Joel and Carrie Ch. 07


After a few minutes someone took one of my hands from Maria's hip. Whoever it was took my fingers into her mouth and sucked them briefly before moving my hands to her pussy. I pushed my fingers deep and heard a gasp. A moment later someone took my other hand and did the same.

Despite all the orgasms I'd had over the last two days I felt another growing close. How could I not? I had two beautiful women licking me, a third riding my face and I was fingering two others!

The two riding my fingers pulled my hands from their opening and lifted them. They held them up and out and two other women fell on them, sucking the juices from my fingers. I had no idea what the last woman was doing, but frankly, I could care less! I was buried in some of the hottest women I'd ever met!

"I'm ready!" Maria cried and shifted off my face.

I didn't get a chance to see what was going on because Jennifer quickly took the Spanish girl's place. I watched her ass and pussy lower toward my face. I thrust my tongue as deep as it would go as soon as I could reach.

'What a perfect ass!' I thought, suddenly realizing that there were no set rules on what was and what was not perfect. Jennifer's ass was nothing like Maria's, but both were perfect in their way. So were all the other ladies! I moaned into Jennifer.

"Oh yes!" she cried and surprised me by cumming all over my face quickly.

She shifted off and another girl took her place. This time is was Tina. Her ass was much smaller than the other two, but I enjoyed it just the same. My nose was buried in her strawberry blond patch and it smelled amazing!

I could feel bodies shifting and suddenly someone was taking my cock inside them. I wasn't sure how I knew, but it was definitely Maria and she was taking my cock into her ass!

Time seemed to blur after that. I didn't fuck every girl's ass because some of them didn't like it, but I did fuck most of them. The ladies all knew about my fetish and had obviously decided to reward me with as much of it as I could take!

Abby's ass was just as small as before, but she seemed to really enjoy the pain/pleasure she felt taking my cock in. Some of the ladies were a bit surprised by her reaction, but they went with it. One of two seemed to react far more than the others. It was clearly a hidden fetish of theirs, at least on some level.

"Since I'm last," Katie said after Deana came all over my face. "I think it's only fair we try a new position."

"New?" I groaned, almost exhausted. I'd only cum once since Carrie left, but it was enough.

"Well, not really new," she giggled. "But you've been lying there the whole time and I just like it when you take me from behind!" And with that she lay on her stomach next to me.

"Let me get her ready," Deana said, falling between her legs.

"Oh yes!" Katie cried.

"Deana's the best at that," Maria smiled.

"I can tell!" Katie gasped.

I sat up and watched. Marie went to Katie and kissed her while her lover got the redhead ready for me. Jennifer and Abby had disappeared into the bathroom while Tara and Tina were on the floor in a sixty-nine. Jill was standing next to the bed, fingering herself and playing with her nipples. I'd already fucked her, but that had been a while ago and the black girl looked more than ready to go again.

I reached out and took her hand from her pussy and brought her fingers to my lips. I tasted her and her eyes lit hungrily. I smiled and pulled her onto the bed.

"Again?" she laughed. In answer I put her on her side and shifted the top leg. I straddled the lower one and pushed into her pussy. She moaned and cried "Oh yeah!" before taking two of my fingers and sucking on them.

Jill's round ass was perfect. I wouldn't fuck it because she didn't really like it very much, but that didn't stop me from appreciating it. It also didn't stop me from rubbing it.

"You like my chocolate cheeks?" she asked as her orgasm grew near. I grinned and nodded. She started to laugh, but then gasped in excitement and she added, "Well, I'm not taking that monster there, but I don't mind it you play with it a little."

"Really?" I asked, driving my cock deep.

"Just a little!" she gasped.

It was pretty obvious that she was ready. I slipped one finger between her tight butt cheeks and push it in. I moved it in and out in time with my cock. I made sure it went deep enough to stimulate her, but not deep enough to make her uncomfortable. Of course with each woman both of those varied, but I guessed right with Jill.

"Yeah!" she cried. "Just like that!"

"Cum for me!" I demanded, picking up the pace.

"Yes!" she cried and did exactly that. Her chocolate ass shook and shivered throughout her orgasm. I pulled my hand from her ass so it wouldn't distract her from her pleasure.

"My turn!" Katie cried as soon as Jill was done. I hadn't realized that she was watching us because I was so focused on Jill, but she was, along with the others.

Deana lifted her face from Katie's ass and pussy and smiled at me as she wiped it with one hand. Maria shifted around and kissed her lover. I straddled Katie's legs and pushed into her big white ass.

"Cum in my ass!" she cried. "Just one more time!"

"Do it!" Tara said, now standing next to Tina. They were now fingering each other and watching.

"Go ahead," Tina added. "You're going to pass out soon anyway. Why not from taking that beautiful ass?"

I grunted and grabbed hold of Katie's hips. She lifted her ass slightly to give me better access. I lost track of everyone and everything except her thick ass. It shivered with every thrust and her cries echoed throughout the house. I was close, but Katie came first. I rode her through her orgasm, but didn't get my own release.

"Damn!" Katie cried when she realized I wasn't going to let loose, but her orgasm was too intense for her to really feel bad for long. Tara started kissing her. I'm sure that helped too!

I looked around for someone to help me. I needed to cum. It didn't matter how many times I'd already done it so far. Katie ass had really gotten to me. I needed another to take its place.

Tina saw my hunger and laughed when I grabbed her and pulled her onto the bed. She lay on her back and I quickly raised her legs onto my shoulder. Tina directed my cock to her ass and held it at the entrance as I slowly pushed in. She was already ready for me from her play with Tara.

"It feels so good!" she cried when I finally hit bottom.

Tina had large breasts with big areolas. I reached out squeezed them as I worked my cock in and out of her ass. Her hands covered mine.

"So I guess it's my ass that gets cummed in!" she gasped a few minutes later. I was working her ass hard by now.

"If that's what you want?" I growled. "I'm getting close!"

"Me too!" she cried. "But I want you to cum on my tits instead!"

"Okay!" I cried, shoving my cock deep into her ass and letting loose. The first jet of my cum filled her ass, but I pulled out after that. The rest landed on her pale breasts. Tina stroked my cock until I was empty.

"That was incredible," I said softly when I was finally done. A couple of the girls fell on Tina breasts and licked my cum from them.

I lay there quite a while later trying to recover as I watched all the girls playing with each other. It was quite a site. Jennifer and Abby returned from the bathroom. Katie and Deana all but jumped the Indian girl. They rode her roughly, taking turns. Jennifer slipped out of the room.

This time is was Tara and Maria in a sixty-nine. That was until Tina and Jill joined them and they made a circle. I thought it a miracle when my cock actually stirred again.

"Joel," I heard from the door and looked up. There was Jennifer. She smiled when she saw meet her gaze and added, "Carrie wants you."

I got up without hesitation and made my way to the door. I stopped long enough to kiss Jennifer and squeeze her ass with both hands. That caused my hardening cock to rub against her belly.

"Later!" she panted excitedly as she broke our kiss. "First go to Carrie."

"Why?" I asked, curious.

"She's one cock short," the girl grinned.

"Four isn't enough?" I frowned.

"I guess not for Carrie!" she said, her grin turning into a laugh.

"I bet I can make you stop laughing," I said hungrily, suddenly wanting Jennifer again. I pushed one finger into her ass.

"I'm sure you could!" she cried. "But Carrie wants you!"

"She won't begrudge me a few minutes," I replied pushing Jennifer toward the large chair.

"Even with me?" Jennifer asked nervously.

"Even with you," I smiled confidently and sat in the chair. "So, come here unless you don't want to?"

"Oh, I want to!" she cried and climbed onto my lap.

She kissed me and stoked my cock a few times before putting the head at the entrance to her pussy. Jennifer was straddling my hips on the chair and I grabbed her ass and pulled her down on my cock.

"Oh yes!" she cried reaching between her legs and playing with her clit after a while.

"Rub it harder!" I demanded. "I want to feel you drench me with your cum!"

"No problem!" she cried, working her clit harder. I once again pushed a finger into her ass while she road my cock. She squeezed down hard on my cock and added, "Oh yeah! That's it! Make me cum!"

Jennifer didn't have much of a chest, but that didn't stop me from sucking on one of nipples until she pulled my head back and attacked my mouth. Jennifer was seriously bouncing now and it was only moments before my cock and legs were soaked with her juices.

"Something smells delicious!" Jill grinned, pulling Jennifer into the circle. The girl didn't argue although I wasn't sure her orgasm was done yet. I'm sure Jill's mouth would finish her right. I stood and slipped out of the room.

"There you are!" Carrie cried when I finally found her. She was lying on top of Robbie with his cock buried deep in her pussy. Tony was behind her slowly fucking her ass. Brian and Mike were on either side of the bed with Carrie slowly stroking both of them.

"I understand you need one more?" I asked.

"Need?" Carrie gasped. "Not really. But want? Definitely!"

She's already sucked Brian and me to orgasms," Mike said.

"Yes, but they're hardening again nicely," Carrie said, stroking them in unison. "I was just about to start again."

"Is that what you want?" I smiled. She looked up at me. Her eyes were half glazed and she was sweat covered.

"What I want is to feel five men cumming at the same time!" she gasped.

"What a fucking slut!" Brian groaned and looked up at me in embarrassment.

"She can be," I shrugged, moving closer.

"Sorry man!" Brian said quickly.

"No problem," I smiled. "But just for that, Tara is next." He looked at me carefully before breaking into a smile of his own.

"She'll love it!" he said.

"I know," I laughed. "If we can get her away from the ladies."

"I'll take care of that!" Carrie said, sounding annoyed. "But me first!"

"Yes dear," I said, causing the guys to laugh.

"You jerk!" she laughed. I'm sure she would have said more, but I pushed my cock into her mouth. It was still wet with Jennifer's juices. Carrie groaned and sucked like crazy.

"Okay guys," I gasped out. "You heard my golden goddess! Lets all ride her at the same time!"

I grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth. Robbie and Tony picked up the pace as well. Carrie stroked Brian and Mike at the same pace. My girl met my eyes. Her own were completely glazed over now and I wasn't sure she even recognized me. It didn't matter. This was about giving her what she wanted.

She had five guys grunting and groaning in a matter of minutes. Carrie started cumming first. It lasted a long time. Robbie let loose just when she started to comedown from her orgasm. Tony quickly followed him. Brian and Mike were next. Carrie started cumming again.

"You slut!" I cried, stroking in and out of her mouth. She pulled her head back and my cock popped free.

"You're slut!" she cried and then looked at me and begged, "Cum for me please!"

I shoved my cock back into her mouth and my cum boiled free. I couldn't hold it in any more. Carrie's orgasm peaked and she sucked my cock hard, draining me of every last drop. She passed out when she was done. My legs were so weak that I fell onto the bed.

"We'll take care of Tara another time," Brian smiled as he looked at how exhausted I was.

"Oh no!" Robbie said as she shifted out from under Carrie. "The rest of us can take care of her. I'm sure one of the ladies will be more than willing to take Joel's place."

"I'm sure," I smiled, using the last of my strength to shift on the bed until I was lying next to Carrie.

"I'm willing," Brian said, but then added pointedly. "Just as long as Tina is next."

"Are you crazy?" Robbie laughed. "Tina will probably fight Tara to be first."

"Now that might be an interesting sight!" Brian laughed.

"Don't count my Katie out," Mike added, shaking his head.

"Or any of the other ladies," Tony laughed. They were still joking as they left the room.

I looked down at Carrie once we were alone. She was a mess. I wasn't much better. We both needed a shower and the sheets were nasty, but I could feel sleep over taking me. I pulled my girl close and closed my eyes, content.

The next thing I knew the sun was shining through the window.

"I need a shower," Carrie said as I shifted.

"You think?" I laughed.

"You don't look much better," she said looking me over carefully.

"Let's go," I said a little too quickly. "I don't hear the shower on."

"You can't possibly be in the mood?" she asked incredibly.

"I'm not really," I shrugged. "But..."

"No way," she said. "I'm sore all over! It will take days for me to recoup."

"Me too," I admitted. "Let's just go take a shower and get clean. They'll be no funny business."

"You promise?" she smiled. I hesitated, but the nodded.

Carrie cleaned me first. It felt good to wash the night before off of me. I admit I took a little too long on certain parts of her anatomy when it was my turn to wash her, but it didn't go too far.

We walked through the house naked. The others were already up. We went to the main bedroom and put on clothes. It was already cleaned. I had a flash of the night before with all the girl's bodies and shook my head. It seemed so surreal.

"You okay?" she asked.

"Just thinking about the graduation party you mentioned last night," I replied.

"Insatiable!" she laughed, but then kissed me. My lips were actually a little sore. Carrie smiled at me when she was down and brushed her fingers across my lips.

"What?" I asked.

"Nothing," she smiled happily before changing the subject. "Let's go clean up the mess in the other room." We left the master bedroom and went back to the other room.

"It seems like we're too late," I said as Jennifer and Katie existed the room with the sheets.

"Tara and Jill are handling breakfast," Jennifer said. "You two are just in time."

Everyone was downstairs eating. There were piles of food, but no alcohol this time. Robbie noticed me looking around for it.

"Everyone has to leave today," he shrugged. "Some of us are probably in big trouble for staying as long as we did."

"Well, just be sure to be out of trouble in time for my graduation party," Carrie said. This seemed to peak a bunch of people's interest.

"A graduation party?" Brian asked.

"Yep," she replied with a grin. "I'm not sure what I'm going to do, but you're all invited."

"I don't know if I can survive another of your parties," Katie said, sounding serious.

"You!" Abby cried. "I'm going to limp for days!"

"Serves you right!" Jill laughed. "You masochistic bitch!" Everyone froze for a moment, but the others relaxed when Abby joined her.

Breakfast was enjoyable. Everyone laughed and joked. They all also helped clean up. It wasn't long before we were all ready to leave.

"Abby, Katie and Mike, just be sure to leave me your number before you go," Carrie said. "Actually, Tony and Jennifer, you too."

"No problem," Jennifer grinned.

"I've got Tony's number," Jill said. "Jennifer's too for that matter."

"And I've got Abby, Katie and Mike's," Tina added.

"Don't we all?" Tara asked with a grin.

"Hmm," Carrie said. "I'm thinking some of you will be getting together before my party."

"Just be careful," I said. "Remember what happened Valentine's Day."

"I'll explain later," Jennifer said to Mike, Katie and Abby. She saw my frown and added, "They're giving me a ride home. We were short a little car space." I nodded in understanding.

Everyone started leaving. The girls gave everyone kisses on the cheeks. The guys kissed the girls' cheeks and shook hands with each other. It was as if nothing crazy had happened this weekend. It wasn't long before it was just Carrie and I left.

"What wrong?" she asked.

"I don't know," I shrugged. "This weekend was the best, but I just have a bad feeling."

"Maybe I can help you with that," she smiled, kissing me. I felt her hand drop to the button to my pants.

"Now who is insatiable?" I laughed.

"Oh no!" she laughed as she dropped to her knees in front of me. "I'm just going to wipe that frown from your face. We are not going to mess up one of the rooms after everything has been cleaned."

"Yes dear!" I grinned.

"Jerk!" she laughed, once again taking my cock into her mouth. I looked down at her.

"I'm getting hungry," I said. She knew exactly what I meant. Her eyes lit up as I made her stand so I could take off her pants.

"I guess we can be a little later," she smiled as I pulled her pants down.

"Do we have enough detergent for one more load on laundry?" I asked as I pulled her top off. It wasn't long before Carrie was once again standing in front of me naked.

"I guess we'll have to make do!" she said, now helping me undress.

"You know, we never did use the hot tub together," I replied. I thought she might argue, but instead she laughed.

"Let's go!" she cried and ran for the master bedroom. I watched her go and smiled.

I thought about my bad feeling for a moment, but then shrugged. There was nothing that bad that could happen as long as I had my golden goddess.

"You coming?" she cried from the bedroom. I could hear the water on.

"Yes dear!" I called back, finding it impossible to stop my ear-to-ear smile.

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