tagCelebrities & Fan FictionJefferson Gets Some Help Ch. 04

Jefferson Gets Some Help Ch. 04


The following is a parody, and is not associated in any way with any television series or its characters.

Peggy shuffled over to the door, her hand not leaving her pussy. Looking through the window, she could see it was Marcy.

"OK everybody, it's Marcy."

Peggy opened the door as everyone, including Kelly who still had a mouthful of Al, to see Peggy take Marcy by the arm and pull her inside, fearing that Marcy might turn tail and head back home.

Marcy regained her balance, almost falling off those 4" pumps and looked up to see Al getting a blow job from his 20 year old daughter. She had never seen Al naked, but was impressed with his size, and what appeared to be a surprisingly tight ass for a man of his age.

And then there was Peggy. The one who tricked her into coming over dressed as she was, fingering her clit as she told Marcy to go over and make herself comfortable. Marcy walked towards the sofa and saw her husband on the sofa with a 19 year old, his hand firmly wrapped around Bud's 10" cock. God, this was turning her on more than she could have thought it would.

She feigned anger by putting her hands on her hips and saying, "Jefferson, what's the meaning of this, you spineless pretty boy? I married you so that you would service me!"

Jefferson didn't give her a chance to continue. He reluctantly let loose of Bud's fine prick and moved over to Marcy, pulling the overcoat from her, letting everyone see her in that skimpy maid's outfit.

"You're dressed perfectly for us. I'm tired of always taking the orders. Jefferson undress; Jefferson, get it hard for me; Jefferson, lick my pussy; Jefferson, strip for my mother. Well, now it's my turn, or should I say our turn. As our maid tonight, you'll do just as we wish. And NO complaints! Do you understand?"

Marcy had never seen Jefferson so assertive, and actually liked it. She could feel her pussy getting moist, thinking of the room full of naked people she would get to satisfy.

"Yes, Jefferson. Anything you say, dear. "How may I serve you?" Marcy asked as she curtsied before him."

"Well, for starters you can get up on that coffee table and show off that costume for everyone. I'm sure they'll appreciate how you look in it", said Jefferson.

Stepping up onto the coffee table, she felt everyone's eyes watch her, and especially the hem of her short skirt. She knew that they would be able to see that she was not wearing any panties.

She was right, it did not go unnoticed. Peggy walked over to her and said, "Marcy, did you not wear any panties because you wanted me to see. You thought I was here alone, didn't you?" asked Peggy. "Well, that's exciting to think that you wanted me to see, and probably lick that pussy of yours. Is that what you wanted, Marcy?" Peg asked as she slowly ran her hand up the inside of Marcy's nylon covered leg.

"Oh yes, Peggy. I've thought about you doing that often, haven't I, Jefferson?" asked Marcy.

"She has, Peggy. Sometimes when she's directing the action, as usual, she tells me that it's you, or Kelly, eating her out instead of me. That really seems to get her off, knowing that she has an 8" cock at her disposal, and the possibility of getting into her your panties, as well, not to mention the times she has called me 'Bud' when I was fucking her."

"Is that right, Marcy? Do you think of me eating you out, and getting into my Bud's pants and Kelly's panties, too?"

"Yes Peggy, it's true. I've always thought of us getting it on ever since we moved in next door. And seeing Bud and Kelly sunning themselves in the backyard has caused me to finger myself more than once. He'd lay out there and he's so big that you could easily see the outline of that big cock in his shorts. And Kelly looks so delicious in her bikini with those firm tits standing proud on her hard body. Yes, I've wanted them both, Peggy!"

As Marcy was speaking Bud was stroking his cock even harder having a perfect view of Marcy's bare cunt under her skirt from his position on the sofa. Hearing that Marcy wanted him and his sister excited him even more.

Peggy's hand had reached its target, Marcy's crotch, as Marcy recounted her desires, and Peg started to slowly cover Marcy's pussy with the palm of her hand, feeling the heat and dampness of it.

Meanwhile, Jefferson was sliding his hand up, under her short skirt, over her firm, bare ass. He squeezed a cheek just as Peggy slipped a finger into her pussy. Marcy moaned, feeling Peggy's finger playing with her moist clit as Jefferson played with her ass and stroked himself with the other hand. Marcy was enjoying this so much, having two sets of hands playing with her as she watched Bud stroke that huge manhood between his legs. Damn, she wanted that cock so badly. She could imagine Bud forcing that meat into Marcy tiny pussy, stretching her to the point where it would almost be unbearable.

Al watched his wife and Jefferson play with the "maid", at the same time keeping his hands on Kelly's head, guiding her mouth down onto, and off and then down again onto his rigid cock. Kelly was such a good cocksucker. Al was thinking that she must have had a lot of practice. Probably been learning how on Bud's cock. He thought he noticed Kelly being nicer than usual to her brother.

Al was getting close to cumming as Kelly sped up her attack on her father's cock, letting it slip out of her mouth occasionally just to tease him. Yes, she was good at this!

Al couldn't hold it in anymore, even though he didn't want this feeling to end.

"Damn, Kelly! Oh yes, suck it dry, baby" Al cried as he held Kelly's head on his cock so she couldn't escape, forcing his cum down her throat, hearing her choke a little as she drank it all down.

"Oh baby, dad sure does love the way you did that!" he said,, pulling her to her feet, holding her against him, feeling her hard nipple pressing against his chest. They both turned to watch the scene at the sofa.

Marcy wanted to cum all over Peggy's fingers, but suddenly Peggy withdrew her finger and told Marcy to get down off the coffee table. Marcy did as she was told and stepped down, Jefferson's hand still grasping her ass.

"Now, let's see what you look like without that little dress, Marcy. I think we want our maid to be more 'available' for us tonight. Unzip her Jefferson."

With his free hand, as he never stopped stroking his cock, Jefferson found the zipper at the back of Marcy's outfit, and slid it down. Peggy grabbed the bodice and, in one motion, pulled it down, allowing it to fall to Marcy's feet. Marcy stepped out of it and flicked to the side with her foot.

Now there she stood, dressed in only her garter belt, nylons, and pumps. Peggy took her arm and led her to the sofa, where Bud way sliding his hand up and down that 10" piece of meat. Peggy grasped Marcy's hair as they arrived at the sofa and pushed Marcy's head toward Bud's crotch. Marcy bent over to get closer and ease the pain she was feeling with Peggy grasping her hair so tightly.

Peggy forced Marcy's head down to Bud's cock so that she was only inches from it. She instinctively licked the underside of Bud's prick. Bud guided his cock towards that lovely mouth, feeling the tip touch her warm lips. Bud's hand replaced Peggy's as he forced Marcy down onto his cock as he lifted his hips to meet her. Marcy's mouth opened and bud forced half of his 10" into the warm cavern of her mouth. She gagged a little as she tried to take as much as possible.

Peggy slid over to Jefferson and replaced his hand with her tiny fingers around his stiff cock. Peg pulled Jefferson forward, guiding his cock towards Marcy's ass.

"Her pussy is nice and wet, Jefferson. Slide that dick of yours in her."

Marcy automatically spread her feet to allow Jefferson to find her cunt from behind when she felt him behind her, pushing his manhood between her legs. Jefferson found her cunt and slowly slid his cock into his wife as she raised her hips to give him better access.

Marcy loved being used, feeling two cocks in her at once. One familiar one pounding in and out of her pussy and the other huge one making her gag as she tried to take as much as possible. Bud was speeding up his pushing of Marcy's head up and down his aching cock.

"Suck it, bitch. Be a good maid and please me. Make me cum, baby. Let me fuck that sweet mouth, slut. You know you've always wanted a cock like mine, haven't you?"

Marcy moaned and sucked harder, hearing Bud telling her what to do. Yes, she has always wanted Bud. So hard, so big, and able to come to life so soon after cumming. Yes, she is a slut that wants as many men and women as she can get. And now, her wish was coming true.

Jefferson continued to pound his wife as he had never done before. Seeing her helpless, like this, and sucking off Bud aroused him more than he had ever been with Marcy. "Suck him, Marcy. Suck his cock dry, baby" Jefferson said, as he watched his wife giving a thorough blow job to their neighbors cock.

Al and Kelly came over to where Peggy was standing, watching the scene on the sofa and fingering herself. Kelly went to one side and Al to the other. Kelly slid her hand down, over Peggy's, encouraging her, then replacing Peg's hand, sliding two fingers into her mom's wet pussy. Al was playing with her tits, spreading his time between watching Kelly play with his wife and his neighbor suck off his son. It was quite a scene.

Bud felt himself cumming as he held Marcy's mouth on his cock, not letting her back off, just as Al had done to Kelly. "I'm cumming. I'm cumming, slut. Take it all. Swallow it, baby", Bud cried as he unloaded his load into Marcy's mouth. Marcy couldn't take it all and Bud could see it spilling out the corners of her mouth.

Marcy held her mouth over Bud's cock as she felt Jefferson's cock swell even more and twitch. A feeling she knew well, as she had experienced it so many times in her own bed when Jefferson fucked her. He was cumming, she thought.

She knew him well, as he came, flooding her cunt with cum. Jefferson kept banging her ass, slapping his balls against them as he drove his cock as deep as he could into her pussy. He held her hips and pulled himself tight against her ass. There she was, a spent cock filling her mouth and another stuffed in her pussy. It was quite a scene, as Al, Kelly and Peg watched them, Al and Kelly still playing with Peggy. Peggy was moaning, a little, as she saw her son slowly draw his cock from Marcy's cum filled mouth. 'Bud looked so good', she thought to herself. And Marcy was so sexy, bent over Bud's crotch. Jefferson slid his cock from his wife's cunt, and out from between those nylon clad legs.

Peggy knew she wanted her slutty neighbor to please her, as she had done for Bud. Peggy caressed Kelly's ass as Kelly played with her mom's pussy. Peggy leaned down and kissed her daughter, sliding her tongue between Kelly's willing lips. Al was kissing Peg's neck; still fondling her breasts as his wife was pre-occupied attacking their daughter's mouth with hers.

Breaking their kiss, Peggy looked up at her neighbor and called to her. "Over here Marcy. I need my maid for the evening to lick my pussy and get me off. Get over here, bitch."

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