Jessica's in Charge Ch. 01


As Jasmine watched a single red dot appeared on the screen and soft music began to play. “Concentrate on the red dot.” Jessica’s voice came softly, soothingly out of the speakers. “Look at only the red dot, the rest of the room is getting darker, darker , darker. There is nothing else in the room except you and the red dot. Your body is getting heavy, so very heavy, very, very heavy, it feels so wonderful and relaxing. Your body is completely relaxed.” The tape continued on in a slow relaxing way, repeating the same calming, soothing phrases over and over.

As the tape ran on for several minutes Jessica found it hard not to get drawn in as well even though she knew what the tape was. She looked over at her test subject. Jasmine was staring blankly at the screen, slumping down a little in her chair. My God, it was actually be working. It was more than she had hoped for on a trial run.

The tape continued on, “You’re so tired, your eyelids are getting heavy, you can’t keep your eyes open...”

Suddenly the door opened and the dark studio flooded with light. Jessica saw Jasmine snap back to reality. Shit! Thought Jessica to her self. It was actually working! She turned to see who had walked in.

It was Molly. Great, Jessica thought, so much for my experiment. The video would never work with Molly around, she couldn’t sit still or shut up for more than ten seconds.

“Hey girls! What’s up? What are you watchin’?” She said as she sat down next to Jasmine.

“It’s Jessica’s mysterious project.” Jasmine said with a smile. “It’s a relaxation video, it’s actually pretty cool, I think it was really making me relaxed, here I’ll show you” she said as she hit rewind. The tape was rewound and Jasmine hit the play button.

“Cool, everyone tells me I need to relax” Molly said with a loud laugh that made her huge breasts bounce slightly.

Jessica watched the two girls as the video was replayed. Jasmine was slumped down in her chair, seemingly asleep almost immediately and just a few minutes later even the constantly moving Molly was slumped in her chair, her chin resting on her chest with her hair falling forward over her face.

As Jessica continued to watch the girls the video neared it’s end. “You are completely relaxed, your mind is completely open, from now on you are completely under my control. You like being controlled by me.” Jessica heard her own voice say on the video. “Obeying my commands is perfectly natural to you, it makes you feel good to obey me. You like obeying my commands. You will feel pleasure when you obey my commands. Now, stand up.”

Jessica was thrilled when both Molly and Jasmine quickly stood up, there eyes still closed. The video continued, “”It felt good to obey that command. It gave you pleasure. You want to feel like that again. It makes me happy when you obey my commands and obey my wishes. You want me to be happy. You want to make me happy, you want to make me feel good. When I feel good, you feel good. The better I feel, the better you feel. When you please me, you will be pleased. You love me and want me to be happy. When you hear the bell, you will wake up, you will not consciously remember any of this video but you will act on everything you have been told. Whenever I say ‘trance’ to you will immediately fall back into this trance that you are in now. Every time you go back into this trance you will be more relaxed and you mind more open than the time before. When you wake up you will remember nothing about the video except the red dot and the soothing music. You will remember that it was very relaxing and made you feel very good.” There was the ding of a small bell and the video ended.

Jasmine and Molly both snapped their heads up as one and looked around. They seemed disoriented at first but quickly seemed to come back to reality.

“That was cool!” Exclaimed Molly. “I feel awesome!”

“Me too!” said Jasmine. “That was a great video, Jessica.”

“Thanks.” Was all Jessica could manage to say. Her heart was racing, a thousand thoughts were running through her head at a million miles per hour. Had it worked? It seemed like it had, at least a little. How could she know? How should he test it? She realized that she had been working so hard on the video that she hadn’t thought very far ahead. Well she would have to improvise. She had to know.

“What were you two stopping by for, anyway?” Jessica asked as innocently as she could manage.

“I was just going to review my notes for this weeks show” replied Jasmine, sitting back down at the desk again.

“I have to work on camera 2. It’s been sticking when I try to move it ever since that soda got spilled on it. I thing the casters just need to be cleaned out and greased so I’m going to see if I can fix it rather than send it out. I’ll be on the set if you need anything.” Molly said as she walked out the control booth door that led to the set.

Jessica watched her for a few seconds through the tinted glass front of the control booth as she started fiddling with the camera. The lights on the set were bright and she wouldn’t be able to see into the darkly lit control room.

Well, now that were alone, I’ll just have to try Jasmine first, thought Jessica as she sat down at the control board. Glancing out of the corner of her eye at Jasmine she couldn’t see any obvious signs of a change and her hopes began to dim a little. Jasmine seemed completely normal. Maybe it hadn’t worked. But maybe it had. Well, here goes nothing.

Jessica hunched forward, faked a little groan and rolled her shoulders in a mock stretch.

Jasmine looked over. “What’s the matter?”

“Oh, just all this work and no sleep, my shoulders are sore that’s all. Come over here rub my shoulders.” Jessica said the last part more forcefully. She figured it was a normal enough request that it wouldn’t be completely out of line but phrasing it as a command was certainly rude enough to spark some kind of comment from Jasmine. In fact she knew that Jasmine would tell her off properly for saying it like that.

Jasmines next words almost made Jessica fall out of her chair. “Of course, anything for you.” She immediately put down her papers and walked over behind Jessica.

Jessica had to hold back a moan as she felt Jasmines long fingers start to massage her shoulders. Her whole body was shaking with her excitement. Jasmine would never have come over and started rubbing her back like that, not with out a lot of begging and pleading, anyway. Especially after Jessica had ordered her to. It had really worked! She had planted a command in Jasmine’s mind to obey her. She had control of Jasmine! Now the question was, how much control did she really have? Hmmmm…

She had to keep pushing, to see what she could make Jasmine do, but she had to take it slow. She didn’t want to push it too far too fast, to have Jasmine suddenly wake up, say “What the fuck…??!!” and hit her or yell at her or something. Little steps were in order here, keep testing the waters.

Jasmine moved her hands farther down Jessica’s back. As she moved Jessica felt Jasmine’s warm breath on her neck. The sensation made a shiver run up her spine. Hmmmm…

“Oooo. Your breath is so warm, it felt nice on my neck. Can you keep breathing on me like that.” Jessica managed to get out without her voice shaking too much. The comment sounded so obvious to her, she expected a slap any second. But she was incredibly aroused now and her lust was starting to take over her body. Control, she thought. I have to stay in control! I can play later, first I have to make sure this will work.

“Ooooohhhhh!” Jessica couldn’t contain her moan as she felt the tip of Jasmine’s nose touch her spine and hot breath on her neck.

“Do you like that? Does it feel good?” Jasmine asked in a soft voice.

“It’s wonderful.” Jessica said with another soft moan. She leaned forward a little so Jasmine could reach more of her back. “It feels so good Jasmine, keep doing that.”

“Good. I’m so glad to know that you’re enjoying it. It feels so good for me too.” Jasmine said softly while rubbing lower on Jessica’s back.

The commands in the video were working, Jessica thought excitedly. Jasmine was feeling good knowing that she was making Jessica feel good. How good was Jasmine feeling, Jessica wondered. Was she just happy, or was she actually feeling pleasure like Jessica. Pleasure like her… just the thought of it made Jessica moan softly again.

The tip of Jasmine’s nose, still just barely touching Jessica’s neck slowly traced it’s way around the side of her neck, just below her left ear, her hot breath was making Jessica crazy with lust. She desperately wanted Jasmine to start kissing her neck. She wanted to feel Jasmines lips on her. Without wanting to, Jessica heard herself say “Use your lips…”

She never finished the command. Jasmine quickly planted her lips on the side of her neck and started kissing and nuzzling her. She planted soft, sucking kisses and little biting kisses on Jessica’s neck, working up to her ear.

Jessica moaned again, louder this time. The pleasure from Jasmines lips was incredible. Her whole body was trembling, her nipples were painfully hard, she felt her juices oozing from her pussy, soaking her panties. Her lust had taken over, she had lost control of her body. She had to regain control, she had to! How?

Then she heard Jasmine moan softly too. Oh God! She’s enjoying this! She’s turned on too! Jessica knew at that moment that she couldn’t control herself any more. Her lust had won the battle for control. Her back arched and her hand went to the back of Jasmine’s head. She grabbed a handful of Jasmines hair and pushed her face harder against her neck. Jasmine moaned into Jessica’s neck, louder this time.

Jessica wanted Jasmine so badly, she wanted to taste her pussy. She had wanted pussy for so long, now she would have it! Nothing could stop her! She would bury her face in Jasmine’s cunt and drink her sweet girl juice! Jasmine wouldn’t stop her, Jasmine was hers!

“Jasmine, take off…” Jessica started softly.

Suddenly there was a burst of noise from the speakers on the board and Molly’s voice came through the intercom, “Jessica, can you turn on the power to camera number two? I think it’s fixed it but I want to check it out.” There was a pause and Jessica stared at the speaker, her mind working furiously. The loud interruption had snapped Jessica back to reality for a few seconds, the few vital seconds she had needed to regain control of herself. To reign in her lust.

“Hey, Jess! You awake in there?” Molly’s voice came back again.

“Jasmine, go back to reading your notes.” Jessica said as calmly as she could.

“Certainly. Anything you wish.” said Jasmine. She stood up and went right over to her notes and started reading again as if nothing had happened.

Jessica composed herself, flipped on camera two and said into the microphone mounted to the board, “Camera two is live.”

“Thanks.” Molly’s voice came back through the speakers.

Jessica looked through the control booth windows at the girl standing behind camera two. As she watched Molly bent over to remove something from the toolbox sitting on the floor next to her. Molly had changed into a one piece jumpsuit she kept in the studio so she wouldn’t get her school uniform’s dirty. The jumpsuit wasn’t the most flattering outfit in the world but it was tight enough and Molly’s beautiful body was hard to hide. Jessica looked at the shapely ass that was displayed in front of her and admired the view as she tried to push down the million thoughts that were all wildly running around inside her head. Suddenly a single thought worked it’s way to the front. She had control of Jasmine, what about Molly?

Jessica reached up and pulled closed the blinds on the control room windows. Turning to Jasmine she said, “Jasmine stay in here and keep reviewing your notes until I come back.” She half wondered if Jasmine would stand up and say “Don’t you be telling me what to do, girl!”

But Jessica had to fight hard to suppress a wide smile when Jasmine replied, “Oh course. I’ll be right here if you need me” and continued reading.

Jessica walked out of the booth and closed the door behind her. Walking up behind Molly she asked, “So what are you up to anyway?”

Molly turned her head and smiled broadly as if she was very happy to see Jessica. She had her hair pulled back in a ponytail to keep it out of her way while she was working. Her hands were covered in black grease and she had a smuge of it on her right cheek. What Jessica noticed most however was that zipper on Molly’s one-piece jumpsuit was down pretty low, affording a good view of her cleavage. A good view but not a great view, Jessica decided. She would have to change that.

“See, all fixed!” Molly said still holding her smile. “Just needed to clean out the soda and grease up the wheels. It’ll roll forever now.”

Jessica was trying to figure out a way of giving Molly a command that she wouldn’t normally do but at the same time be something that could be taken back as just a crude or bad joke if Molly balked. She looked at Molly’s dirty hands and an idea started to form.

“Well you certainly did a good job greasing up your self! You’re covered. Yuck! It’s a good thing you changed into that jumpsuit. It covers you almost completely, except you boobs. They’re still on display I see, you little slut.” Jessica said jokingly. Molly’s friends were constantly teasing her about her huge breasts, and Molly loved it. She loved the attention and the admiring and envious glances from men and women. Although in truth only the very tops of Molly’s breasts were displayed now.

“Are you looking at them baby?” Molly said jokingly with a mischievous smile, sticking out her chest slightly and fluttering her eyelashes.

“Maybe,” Jessica replied an evenly as she could, her breathing was starting to quicken again and her could feel her excitement building. This was it, OK, she thought to her self, here we go…

“Show me more of you tits.” Jessica said in a tone of command. Her stomach churned as she wondered what Molly’s reaction would be.

Molly simply reached up, grabbed the zipper that was right between her breasts and pulled it down about three inches. “Is that enough?” She asked simply.

Jessica’s head was starting to spin as she stared at the tanned skin that was being displayed. She could now see most of Molly’s cleavage and the tops of her full breasts. “More”, Jessica managed to say between her now panting breaths.

Molly pulled the zipper down another four inches, about even with her navel. “Is that OK?” Molly asked in an innocent voice. Her hazel eyes locked on Jessica’s green eyes.

Jessica felt her lust taking control again, she tried to control herself but she just couldn’t help it. She was staring helplessly at Molly’s chest, her jumpsuit had slipped partially open when Molly pulled the zipper down the second time. Molly’s full breasts were displayed almost out to her nipples, if fact Jessica thought that she could just see the very edges of her nipples at the edge of the exposed skin. “My God Molly, you’re beautiful!” Jessica moaned out before she realized what she was saying.

“Thank you. Do you enjoy looking at me?” she asked in that same innocent voice.

“Oh yes, it’s wonderful Molly, so wonderful!” Jessica said with another moan.

Molly let out a deep sigh and smiled “I’m so happy you enjoy looking at me! It makes me feel so good to know you’re happy!”

“You feel pleasure at knowing I’m happy with you?” Jessica asked. Although she already knew the answer she wanted to hear Molly say it.

“Yes, it feels so good when you’re happy with me! Is there anything else I can do to make you happy?” She asked eagerly.

“If you would show me your tits I would be very, very happy.”

Molly immediately pulled the zipper down to her waist and pulled open the jumpsuit.

Jessica stared at the huge breasts that spilled out. They were the most beautiful things Jessica had ever seen. Full and round, her breasts were nicely tanned with no sign of tan lines Jessica was happy to note. The nipples were large, dark and very hard, Molly must be getting turned on by obeying her commands. The pleasure was making her excited. This thought was confirmed as Molly closed her eyes and moaned softly. Obeying the command must have made her feel more pleasure.

“I’m really enjoying looking your tits Molly, I’m getting so turned on! Does that make you feel good, are you getting hot too?” Jessica asked with a wicked smile as she began to rub her pussy through her jeans.

“Yes, it feels so good! Oooohhhh!” Molly gasped out.

“It will make me much happier if I can watch you play with you titties. I want to see you enjoy playing with your self.” Jessica commanded as she continued to rub the crotch of her pants.

Molly reached up and began pulling on her big, hard nipples. She pulled and twisted them as loud moans began to escape mouth. She bounced and stroked her big breasts while standing in front of Jessica who had seated her self in a chair and now had her hand down the front of her pants.

“It feels so good! Am I doing a good job playing with myself? Do you like it?!” This last came out as a gasping moan as Molly gave a hard squeeze to her own tits. Her whole body was rocking and swaying as she bounced and stroked her huge tits while pulling and stroking her hard nipples.

“Oooohhh Molly! I want to watch you cum, you little bitch! Cum for me, CUM RIGHT NOW!” Jessica practically screamed as she worked her fingers in her own hot, wet cunt.

Molly came, right then. Still standing, she threw back her head and came with a loud scream of pure pleasure. Pussy juice soaked the crotch of her coveralls as she continued to rock her body and squeeze her huge mounds.

Jessica came too. Watching Molly play with her own huge tits made Jessica hotter than she had ever been in her whole life. She watched as Molly’s big breasts jiggled and bounced as she jerked in the throws of ecstasy. The sight of Molly cumming put Jessica over the top. She came seconds after Molly, their screams joined together in an incredible cry of pleasure. Fire surged through Jessica’s veins as she watched Molly and finger fucked herself with a hand inside her pants. She felt her hand become soaked with her own juice as her pussy convulsed around her fingers, spasming as she climaxed. After a minute she leaned back in the chair, closed her eyes and sighed as the waves of pleasure slowly subsided. After a few more minutes she came back to reality, pulled her fingers out of her pussy and opened her eyes.

Molly was still standing in front of her whimpering quietly and playing with her big tits. It occurred to Jessica that she would probably go on doing that until she was told to stop or she collapsed. That might not take all that long, Jessica thought as she looked at the girl in front of her. Molly was still playing with her tits and moaning but her whole body was shaking and she was swaying slightly.

“Molly sit down, stop playing with yourself and rest.” Jessica commanded.

Molly immediately did as she was told. She sat in one of the chairs at the news desk and leaned back with a contented sigh and a blissful smile on her beautiful face.

As Jessica sat and watched Molly sitting in the chair, her big breasts still exposed, a wonderfully naughty idea began to form in her mind. She gave Molly about ten minutes to rest and then put her plan into action.

“Molly, I want you to come over here. I want to watch you play with those big juggs some more.” Jessica called out when she had decided that Molly had a long enough rest.

Molly immediately came over and started playing with her breasts. “Is this good?” she asked.

“It’s great Molly. Does it feel good, are you going to make yourself cum again?” Jessica asked.

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