled machine close to 35 years without you 'getting things in order'. Edith, honey, I'm 'bringing' you into this company... you have no birthright to a position. If you want to come in and learn I'll support you 100%, but if you think you're going to walk in and shake things up ... stay home."

"Dad, I have ideas on how to improve our marketing and distribution. Is PAP really making a profit on the plus size lingerie, preggo stuff, and the tiny woman market? I would really like to go through those books."

"Are we talking about PAP here, or are you talking about Irene? Reason being, Irene not only spearheaded those divisions, both were her idea. She runs them quite well, those two entities are as profitable as the rest of our line combined. If it comes down to a pissing match between you and Irene, at this point, you would lose."

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