tagHumor & SatireIt Ended With an Owie

It Ended With an Owie


It was going to be another one of those good nights. My woman had bought a new outfit from the local lingerie store; a cute little number she knew would get my motor running. It was a blue and black bra and thong set that barely held in her boobs and did little to hide her sweet shaven cunt. It was a cotton number and I couldn't wait to see her in it.

She went up and took a shower then called me to the room after she put it on. I ran up all excited tearing my clothes off all the way up the stairs. My cock was already hard with the anticipation of seeing her in the get up.

When I got to our room she was laying on the bed, she had the candles lit for perfect mood lighting. She looked gorgeous laying there spread eagle in the sexy out fit and I knew it was going to be a good night. She was lightly teasing her breasts and pussy when I approached the bed her excitement was already evident from the wet spot that had formed over the cotton thong. I jumped on the bed and we started with a deep passionate kiss. My hands traveled all over her body as we continued our lip lock. I broke the kiss and started to lick her neck. She always liked that and pulled me into her. I sucked at her nape and groped at her tits, her nipples were as hard as I had ever felt before. As my mouth traveled lower my hand did too so when I reached her tits with my mouth my hand found her wet cunt.

The front of her thong was soaked with her cum and I slid my hand inside the side of her panties I couldn't believe how ready she was. I pushed her bra down a little with my chin and took a nipple into my mouth. This made her moan with delight as I sucked on the little nub. While I continued to suckle I slide two fingers into her hot cavern and she pushed her hips up in response. My fingers easily slid deep inside her well lubricated hole and it wasn't long before she was thrashing her hips up, her hungry cunt eating up my fingers.

Her moans became louder as she got closer and closer to her first orgasm. When she did reach it she pushed her legs together trapping my hand between her thighs. I sucked her tit for all I was worth as she shuddered through her cum.

When she was done I broke away from her boob and licked my way down her stomach stopping for a moment at her navel teasing the hole for a second before I continued my journey. Finally getting to the Promised Land I took my hand and slid her thong to the side and started to lick her sweet pussy. Her hips bucked up to push her mound against my face and it wasn't long before she flooded my face with her second orgasm. I knew it was time so I turned her over and mounted her from behind.

The thin little string was so sexy to see as it disappeared in her ass I didn't even take her thong off as I drove my cock into her hot cunt. She was so slippery and wet I went right in. Soon we found a great pace and I thrust in and out of her dripping snatch. I could feel her tremble as I began to fuck her even harder.

She was moaning loudly as I drove deep into her hot cunt faster and faster. I could feel the sweat dripping from my forehead from the pace we set. It was quite the workout as I continued to pump her over and over again. My heart was racing and my head was light as I jack hammered her pussy. I could feel my nuts begin to tighten and I knew I would last very much longer. I sped up for all I was worth as my orgasm approached. In and out and in and out I drove. Faster and faster I fucked her for all I was worth. I felt like we were involved in the sex Olympics we were fucking so hard and fast. Then just before my orgasm hit me something else happened, something that I wasn't familiar with. I started to moan out loud.

My woman thought I was in the throes of orgasm but as I screamed out I fell off the bed clutching my calf muscle. See I worked so hard and fucked so fast I fucked myself right into an intensely painful leg cramp...

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by Anonymous

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by Rw4301/30/18

This isn't fantasy. Nor fiction. Reality.

Believe me, it happens more as you get older.

I recommend Aleve, and pacing yourself. Muscles like to be warmed up, which is good, because so does your woman. But sustained 'jackhammering'? You're onmore...

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