tagMind ControlJoan Ch. 09

Joan Ch. 09


There was no more mattress in the basement. When Joan came in for work, Mr. Faust informed her that his friends and associates will be visiting her in her apartment from now on. After this was made clear, he brought her into his office and shut the door. Joan went down to her knees and put her hands behind her back. Her green eyes watched him as she waited for instruction.

"Things have changed considerably," he told her. He walked over and opened his pants. When he put his cock in her mouth, she started sucking it without hesitation. Though her mind was racing thinking of what Laura had said to her that morning, Joan still performed like a well-trained whore.

"I have a special assignment for you," he went on saying. "So your visitors won't be as frequent but I still expect them to be satisfied. Understand, slut?"

"Yes, Mr. Faust," Joan said before going back to sucking his cock.

"Before that, you are going to meet Dr. Charles. Claude will be over to introduce you to him. You'll do everything Claude says. He'll be selling you after I am done with you. Even after that woman messed with your head, you still are an obedient bitch, aren't you?"

She nodded her head while sucking him slow and long. Joan wondered who she was going to be sold to. She thought about Laura offering to fix her and if that was even possible. Joan's future was so uncertain that she trembled at what might happen. She was so confused. There was comfort in being told what to do and what would happen. Joan didn't want to think anymore. She just wanted to be told. But, was that her true desire? Or how she was brainwashed to think?

When he finished in her mouth, Joan swallowed and thanked Mr. Faust. She was sent out to her desk where she worked in a normal capacity until Mr. Pryce came around. At her desk, he asked Joan, "anything about that missing sum?"

"I don't think so, Mr. Pryce. Mr. Faust has been working diligently on it, however."

"Yes. Quite right." He paused for a moment and then said, "curious you are back to work so soon after your ordeal. You shall need paid leave to recover. Yes. I'll go speak to Mr. Faust about it."

Mr. Pryce went into Mr. Faust's office. A few minutes later they both came out. Mr Faust said to her, "Joan, it has been decided that you will have two weeks of paid leave. You may go home and recover from your attack."

"Yes, sir. Thank you, sir."

She got up, collected her things and took the trolley home. It was an odd day, Joan didn't quite know what to do with herself. She didn't want to read or go to the museum. Cultural pursuits no longer interested her. She wanted to serve. She needed to serve.

Around noon there was a knock on her door. She eagerly opened it only to be disappointed. It was Laura, the pretty strawberry blonde who had hypnotized her and tried "fix" her. Joan let her in and closed the door, asking, "what do you want now?"

"To see if you wanted another session," Laura answered. "I was hoping you would want to work to break free of this spell those villains have you under." She turned and looked Joan up and down. "I'm sure they are having a good time with you. I'm sure you even believe you enjoy it or this is somehow your own fault."

"I do share some of the blame," Joan said. "After all, I could have rejected the offer of the first book, but I was morally weak and now getting just what I deserve."

Laura pulled the chair in the corner to the middle of the apartment and sat down in it. She crossed one leg over the other and then gently rested her hands on her knee. "You only think that because it was what your mind was scripted to think," Laura said in a sort of arrogant bemusement. "You were incapable of rejecting that book because of your own mental weakness. They knew you couldn't resist, that's why you were targeted."

"I was sent there by Mr. Rowe," Joan countered, "he's hardly a mastermind."

Joan went to her vanity table to look busy but was stopped when Laura asked, "we're you a disciple of Lady Crawford before all of this?"

"I've read her books on female independence," Joan admitted.

"You should look into her more if you think you're to blame for this. It might be illuminating for you."

"I've already been illuminated," Joan said. "I'm a fuck-doll. A whore that will soon be sent up north to be sold. They already made preparations for me. Thanks to you I know I've had my mind fucked into obedience. I don't have that mindless bliss anymore. You have no idea how sweet and wonderful it was when I did have it. I'm fully aware I'm not interested control of myself and I don't care. I've decided to be obedient, or I suppose, they have decided for me and now I've just accepted it as fact. I don't know anymore, I'm so confused. All I want is that wonderful clarity back."

"I suppose you do," Laura said while standing up. When she did, she spotted one of the little red books on the bed. "I would love to have the opportunity to study one of those," she said. "However, even my well-trained mind would shatter upon reading it. They are quite dangerous. I owe you thanks for getting their distribution network dismantled. After you look into Lady Crawford, do the sisterhood a favor and burn those books."

Laura left. Joan found herself even more frustrated and confused than before. She wanted cock, a good hard fuck to put her mind right, empty. With a frustrated groan, she went over and dug out those Lady Crawford books that Laura spoke of. Joan had read them when she was younger. In fact, they were the books that made her decide to forgo marriage and a life as a traditional housewife. It was those books that inspired her to become the independent woman that she was. They taught her how to be bold and to read and think however they wanted. Joan paused for a moment. Was that what Laura meant? It was impossible, Joan decided. Still, it was her bold sense of independence that caused her to take the book from Mr. Puddle. It was all a mess in her scrambled mind. She didn't want to think about it. She didn't want to think about anything anymore.

~ o ~

That evening there was another knock on her door. Joan was much more cautious about answering it this time, afraid it might be Laura again. It was not, it was that rough looking man in a buttoned cap, Claude. When Joan opened the door, he shoved her aside and walked in. Joan closed the door and asked him, "are you taking me to Dr. Charles now, sir?"

Claude quickly had her by the throat and pinned to the wall next to the door. A painting of hummingbirds was knocked down. He asked, "who was that woman here earlier?"

"Laura," Joan answered. "The woman who hypnotized me."

"What does she want with you?"

"She wants to fix me, sir."

"There is no fixing you," he snarled as he threw towards the bed. "On the bed and naked, bitch. You can see Dr. Charles after I' m done with you."

Joan started to undress for him beside the bed. When she was sufficiently uncovered, Claude came over and bent her over the side of the bed. "Let me show you how you're going to be fucked in Stormwraith, whore." Claude grabbed her wrist and twisted her arm until it was pinned behind her back. Joan cried out. Claude then shoved his big, thick cock deep into Joan's ass. She howled, green eyes as wide as saucers.

Claude squeezed her wrist tighter. "That's it you little slut," he said, "take it all in that tight hole." He drilled her hard a few times, letting the slut feel every inch. "You're going to be an obedient bitch right?"

"Yes, sir. I am."

"Good. I only sell obedient bitches."

Joan squealed as she was brutally fucked in the ass. Her wrist was starting to bruise under Claude's strong grip. She never felt more like some cheap gutter-slut. If this was how she was to be treated day and night, Joan wondered if her body, as whorish as it was, could handle it. Suddenly, her other wrist was seized and her other arm was twisted and pinned to her back as well. They were held by one hand as Claude used his other to pull his belt. He leaned over and whispered in her ear, "I love doing this to sluts like you."

The belt was put around her throat and fed through the buckle. One of Claude's hands kept Joan's wrists pinned to her back while his other pulled the belt tight, choking her while she was being fucked in the ass. She was pounded hard for several minutes, less and less air getting to her lungs. She started to get dizzy and see stars. Her head was completely empty and as pain and fear mixed with pleasure and excitement, she began to feel little bit of that bliss creep back into her mind. Her eyes rolled up a bit as her hole was slammed. Joan was close to passing out.

The belt loosened just before she did and Joan collapsed on the floor gasping for air. She was quickly taken by her red hair and yanked up to her knees. "I'm not done yet, bitch," Claude said to her. He let her catch her breath before he shoved his cock down her throat. One hand held the back of her head firmly while the other pulled the belt tight once again. "Keep those hands behind your back, whore." Joan put her hands behind her back while she was choked and savagely face fucked by Claude. It took every bit of willpower in her to keep her arms behind her. Joan's green eyes stared up at him as she gagged, coughed and choked. Her face began to change color. Her head went light and empty. Everything seemed to be going dark. Cum hit her face and the belt came off at the critical moment. She gasped again, her eyes fluttering.

"Don't worry, bitch," Claude said, "you'll be getting more of that. Now clean yourself up, whore, I need to get you Dr. Charles."

"Yes, sir," Joan said coarsely. She stood on wobbly legs and fixed herself up and dressed in a respectable ensemble. She wore something with a high collar in case there was any bruising on her neck. She was ready to see Dr. Charles. Guided by Claude, Joan went out the door.

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