Jackie Pt. 04


At the end of February I met Angie's parents for the first time. They seemed overjoyed when they learned there only child was getting married. I think they thought she was gay. I could almost see the relief in her father's face when she introduced me as her fiancé.

The date of the wedding was set for the end of June. One month short of the day I tripped over Angie as she laid in the walk way of the law library. Those four months were quite hectic but in the end we pulled it off and we were married at her Father's country club on the final Saturday in June.

There wasn't anything different about our wedding than any normal wedding. I was dressed in a tux and Angie was wearing a beautiful white dress and veil. The only difference was we were both wearing the same lingerie underneath our outer clothes. We both wore white lace corsets with matching bras and panties and white silk stockings. Angie wore two-inch heels and I wore a man's shoe with a three inch heel that brought us to the same height.

The wedding was beautiful and the honeymoon was wonderful. We spent two weeks in Maui in a secluded bungalow. I spent most nights as Jackie and most days as Jack. Though there were a few days I laid out under the sun in a bikini where no one could see me.

When we arrived back from our honeymoon my world started to fall apart. Angie and I were told that since we were married I couldn't work for her any longer. I would be moved to another partner and Angie would be given a new research analyst.

I was willing to go along with it but I wasn't too happy about it. Angie was fit to be tied. First she threatened to quit and strike out on her own. Then she said she wouldn't give me up until she found someone to replace me. The partners knew she would never find some one to replace me unless she wanted it.

Finally a bargain was reached. I would resign from the firm and become a free lance research analyst. I would still be paid by the firm and I would work for whoever needed my services. Angie in turn would give up her research analyst for a full time secretary.

Angie wasn't thrilled with this arrangement but she knew it was the best she could get. Besides she had me virtually to herself most of the time as I was used very little by anyone else.

I was still able to use the law library at the firm's office and I had the Internet, which at times could be troublesome but it was a useful tool. I found I enjoyed the work from home though I missed being with Angie. I still went to court with her and sat behind her as she tried her cases, but those opportunities were not as numerous as I would like.

At first I would dress as Jack while I worked at home but before long I started dressing as Jackie. It wasn't too long after I started working from home I was dressed as Jackie much more than I was dressed as Jack. I found being dressed in a skirt and blouse to be more comfortable than dressed in slacks and a shirt. Angie liked the idea I was dressed in girl's clothes most of the day.

Through the next six months we seemed to be getting along wonderfully. As a lover Angie was very attentive and I didn't lack in that department either. Angie and I would make love on an average of three or four times during the week and almost constantly on the weekends. Except of course when Angie had her period, then all love making would stop.

On an average I would be asked to put on the maids uniform for the day once a month. Usually it was for a Saturday. The night before Angie would place the bell I had given her on the dinning room table. This was to tell me the next morning I was to be her maid.

For the most part we didn't vary much from the first time I wore the uniform for her. She used me as her play toy all day. When I wasn't being fucked or sucking on her strap on I was cleaning the house like a good little maid. I was not hand cuffed to the bed like the first night but I still had to sleep in the spare bedroom dressed in the corset stockings and panties I wore all day. Of course I was forbidden to relieve my swollen balls till the next morning when Angie took my cock in her mouth.

We still went out dancing though now we told our dance partners we were married. That didn't seem to phase them in the least when it came to asking us out or trying to get us to go home with them. Angie even told me I should take a guy out to the parking lot so I could give him a blow job. Of course I never did and Angie would never make me do it. This was all said in fun.

It wasn't until October that I noticed there was a problem brewing. Early in the month Angie had been quite irritable. In fact she would snap at the slightest thing. This wasn't like her, as she was usually even tempered and she would never let anything upset her. Then one day she worked late and the next day she was back to her normal self.

Around the end of the month the same thing happened. Then after working late she was back to normal. In fact she was more affectionate the following day then she was normally. After it happen two more times I started to suspect there was something going on.

When these incidents started happening, Angie would come home after working late and go immediately up to our bedroom and jump into the shower. I was usually in the study working when she came in. By the time I got up stairs she would be in the shower as if she couldn't get in there fast enough.

In late November it happened again. This time I waited in the living room knowing Angie would have to go past me to get to the bedroom. When she came in she didn't look like the same Angie I know. Her hair was disheveled and her make up was completely gone except for around her eyes. Her eye makeup looked like she had been crying.

When I asked her what was wrong she said she had seen a stray dog hit by a car and it made her cry. I felt sorry for her and took her in my arms. She cried some more before going to the bedroom to shower. When I held her I notice a strange smell to her. I couldn't identify the smell but it wasn't anything I normally smelt on her.

I followed her to the bedroom and while she was in the shower I picked up her clothes and took then to the hamper. It was then I noticed her panties were frayed and ragged looking. This was unusual, as her lingerie was always perfect. When every they looked the slightest bit worn she would toss them and buy new ones.

That night we made love as usual and it was wonderful but I couldn't get that nagging thought out of my head that Angie was cheating on me. All the signs pointed to it but in my love for her I couldn't bring myself to admit it.

At first I thought I could let it go. I didn't want to lose Angie and if she was having an affair I could only hope it was a fling and we could get back to normal once she got it out of her system.

By the middle of January I couldn't take it any longer. I knew when I saw her irritability again that she would soon be telling me she was working late. This time I planed on following her to see just what was happening.

It happen the following Friday. She called around noon to tell me she was working late and wouldn't be home till around nine or ten. This was my signal to put my plan into action.

The first thing I did was change from Jackie and into Jack. For the most part I had already made the change as my breast forms were only sitting in my bra and not firmly glued in place. I still had to remove my nail polish but that took very little time.

Once I was dressed as Jack I drove my car to a rental agency and rented a car. I didn't want Angie spotting my Lexus as I followed her. The car I got was a plain black Chevy mini van with dark windows. Once I had the van I parked it out side the firm's office building

I had been sitting in front of the office since four o'clock. I knew Angie hadn't left as her car was still in the parking lot. At exactly five o'clock Angie came out the front door and walked straight to her car.

She drove right past me and if she noticed me at all she gave no sign of it. I followed her as close as I could but I kept several cars between us whenever it was possible.

I followed her to a small subdivision of older homes that looked like they were built in the seventies. The area was old but well maintained. You could tell it was a working class neighborhood by all the pickup trucks in the driveways.

I followed her till she pulled into a driveway then I parked the van a few houses away and quickly turned off my lights. By this time it was dark out and I was sure my van couldn't be seen in the darkness. If Angie worried at all about being seen going into a strange house she didn't show it as she walked straight to the front door without looking back. It only took a few seconds for the door to be answered and instantly she was grabbed by the arm and pulled inside.

This is where my story began. Where I stood outside his bedroom window as I watched my wife of six months on she knees sucking another man's cock. I couldn't pull myself away as I watched his nine inch cock slid into her mouth.

I knew what she was feeling. I knew her lips had to get use to his enormous girth. Her jaw had to relax to get his thick meat into her mouth. I had experienced the same feeling when she fucked my mouth with her strap on dildo as I knelt at her feet in my French maid's uniform.

This guy wasn't as easy on Angie as she had been on me. I watched as Angie kept her hands at her sides while her lover took her head in his hands as he fucked her mouth. It wasn't long before he was shoving his entire cock in her mouth. I could see by the expression on Angie's face she was gagging on his cock and I could see her eyes start to water.

I could see he was saying something to her as he pumped his cock in and out of her mouth. Due to the closed window I couldn't actually hear what he was saying though I imagine he was telling her what a great cock sucker she was and how good she looked with his rod going in and out of her mouth. Of course I made this all up in my head, as I really couldn't hear what was being said.

How long she sucked his cock I don't know, as time seemed to stand still. I knew she took every inch of his cock into her mouth as I could see her face being pressed up against his hairy pubic mound. For her sake I had hoped he had showered before she arrived.

After what seemed like an eternity the man pulled his cock from Angie's mouth and a second later she was kneeling on the bed. Her ass was pointed back toward the man. I could see her wiggle her bottom invitingly and I could see she was saying something, but again the words couldn't be heard.

The man stepped up behind her and slammed his cock into my wife. There was no gentleness to the act. No slow entrance as if he had to be careful. One instant he was parting her sweet vaginal lips with the head of his cock and the next instant his thighs slammed into her ass cheeks.

Angie looked like she gasped at being taken so suddenly. At the same time I saw a look on her face that told me she had an orgasm. A silent scream erupted from her mouth, as her whole body seemed to shake. This was with out the aid of her finger on her clit.

Her lover then started fucking her. His thrusts were hard and deep and each one seemed to drive the air from her lungs. I watched her turn her head and say things to him, but I still couldn't hear her. I could only imagine she was begging him to fuck her.

At times he would take a hand full of her curly locks and pull on them as he drove his cock in and out of her pussy. And other times he would slap her ass cheeks so hard I could see her cheeks jiggle with the force of it. In no time her ass cheeks seem to glow a bright red.

As I watched this man fuck my wife my own cock became hard. I couldn't understand this. A man shouldn't get an erection from watching his wife getting fucked by another man. What did this say about me?

Through out this fucking I could see Angie had at least three orgasms. I could only imagine this by the amount of liquid that seemed to pour down her legs. This from the woman that told me she couldn't orgasm through intercourse.

He fucked her for at least twenty minutes though I really didn't time them. When he was done he pulled his cock from her well used pussy and then grabbed a hand full of her hair. He jerked her around and pulled her to her knees in front of him. A few seconds later he started shooting his sperm load onto my wife's face.

Thick pearly white ropes of sperm shot from his cock and landed on Angie's face. The ropes covered both her eyes and nose. Some even landed in her hair. He then used his still hard cock to smear the sperm around Angie's face as if he was painting it with the slimy substance. At the same time I was struck with my own orgasm. The panties I was wearing became wet as my cock started spewing cum.

As my orgasm subsided I thought they would stop for a break. It was much too early for the night to be over. Angie never came home till well after nine and it was only seven. But I quickly learned I was wrong.

Instead of stopping the man slid his cock back into Angie's mouth and started fucking her face once more. His cock never went soft and only diminished its firmness slightly. As if he hadn't just pumped a massive load onto her face he started fucking her face with the same aggressiveness he had earlier.

I couldn't watch any more. I pulled my eyes away from the window and made my way back to the rental van. I knew I had to get the van back to the rental agency and get my own car home before Angie arrived. I didn't want her knowing I had been out.

As I drove my mind went over what I had just witnessed. The woman I loved more than life itself had given herself to another man. At first I didn't know why she would do this. I did everything she wanted and never questioned her on anything she wanted to do. It wasn't until I remembered how she came the instant his cock penetrated her that I realized why she did it.

I realized then that I didn't have the equipment to satisfy her. My cock was too small to give her the orgasms she needed. I also realized that Angie never called my cock a cock she always called it a dick or a clit when I was dressed like a girl.

When I realized this I felt dejected. I was filled with despair over my inadequacies. I also knew I could never look at my wife again in the same way I had before. I could never make love to her knowing I didn't measure up to the other man she had been with.

I also knew this affair had been going on for a long time. Well before we were engaged. I had seen his truck leave our subdivision many times in the last year and it was always when Angie would have an appointment and we would leave work at different times. He was her appointment and while I worked in the office she had entertained him in our bed.

I knew I couldn't face her again. I knew I would see him fucking her when I looked on her face again. In only a few minutes I knew what I had to do. I had to pack my clothes and leave before she came home. I had to do this not only for my own well being but also for Angie's happiness. Though she cheated on me I still loved her deeply.

Instead of going back to the rental agency I went straight home. I knew I only had a few hours before Angie came home to pack my bags. I moved as fast as I could, taking only my male clothes. I did take a few pairs of panties because I didn't own any male underwear. I figured I could use those until I could get to a store to buy regular male underwear.

At nine o'clock I had everything I could put into two suitcases. I had to get going, as I knew Angie would be home soon. I know I didn't get everything but I had to get out before she arrived. I had just made it. As I was leaving the subdivision I spotted Angie's car entering. I was sure she never realized it was me in the black mini van.

Two hours later, I had dropped off the van at the rental agency and picked up my own car after transferring my bags from one vehicle to the other. I then bought a bottle of scotch to drown my sorrows and found a cheap hotel to spend the night.

I had money of my own as Angie and I had separate accounts. The money I made went into my account and the money she made went into hers. Granted we used her account exclusively but she always wanted to keep our money separate.

At first I thought I would only spend one night at the hotel and then look for my own apartment. Unfortunately that is not what happened. Once I moved my belongings in to the room a wave of despair came over me.

For three days I lay on the bed remembering every minute of what I saw in the window. On top of that I remembered every minute of what Angie's and my life had been like. I loved her so much and the thought of leaving her sent me deeper into despair.

For three days I lay in that bed feeling sorry for myself and hating myself for my inadequacies. I didn't watch TV though it was on and I couldn't eat. I only drank a few glasses of water though even that seemed like a chore. I never even though about opening the bottle of scotch I bought earlier. I didn't shower or even shave for the three days. By Monday afternoon I was seriously contemplating suicide.

It was Monday night when I heard the knock on my door. At first I ignored it but it persisted. I finally told who ever was there to go away and leave me alone. That only made the person outside my door knock even louder.

When the knock became a constant pounding I jumped up and flung open the door to tell the person to leave me alone. At least that was what I was going to tell them till I realized Angie was the one doing the knocking.

She smiled her dazzling smile and instantly my heart went out to her, but my brain and my ego did not. I went to slam the door in her face but Angie caught the door with her hand long enough to slip into the room before letting the door close.

Angie looked around the room and said. "What's going on Jack are you shacked up with someone?"

I knew she was teasing but I was in no mood for it. "You're one to talk about shacking up. Why don't you get your trampy ass out of here and back to your boyfriend." I told her angrily.

I could see Angie was shocked by my words and hurt that I said them to her. Quickly she said, "I was only teasing honey. I was really worried about you. You didn't leave a note or tell anyone where you were."

"Hell I thought you would be happy I was gone. Now you can bring your lover home any time you like. Hell you can spend the whole weekend together." I told her as I pour the first glass from the bottle of scotch I bought on Friday.

Angie came over to me and tried to take the glass from my hand as she said. "Baby you're the only lover I have now tell me what is this all about."

I pulled the glass from her hand and said. "Angie I saw you with him. I followed you on Friday after you left work and you went straight to his house. Hell you were in his bedroom in less than five minutes."

The look on Angie's face was nothing short of complete surprise. Her secret was out and she knew I knew everything. Angie hugged her purse to her tummy and sat down hard on the bed. Almost instantly tears started to form in her eyes and they slowly started to run down her cheeks.

Angie wasn't one to shed crocodile tears, as she never used tears as a weapon. In fact except for a very few times I never saw her cry. Each time I did see her cry it was for a real reason.

Angie tried to wipe the tears away as she said. "I'm sorry you saw that, but no matter what you saw you are my only lover. What you saw me doing had nothing to do with love. In fact I get disgusted with myself every time I give into the craving."

I had no idea what she was saying so I asked. "What craving is that Angie? You crave a big cock to fuck you with. Why did you ask me to marry you Angie when you had your other lover in the wings the whole time?"

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