It's a Dirty Job


Beth sat at the keyboard of her laptop computer. Her heart was racing.

"Lord," Beth said under her breath to herself, "Its just an e--mail." But its stupid, she thought. He's not going to read it. If he reads it, he's going to think its stupid and throw it in the recycle bin. Worse, someone on his staff might read it and throw it away. All I'm going to do is embarrass myself and waste my time. Still, Beth argued with herself, I don't have anything else to do right now and it might be good for a cheap thrill.

"Ok," Beth said out loud. I'm going to do it, she said, strengthening her resolve. She began to type.

"Dear Mike," Beth had addressed the letter to Mike Rowe, host of one of her favorite reality series "Dirty Jobs." She wasn't really interested in most of the dirty jobs Mike took on, but she liked the way he looked doing them.

"Every show, you invite viewers to suggest dirty jobs you can do on future shows. I have a dirty job to suggest . . .." Beth continued the letter and described in cock--arousing detail all of the things she had fantasized about doing to him and about him doing to her. She described her voluptuous body to him and assured him he would enjoy exploring her large nipples and breasts, her wet pussy and maybe even her tight ass.

Beth finished the letter. She continued to debate whether she should send it. It was hot, real hot. Her pussy was wet. She felt it getting wet well before she finished telling Mike how dirty a job fucking her would be. As she vacillated between e--mailing it or trashing it, Beth leaned back against the pillows of her bed and reached between her legs. She pushed the index and middle fingers of her left hand from the top of her slit across her clit toward her hole. She quickly dipped her middle finger into pussy. Beth began rubbing her clit in a circular motion, intermittently pushing one or two fingers into her cunt. She varied the speed and pressure she applied as she moved closer to orgasm. Her breath became labored. Her hand and fingers were moving faster. She held her breath and expelled it in short bursts as her cunt contracted in anticipation of orgasm. Beth dug three fingers deep into her vagina and quickly removed them to continue rubbing her clit. Orgasm was imminent. She could feel the pressure building. Beth took a deep breath and held it. Suddenly she exploded. Her pussy flooded with cum as her breath burst from her lungs and through her vocal cords in an involuntary shout. As the wave of her orgasm crested and broke, Beth clicked the "send" button and the e--mail disappeared into cyberspace.

After her orgasm subsided and she composed herself, Beth immediately thought about what she had done in the throes of lust. Oh well, she tried to assure herself, I'll never meet him. She would never have to confront knowing snickers from Mike or anyone connected with his show. Then a shock came over her as the thought of what her husband would say if he found out about the e--mail. Beth hurriedly opened the "sent" file and deleted the copy of her e--mail from her computer.

"That was stupid!" she said aloud to herself. She closed its lid and sighed.

A couple months later, Beth was waiting for her husband at the bar called Mucho Caliente in Ellijay, Georgia. They had arranged to meet there, have a drink together and eat before going home for the evening. Beth was sitting in a booth at the side of the bar with a margarita. Locals were setting up the equipment for karaoke later in the evening. As she watched the crowd, she noticed a couple people enter the bar area. They obviously were not locals. As she watched the out--of--towners arranging tables for a larger group, Beth thought they're lucky its early and Muchos is not busy. An hour from now and they might not even find a chair, much less several tables. As she watched, Beth's cell phone rang.

"Hello," Beth answered.

"Hey baby." It was her husband David. "you there yet?"

"Hey, whatcha doin'?" Beth's reply was automatic and non--responsive.

"You already there? I hear a lot of background noise." David observed.

"Yeah, I got us a booth and I went ahead and ordered me a margarita," Beth said. "Want me to get yours or wait 'til you get here?"

"No, no, baby. I hate this, but I'm still tied up in my meeting and I don't know when we're gonna be finished. Kinda pisses me off. They didn't have half the stuff done they said they would bring with them, and we have to finish tonight. They have a 7:10 flight in the morning." David explained. He had been looking forward to date night with his wife. Things had been busy at the office lately, and he was looking forward to relaxing a little with his beautiful wife.

"I'm sorry, baby," Beth offered her sympathy. "What time are you going to be home?"

"I don't know, that's the thing." David sound a little dejected.

"Are you just gonna get something to eat on your way home?" Beth asked.

"Yeah, I guess so." David considered whether he would be able to find anything if the meeting lasted as long as he thought it would.

"Well, I'm just going to get something here and then go home. I'll text you when I get there." Beth said. As she looked up toward the front of the bar, she saw a larger group of out--of--towners walking in. Must be why they were arranging tables, Beth thought.

"Ok baby, sounds fine," David agreed. "See you at home. I love you. Bye."

"Ok, love you too," Beth replied. As she watched the group start to gather around the tables, she saw a familiar face. Oh my god, Beth thought, its Mike Rowe.

Still in disbelief, Beth said flatly, "Ok, love you, . . . ok, . . . bye."

Beth watched Mike Rowe, scarcely believing her eyes. She took a long drink from her margarita. There was another sip left in her glass, but she got the waitresses attention and told her to bring her another. Yeap, Beth thought, its Mike Rowe. What the hell is he doing here? Beth finished her drink. As she placed her glass on the table, she thought of her e--mail message and her face flushed. Immediately she tried to disabuse herself of the thought he was here to do her dirty job.

The waitress returned. Beth took the drink directly from her hand and took a long drink.

"Are you okay, honey?" the waitress asked, noticing her face was flushed.

"Yeah, fine. I'm good." Beth tried to sound convincing.

"Ok, let me know if you need anything else," the waitress said returning to the tone she reserved for her customers.

Although she fought herself, Beth's thoughts returned time and again to her fantasies about the man sitting fifteen feet from her. She drove them from her mind with one thought only to suffer its return with her next. Finally she surrendered to safer thoughts of just meeting and speaking to him. That would be a juicy story for her friends. Beth took another drink. What if he remembered the e--mail he received from Ellijay. Would he remember the name? Should she use another name if she worked up the courage to walk over and introduce herself? She took another drink. Hell, he probably didn't even read the e--mail. She took another drink and looked around the bar. Other than employees and one old man sitting at the bar with his back turned to her, there is no one in the bar other than Mike and his entourage. Beth finished her drink, stood and walked to the left of the chair in which the object of her desire sat.

Mike looked up at the statuesque brunette standing beside his chair. He noticed with great appreciation her large breasts and shapely butt and legs. Could be Wonder Woman, Mike thought to himself as his lips slowly formed a warm smile.

"I know you," Beth said and immediately kicked herself for not coming up with something more clever. "You're Mike Rowe, the dirty job guy."

"Ok, you got me. And who might you be?" he inquired with a broad smile.

Beth hesitated imperceptively. Oh hell, I'm in it now, she thought. "I'm Beth Bailey, and I'm a big fan. I just had to come over and say something to you."

"I'm glad you did," Mike said. "You are a striking young lady. Have you eaten? Why don't you join us?"

"Thank you," Beth blushed only slightly. She had always had a positive effect on men. She looked for a place she might sit.

Mike stood and asked the man seated in the chair immediately to his left if he minded moving to the empty chair across and down the table. Mike held the chair as Beth sat and he assisted her in moving closer to the table. He sat again at the head of the makeshift table.

"What are you doing in Ellijay? Beth asked earnestly.

"Got a dirty job," Mike said looking into her eyes. "I'm going to be shoveling chicken poop tomorrow."

Beth and Mike laughed. Beth was relieved he did not say he had received her e--mail and had come to do the dirty job she wrote him about. Beth relaxed and her natural charm emerged during their conversation. Beth and Mike both had a drink. Everyone ordered and Mike ate a large plate of beef nachos. Beth was afraid her stomach was too nervous to eat anything other than some tortilla chips and cheese dip. Mike and Beth talked like old friends and soon it seemed like they were alone, even though only a couple members of his posse had excused themselves to go take care of some last minute matters before tomorrow's shoot.

Periodically during their conversation, Beth's mind entertained her fantasies about the man sitting in front of her. She could feel her pussy getting wet as she imagined fucking him in her mind while she made small talk with him. Beth wondered if she might have a chance to make her fantasy a reality. Then her thoughts returned to her husband. When would he be home? Should she call him and let him know who she's with and what she's thinking about doing with him? She was afraid her call might take his mind off his meeting and prevent him from completing his business. She had discussed her fantasies about Mike Rowe many times while lying in bed together. She had even joked with David that he should bring Mike home so she could fuck him while he watched her enjoy herself. David had joked he would do just that. So Beth was certain her husband would not object to her fucking Mike if the opportunity arose. Even so, she had not told him about her e--mail message a couple months ago and he did not know Mike was in town.

"Hey, what do you say we get outta here and find someplace with less noise?" The question shocked Beth back from her thoughts. The bar was much busier and they were about to start karaoke. Decision time. What was she going to do?

"Yeah. Yeah, I'd like that," Beth replied. "How about your place?"

Beth stood with Mike and the two of them made their way to the door.

"Do you have a car?" Mike asked Beth as he opened the door for her.

"Yeah, the black Challenger right there," Beth said pointing.

"Nice ride!" Mike said sincerely.

After she fired the Hemi engine in her Challenger to life, Beth turned to Mike and said, "Where to?"

"I'm staying at the Best Western just up . . .," Mike began.

"I know where it is," Beth assured him before he finished his answer.

The short drive to the hotel was filled with more small talk. Beth realized they were at the door of Mike's room only when he slid the access card into the reader and opened it. Beth stepped into the door after Mike. Mike turned to face her and used his left hand to push the door. He put his right hand into the small of Beth's back and pulled her toward him as the door shut. They kissed. The first kiss was deep, followed by a deeper kiss, and several shorter ones.

Kissing her again, Mike first pulled Beth toward the king--size bed, and then used both hands to begin pulling her shirt over her head. Beth raised her hands to allow him to remove her shirt. Mike reached the bed before he anticipated and the bed hitting him unexpectedly behind his knees caused him to sit on it abruptly. Beth looked down on Mike and reached behind her back to remove her bra. Her large tits spilled from the cups of her 40DD bra.

Lord, Mike thought, this woman has some beautiful tits. They were large and well proportioned. Her areola were large, about the size of a cup bottom, but her nipples were what caught his attention. They were the size of the end of his index finger. He pulled Beth to him, first burying his face between her copious tits and then taking the large nipple of her left tit into his mouth. He began by sucking. Then he flicked her nipple with the end of his tongue before taking it between his teeth, pulling gently back and letting it slip out of his mouth through his teeth.

Beth stepped back. Mike rose from the bed and removed his outer clothing. Beth pulled her own pants down, removing her thongs at the same time. Her pussy was shaven smooth and was one of the prettiest pussies Mike had ever seen. He bent down and removed his underwear. When he stood, Beth pushed his chest with her right hand and once again Mike found himself on the bed, this time in a prone position.

Mike's large cock was fully exposed to Beth as she took two steps toward the bed and began to crawl over him. She took his balls in her hand. They were large too. She stroked upward and was surprised to find her hand could not completely encircle the shaft of his dick. A thrill rushed through Beth. She loved thick cocks. She did not actually like really long cocks, but she liked to be completely filled with a really fat cock. She loved the way her lips were pulled in and out and her clit was crushed as she was fucked by a hefty dick. And now she was staring a one about as big around as a beer can and it was hung on Mike Rowe! What more could she ask for?

Beth tried to fit the head of Mike's cock in her mouth unsuccessfully. She had to settle for licking the shaft and head, and jacking him with her hand. It was too large to really do well. Fuck it, Beth said to herself, and she crawled on up Mike's body to straddle him. She reached behind her and pulled Mike's thick cock toward the opening of her cunt. She rubbed the fat head up and down her slit. She was very wet. Almost immediately she felt her own juices dripping down the shaft of Mike's cock and wetting her hand. Beth positioned Mike's cock in her opening and sat back a little to hold its bulbous head in place. After it was positioned where she wanted it, Beth paused briefly and then sat back on it sharply. Mike's cock buried itself in her wet pussy to his balls. Beth felt a slight twinge of pain as it stretched her cunt to its limits. She gasped. Lifting herself only a short distance she plunged back down and repeated the motion several times as she adjusted to the size of the dick firmly planted in her. Then she lifted herself until its fat head was at her entrance and repeatedly impaled herself on it. She could feel Mike's cock stretching her and rubbing her clit. She was coming to orgasm but needed a little more to push her over the edge. Beth sank all the way down on his big tool and then rode his cock so that his pubic bone crushed her clit. The extra stimulation intensified the pressure in her loins. Beth knew she was building to a huge orgasm. Suddenly her cunt started to contract around Mike's cock and she felt her orgasm flood her thighs, Mike's stomach and the bed as she began to squirt. She continued to ride Mike's prodigious organ until she could take no more and collapsed on the bed next to Mike.

Mike let Beth only rest briefly. Her cunt had felt so good, and he was ready to get off himself. He rolled over onto Beth. Spreading her legs wide, he could see the object of his lust open before him. Sitting on his knees, he positioned his dick in the entrance to Beth's pussy and pushed himself inside her. God, this woman is wet, he thought. He pulled his dick out to its head and slammed it back into her.

"Oh god, yeah! Fuck my pussy, Mike. Shove that big cock in me. Fuck my pussy!" Beth wanted to come again.

In this position, Mike's cock rubbed Beth's g--spot each time the head was thrust in and pulled out. Beth wanted him to fuck her faster and more forcefully.

"Come on, Mike. Fuck that pussy! Tear my pussy up! Harder! Harder!" Beth shouted to him. Mike began to fuck her more forcefully. The bed was moving up and down under them and contributed to the force with which Mike cock hit her pussy when it reached its hilt and his balls slapped against her ass. Beth's titties moved up and down with each powerful stroke. She cradled her right tit with her right hand and pulled it to her month to tongue her nipple. Mike's balls began to tighten as Beth's breath became shallower and more labored. Her orgasm was coming again. She felt herself hold her breath, tighten and then her orgasm burst forth and flooded her body. Mike began to come. His balls tighten and emptied their large, hot load into Beth in five large spurts. She could feel his seed hit the back of her vagina.

Beth and Mike collapsed. After several minutes, Beth spoke.

"Wow, that was fantastic. It was everything I imagined it would be!" Beth sighed.

"Oh yeah, baby, you have got one great pussy. Where did you learn to fuck like that?" Mike asked rhetorically.

"Here and there," Beth replied as she raised herself on her side and gave Mike a peck on the lips before she rose from the bed and headed to the bathroom to clean up.

"Where are you going so fast?" Mike inquired.

"Got to get home. I don't know when my husband is coming home." Beth replied.

"Oh shit!" Mike exclaimed.

"Relax, he knows about my fantasy of fucking you and he doesn't care." Beth reassured him.

"In that case, why don't you come back here and let me fuck you a couple more times?" Mike said expectantly.

"No time," Beth said. "When are you leaving town?"

"In a couple days. We'll probably leave Saturday, maybe Sunday." Mike said. "Any chance of a rematch?"

"Maybe," Beth teased and smiled mischievously. "You want seconds, . . . maybe thirds?" Beth laughed and walked toward the door of the room to leave.

"Definitely," Mike said. It was his turn to smile mischievously. "After all, you promised me your ass."

Beth stopped in her tracks and turned slowly.

"You remember the e--mail." It was a statement.

Mike smiled and nodded. Beth's face flushed and she opened the door.

"Oh, and by the way, Beth. I know you said you would be a dirty job, but I want you to know I have enjoyed doing you more than any dirty job my viewers have ever suggested," Mike said with a knowing smile.

"I gotta go!" Beth stammered, walked out the door and slammed it securely behind her. He remembered it, she thought. Son of a bitch!

Beth arrived home about ten minutes after she left the hotel. Shit, she thought, David's car is in the driveway. Her pussy was full of Mike's sperm and it had wet her panties. She was going to have to face the music right away.

Beth got her key and struggled to find the lock in the darkness before the key slid in and the door unlocked. She opened the door and David was walking toward her.

"Where have you been?" David asked his disheveled wife. "I've been worried."

Beth grabbed her husband's arm and pulled him toward the bedroom, "Boy, do I have a story for you!"

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My wife

Honestly I never heard of this guy until now. But after googling I can say I wouldn't be surprised if this guy got my wife wet while talking to her. Now I think I like the idea of this guy charming mymore...

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