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John and Pete


It was at the beginning of the summer, circa 1990, and Pete had just returned home from university. He would have enjoyed spending the entire summer lazing around and taking it easy, but he needed a job. University was expensive and although his parents helped out with the bulk of the cost, they didn't have the money to allow for anything other than the essentials. He wanted to earn some extra cash for clothing, gas, social events, and a myriad of other things that you can't get without money in your pocket. He'd written to several companies and prospective employers while he was still in school, but none had responded with a job offer.

He was just about to embark on a visit to several small businesses in the area in search of a job, when the phone rang. He picked up hurriedly and offered a terse, "Hello."

A loud, excited voice on the other end replied, "Pete! You're home from school at last. Are you going to be home for the whole summer?"

Pete recognized the voice immediately. It was John, his best friend. John was also going to university, but in another state. "John! How are you buddy?" he replied exuberantly.

"Just fine Pete! I'm doing great! I just got home last night. I thought I'd give you a call this morning to see what you've got on for the summer. Are you going to be working?"

Pete sighed, and in a voice immersed in disappointment replied, "I wish! I haven't left a stone unturned in my search, but there just doesn't seem to be anything out there. What are you doing for the summer?"

John chuckled gleefully. "I'm a happy guy Pete. My aunt and uncle decided they're going to run their old upstate diner this summer. Aunt Mable called me last night and asked if I'd be interested in being one of the servers. I jumped at the chance. I'd already tried all of the things you've tried and came up empty as well. While I was talking with Aunt Mable, she mentioned that they have a woman who lives up there who's going to be a server as well, but they'd like to have one more on staff. I told her you might be interested and I'd talk to you about it today. What do you say buddy?"

Pete was almost speechless. "Hell yeah John! I was just sitting here lamenting how sad my sophomore year was going to be when I was too broke to buy toilet paper. When do I start?"

"Umm, that's the thing Pete. We have to start right away." John replied. "Aunt Mable and Uncle Jack want to leave tomorrow so they can get things up and running for an early opening. Aunt Mable figures this will be their last year of operating the old restaurant. They've had it for years now and it's getting to be a little too much for them at their age. They're going to put it up for sale at the end of the season."

The next morning Pete was waiting on the front porch when Aunt Mable, Uncle Jack and John, drove up in a van. He stowed his bags in the back and two minutes later the four of them were off to cottage country. John's aunt and uncle had owned the small diner for the past 8 years. Each year they'd go up and run it for just the months of summer. It was located in the Finger Lakes region and they originally ran across it when they rented a cottage that was located near it. When it came up for sale a few years later, they decided to buy it. It was well located and enjoyed an excellent reputation and a high level of customer traffic. It was a small diner, seating only 30 to 35 people but it usually operated close to capacity from late June to early September. There was no competition to speak of and, as John's aunt and uncle were retiring at the end of that year, they decided to buy the little business to bolster their retirement income and give them something to do.

John and Pete were lifelong friends. They'd met on their first day in kindergarten and formed a friendship that had endured from that day right through to this particular summer. They were both 18 years old and had just finished their first year of university. They were going to different universities but had managed to maintain their friendship through regular telephone and mail contact. The two had few other acquaintances and were inseparable best friends. They had never been a part of the popular group and tended to be somewhat shy and retreating in social settings. It's likely that their natural shyness was a good part of the reason why they spent so much time together. They had a lot in common and never felt any pier pressure when they were in each other's company.

John's aunt and uncle traditionally handled meal planning and preparation and usually hired a few local kids to help out with serving duties. This year, they knew that John would be needing some extra money to help out with the cost of university and had offered him a job.

John's aunt and uncle had a one bedroom travel trailer that they slept in each summer while they were at the diner. There wasn't enough room for John and Pete, so they set up a family sized tent in the wooded area behind the restaurant. The tent was a heavy canvas model with plenty of room for the two of them and with summers by the lake being so mild, they would be quite comfortable. The tent was divided into three areas, with two smaller areas for sleeping and a larger common area for eating and relaxing. Each boy had his own bedroom and they slept on cots with comfortable mattresses.

Besides John and Pete, there was one other server. Her name was Millie. She was about 25 years old and lived in the area year around. Her husband was a trucker and spent weeks at a time on the road. She broke up the boredom of being alone for so much of the summer by working at the restaurant. She was quite attractive and had long brown hair, blue eyes, a flawless complexion, and an hour glass figure. John and Pete were immediately taken with her good looks and even more so by her stunning figure. Neither of them had been on more than one or two dates in their entire lives, so Millie never failed to get their attention any time she walked by. The two boys were virgins but it was a condition they were anxious to eliminate.

Once at the diner, it took John's aunt and uncle no time to get the little restaurant fixed up and ready for business. The gas, water and electric people showed up on the first morning and all of the stoves and fridges were running by noon. They'd placed a sign on the front lawn a week earlier, announcing that the diner would be opening and, at the same time, they placed a notice on the local radio station and in the newspaper. A lot of work went into scrubbing, polishing and cleaning over the balance of the day, but by late afternoon the little restaurant was ready for the next morning's breakfast crowd.

By about 7:00 p.m., John and Pete headed out to their tent and got things organized for their stay. They showered in the stall behind John's aunt and uncle's trailer and at about 9.00 p.m. decided to turn in. Neither of them wore pyjamas, preferring instead to simply wear their jockey shorts to bed.

Pete crawled into the cot and stretched out lazily. It was just about dark outside and he could already hear the sounds of the crickets and tree toads. Neither of the boys was very tired, so as they lay in their beds, they chatted about what they might expect at tomorrow's opening.

Pete heard John shift restlessly in his cot. "You know Pete," John remarked, "I just hope business is going to be slow enough to let me get the odd peek at Millie's sweet ass."

Pete realized that he and John were on the same page. "I know what you mean John," he replied. "She's a babe. I love those hips and those fantastic knockers. I figure she's a 36D."

John sighed, long and heavily. "She's at least a 36D Pete. I can almost taste the sweet nipples on those big beauties when she walks by and they're bouncing, right there in front of my eyes. I got a major hard on today when she bent over to grab some pots and pans from under the counter."

"Yeah, I saw that too John!" Pete remarked excitedly. "God she's got a beautiful pair of tits and she's really pretty as well. I'll bet she gets really horny when her husband is out on the road for weeks at a time. Maybe she'll come out to the tent one night and fuck both of us."

John laughed at his friend's carnal speculation. "I doubt that's going to happen Pete. What would a great looking babe like her want with a couple of broke dudes like us? She's probably got a legion of willing local studs lined up at her bedroom door."

"You're right," Pete replied ruefully, "With a face like hers and those lovely big tits bouncing up and down wherever she goes, she's not going to do without unless she wants to."

"You're preaching to the choir," John snorted. "But that's okay. I'm going to be thinking of her when I Jack off tonight and she won't even know it. After watching her all day, I've got a hard on that's going to have to be beaten into submission."

Pete chuckled out loud but never said anything else. He wondered if John really was going to jack off. He was only a few feet away with only a thin sheet of canvas between the two of them. He laid back and closed his eyes, but about five minutes later, just as he was about to fall asleep, he heard John's cot creaking rhythmically. "My God!" he thought, "John is jacking off!" After years of jacking off himself, Pete had no trouble reading the message that the rapidly creaking cot was sending. He felt his own cock twitch excitedly as the tempo of the creaking increased. Then, no more than two minutes later, he heard John's breathing speed up, followed a few seconds later by a muted moan of pleasure.

Pete slid his shorts down over his hips and grasped his cock. It had grown to fully erect status when he heard John moaning with pleasure as he went off. The two had only seen each other naked once or twice during their friendship and until now, they'd only talked about sex in guarded terms. Pete found himself somehow titillated by the mental image of John jacking off. He began stroking his cock and was taken aback by the urgency that he felt as his hand moved up and down the rigid shaft, faster and faster. He felt his orgasm coming on much earlier than usual and didn't have time to do anything to slow down the reaction. Before he knew it, he was laying there with his back arched and his hips thrust up off the cot as several huge dollops of jism exploded from the swollen tip of his cock. They splashed, hot and thick, onto his belly and chest. He moaned involuntarily and his cock jerked excitedly as each pearly ribbon of semen was emitted from its swollen tip.

As Pete lay their in the darkness, recuperating from the immense ejaculation, he heard John's voice, "Christ Pete! Millie must've made you even hornier than she made me. Your cot sounded like it was going to collapse, you were beating your meat so hard and you moaned loud enough to bring the tent down when you shot your load. Shit! You went off so hard that I'll bet Millie even felt it."

"Fuck!" Pete thought to himself. "John heard me!" At first, he thought it would be best to simply ignore the comment, but instead, he decided to fire back. "Listen to who's talking," he remarked. "The joints of your cot nearly caught fire when you were jacking off a few minutes ago and I'm sure Millie and everyone else within a five mile radius heard you moan like a fog horn when you blew your wad."

John laughed quietly. "So we heard each other. I guess we've got no secrets from now on Pete," he replied. "Anyway, now that we've both shot our loads, we shouldn't have any trouble falling asleep."

Pete grabbed a handful of tissues from beside his cot and mopped up the crawly flood of semen that extended from his pubic hair all the way up to his chest. "Jeezus!" he thought to himself, "That has to be the biggest load of jism I've ever blown." At just about the same time, he realized that it wasn't his thoughts of Millie that had coaxed such a massive amount of cum out of his dick. It was the sound of John jacking off just a few feet away.

The next morning, the boys slept past the time they should have risen. Pete looked at his watch and realized that the diner would be opening in less than half an hour. He grabbed his pants and peeked around the canvas divider. "Get up John! We're late!" he shouted in a voice that was still hoarse with sleep.

He began to pull on his pants and realized that he had a raging hard on. His balls felt a little sore and swollen, they way they always got when he was horny. Normally, he would have jacked off immediately to relieve the tension. Pete habitually jacked off each morning and each night, but today he was running far too late to take the time to masturbate. He knew from experience that that meant he was going to have to make it through the whole day in a state of constant horniness.

His loud shout had awakened John with a start and by now Pete was in the common area. He could see into John's sleeping area. John had just glanced at his watch. He was beginning to panic because of the late hour and leapt excitedly from his bed. Pete noticed that John's jockey shorts were sharply tented in the front by a huge erection and no doubt, he too would have opted to jack off had he not been running so late. Just then, John looked up and when he saw Pete looking at the front of his underwear, he looked down and saw the steel hard erection that was pushing out the front of his underwear.

"Don't feel bad," Pete remarked. "I woke up in the same condition and realized it's too late to do anything about it. I guess we're going to have to make it through the day feeling horny and neglected."

John shook his head drowsily and shoved his hand down the front of his shorts. Pete could see him close his hand around the shaft of his dick and stroke it longingly. "Don't worry big guy," he said in a half whisper. "I'll see to it that you get extra attention tonight."

They both laughed and continued dressing. In about 20 minutes they'd finished their grooming and were fully dressed and ready for the day. Business was fairly brisk given that this was their first full day of serving. The customers were mostly older cottagers and quite pleasant to deal with. Pete fared well with tips as did John, but their gratuities paled in comparison to those of Millie. She knew how to please her patrons. The older men were all smitten by her blue eyes and gorgeous figure. If they were alone, she flirted shamelessly and made sure she leaned over their table frequently, revealing her voluptuous cleavage to their lascivious gaze. If they were with their wives, she reigned in her sensuality and flattered the wives on their hair, their make up and the outfits they were wearing.

By late afternoon, the breakfast and lunch crowds had come and gone and the three servers were busy sweeping, mopping and washing off tables. Millie leaned over to clear one of the tables while John and Pete were behind her. Her dress, which was short to begin with, pulled up as she bent over the table and revealed the lacy trim of her panties. Pete could see the crack of her ass through the thin material. He stood there mesmerized by the erogenous sight of her sexy figure. As she wiped the table top, her hips swayed rhythmically from side to side and he got a long, arousing look at her shapely thighs and lace panties. He could feel his cock stiffen and push impatiently against the front of his jeans. He looked over at John who was also watching Millie. He could see the thick coil of his cock pushing against the front of his jeans as he stood there, salaciously eying her excitingly sensual ass and legs.

As she was wiping the table top, Millie turned and glanced over her shoulder. A look of surprise flashed across her face as she saw John and Pete standing there watching her with the front of their pants bulging from the force of their imprisoned erections and a look of sexual longing burning in their eyes.

To Pete's surprise, all Millie did was smile, almost as if she had no idea what the boys were thinking about as they stood there staring at her lovely ass and legs. They quickly looked away, embarrassment burning their faces to a crimson hue, and resumed sweeping and mopping as if nothing had happened. To Pete's surprise, Millie moved on to the next table and leaned over it to wipe the surface, however this time she leaned much further over the table. As a result, the two young men's prying eyes had a greatly improved view of her female assets. Her panties were completely exposed and because she leaning forward and had her legs slightly apart, they were able to see the dark shadow of her pubic hair and the recessed crease of her labia through the virtually transparent material.

Pete's cock came close to exploding when he saw the delightful view offered by Millie as she lay across the table. He watched enraptured, as her buttocks moved evocatively to and fro while she vigorously scrubbed the table top. As she did, the narrow crotch of her panties slid seductively from side to side, exposing alternating views of the thick black patch of her pubic hair. Her legs were strong and fit and shaped beautifully. They ran gracefully up into her hips and buttocks, forming a sensual picture that no man could ignore.

Again, she turned her head and looked over her shoulder. Pete was leaning over a table and was able to look down quickly in an attempt to avoid her accusing gaze. He wasn't sure if he'd fooled her and was no longer convinced that he even wanted to fool her. Her apparent eagerness to move from table to table, giving him and John full visual access to a very enticing area of her body did not seem like the actions of a shy and demure woman. Over the next ten minutes or so, Millie leaned over several more tables, each time ensuring that both boys were behind her and were afforded a stimulating visual treat.

A short time later, the dinner crowd began arriving and the servers traded in their brooms and mops for order pads and trays. Pete was quite aroused by the sights afforded John and him by Millie and looked forward to the opportunity to work out his frustration when he returned to the tent later that evening. By 7:00 p.m. the diner was empty and Pete, Millie, John and his aunt and uncle sat down to have a coffee and relax for a minute after the busy day. John's aunt and uncle were pleased with the days receipts, while the three servers were pleased with the generous tips the customers had bestowed.

About 10 minutes later, Millie got up and left for the night. John and Pete left just a minute or two later. When they got back to the tent they ate the sandwiches they'd brought back with them from the diner and drank a couple of sodas. As they were finishing up, John abruptly asked, "Have you ever fucked a girl Pete?"

Pete thought about lying, but knew he'd have a hard time pulling it off. John and he had always read each other fairly well and he didn't want to appear a phoney. "I've come close John, but I've never actually been laid," he replied. " I try every time I get the chance but so far it hasn't happened." Then he looked directly back at John and asked him, "Have you ever fucked a girl?"

John looked dejectedly down at the floor of the tent. "I guess we're both virgins Pete. I've been trying to get laid for years now and I thought for sure I'd be getting fucked to death when I went off to university, but like you, I'm still waiting. I guess until I find a babe who opens her legs and puts up a welcome sign between her thighs, I'm going to be pumping my pudding every morning and every night."

"Yeah, I know how you feel." Pete replied, "I wish I had something other than my hand wrapped around my dick once in a while."

John looked at him curiously and said, "It's interesting that you say that Pete. It gives me an idea!"

"What's that?" Pete asked eagerly.

John looked at him a little uncertainly, then blurted out, "I'd like to have something besides my own hand wrapped around my cock too. There aren't any single women around here and we've got three months ahead of us. Why don't we try a few things to make the stay a little less boring. We should see what it feels like to jack each other off."

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