tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJohn Tries His "Hand" at CFNM

John Tries His "Hand" at CFNM


Just wanted to drop a note about my recent first experience with CFNM. I had seen the websites and pictures, and figured they were all fake, but they looked like a dream come true. Would there really be women who would want to be in charge of a naked man, just for fun?

I placed an ad in the local Craigslist offering my services as "nude entertainment", and a young lady responded, and asked if I would come by and be her naked slave for an afternoon. Of course I was willing to! We set up a time, and she kept saying she couldn't believe it was for real. I assured her it was, and that she should relax and have fun with it, as she was totally in control of everything, that I would do anything she asked. We talked on the phone, and she kept saying how she had lots of ideas, and how much she was looking forward to getting me naked for her amusement.

The day finally came, and I found her apartment in a fairly normal-looking building in the suburbs. I rang her buzzer, and after letting her know who I was, she let me in the building. After a deep breath, I went in, and found her door, and knocked. She opened the door, and I was pleasantly surprised, she was about 25, long dark hair, sort of a sexy Asian look, very cute smile, and mischievous eyes. She was wearing one of those sexy strappy tank tops, and low-cut jeans that showed her tan midriff. She stood in the doorway with a devilish little grin, gave me a once-over look up and down, and told me to strip right there in the hallway.

I started to strip off my clothes, and a neighbor walked by while I had my shirt off, just said "hi" and kept going. She said to the neighbor that I was going to be her naked slave, and asked would she like to watch, to which the neighbor said, sounds fun, but maybe next time, and scurried off down the hall, peeking back every so often as I stripped. I finished stripping down, she took my clothes and put them aside, and made me give her a good long look at my body. She told me to bend over and grab my ankles, and she slapped me on the ass a couple of times. Once satisfied, she let me in, went and sat down, and told me to make her tea and lunch, which I did. She kept saying how "cool" this was.

While I made lunch, we talked about whether I'd done this before (no, I hadn't), why I decided to place the ad, why she responded, and the like. It turned out that she liked the "power" game, but had never thought she could go as far as getting a guy naked without the pretense of sex. I told her I had no interest in sex, I just wanted to be her naked plaything for a while. To that she said yet again, "this is so cool", and laughed.

While I was waiting for her tea, she had me do a little dance, and she had me present my cock and balls for visual inspection. It was a turn on, despite how clinical she treated it - lift your cock so I can see your balls, stretch it out, open up the hole a bit, roll your left ball in your fingers, now the right, etc.

The kettle whistled, and she sent me off to get the tea and sandwich I made her. She had me kneel down in front of her as a table while she ate lunch, making comments on how well my balls hung bent over like that, so I told her I shaved them. She then reached down and gave them a light squeeze from underneath, commenting how smooth they were. Then she slapped my ass again, and laughed heartily, before finishing up her lunch.

After lunch she had me massage her neck and shoulders, and brush her long dark hair. I really enjoyed this; she had nice smooth skin, and luxurious hair. I was seated behind her, and it was all I could do to keep from getting hard, which would have poked her in the back.

After that I cleaned her kitchen floor, washed her dishes, and replaced her shower curtain, "since I was tall". While I was doing this her friend called on the phone, and after small talk, she said plainly "I have to go, I have a naked man here cleaning my place." I found that really cute. She was really enjoying this, telling me "slave, get me more tea", and "bring your penis over here for a second", to which she'd give a quick tug, or slap, then send me on my way.

When that was all done, she had me pose for a couple of pictures for her in various poses, and took a couple of her with me, using the timer, laughing and saying how cool this was the whole time. That was a lot of fun; she was fully dressed, and she would pose next to me, or spank my ass, or smile with my balls in her hand, or tugging on my cock like a leash. My favorite was a close-up, her knelt down, smiling at the camera, with my cock and balls next to her face.

Then she wanted to play some games. She made me pose with some of her clothing, like a feather boa, on, and strut like a model, at one point making me tuck my genitals between my legs, so I looked like I had none. She had me get on all fours and bark like a dog, and drink water from a bowl like that, and couldn't stop laughing. She had me lie on my back at her feet, and she stepped lightly on my scrotum with her stocking foot, and swirled it around some, saying how neat that felt. She then instructed me to stand up and get an erection (actually it was "get that thing good and hard for me"), and she had me stand across the room, and threw a foam Frisbee ring until she got a ringer, squealing with delight.

After that, she went into the bathroom and got out a jar of something like Vaseline, handed it to me, and said she wanted to see me masturbate for her. So, she got comfortable on the couch, told me where to sit, and told me to start. She asked if she should strip to her underwear for inspiration, and I said no, that was OK, to which she said "even better". I gave her a nice long stroke show, while she stared at my cock with a mischievous grin, and commented that I had "good technique", to which I laughed... She asked questions about how I stroked, and how I played with my balls, and seemed generally interested. She said she'd have to try this on her boyfriend. I joked that I'd show them both if she wanted, and she said she might actually want to do that...

She then told me that she wanted to see me come, now, and to stroke faster. She started talking dirty, telling me to pump it harder, to shoot for her, etc. I finally came, shooting a nice big load onto the carpet, and squeezing every drop dribbling down my cock. She sort of gasped, and gave a little "ooooh", then a round of applause, and thanked me, and told me I could go clean up, so I did, while she watched. Then she watched me dress, gave me a kiss on the cheek, and thanked me for a really fun afternoon.

Later on, she emailed me and said how much fun she had, and how she can't stop talking about it to her friends. I'm hoping to get together with her, the neighbor, her friend from the phone, and maybe a couple others sometime after the holidays for a "Girls Night In".

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