tagGroup SexIt All Started With A Bet.... Ch. 05

It All Started With A Bet.... Ch. 05



It was her....Mack's girlfriend...from the garage. She stood next to Mack, naked as well. Her hair wet from the hot water, her breasts plump and tight.

Mack took my hand and pulled me to him. He kissed me hard and wet, his tongue sliding over my lips and into my mouth. He sucked on my lower lip and then kissed me deeply, his hands trailing over my body.

I felt hands on my sides as well, in addition to Mack's. Janice slid her hands up and down my hips while standing behind me. I then felt a coldness against my skin, and then realized she was soaping me up.

Mack turned me around and held my back against his chest. He put his hands under my arms and held them up and to the sides which made my breasts stick out to Janice.

She smiled at him and bit my nipples one at a time. The feeling of her touch on my skin for so amazing and weird that I almost fell over.

Mack then moved his hands down my body, letting my arms go down. He bent down behind me and scooped up my legs, holding me up against him with my legs open to Janice, my back still pressed against his chest. He held onto my legs under my knees and spread me open wider, my sore pussy open and dripping my juices.

I knew that my ass also showed signs of use, and as Janice soaped my chest down to my tummy, I knew she'd soon by showering off my genitals as well.

I prepared myself, taking in a deep breath. She slid her soapy hands over my mound, her thumbs brushing against my clit. I jolted slightly in Mack's arms, he made me widen up to her. She giggled, seeing me open to her must have made her so excited and happy, seeing the girl that started this whole sexy mess.

Janice got on her knees and Mack lowered me slightly, letting my pussy and ass stay open for her. She examined me closer, and then with her soapy fingers, slid them into both my holes.

I groaned, feeling the burning of the soap against my sore, bruised skin. She moved her fingers around inside my stretched out pussy and moaned as she felt my body clench down on her fingers.

"Not much of a virgin cock tease is she anymore, huh Mackenzie?" she asked him. I head Mack laugh lightly behind my ear.

I looked down at Janice. "What are you going to do to me?" I asked, my voice trembling.

"Oh nothing much, honey..." she whispered to me. "Just clean you up for us......get you ready for tonight."

"What's tonight?" I began to ask, but then Janice stood up and placed a finger against my lips. I smelled my sex on her mixed with a lovely soapy fragrance. She put her hand up to the shower head and tilted it up.

Mack turned slightly and pointed my open body to the water that was streaming down.

I almost came on the spot as the water began to hit my genitals. My pussy reacted to the warm rush of the water as it ran over my clit and over my slit to my ass hole. Janice massaged the soap over my pussy and ass and let the water clean the soap off.

Mack turned again, towards Janice. She bent forward and licked down my clit. I moaned to her and watched as her tongue slid out over her pierced lip and brush against my clit.

Coach Walter's came out of his office doorway where he been standing and walked up to us in the showers. He was naked and entered the shower's with us. He came up behind Janice and began to kiss her shoulders as she licked and sucked my clit.

Coach's hands moved down her back to her hips and he held them tightly. I felt her tongue shake against my skin and I knew he was beginning to penetrate her from behind. Coach looked me in the eyes, "This is how you take it in the ass, Claire..." he moaned.

Janice bit down on my clit and then moaned out into my pussy. Coach pulled away from Janice and then pulled her back to him. She gasped and pressed her tongue into my pussy.

I groaned as her lovely tongue entered my pussy. She began to press her tongue against the top of my pussy opening as her teeth grazed against my clit. I could see the top of her ass cheeks slap against Coach's lower stomach as he slammed in and out of her of ass.

Mack watched along with me, moaning in my ear, then I felt his cock press against my ass....he was getting turned on. He held me still and tight, open to Janice.

Janice crazily licked and bit my pussy, and then, with out notice or build up, pressed a finger into my ass hole. She fingered my ass as she got a dick in her's and soon she came, moaning and panting into my pussy as she banged my ass over and over.

Coach gripped her hips hard and fucked her steadily. He looked me deeply into the eyes as he screwed the girl in front of me, and then Mack pulled me away from her and turned us towards the wall. He leaned me over, still holding me up, and had me put my hands out to the wall.

I steadied us as he shifted my weight and I felt his cock press against my ass. "Claire, I'm gonna fuck you in your ass.....you ready for it, my lil' whore?" his whisper was low and erotic. I nodded my head and murmured a yes. He held onto my ass, holding me up in the air against his crotch, and felt his cock press against my ass hole. He moaned out into my ear as he entered me in a long non stop thrust into me, pushing all his massive inches inside.

"Ohhh, my god, Claire!" he moaned out. Behind us, Coach kept slamming in and out of Janice, her bent over and gripping the sides of the lower shower heads. Her moans filled the room and was lost with mine and Mach's.

Mach's cock was so big and I could feel his every vein as he slid in and out of my ass. I began to cry from the pain but was so turned on and close to orgasim that when he picked up his pace and held my ass tighter, I lost track of the pain and soon focused on my orgasim that was closing in.

He felt my body tremble and when I was on the brink, he lowered me to the floor and got me on my hands and knees, his cock stayed inside me the whole way down.

He held my hair in his hand and he thrusted in and out of my ass with his other hand gripping my tit's. He moaned out that he loved the feeling of my ass hole and that he was close to cumming but wanted to wait for Janice.

After a few minutes of banging my ass and bringing me closer again to orgasim, we all heard as Coach grunted and slapped Janice on her ass, he then gasped and moaned a "I'm cumming!" and finished off with a few hard thrusts into her quivering body.

When Coach pulled out, her ass made a gurgle sound and she moaned and a trail of cum oozed down her ass cheek and back legs. "Come over here, baby," Mach said to her. "Lay down next to this slut..." he smiled down at me as he banged away.

Janice laid down next to me, her feet by my head and her face by Mach's legs. "Get under her, baby..." he whispered. "Let her lick your ass and taste Coach's jizz."

She smiled up at me as she moved under me and I soon felt her lips on my clit, she began to suck on my clit as Mach slowed his movements into my ass. "Suck her ass, Claire...be a good lil' slut for us."

I looked up at her leaking ass and stuck my tongue out to her. I almost came right away as I began to lick at her ass hole. She moaned in response and I making Janice cum quickly became my mission.

I licked and sucked and probed her nice ass with my tongue, placing my hands upon her cheeks and holding her open for me. She moaned and repeatedly told me to not stop as she began to cum on my lips.

I moved my tonguing to her pussy and sucked on her clit as my finger swept in and out her cunt, I watched as it clenched and twitched around my digits buried inside her. I licked at her clit and sucked it in quick bursts until she showered me with her juices and she moaned out.

Mach heard her cries of fulfillment and he pounded away at my ass. He soon came inside me and when pulling out, let her lick his cock clean, moaning as her tongue and lips cleaned his cock of his spunk.

I fell to the side and laid on the floor and stayed still as Mach and Janice began kissing, sharing each other's tasty lips as if it were candy. I felt the stream of water on my chest and moved to where it hit between my legs. I soon was cumming, my body shaking and my hands on my own tits, pinching my nipples.

Janice watched with wide eyes and hungry lips as I brought myself to a powerful orgasim. She dove down on me and I enjoyed her tongue on my cumming pussy.

Mach leaned over and licked at her pussy and ass as she ate me out, I looked down and caught a glimpse of her eyes looking up at me as she licked and sucked my private parts as they went wild in her mouth. I loved looking at her eyes and I cherished the moment as it didn't last long.

Janice pulled away as Mach moved her to the side, she laid next to me on the tile floor and I quickly began kissing her lips. We held each other in our arms, and I felt Mach slide between my legs. "Thank you baby for helping her stay wet," he said to Janice and winked at me. His cock entered my pussy and it felt wonderful as it filled me up deep and wide.

He leaned his head back as he slid home and then pulled out, his cock head rubbing against my g-spot, he looked down at me and smiled and then slammed back in. I felt his head press against my cervix and I moaned out. Janice quickly took my mouth into hers and she kissed me passionately and hard as he banged me. Coach stood over him and watched. I looked at him and kept my eyes on his cock as it stiffened before my eyes as he watched his star team member fuck me senseless.

Coach got to his knees next to my head and I began to suck his cock as Mach started to finger Janice while keeping up the pace with his thrusts into me. I licked up and down Coach's cock and then took his length into my mouth, letting his cock enter my throat quickly. He held my head tight in his hands and kept me still as he pressed his cock in farther. I moaned as he began to fuck my mouth with swift shallow thrusts. His fingers dug into my face as he picked up the pace and was soon banging into my mouth like a jack hammer and he yelled out as he began to cum.

I felt the shots of cum shoot down my throat and fill up my tummy. His balls pressed hard against my chin, he continued to cum.

Mach twisted his fingers inside Janice and she began to beg and whither on the floor next to me, she started cumming and moaned out that she wanted to watch me cum. Mach pulled his fingers from Janice's twat and put them to my face. Coach pulled his cock from my lips, leaving a trail of cum from his head to my mouth, and looked down at me as Mach pressed his juice covered fingers into my mouth.

I tasted Janice's sweetness on his fingers and I bit down on them as I sucked them. I moaned as Mach pulled from my pussy and left me empty. Janice's smooth, slender fingers soon found my clit and as Mach kept my pussy lips opened for her, she began rubbing my clit fast and hard. I arched my back as I felt the orgasim inside me grow and turn my insides. Coach tweaked my nipples as he watched us.

Mach used one hand to keep my pussy spread open and with his other, he jerked off as he watched Janice rub my clit with growing anticipation of my orgasim. I moaned and lifted my ass from the cold tile below me, meeting her hand and letting her rub me faster.

"Oh my god, Claire!" she gasped. "Your clit is so red and it's getting so big!" She was so surprised at how my body was reacting, she licked her lips and looked up at me. "You close baby?" she asked.

"Yes!" I moaned out and tilted my head back. I felt my pussy begin to twitch and go into a rolling wave of orgasmic bliss. I moaned out as I started cumming, "Oh god, Janice, don't stop! Oh don't stop! Oh god!"

I felt my body shake violently and I lifted my ass up higher. My legs out wide and Mach keeping my pussy lips spread apart, Janice pulled her hand away from my clit and watched as I came. My pussy tightened and sent out a small straight stream of my juices, hitting her face.

She gasped and giggled, her face shiny from my cum. I moaned and felt my body react to the loss of stimuli and it sent another stream of my juices out. This time Janice opened her mouth in time and caught it on her tongue. She almost roared and she dove to my pussy, licking it fast and hard, slamming her pussy deep into me using her tongue almost like a cock.

She groaned into my pussy as she came as well, feeling my body shake around her and my pussy releasing again into her very excited mouth. She pulled away and crawled up, kissing me on the mouth. We wrapped our arms around each other and kissed deeply,

Mach's moans brought us back, and Janice rolled off me. We saw that he was ready to cum, we sat up and began to help him hit his peak. Janice took his cock in her hand and began to jerk him off while I licked and sucked his head. He moaned and soon began to cum in my mouth. I was taken by surprise by his quick disposal and pulled away, his cum continuing to shoot out. Janice took his cock into her mouth and let him finish cumming as she sucked on him while jerking his shaft back and forth.

He grunted as he finished his last powerful hit into her throat and collapsed onto us.

We laid there for some time before Coach told us we needed to get up and get me cleaned for the night's activities.

I wasn't for sure what was planned, but I was happy and fully open to what was to come.

(to be continued.....???)


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