tagExhibitionist & VoyeurIt's Rude To Stare Ch. 04

It's Rude To Stare Ch. 04


"I'm not going to lie, Clarissa. That whole debacle, teasing that guy right in front of her girlfriend, her not being to take it much more and snapping" Catherine said as she dabbed a rolled up paper towel ball under the running faucet stream. She went back to her doll. "It was hot."

"Yeah, says the girl whose chest isn't dripping with dessert!" Clarissa laughed. She just had too. It was all so ridiculous yet fun all the same. "I feel so gross right now. And my clothes are ruined!"

Catherine wiped Clarissa's sticky bust which was coated with the creamy treat. It was no longer dripping off her body but its residue had stuck her skin and made things really uncomfortable. The two of them stood in front of the mirror, Clarissa faced it straight ahead and watched the reflection of her mentor hovering on her left side trying to clean her up. "Oh Clary, how many have said? Relax. It'll sort itself out. Now hold still while Catherine makes things better." As she watched her fix her up, Clarissa felt her attraction to Catherine come back. Yet this time it was for something different. This was a new nurturing side to her that rival her cold, bitchy, borderline sadistic demeanour. During her entire time in that mall with Catherine she'd felt an aura of dominance, a sensation of being overpowered and overwhelmed. Catherine held this power over her, that in as much as she wanted to escape, she wanted to stay at the same time. But right now, things were different. Catherine was at her level now. Just a normal, compassionate human being. Things were very safe now. As she got in close to wipe away the stain, she smelt that flowery scent, the same one inside H&M. She cocked her head to look at her "friend." She was naturally very beautiful. Flowing brown hair, hazel eyes, lips that for once weren't grinning cockily. She had a perfect downblouse view from where she was and she took full advantage of it. Bra exposed, a nice long crack where her two mounds met. Breath taking. All the while her gentle hands continued to clear up the mess with ball after ball of damp paper towel. Maybe the spell was still on even when it didn't seem like it.

At one point their eyes met in a real movie moment. As they gazed at each other they wondered what would happen. Time stood still in anticipation. Two brunettes standing together in an empty washroom, no one to see, what was to happen? Their faces inched forward by instinct, like a magnetic pull guiding their eyes and lips together...

The moment was broken when they both heard the door swing open and hit the wall. They snapped out of it and Catherine wetted another towel and resumed her task. A few moments later two blonde girls and a brunette walked inside quite noisily chatting to each other. They stopped when they took in the bizarre sight of Clarissa being cleaned up. They broke into laughter. "Oh my god!" One of them spoke. "THAT'S..." It was apparent to both of them that they recognized (at least one of) Clarissa's antics.

"Yep, everyone meet Clarissa, my little dolly." Clarissa felt a little hurt by that statement. Somehow their moment here made her feel like they moved past their dom/sub relationship. Instead she was enduring their mocking and laughs. "How was the ice cream Clarissa? You enjoyed at didn't you, you little whore! Hahaha!"

Clarissa opened her mouth to respond to the uncalled for insult but was cut off by her puppeteer. "Oh she loved it. She loves being the public's eye whore! She's just a little slut inside that's dying to break out!" Whore? What? Clarissa gave her a death stare for that one. After their conversation distinguishing them from whores and freaks, here she was being sold out as one. She felt so betrayed. Their closeness had been lost again. Catherine had reverted back to her old ways even if Clarissa half-expected it. She was two-faced, two sided. "Go ahead, touch her," Flashbacks to the store again.

With that Catherine took a step back and allowed the girls to get through and fondle Clarissa. They playfully and laughingly ran their open palms down her shoulders and arm and over her now dry chest. This is a new one. I'm being felt up by the She Spies. One of them, the blonde with the short hair pinched her bra in amusement. Clarissa looked over to Catherine who smiled proudly. Thrown under the bus again. She'd begun this all with a near encounter with this beautiful woman's lips, and instead she got a lesbian fantasy of other sorts. Catherine just egged them on again. "You know girls, Clarissa's shirt and bra are allll soiled. How 'bout we get her out of them?"

The girls giggled and got to it. First the white blouse went. With only two buttons left fastened, it easy to get it open. They pulled it off her back and left her with just a bra which still had white stains on it. That too was loosed and pulled over her arms leaving her completely topless. Maybe it was the cold bathroom air and maybe it was the excitement, but her nipples were fully erect. And the girls picked up on it. They pointed and laughed. "Dirty little slut is getting off on this!"

"You might want to check down there for that," Catherine butted in with the stage direction. Again Clarissa shot her a death stare. Catherine! She turned her attention to the girls, this time the brunette. She'd reached under her skirt going in for the girl. She smiled to her friends. "Daaaaamn, this bitch is wetter than a dog in heat!" Funny, that's how I feel. Brown girl pushed her thong to the side and stuck her finger inside her cunt. "Yep, what a horny cunt!"

"Really? Let me try!" Her blonde friend on the other side of her reached in for herself. Clarissa had two girls invading her snatch at the same. "Ohhhh, hahaha, I see what you mean. You really ARE a dirty slut!" Clarissa stood there and took being fingered by two women. In between the pleasure she watched Catherine and then the door. She didn't know if she wanted anyone else coming in. These girls were surprisingly really open about engaging her but others would be hostile. What if a mother, or worse, a grandmother walked in? She wanted to shout out "lock the door," but she was paralyzed in excitement.

Catherine, watching idly by, let this go one until her doll was groaning and moan. Any minute she'd be dripping with juices. This was great because Clarissa would be well worked up for their next exhibition. "Oooo, keep going girls. She'll stay stop, but she doesn't mean it!" She urged on again. Clarissa let out a tiny scream and doubled over. The girls had to hold her back to make sure she didn't fall over completely. She screamed a bit louder, signifying an explosion down there.

"Thank you, thank you very much girls. Clarissa really appreciated that." The girls smiled and pulled their sweaty, love juiced hands. Clarissa just panted heavily. What a ride. "I guess me and Clary will be on our ways!"

Clarissa miraculously recovered. "Um Catherine? I still don't have a top!" She spoke in outrage.

"I can help with that," All of them turned around to the other blonde, the long haired one. She didn't do anything this whole time.

She was very professionally dressed. Black slacks, ruby red blouse, and vest over it. She unbuttoned the vest and slipped it off her back. Then she brought it to Clarissa and gave it to her. She glanced at Catherine who gave her a nod and a look of "hey, there you go." She looked it over then put it on. It was hardly a top. It was very low cut even done up all the way. It would have to do though. She didn't think they were being sincere but the girls even complimented her.

The trio made their exit, giggling all the way out. "I'll let you fix yourself a little. Do your business if you have to. I'll be outside. Don't keep me waiting." So with that Clarissa got washed up and then hit the washroom stall. Then she finxed herself in the mirror. She tried to position the vest in a decent way but it wasn't happening. She leaned on the sink and looked at herself in the mirror remembering what just took place. Her pussy was still stinging in the after effects. She took a feel for herself and then smelt her hand. Her panties were soiled too. She'd have to walk around with that. From outside she heard Catherine call. She washed her hand and then got it going.

"Where are we headed now?"

"The movies."

Clarissa puzzled at the choice of locale. "The movies? After all that you wanna watch a movie? Why?" Catherine said nothing else the whole way and just led them outside the Centre and back to Dundas Square. Along the way she kind of clued in herself. A dark theatre. The clichéd place for one to make out with his or her significant other. Catherine had ideas, she just didn't know what. As she trailed behind her, she felt the draft hit her wet panties and her breasts shifting very loosely inside their less than adequate covering.

Hitting the giant AMC complex, they walked up to the ticket retailer booth. There was a teenage male working it today. His mouth dropped when he saw Catherine and Clarissa approach him. Catherine ran hand down her shirt and parted it a little bit for the young man to see. "Hey there big boy. Two for Iron Man 2 please." The guy was flustered in words and actions as he punched in the info into his computer. "Y- yeah, sure, of course!" A minute later the tickets were printed off and he added them to Catherine with mouth still agape. The girl checked her purse for some cash. "Oh my, I don't have anything to give you. Perhaps we can figure something out?" She pressed her tits together and rubbed them through the fabric. The boy's eyes nearly jumped out of their sockets. Watching this all transpire, Clarissa couldn't believe this was going to work. Yet she loved seeing Catherine being downright sexual and seductive. Again in a sultry voice Catherine asked, "Do you suppose you could, cover this one for us, big boy?" Now put over the edge with this woman, he ushered them ahead. "Sure, sure! No problem!" With that they walked on by. "Boys are such tools, so easy" Catherine stated to her doll. Yes they are, yes they are.

Taking the escalator to the upper level, they found their theatre. It wasn't very packed. Mostly groups of guys or couples. Clarissa estimated that it was maybe 6 minutes until showtime. Catherine led the way to the front, much to her pet dismay. "The front?! I hate the front. It hurts looking up the whole time!"

"You complain too much, just sit." Catherine liked the simple, to the point responses. They worked because Clarissa listened.

They sat there in silenced looking at the trivia on the screen. With eyes on the screen Catherine pushed out another order. "Slip off your panties."

Clarissa turned to her tormenter. "What? The lights are still on! We haven't even hit previews yet!"

"Have you learned nothing from me? Have you reverted back to being a sad scared little girl? Stop questioning everything I say and just do it for once!" This was the sternest she had been with her. Clarissa could feel her intensity and frustration in her voice. It was true though. After her amazing performance in the food court, she'd fallen back to old ways. Not saying a word she reached under her skirt and wiggled the underwear off her hips. She handed them to Catherine. Satisfied? The girl got a hold of their dampness and took in her scent. Then she stuffed them into her purse.

"Someone's been really hot. Lift up your skirt so I can see your poor bothered pussy." Again she did without a protest. "Spread your legs. Yeah, that's it. Your cunt must aching right now." Catherine smacked it a couple of times. "Yesss..." Clarissa moaned. "So hungry for you Catherine. I want you so bad!"

Just then the lights turned down and the previews started. The surround sound of the cinema echoed inside her body and in her vagina specifically. Catherine had stopped for a minute to look at the trailer leaving her pet hanging in anticipation. What's the hold up? Always the mistress of mind games, Catherine was going to make her wait, even if she too wanted to go on as well. Being left on her own, Clarissa figured she might as well entertain herself. So she reached down between her thighs and got to work.

In the middle of it she felt Catherine reach over and undo her vest. With the biggest smile on her face and groan to match, button by button her top came open. When it was, Catherine slipped her hand in and groped her tit. At last, the mighty Catherine. The brunette had masterful hands. Her tactics bordered on pain and pleasure. She'd rub her nipple and squeeze it at the same it. Doing very well on her own self-pleasure, this was heavenly for Clarissa. It was also for the few in the theatre who could make out what their silhouettes were doing way down in the first row. They pointed and nudged their buddies next to them to look. The next they would've seen was the two outlines merged into one as their met. Indeed, the moment Clarissa dreamed off that whole afternoon had arrived. Finally. Catherine continued to caress her breasts as she invaded her mouth with her tongue. Their lips went at it wildly, smacking together. They went at it for minutes without breaking. And this was exactly what Clarissa wanted. Finally she had some intimacy with her tormenter, her very sexy tormenter at that. Their tongues tangoed with each other in the dancehall of their mouths. An eruption of pleasure and frustration no doubt on Clarissa's part. The movie had already begun yet, for those who knew of the two, the stood in their seats trying to get look at them

Their movie make out session unfortunately was cut short by a light in their faces. Both of them stopped and looked down the aisle to see a man flashing a bright flashlight directly at them. Not knowing whether they were going to busted for technically getting in there for free or the bit of indecency, Catherine boldly grabbed Clarissa by the wrist and made a break for the other end of the row. With her free hand she tried desperately the whole time to keep her skirt from falling as they ran. Too bad she didn't have a third hand to attend to her breasts because without any support, they just bounced around uncontrollably full view of all the passer-byers. Her skirt too frilled up, exposing her ass cheeks and pussy lips. The girls laughed the whole way at the thrill of potentially being chased. They turned every head they passed on the way to the escalator. On the moving stairs themselves they had to force themselves past people which obviously garnered some looks too.

On the lower level they ran passed the retail counter and big boy giving him a little wink on their way out the doors. On the side walk they both huffed and puffed trying to catch their breath. When they did they just burst into laughter again.

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