tagInterracial LoveIt Couldn't Be Helped Ch. 06

It Couldn't Be Helped Ch. 06


Sorry for the delay but I had the final chapters on my laptop and the hard drive crashed so I was hosed. Thus, I had to write it over and that brought me down! Anyway, I condensed all of it into this final edition as a goodwill gesture to my adoring fans. lol Thanks to everyone who reached out and to Julie, my real life Crystal and my love, who put every word in me. Peace. DJ


I won't lie. It took every bit of restraint I had not to jump up on the couch with her and just slam my reinvigorated cock deep up in her. I wanted to make love to her so bad it hurt but I was also hearing unfamiliar voices in my head telling me that wasn't the right play. It was just like in the movie "Animal House" with the Devil whispering to me in one ear: "Fuck her, hard, right now. Get yours!" while the Angel said calmly into my other ear "Take your time, make it real, and make it count."

Crystal was still glowing from my making her cum so hard. I could see it in her content expression and in the way her beautiful brown eyes sparkled at me. Her ebony body was motionless and her breathing was littered with deep, savoring inhales as if she was basking in something wonderful. I didn't want to wreck that beautiful portrait of her by launching a kamikaze attack on her pussy because I loved what I was seeing. It was me who created her current disposition and I reveled in the satisfaction of that fact. It would be like asking Da Vinci to wreck his Mona Lisa. It just wasn't going to happen. Thus, the Devil in my ear got the finger despite my overwhelming desire to taste the fruits of the dark side.

Instead, we continued basking in the preciousness of being together as we talked and laughed at how awesome it was to finally hook up.

"I knew it would be like this" Crystal said softly "I just knew it."

"Define 'this' for me" I asked grinning.

"Natural" she replied smiling "and easy."

"Feels good huh?" I asked

"Yes" Crystal said confidently before breaking down and blushing burying her face into the pillow.

"I feel you, girl, and I can't believe it" I said shaking my head in wonder "This is like Christmas for me and getting everything I wanted."

"Ho Ho Ho!" Crystal said giggling causing me to bust out laughing too.

I was still on my knees leaning against the couch with my elbows on the cushion and my head resting on my hands. Crystal was lying comfortably on her side exhibiting her ebony body's luscious curves. As we talked my hard cock receded making it now possible for me to join her on the couch without causing a devil induced "incident."

I then got up off my knees to join her on the couch.

"Yeah, come here, baby" she said moving herself against the back of the sofa giving me room to lay with her as I sat down.

Then out of nowhere she inhaled loudly and urgently looking terrified.

"Oh my God!" she said shooting upwards and softly grabbing the back of my head and my chin.

"Did I do that?" she asked regretfully inspecting the back of my neck.

Five scratch marks, two of them deep enough to draw blood, stood out against my white skin. Crystal whined like a regretful parent whose child just skinned their knee.

"Ohh no, Ohh I am so sorry, baby" she said softly kissing my wounds "I didn't realize what I was doing"

"I was gonna say something" I replied while pretending to play the victim "but screaming out 'Medic! Medic!' while you were going off just didn't seem like the right thing to do." I quipped.

Crystal burst out laughing and smacked me on the arm.

"Quit it, Sean. Stop!" she said smiling at me adoringly.

"Stop what?" I asked grinning.

"Stop being so damn lovable." She replied kissing my lips quickly before she started in on me again.

"Besides, your injuries are your own damn fault!" she said smiling defiantly.

"Smacking around my kitty like you own it, putting your fingers inside places that hadn't ever been felt before." She said before inserting a quick side note.

"Yes, Sean, you are the only person I have ever let play in my ass." She said blushing before continuing.

"Making me cum so good, so hard, and so long like no other." She said before reemphasizing heroically to my ego

"God, like no other" she said as she shook her head and sighed.

"So" she said smiling mischievously and locking her eyes back on mine "I'll take responsibility for my part if you take responsibility for yours."

"Ok, I plead guilty" I said grinning while revealing my defense strategy.

"Guilty by reason of ebony" I declared "Shit…book my ass Danno!" I said shaking my head and chuckling.

Crystal laughed loudly and just burned her liquid brown eyes into mine.

"What did I tell you?" She said before kissing me quickly again "Quit being so damn adorable!"

"So it's official then" I said grinning while my head and ego swelled to size of the Hindenburg due to her praise "we both took each other to town and blew each other up like never before."

"Let's celebrate" I suggested "Want some ice cream?"

I will never forget the way Crystal looked at me after I asked her that. Her playful disposition vanished replaced by a look of joyful shock. Her mouth fell open and she just gazed at me while her eyes got happier and brighter with each passing second. She sighed shaking her head and looked at me like I had just done something significant and special.

Honestly, I didn't know what I had done to make her look at me like that. It was as if I just gave her a diamond ring and then saved her puppies from drowning. All I know is that it felt good being the object of her escalating affections and I wasn't going to bite the hand that was feeding me. It wasn't until she spoke that I was able to finally put two and two together.

"Yes, baby" Crystal said burning her eyes lovingly into mine "I would love some ice cream right now."

"And you" She then said in a scolding yet loving tone as she placed her brown hands on my cheeks and slowly slid them back across my face until my hair was in her hands and our faces were inches apart.

"You are doing everything just right" she said kissing me softly.

If I had known exactly what I had done to merit this praise it probably would have felt even better. But as it stood, it felt pretty damn good anyway.

"You are doing me just right, baby" she said softly before making her intentions perfectly clear "and as soon as I share some ice cream with my man, I am going to show him just how much I love the way he is doing me."

Crystal kissed me again and then stood up grabbing my hand and led me to the kitchen.

As we walked it finally dawned on me that I had inadvertently bridged the age gap between us. I had also learned a valuable lesson about older women.

I was used to twenty and under girls who were more insecure about their sexuality and presentation so there was a definite line between romance and sex. Once the sex started, it was total tunnel vision until it was ALL over. Otherwise, they freaked out thinking something was wrong with them. Crystal, however, had already passed that stage and was more into making sure the route there was just as satisfying as the destination. Eating ice cream, to her, was just as important to our evolving relationship as the sex that would follow it. That kind of thinking was foreign territory to me and I luckily stumbled onto it not because of some grand design but rather just out of trying to act older than I was. I knew I needed to buy time and I knew I was hungry so I suggested ice cream. But I would be lying if I said eating ice cream or enjoying the route there were my first priorities.

Either way, it made her happy so I took the credit regardless of my motives. I just rationalized it like shooting a three in hoops. It might go in off the backboard but just because I didn't call out "glass" before I shot it, doesn't mean it doesn't count. It's still a three on the scoreboard and that's all that matters.

En route to the kitchen Crystal stopped in the hallway and slipped my work shirt back on. Again, her putting clothes back on didn't seem right to me almost as if we were taking a step back or something. I followed her lead and put my boxers back on but I remember not being too happy about it. I knew she wanted me as bad as I wanted her so our getting semi dressed again didn't compute in my twenty year old pedal to the metal mentality. I figured there had to be a big picture or solid motive behind these actions but I also knew that I wasn't seeing it yet.

I conceded to her the act of putting clothes back on but I drew the line at how far.

"Not in this house, girl" I said grinning as I watched her buttoning up my white work shirt effectively erasing from my eyes chunks of her beautiful ebony skin.

"In this house and in my clothes we follow the one button rule." I said as a matter of fact.

"So unless you want to start a riot your black ass needs to get to unbuttoning about three of those buttons right now." I said before playfully slapping her ass for emphasis.

"And if I don't?" Crystal said mischievously looking back at me as she walked quickly into the kitchen with me in hot pursuit.

Crystal made a beeline to the refrigerator and started to open the freezer when I came up behind her and pushed it closed. I spun her around and pinned her back against the fridge.

Crystal started giggling and I could tell she loved our goofing off and my chasing her.

"Since this is your first time" I said as I put my arms around her waist and my hands slipped underneath the shirt and began stroking the small of her back softly.

"I am willing to bend that rule to two buttons but that's as far as I can go." I said smiling.

Crystal burned her eyes preciously into mine and flung her arms around my shoulders. She then bolted onto her tip toes and pulled me to her so she could kiss me.

"Please" I said grinning. I pulled back 'giving her the hand' while glancing back and forth suggestively between her eyes and my work shirt and its outlaw buttons.

Crystal grinned and playfully sighed annoyingly. Her brown fingers then appeared on her white shirt and she slowly unbuttoned three buttons leaving only two fastened. Just watching her undo those buttons turned me on big time.

"Happy now?" she asked smiling reattaching her arms around my neck while mine whipped around her.

"I'll be happy if you keep going and unbutton them all" I said grinning as our faces got closer while I felt my cock begin to stir.

"If I did that then we'd definitely have a riot on our hands" Crystal said seductively.

"So I need you to be good now, boy" she said kissing me softly with her thick lips before pulling back and adding "so that later when we get bad" she said before kissing me again

"We get really bad." She concluded provocatively before kissing me deeply and passionately. Crystal didn't let that kiss get too far out of hand and broke away.

"Feel me?" she asked smiling.

"Yeah" I said resigned to the fact that I was going to have to follow through on my ice cream proposal "I feel you, girl."

Crystal turned and opened the freezer to get the ice cream while I grabbed two spoons.

"Bowls or bucket?" I asked her.

"Bucket" she said "and we only need one spoon."

I know that exchange seemed harmless but I really dug the idea that we would share a spoon. Some girls would French kiss you forever and then turn around and be grossed out by the suggestion of sharing a utensil. Crystal wanted to share one with me and I guess the trust factor that she exhibited by saying so made me feel good. Not to mention other benefits.

"Now you are the one doing everything just right" I said smacking her on the ass again.

"I love a woman who minimizes the amount of dishes I have to wash." I said grinning.

"Oh no you don't!" Crystal said incredulously and unrelated to my dishes comment as she then pulled the ice cream out of the freezer showing it to me. A huge smile washed across her face.

"Chocolate & Vanilla Swirl?" She asked in an accusatory tone complete with raised eyebrows.

"A black woman in your bed and chocolate swirl in your freezer?" she said shaking her head as if she had just uncovered the smoking gun.

"Sounds to me like you have issues that none of your country ass white friends know about" she said as she snatched the spoon out of my hand and took off towards the living room giggling the whole way.

I was hot on her heels as we entered the hallway en route to the living room. I watched her black hair sashay back and forth while her perfect ass and long ebony legs made my work shirt sway back and forth against her body. Even though the sight was awesome I still shook my head in disbelief. One, because I still couldn't believe her and I were happening, and two, because I couldn't believe she wanted to engage in a shit talking with me. She knew better.

"Ok, you got me" I said reaching out with my right hand pinching her fleeing ass.

Crystal jumped from my assault and howled out laughing. She then practically ran to the sofa and jumped on it settling down in the corner. I was right behind her.

"Yes" I said as I watched her set the ice cream down, grab the pillow, place it on her lap, and then pat on it telling me to lay my head there.

"I will admit to having a thing for black women and mulatto milkshakes" I said as I laid my head down on the pillow and looked up at her smiling face.

"But lets talk about you Cryst.." I said cutting her name in half like it was a slip of the tongue that I even started saying it.

"Oh, I am sorry, my bad" I said grinning "I didn't mean to call you that."

"Please forgive me Mrs. Robinson."

Crystal was a film buff and immediately got "The Graduate" reference. She laughed and then started blushing uncontrollably.

"Hey, I know" I said tongue in cheek "Maybe in the morning we can go cruise the junior highs and scope out some prospects for your cradle robbing ass."

Crystal responded with total silence and a smile. Then she took the spoon and started whacking me with it as we both burst out laughing and started wrestling around.

"Is that all you got?" I said mockingly while I tickled and pinched her all over as she giggled with glee and continued tagging me with the spoon.

"You obviously didn't take your Geritol today Mrs. Robinson."

School was in session. And I am not talking about talking smack either. Crystal was taking me to school in the arts of romance and intimacy. If I had my way we would have already been butt naked and the highlight of the night would have already passed. The energy that fueled our prolonged mental foreplay already expended.

My twenty year old outlook on romance departmentalized the whole process in a specific order that was written in stone. First comes the pickup, then some flattery and charm to get in the door, followed by some romance and token intimacy to tear down their defenses, and then get to the sex and stay there until finished. That was how I always viewed the process and it wasn't up for negotiation.

Crystal got a hold of my process and ripped it to shreds.

Suddenly I found myself confusingly yet gloriously bouncing back and forth between stages with no order or predictability within sight.

She fell to her knees and sucked my cock like a woman possessed and THEN came the romantic touches and talking.

What? That isn't how it's suppose to go.

I ate her pussy and THEN there we were being intimate and goofing off while eating ice cream.

Huh? That isn't right.

Yet there I was completely happy and content laying on my couch and goofing off with a beautiful, older, and semi clothed ebony woman AND I hadn't even fucked her yet.

What? Holy Shit! What the fuck is wrong with me?

My instincts might have been tripping but inside my heart was all good. As each second passed and we continued enjoying each other I finally could feel the value of what we were doing and how it enhanced what had already happened and what was still to come. I began to see that the route there was indeed the best part and not just a necessary evil. I learned that real intimacy didn't require total nakedness and that wrapping ourselves up into each other patiently and emotionally only made us want each other more physically.

I was right. Crystal was at another level. I learned more from her in two hours than I did in eight years with dozens of other girls/women. She told me I was "doing her right" when the reality was that it was dumb luck that I picked the right path. Her desire to go slow and savor each moment was genuine and true while my ice cream proposal was just a gimmick to buy time. That fact made me feel guilty because I desperately wanted to be where she was. Shit like this flew through my mind and just the fact that I was thinking and feeling these things and not contemplating how I was going to get to the pussy was both uplifting to my soul yet treasonous to my search and destroy bachelor instincts.

This girl had me all fucked up. I felt powerless yet so powerful, so vulnerable yet so safe, and so scared but so damn happy. I had no idea where we were heading or what was on deck and I didn't have the answers or a map to guide me. All I had was Crystal. All she had was me. All we had was each other. And all I knew was that I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

We eventually settled down and talked while Crystal worked the spoon and fed us. We bantered back and forth covering a variety of subjects until the topic of our "status" came up. I knew we had come to the conclusion that we needed to be together but needing and making it happen are two different things. Thus, I pressed the issue.

"What are we, Crystal?" I asked "Are we a full time gig now or what?"

"Twenty four seven" Crystal replied seriously "but I think we should keep a low profile until I graduate so we don't jeopardize ourselves at work and so we can get everything in line before the wedding."

"What!" I said incredulously looking at her like she was crazy.

Crystal burst into laughter effectively stopping my impending heart attack.

"I am just playing, boy" she said still laughing as she turned and placed the ice cream on the corner table.

"But I am not playing" she then said turning back and burning her serious brown eyes into me "when I say that we should keep us under wraps for a while until we get our shit together."

"In the meantime" she continued "And I am not playing when I say this either"

"I don't want to share you, Sean." She said softly.

"I waited too long for this" she continued "I can't and won't share you with anyone."

"And that includes that blonde white bitch with an IQ of a grapefruit named Shannon who has been coming into the lounge every God damn night this past week to see your ass!" Crystal said grudgingly yet playfully while pushing me off her lap and sending me crashing to the floor.

I landed in the wide space between the coffee table and my sofa easily breaking my fall with my hands. I was just about to get back up and jump in her shit when Crystal sat up, pushed me back down on the carpet, and slid off the couch on top of me. Not one part of her touched the carpet as she lay completely on top of me. The feel of her weight on me and the combination of her body's firmness and softness instantly jumped started my arousal.

Crystal slid up my chest and planted a wet kiss on my lips as her rich black hair splashed into my neck and chin.

"You hear me, boy?" She asked smugly as if proclaiming that I already was her domain.

"Yeah, I hear you" I said with a wily smile before continuing "But I am suppose to go out with her tomorrow night" I said grinning ironically and testing her resolve. It was true. I was suppose to take her out the next night.

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