tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJackie: Taking It Further

Jackie: Taking It Further


This is a continuation of my wife's journey into exhibitionism. Our first experience is recorded in "In The Garage."


A week after my busty wife, Jackie, exposed herself totally in naked in the garage, we were out driving around on a leisurely Sunday afternoon. While the sex following her exposure was hot, neither of us had actually mentioned her showing herself to the neighborhood.

For me, I think it was because I still couldn't really believe it...and it had been so damn exciting. I didn't want to spoil it...I also hoped for more.

But, there's a time and place for everything, I thought, noticing that the top three buttons on Jackie's thin, white blouse were undone, revealing a goodly amount of her ample cleavage.

"So, the garage thing made you pretty hot huh?" I opened the conversation, eyeing her cleavage again.

Turning to face me, Jackie smiled. Her long, dark hair was pulled back into a ponytail, leaving thin strands around her face that framed her hazel eyes.

"Well," she started, "actually, that wasn't the first time...I mean, sometimes, I go out in the garage naked to get the laundry...but never with the garage door open...although I've often thought about it."

I was silent a moment, picturing it in my mind...my cock saw it too.

"You've thought about going out there with the garage door open?" I asked a bit incredulous, but excited.

"Yeah," she said, fiddling with the fourth button on her blouse, "in fact, sometimes, I masturbate out there, pretending that it's open, and people can see me...."

My cocked jumped in my pants at the picture of my beautiful, big-titted wife, masturbating naked in the garage, exposed to the neighborhood.

Despite our several years of marriage, this was a side that my wife hadn't shown me before. It made me hot as hell, and I wanted to pursue it.

"Have you ever thought about actually doing it?" I pressed, "showing yourself to other people?" My cock was already hard, becoming uncomfortable in my jeans.

"A lot of times," she answered with a wicked grin. "But I've never actually had the courage to follow through with it...until the other day that is, when you were with me."

I know my wife....and could see that she was putting the ball in my court.

"How did it make you feel?" I asked with my own wicked grin.

"God," she answered quickly, breathing out, "it was so hot."

That's all I needed to know. Apparently, my wife was a closet exhibitionist...and I was ready to help her come out. The throbbing lump in the front of my jeans confirmed it.

"How did it make you feel?" she asked coyly, with a sideways glance down at my crotch. "Did it turn you on?"

"Hell yes," I said low, remembering how I'd pounded her naked body on the table in the dining room that evening.

"Wanna see more?"

Turning towards me again in her seat, Jackie flicked two more buttons on her blouse, undoing them. Her blouse fell open slightly, exposing most of her huge cleavage and the tops of her pink aureole, under her lacy, white bra.

I swallowed hard, remembering to keep the car on the road. She'd chosen to wear her daisy-duke style cut off shorts that day, and my eyes gobbled her delicious bared thighs, all the way up to her butt cheeks.

She licked her lips, waiting for my response.

My cock ached.

"Uhm.." I stuttered, trying to concentrate on driving. Spying a park, I made a quick left and pulled into the parking lot with a naughty idea.

Jackie giggled.

"Take off your blouse," I said, grinning at her.

"Right here?" she asked in feigned shock.

Leaning forward, she unbuttoned her blouse, and pulled it slowly down her shoulders. Turning to face me again, she stopped midway. "Are you sure?" she asked, smiling, exposing her bra covered breasts and bare midsection.

I nodded.

Pulling her blouse the rest of the way off, she tossed it in the back seat. My gorgeous wife now sat in the car seat in her bra, shorts and tennis shoes.

Opening my car door, I stepped out. "Let's take walk," I said.

Jackie glanced around, scanning the parking lot. Other than a few empty cars scattered here and there, there were no signs of life.

She pushed her door open, and stepped out, straightening up slowly.

Locking the car, I came around to her side and took her hand.

"Ready?" I smiled.

She nodded, somewhat pensively, but placed her hand in mine, and we set off down the paved path through the park.

The park was dotted with a few people here and there in the distance but nobody seemed to really take undue notice of the gorgeous, busty woman walking along in jeans shorts and a bra. Besides, from a distance, the bra could have looked like a bikini top. Jackie's heavy breasts, packed into the white bra swayed and bounced lightly with her pace, making my cock swell again to full potential.

"How does it feel?" I asked. I knew there was a big difference between the safety of home and the open park.

"I'm okay," Jackie smiled, "it's kinda hot."

I grinned inwardly as the first real test came.

A couple approached from the opposite direction about 15 yards to our right. I felt Jackie's hand stiffen in mine momentarily...then relax. Stealing a sideways glance, I saw that she was determined.

The couple went by in silence with quizzical expressions at the woman wearing a bra. Jackie simply smiled at them. As they passed, the man twisted his head around for a final look.

"That was so hot," she giggled, with an emphasis on the word "hot" when they were safely out of earshot. Two hard bumps at the front of her bra confirmed it. She was excited.

We'd gone a good distance when I noticed a solitary bench under a weeping willow, partially hidden by a handful of bushes off to our left. "Let's take a break," I smiled, pulling her towards it.

Taking a seat side by side, I placed a hand on her bare thigh, rubbing it lovingly. "Are you ready for the next step?" I asked gently.

At that point, my wife took stock, scanning the park. With an exhale, she nodded.

"Okay," I said, "take off your shorts."

Standing, she unbuttoned her daisy-dukes, bent over, and slid them down, over her hips and past her knees. Her lacy underwear came into view. Standing straight again, her shorts dropped to her ankles and she stepped out of them, leaving them on the grass in front of us.

Now wearing her panties, bra, and tennis shoes, she sat down again. I noticed her breathing had increased...her large breasts rose and fell faster in her bra.

"One more thing" I said, and pulled off both of her shoes, setting them on the bench. "Ready?" I asked.

A wet spot appeared on the front of her panties.

Standing, we took hands again, and set off towards the path, leaving her shorts and shoes at the bench.

Now wearing just her bra and panties, Jackie seemed a bit more nervous; yet, it was obviously turning her on.

"God, I feel so naked," she said.

As we got further into the park, people were beginning to notice, turning their heads to gawk at the hot woman in her underwear. We passed a group of college-aged people sitting on a bench, who fell silent and stared at Jackie as she went by. Jackie continued to smile at everyone, and even said hello to a few.

We reached the other end of the park without incident. Before turning to head back, I rolled the waistband of her panties down, exposing half of her luscious ass and just the top of her shaven mound...then loosening her bra straps...I pushed them down around her arms. The front of her bra slid down a bit, bringing the tops of her swollen aureole into view.

Hand in hand again, we walked the path back towards the car...Jackie's panties worked down a bit further as she walked, and my cock pounded in my pants at the idea that my hot, busty wife might soon be bottomless in public.

We passed many of the same people again, who now stopped and openly stared at her. Her panties had ridden down far enough to reveal most of her naked ass and the top half of her sweet, bald pussy. The bra wasn't fairing much better...all but her nipples were now exposed to the world.

"Oh god," she moaned low...everyone's looking at me."

I lightly rubbed her bare ass cheeks as we walked along, making her even hotter.

By the time we passed the bench, her panties had fallen to her knees.

To our left, a group of guys playing football stopped in mid-play and stared, calling out and pointing at her. Wolf whistles followed.

My wife was nearly naked in front of them.

Just then, her panties fell to her ankles, and she stepped out of them, leaving them behind us on the path.

"HOLY SHIT!" One of the football players yelled "LOOK AT THAT CHICK!"

Jackie was trembling with excitement. One hand went to her sopping pussy...lightly rubbing herself as we walked. My cock was so hard it hurt...my wife was now starting to actually masturbate in public.

Stopping a moment, I unhooked her bra, pulled it off of her and tossed it into the grass.

Jackie gasped.

She was now completely and utterly, stark naked in public.

Her swollen areola was flushed red, and her nipples pointed straight out...her pussy dripped with excitement. A few drops hit the pavement at her bare feet.

Taking her hand, I pulled her along, finally reaching the parking lot.

"Oh damn, I'm so turned on, I can't breathe" she said, leaning on the car and sliding a two fingers into her naked pussy. "I've never been naked in public like this before...it's so hot..." She jammed her hand into her wetness against the car, lifting herself to her toes. Her huge, bare tits heaved and jiggled as she masturbated herself in the parking lot.

Without warning, a car door opened two spaces over, and young man got out. Instantly, he caught sight of my naked, busty wife, furiously rubbing her clit out in the open.

His jaw dropped.

Not caring, Jackie rubbed herself wildly, shaking her naked tits and moaning loudly as the young man watched in disbelief.

Suddenly, a low, animal-like growl started at the bottom of her throat. The young man came closer, until he was standing just a few feet from her.

"Oh yeah.." she moaned, low at first, then building in intensity. "Oh yeah...oh god...OH.....GOD!" She yelled, cumming hard.

Turning her fingers over inside of herself, she pressed on her g-spot. Her back arched, and she rocked up and back on the balls of her bare feet in orgasm. Her hand flew at her pussy as she squirted her orgasm out in front of her in three separate jets of hot juice, moaning loudly with each one...barely missing the young man's leg and soaking the ground at his feet.

My cock begged for release, and I found it hard to breathe. The young man looked as if he'd been struck by lightning.

Slumping over, Jackie crashed to her knees next to the car, rubbing out the last of her orgasm on the pavement. Running over to her, I scooped her up and piled her into the passenger's seat. Smiling at the stunned young man, I climbed in, started the engine and backed out.

Jackie sat with her head back and eyes closed, her naked tits still heaving as she recovered from her crazy orgasm.

My cock pounded, throbbed, and hurt like hell...but pulling out onto the road in the direction of home, I knew that would come later.

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