tagLoving WivesJessica's Big Dick Adventure Ch. 05

Jessica's Big Dick Adventure Ch. 05


Both of us slept late the next day. We spent the remainder of the day resting and doing household chores. By that evening though, Jessica was already talking about what our next encounter would be. We sat down to review the responses we had received from our ad. It was time to pick out Jessica's next conquest.

There were quite a great deal of letters and pictures to go through and at least a few of them deserved closer attention. The one we finally agreed upon was from a 7 foot tall, 19-year-old black man. He had sent us a photo of himself in a bathing suit.

We would have preferred a nude photo, but judging by the picture he was obviously very muscular and well built. He had well chiseled muscles and his letter said that he liked to work out with weights. Judging by the prominent bulge in his bathing suit it also seemed evident that he was quite well hung.

It was difficult to judge proportions by the photo. You would never know how tall he was by the picture since there was nothing to compare his size to other than the ocean. He wasn't the handsomest man in the world, but it wasn't his face that my wife was interested in.

We decided to give him a try. Jessica pointed out that if he was as well hung as the photo implied, even without taking into consideration his 7 foot frame, then he must have quite a big dick. If you took into account how large his body was, and then looked at his well packed swimming trunks; it would seem that he had quite a whopper of a cock between his legs.

Once again it was apparent that Jessica had become quite enthralled with cock size. Now that she had experienced Rick's huge dick she was ready for more. The bigger the better. She now wanted to add another well-hung stud to her growing collection.

I called Luis that evening and arranged to meet him early in the week for drinks after work. I wanted to see if we were compatible before making any further arrangements. I also wanted to see if the bill of goods we were getting was the real thing.

Luis and I met as planned. And yes, he was big and tall. Very big and very tall. Very, very big and very, very tall. Basketball player sized, but not skinny. He was very muscular as well.

I was dwarfed by his height. When we shook hands I couldn't help noticing how huge they were. His hand engulfed mine like an adult holding a child's hand.

We talked over drinks. I found him to be quite personable and even charismatic. He told me that he was attending college on a basketball scholarship (no surprise there). Since all was going well, I arranged for Jessica and myself to get together with him during the coming weekend.

We agreed to meet for dinner at a nice out of the way restaurant I knew. If Jessica approved, we would go back to our house from there for some fun and games. (As wild as Jessica had become for big dick I still couldn't help but be a bit concerned that she would take one look at Luis and decide that he was just too big, even for her.)

Since it was the off season for basketball, Luis was free that night and even offered to pay for dinner. I graciously accepted his offer since I was bringing more to the table than him. I was bringing my wife. My hot, horny, dick crazy, cum sucking wife.

Jessica dressed up to the hilt for dinner. She had never dressed so boldly in public before. This time she put on high heels but opted for sheer black stockings instead of the fish net variety. She wore a flared out, medium length, very low cut black dress with what must have been a push up bra underneath. Her ample tits were thrust out on display for all to see. It was a warm summer night and she opted not even to cover herself with a jacket.

During the drive to the restaurant Jessica kept asking me about his size. I told that yes, he was indeed 7 feet tall and that I had never personally met anyone as large as he was. I told her that words just couldn't describe his size and that she would just have to wait and see for herself.

When we arrived at the restaurant all eyes turned to watch Jessica strut in. The men were unable to avoid ogling her lush, full figure and big breasts. (Hell, I was unable to avoid ogling them myself and I'd seen them before, just never packaged so alluringly.)

Even though they were adequately covered her tits were so large that more naked flesh was exposed above the dress than most women have to show fully exposed.

Luis was already there and waved to us from the table he had acquired. As we approached he stood up to greet us. Jessica, even though I had described to her his enormous physical size, stopped dead in her tracks a few feet away from him.

Mere description did not prepare her for meeting him in person. If you've ever gone to a pro basketball game and stood down by where the players enter from the locker room you know what I mean. Jessica had to strain her neck to look up at his face.

She stood there staring at him and looking him up and down. People were beginning to wonder what was going on. I leaned over and whispered, "Come on honey, people are beginning to stare."

Jessica whispered back, "I'm staring. He's a giant. I've never seen anyone as big as him." She then regained her composure and graciously walked forward and accepted his outstretched hand.

Luis said, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Jessica."

Looking up at him Jessica smiled brightly and said, "Thank you. Please excuse my staring but I've never met anyone as large as you." She then leaned forward and said, "Is your cock outrageously big too?"

It was Luis' turn to be caught off guard. To his credit, he recovered quickly and said, "Are your tits as big as they look?"

Jessica said, "Obviously. They're the real thing."

Luis said, "Now you have my answer as well."

Jessica smiled, licked her lips sensuously and said, "Good. I like big dick."

We all took our seats. The sexual tension stirred up by that bit of repartee hung heavy in the air. I'm surprised the rest of the diners didn't feel it as well. Or maybe they did, since people kept looking over at our table.

The waiter arrived and asked if we would like to order cocktails. "I'd really like a COCKtail," said Jessica and I swear she emphasized the cock in cocktail.

Luis asked for a diet cola and I ordered a scotch. Jessica stared straight into Luis' eyes and asked for a screwdriver. The waiter barely contained his chuckle as he walked off to get our drinks.

The waiter returned with our drinks and the menus. Jessica drained her glass in a few long gulps. After a bit of small talk, mainly involving Luis and I discussing the menu, Jessica said, "I don't need to see the menu. I know what I want. I want a big thick steak and maybe some brussel sprouts in cream sauce. I'm really in the mood for meat."

As she spoke I noticed her reach over under the table and place her hand on Luis' thigh. She slid her hand up his leg until she reached her goal and she reached her goal after only going a short way up his thigh.

Jessica gasped slightly as her hand found his cock and said, "I think you have just what I need. From the feel of it you've got enough meat there to feed the entire restaurant!"

Luis said, "If you keep that up I'm gonna take it out and fuck you right here in front of everyone."

Jessica looked ready to take him up on his offer but fortunately the waiter arrived just then to take our orders. I ordered the shrimp scampi and Luis ordered chicken.

"I'll have your thickest cut of grade A steak," said Jessica. "I like meat."

The waiter said, "Yes Ma'am, I bet you do."

We all broke into laughter as he walked off to bring our orders to the chef.

The rest of the meal continued in the same fashion with Jessica seizing every opportunity to tease and excite Luis and myself. She went through several more screwdrivers as we ate and became ever more brazen and oblivious to the fact that we were in a public place.

She found ways to lean against Luis and rub her tits against his arm and comment on how muscular he was. She didn't neglect me either. She told Luis what a wonderful husband I was and what a giving, sharing person I could be.

By the time the dinner plates were cleared away Jessica was sitting there with a hand on each of our legs. "Ooh, I hope you're saving some dessert for me," she said. "I just love creamy things. I love the taste of cream sliding down my throat."

The waiter came to take our dessert order. Luis ordered apple pie. I just asked for coffee. Jessica ordered a cream puff.

When our desserts arrived Jessica made quite a production out of squeezing the cream puff so that the filling would ooze out. She stuck her index finger in the cream and scooped up a dab. My wife then made a big show out of licking it up and then sucking it off her finger.

He sexually suggestive behavior was so blatantly seductive that people at other tables couldn't help but notice. I was just glad that there was no one there who would recognize us.

Jessica had enough screwdrivers in her that she didn't care what other people thought. One man, sitting at a nearby table, stared quite openly at Jessica (his companion's back was to us and she didn't see Jessica's performance). Jessica stared right back at him and scooped up another dab of cream. She left no doubt that if that were his cock instead of a cream covered finger he would be getting the blow job of his life.

Jessica smeared cream on her lips, coating them in a gloss of white lipstick. She then suggestively stuck out her tongue and licked the cream off her lips. Never once did she break eye contact with the man at the other table. Jessica slid her finger in and out of her mouth as if fucking her face with it.

The man rose from his seat. The bulge in his pants was quite prominent and I wondered what his companion thought of it.

As he walked off in the direction of the rest rooms Jessica said, "Poor man. I guess I shouldn't have teased him like that." She then excused herself and headed toward the rest rooms herself.

Close to ten minutes went by. The woman at the next table kept looking toward the rest rooms obviously wondering what was taking her dinner companion so long.

My wife finally returned sporting a big smile on her face. As she approached I could see a shiny glint at the corner of her lips. When she sat down she parted her lips and Luis and I could see a glob of thick white goo pooled in her mouth. Jessica allowed some of it to slide over the corner of her lips and drip down the side of her face. She then tilted her head back and swallowed.

My wife said, "Well, I couldn't very well leave him like that, could I? After all, it was my teasing that put him in such a state in the first place." She then washed the rest of his cum down with the remainder of her drink.

Luis had already paid the bill, as promised, (while Jessica was off blowing some stranger in the bathroom) and I said, "Let's go. I think its time to take this show home."

The three of us walked out together to the parking lot which was behind the restaurant. I pointed our car out to Luis and said that he should follow us.

Jessica looked around and, assured that there was no one in sight, walked up to Luis and stood facing him. The top of her head reached no further than the middle of his chest. She reached out and undid three buttons in the middle of his shirt. She leaned forward and placed her lips against his exposed skin. She kissed his chest as he ran his fingers through her hair.

I tried to both watch the action and make sure that no one was coming our way. Jessica reached down with one hand and cupped his dick through his pants. She slid down and half-squatting, half-kneeling, she rubbed her face against his cock as it strained to escape the confines of his pants.

Jessica reached out to unzip him just as I heard voices approaching from around the side of the restaurant. I quickly moved forward and pulled Jessica up saying, "There's someone coming."

Jessica said, "So? Ask them to join us. The more the merrier!"

I said, "Come on, honey. Let's take it home where Luis and I will be free to really give you a good time."

I herded her into our car while Luis went to his. Pulling out of the parking lot I looked in the rear view mirror to make sure that Luis was following as I led the way home.

As we drove, Jessica spoke, "He's BIG! He's really, really big. I bet his cock is even bigger than Rick's. I mean, look at him. He's more than a foot taller than you or Rick. His dick has to be bigger..."

She kept quiet for a while then said, "Will you fuck me good tonight, honey? Will you and Luis fuck me till I beg you to stop?"

"Jessica," I said, "I don't think anyone could fuck you that long but we will sure give it our best shot."

Jessica said, "That's what I want. I want your BEST SHOTS." She then reached over to rub my dick through my pants as we drove the rest of the way in silence. MY dick hardened even more as Jessica rubbed it softly with one hand and rubbed herself with the other.

We arrived home and Luis pulled in behind us. Jessica said, "Let me run in ahead of you two. Give me a few minutes and then bring Luis up to the bedroom. I'll be waiting."

Jessica got out of the car and actually ran to the door, her tits bouncing up and down as she did so. She let herself in as I went to meet Luis who was getting out of his car.

I said, "Come on in and relax while Jessica gets ready." We walked up to the front door and went in.

To Be Continued...

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