tagToys & MasturbationIt's for Research Ch. 04

It's for Research Ch. 04


"Woohoo! It's here!" Brianna ran down the stairs to the front door. She was talking to herself, but didn't care. She had been waiting two days for the package to arrive and got so excited when the white and blue delivery truck stopped outside her house.

"Hi." Brianna smiled at the deliveryman. He was probably around her age and looked geeky, cute with his thick glasses, and uniform. She always loved a man in uniform.

"If you could just sign here. Where would you like the package?" Brianna was about to respond with some sexual comment, but chose not to. She signed her name and then handed the clipboard back to him.

"Just put it on the foyer. I'll have my fiancé bring it upstairs later." Brianna watched as the deliveryman pouted a bit. She realized that the moment she said fiancé any fantasies he had went out the window. It did not help that she was not wearing her engagement ring. It was two sizes too big and had to be shipped back to the store in New York City to be sized properly. The deliveryman placed the box on the marble floor in the foyer and then walked back to his truck.

She shut the door and carried it to the living room. It was not very heavy, but she was so eager to open it she didn't care.

"Nathan! The mat arrived!" Brianna yelled loud enough, hoping that he could hear her from his home office that was next to the kitchen. She ripped open the box and grinned.

"Yes sweetie?" Nathan walked up behind his fiancé and wrapped his arms around her body. "Is the last of the sex toys here? Am I assuming my story is being put on hold?"

Nathan was an author and had been asked to review some sex toys. Brianna was very happy to help him and they had spent the last month or so eagerly enjoying the toys that were delivered to their home. This was the last of the toys, but they were not upset. They got to keep everything they had been given.

"Mmm. Set this up. I want to get that body oil from upstairs. Do you want the strawberry or the chocolate?"

"Strawberry." Nathan watched Brianna run up the stairs to their bedroom. He opened the box and lay out the mat. It was a thick mat almost six feet by six feet. The material was slippery and he knew that it allowed for movement while they were on the mat. He moved some of the furniture out of the way and placed it in the middle of their living room. He had time to undress and was waiting for Brianna to come back.

"Can we try this?" Brianna entered the living room and was holding a bottle of lube. "It's the heating massage oil. You know the one that heats up with friction and when you blow on it."

"Of course."

Brianna watched as Nathan lay on the black mat. It had some special name, but all she cared about was the fact they could be covered in body oil and play around on the slippery mat. She undressed and joined her fiancé on the mat. She opened the bottle and seductively poured oil on her breasts. She massaged the oil onto her body and then dribbled some on her inner thighs. Nathan's cock was throbbing and he reached behind him for another bottle of oil.

"Where did you get that?"

"You think you're the only one that gets to buy sex toys. This is heating oil as well. Cinnamon flavored. I know you like spicy flavors." Nathan poured a large amount onto his cock and began to jerk off. Brianna poured more oil and then lay down on my tummy, sliding against the mat.

"This feels so neat and I can feel it heat up."

"Finger yourself for me."

Brianna turned onto her back and spread her legs wide. Nathan knelt between her legs, still stroking his cock. He bent over and began to lick her pussy. She tasted so good and he felt the warmth on his tongue. He pushed her legs over her head and began to flick his tongue all over her bare pussy. She kept sliding forward and he could follow her. She twisted a bit so they were soon rolling and sliding all over the mat.

"What position baby. What do you want to try out?" Nathan thought for a moment.

"Me on top." Brianna giggled and lay back again. He thrust his cock inside her and slid against the mat. He reached forward and held her shoulders. She in turn bent her legs into her chest. Nathan moaned and began to pound her hard and fast. The heating oil was burning hot against their bodies and Nathan loved the taste of the strawberries mixed with cinnamon.

"How does this feel?" Nathan was in pure heaven. It felt so good to be inside her and the fact they were sliding around on this slippery mat made it so forbidden.

"I feel like a fucking porn star baby. Fuck me doggie style." Nathan pulled back and watched Brianna roll onto her hands and knees. He sank deep inside her pussy and reached forward to grip her shoulders.

Brianna was in pure heaven. He was so hard, so big, and so deep inside her. Every thrust made her moan. She lay flat on the mat and bent her knees back. Nathan leaned forward and pressed his whole body against her. They were covered in sweat and massage oil and their juices.

"That's it baby. Cum for me. That's my girl." Nathan held her tight as her pussy gripped his cock tight. She only whimpered as her body was overcome by her orgasm. Nathan continued thrusting inside her and screamed out when his orgasm hit. His cock swelled and he pushed inside her even deeper.

"I love this mat. It's so sexy." Nathan grinned.

"I'm glad you like it baby. We will have to move it when guests come over you know."

"Awww. You are right though. Can we turn the empty bedroom upstairs into our sex room?"

Nathan laughed.

"Sure. I do need to finished writing the reviews for all those sex toys we played with this month."

"Fine." Brianna smiled.

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