tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJonah's Dilemma

Jonah's Dilemma


Jonah woke up hard. As a rock. Not that he and his wife of 6 months, Nancy, didn't have an active sex life. They had a very active sex life. So active, in fact, that they'd run out of condoms earlier that night and it'd been less than a week since he bought the last box.

"What time is it?" Jonah mumbled to himself. He had to sit up a little to look over Nancy at the clock. 3:14am. Shit. There was no way he was going to fall back asleep with the Washington Monument between his legs. And there was Nancy, sleeping with her back to him, naked, since they'd fucked right before falling asleep. He leaned his face into her neck and inhaled.

"Shit." He quietly cursed to himself. The smell of her only main his ache more persistent. Jonah had found himself in quite the predicament. He really, really, really wanted to slide his hard cock into his wife's soft pussy but not just had they used the last condom; she'd stopped taking the pill. They were getting ready to have a kid, but not quite yet, another month they wanted to wait before trying. Nancy had heard things about waiting once you were off the pill to start trying and Jonah did what she wanted when it came to kids, she was the woman after all.

Plus, Nancy was asleep. Jonah had woken her to fuck before in the night and she'd been none too pleased. Not to mention she had a big morning meeting, so a middle of the night sex session, with no condom, would not make her happy.

Well, thought Jonah to himself, maybe if I just put the tip between her legs, right up to her lips, for just long enough, then I could roll away at the last second and cum into a tissue instead.

From the start this was clearly not a great idea, but what man, with a rock hard erection at 3am has great ideas?

So Jonah curled up, big spoon style, to Nancy. Her scent once again filled his body with desire as he gently, cautiously guided his precum dripping tip to her sweet spot. As planned, he rested the tip just at the very edge of her lips. God, she felt good. Even before she was off the pill they used condoms. Nancy was over cautious about the baby thing and Jonah appreciated the slightly dulled sensation because he lasted longer. He didn't think he'd last long right now, he didn't even need to move, just feeling her wetness against his soft mushroom head was bringing him near the brink.

And then, as the best laid plans generally falter, Nancy suddenly squirmed in her sleep, sending his whole shaft into her cunt. At the exact moment it happened it took all of Jonah's self control not to explode deep inside her fertile womb. But a few deep breaths later he was a bit back from the edge and pondering his next move.

Jonah thought about pulling out right then, though he was somewhat afraid of waking Nancy, who would now find him in a much more compromising position than he'd intended. He couldn't see that going over well. He could think about his uncle Frank's giant wart until his cock shrunk and slip out when he lost his erection, though her pussy felt so good Jonah wasn't certain even uncle Frank's wart could help in this situation.

After reviewing his options, Jonah finally decided he would slowly, very slowly, pull himself out. It was clearly the best option, so he began the tortuous ascent from Nancy's tight, slippery hole. This was not a bad idea, and may have in fact worked had Nancy not, at that very moment, began having some kind of sex dream and started slowly grinding her hips into Jonah.

"Oh fuck." He gasped, trying harder than he'd ever tried in his life to stop himself from blasting a load of sperm racing off towards his wife's waiting egg. A few more deep breaths and Noah thought he had control again, it was fortunate Nancy wasn't grinding with any more vigor, he thought.

Unfortunately for Jonah's self control, it was at this very moment that Nancy's sex dream reached its apex. Her vagina suddenly squeezed his cock, and since neither was creating much movement and he wasn't wearing a condom, this sensation was like nothing he'd ever experienced before. It felt as though her baby hungry biological clock was milking his penis for all it was worth.

And, of course, Jonah being a man experiencing the ultimate of sexual sensations, lost all self control and exploded, sending stream after stream of semen deep into his wife.

Nancy never woke. even as Jonah slipped out and rolled away. He tried to wrap his mind around all that had just happened, and what, if anything, he could do about it. After a few moments, the conclusion he came to was 'be the best goddamn papa ever,' snuggled into Nancy and fell asleep.

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