tagLoving WivesJourney of a Cuckold Ch. 02

Journey of a Cuckold Ch. 02


As expected none of the women backed out and so did the men. Till date, I am not quite certain if any of us was hesitant about taking this step. I was certainly looking forward to it -- as it really broadened our sexual horizons.

Shrini chose the movie for us and Rohini decided the pairing and the rest of us just followed the laid down steps by them. I was paired with Rohini, Shrini was paired with Mayuri, Vinil was paired with Sneha, and Pratik was paired with Dolly. The plan was to start early in the evening, treat our partners for a nice dinner as a thank you note for letting us watch the movies with them.

Shrini chose a "Cruel Intentions" which had released couple of months ago and perhaps was the best choice. The movie itself wasn't great -- a cheap (modern?) adaptation of the classic "Dangerous Liaisons." Also, he was quite certain that the show would be fairly deserted and we would be able to easily take some, not so nice, liberties with our partners.

Shrini, Pratik, Vinil, and I discussed to what extent we should go in order to ensure that the women would concede defeat. We wanted to win to protect our male egos at the same time we didn't want our wives to be exploited. Perhaps the women knew this pretty well and hence didn't concede defeat in this battle. They were confident that either way we had to loose, since they could only loose if one of us took unusual advantage of the situation.

We debated for sometime on what activities should be allowed and what should be forbidden. All of us agreed that undressing our partners was beyond consideration, especially in such a public place. We had to agree that groping with private parts should be allowed; otherwise it would be too tame and the women would be easily able to handle it. After considerable debate we agreed that groping at our partners breasts was okay and even rubbing the crotch of women or kneading their ass would be okay. We eventually even agreed that as a last resort we should try to sneak our hands inside and grab their naked breasts. Sneaking our hands inside their pants was completely ruled out. The objective for us was to enjoy so we agreed not to directly jump to take the extreme measures and gradually build up the momentum. The ideal situation would be that none of the women jumped out of their seats in revolt, yet at the same time we get plenty of satisfaction handling our partners.

The women very nicely dressed for the movie -- showing no particular sign of any excitement. Mayuri opted to wear a nice saree, a surprising choice considering the possible activities that could transpire in the theatre. The others wore their traditional salvars, except for Dolly who opted for jeans with a nice non revealing top. The men spent a little bit time to tidy up for this major event of their life. Although, our dresses didn't show the excitement but the meticulous preparation did little to hide it.

Rohini looked marvelous in her green salvar. Her lean figure really made her look much taller and better in salvars. She was radiant, her sparkling eyes shone through her spectacles and her lips parted every now and then to glare her neat milky white teeth. Mayuri was very cheerful as well. Her narrow waist was delectably wrapped in the gorgeous yellow saree that I had bought for her on our first anniversary. The brassiere had grown a bit tight for her after a year -- a just reward for my careful ministrations this past year. I noted that she had worn the saree a little bit lower than usual, nothing brazen but enough for me to take notice. The other two women looked gorgeous as well in their regular attire. I wondered if the other women would have opted for saree if they had access to one.

All of us left the house at 7:30pm. As per the plan we were supposed to meet at the theatre around 10:00pm and then move to four different corners of the theatre in order to get some privacy. Rohini insisted that we go to a quieter place for having our dinner, although I fancied taking her out to a nice, expensive restaurant. I took her to a slightly expensive Afghani place that is usually deserted; although I was not certain if it would be deserted during a long weekend. We had casual talk for some time before we placed our orders for starters and drinks. We were having a good time when suddenly Rohini decided to give it a serious turn by mentioning yesterday's events.

"I am a bit concerned with the way things went yesterday," she said.

"Why?" I asked innocuously.

"Well, I want to be frank with you," she said before taking a gulp of water to clear her throat.

"Do you promise to keep this between us?" she said lowering her voice.


"Sure, you can trust me," I said assuring her.

"Promise me that you won't get upset and ruin everything," she said highlighting the seriousness of the issue.

"Trust me, I am very tolerant and patient," I again assured her.

"What all happened yesterday was all planned by Shrini."

"I am reluctantly helping him achieve his objective."

"What objective?" I asked puzzled by her admission of an insidious plan of Shrini.

"Shrini wants to bed Mayuri," she exhaled after a pregnant pause. I could notice her lips quiver as she said it. If not for this, I could have mistaken this for a ploy by the women for us to back off and concede defeat. It was quite clear that she was not lying and I very well knew that Shrini was a born philanderer. However, our conversation yesterday evening suggested that all of us (men) were looking for a little bit of adventure and hence it wasn't so alarming that Shrini wanted to bed Mayuri. Moreover, Shrini definitely had a crush on Mayuri ever since he saw her in college days. I could hardly blame anybody for wanting to have sex with such an incredibly beautiful woman.

"So what's new?"

"I am sure Pratik and Vinil would love it too," I said.

"And yes even I would like to spend a night in bed with you," I heard myself saying. Rohini blushed and her lips curled and although she tried hard, I could see her faintly smile.

"Let's get serious," she said trying to contain her embarrassment.

"It is you who is joking," I said smiling at her predicament. Was she really joking, I wondered.

"You don't understand," she almost yelled out of frustration.

"I wish it had been just a passing fad," she said.

"But this is serious."

"Trust me."

"Shrini is hell bent on having Mayuri as his mistress," she said finally letting out cat out of the bag.

"What do you mean by that?"

"She is already married," I said. Still a bit puzzled with the turn of our conversation.

"That is precisely the point," she emphasized.

"He derives great pleasure bedding married women," she clarified.

"So, you are suggesting that she is his next victim," I said knowing that he did bed a few married women during our college days. Also, he did occasionally drop hints of boning some of his married, white colleagues in the US.

"The problem is - he wants her to be his last and eternal victim!"

"What are you implying?" I asked not quite understanding what precisely she was saying.

"You are so naïve," she said mocking me.

"He wants your wife to be his fuckmate all his life."

"Does that clear things?"

I was shocked to say the least. I could understand Shrini's desire to fuck Mayuri and perhaps could have even accepted his desire if things went well and we were able to convince our wives to swap partners. I could have even allowed him extra turns with Mayuri if he needed that. But doing something for life was unimaginable for me. I was in it for fun -- admitted that the thought of somebody screwing Mayuri really excited me. But then those are fantasies -- nobody lives those fantasies -- at least not people brought up in strict, moral society.

"I am shocked," is all I managed to say, in response.

"Shrini could hatch such a plan," I said in disbelief.

"And you? You are assisting him," I reprimanded her.

"I don't have a choice," she said.

"You don't have a choice," I almost yelled.

"It is not as if you don't know him," she said, "If not her, he would see someone else."

"I wouldn't mind if he had pursued someone else but then he has set his eyes on Mayuri now," she said confirming my worst doubts. I knew that Shrini was a go-getter and knew that every time he vowed to screw a girl, he had her on her knees sucking his cock in no time.

I had heard about some rumors about a wager he had with his local friend, when we were in college. It was about bedding a hot married lady staying in their building and he managed to seduce her in a matter of six months and screw her. The lady was really hot in bed apparently, although I never heard Shrini gloat about his conquest but his friends did tell me that he managed to fuck her. The lady by no means was beautiful and yet he was able to break her resolve. It didn't take much of intelligence for me to figure out that how hard he will be going at Mayuri.

"I am sure you wouldn't find it hard to understand how hard it is put a leash on his flirting nature."

"But with Mayuri joining our group it is impossible to stop him," she said clearly highlighting her helplessness.

"A shy, young, married wife is a perfect lure if he needed any," she said driving home the point.

"What if Mayuri doesn't accept his advances?" I said. Mayuri although had a bit of adventurous spirit considering her very conservative background, I didn't believe she would cheat on me or have an affair with anybody, especially with a close friend of mine.

"You can just hope that," she said dismissing my point.

"No women can resist his advances," she said praising Shrini's skills in wooing women.

"And once they had a taste of sex with him -- they keep coming back for more."

"I wish Mayuri doesn't accept his advances."

"But I know and even hope that she succumbs to his advances," she said surprising me.

"I thought you were unhappy about this," I asked questioning her motives.

"Yes, I am. But do I have a choice?"

"It is better than him sleeping with some white women or a prostitute for that matter," she elaborated.

"I am puzzled."

"Here let me explain," she said taking my hands in hers as soon as the waitress brought our drinks and appetizers. The conversation had already taken a toll of my appetite.

"Shrini has an insatiable appetite for sex and needs ample variety."

"Naturally, one can hardly expect him to be content with a simple woman like me."

"He needs ample sex outside our marriage!"

"Now, I wouldn't want him to sleep with any women, without knowing her background or sexual history."

"Need to guard against diseases," she elaborated.

"With this background, Shrini and I believe that Mayuri fits the bill perfectly."

"So, that is how we ended up arranging yesterday's episode."

I was intently listening to her feeling the warmth of her hands in that unusually cold place due to an unregulated AC. I could sense that she genuinely cared for me, although out of her devotion to her husband she had to surreptitiously assist him in his dark games.

"I couldn't do this behind your back and hence I had to share this with you," she said.

"I even wanted to make sure that Mayuri wasn't paired with Shrini for the movie."

"Couldn't do that though."

"I am happy that you thought about me at least," I said withdrawing my hands.

"So what is the deal now," I asked her.

"I don't want to cheat you," she said.

"You can still call this off," she assured me.

"How?" I eagerly asked.

"After tonight's episode, Shrini is planning to take a headcount tomorrow morning of people who are willing to continue this in some fashion," she answered.

"It would be a secret ballot."

"We would need a unanimous agreement to take something like this to the next step."

"You can vote against it."

"But unanimous agreement is very hard to get with something like this."

"Trust me," she said.

"Everybody would want to go ahead with something like this!"

"Ask yourself, if not for today's discussion wouldn't you have agreed to it?" she asked.

I reluctantly nodded my approval but then I countered here, "But I am guy."

"No guy could ever refuse to such a proposal."

"You mean to suggest women would object to this?" she asked with disbelief.

"I suppose so."

"Men are so naïve," she said.

"Women relish such opportunities, especially when they are without any usual associated complications."

"Are you saying that Sneha and Dolly are eager to take this to the next level?"

"I am saying much more than that," she said.

"Mayuri too is eager."

"And not only that, she even helped me orchestrate yesterday's episode."


"You are kidding?" I asked her in disbelief.

"I am not!"

"That is precisely the reason, I am talking to you."

"Are you suggesting that she wants to be Shrini's mistress?"

"I wouldn't draw such far fetch conclusions."

"But she is willing to experiment"

"And that is all a talented lover like Shrini needs."

"You are bluffing," I countered trusting that Mayuri wouldn't take part in such very radical plans. Her upbringing, her conscience wouldn't allow her to participate in such extreme experimentations.

"Trust me," she said urging me.

"How do you know?" I asked.

"So, you want the entire story?" she asked.

"Yes, if you want me to believe you."

"Well, ignore me at your own peril."

"But, I guess there is no harm in sharing it with you."

"Go ahead; we have enough time," I said looking at my watch.

"Shrini has been hatching this plan ever since Mayuri landed in the US."

"He had to take it very slowly in order for it to be effective."

"He roped me in the plan about 4 months back and I started talking to Mayuri, getting more details about her marriage and sex life."

"Very slowly, I implanted the idea of wife swapping in her."

"Initially, her conscience didn't let her accept such sinful thoughts."

"But as time progressed, she found the idea more and more difficult to resist."

"About a month back she signed up for this plan."

"Are you saying that Shrini, Mayuri, and you are all in this?" I asked.


"Shrini doesn't even know that I was cajoling Mayuri into this."

"He was working with you guys."

"It was completely my idea to test the waters first and understand if there is any point in even pursuing Mayuri in the first place."

"And even Mayuri doesn't know that Shrini is behind this."

"So that's why you think she is willing?" I asked almost mocking her conclusions.

"Yes and then we very elaborately planned out how we would start the discussion and how we would let it escalate into a confrontation."

"This is complete bullshit," I said dismissing her folktale.


"You don't believe me?" she said stunned with my reaction.

"Alright then tell me why Mayuri wore that saree today?" she asked in anger.

"It was your first anniversary's gift and she wore it to an event such as todays?"

"What are you implying?"

"Do you know who rigged the pairing?" she asked almost suggesting that it was Mayuri. Although, I though it might be Shrini who did that.

"You remember I told you that I tried to ensure that Shrini didn't get paired with Mayuri."

"Yes, who did it?" I asked eagerly.


"Mayuri?" I asked stunned by her reply.

"She wanted to go out with Shrini," I asked surprised by her revelation.

"This morning we spoke in the laundry room, where she enquired about the pairings that I was planning to do," she said.

"I hadn't decided anything by then."

"Except that I didn't want to pair Shrini with Mayuri," she clarified.

And then she narrated the talk with Mayuri she had in the morning.

"With whom do you wish to be paired?" Rohini asked.

"None in particular; I am just enquiring," Mayuri replied casually.

"Are you looking forward to it?" asked Rohini.

"Yes indeed. We planned it didn't we?" Mayuri said excitedly.

"You still want to go ahead with it?" Rohini asked.


"Don't you?" Mayuri asked her back.

"Well it will help me in pairing you accordingly?" Rohini clarified. "I don't understand?" Mayuri asked puzzled with Rohini's question.


"If you are having second thoughts," she said, "then I could pair you with Vinil."

"He is too shy to do anything untowardly," she said smiling.

"So, do you want a vanilla trip to the theatre tonight," Rohini asked.


"It is so embarrassing!"

"How can I answer that," Mayuri said blushing.

"Well you can choose to not answer but then you might have to watch the movie with docile Vinil," Rohini said threatening her to reveal her preferences.

"I don't have anyone particular in mind," Mayuri said and after a brief pause added, "But I do want to have some fun." "How much of fun do you want?" Rohini asked probing further.

"You are so mean!" said Mayuri.

"Why do you ask?"

"Can't you understand?" Rohini quickly responded in a teasing tone.

"Well, one could have fun by holding hands or perhaps sharing a small kiss, perhaps a peck on the lips, in the theatre."

"Is that something you have in mind?" Rohini asked.

Mayuri apparently just gave her the dreadful glare that made it clear that she wanted more.

"Okay, I get it."

"You want some real hot fun in the theatre," Rohini said.

"Is that correct?" she asked


"So, is it going to be Pratik or Shrini," she asked.


"I can pair you with the right person and I can assure you that you would come out completely satisfied," Rohini said very confidently.


"But?" Mayuri asked.

"But you need to be a willing partner at the theatre."

"Which means you also need to be dressed right for the occasion," said Rohini.


"Yes, if you want to have fun you need to allow a few liberties or even encourage him to take a few liberties," Rohini clarified.


"Wouldn't that send a wrong signal?" asked Mayuri.

"I am married."

"Well, so is your partner!"

"I suspect this partner would be your husband," said Mayuri and the quickly asked, "Am I right?"

"You are right," Rohini answered in affirmative.

"He has the hots for you and surely wouldn't let such an opportunity slip by."

"You can be certain that you would be well used by the time you come out of the theatre."

"You are not jealous," asked Mayuri.

"No, I would be happy if you enjoyed his company."

"Will I?" asked Mayuri.

"I could guarantee 100% satisfaction if there was a bed around in the theatre," said Rohini. And then they both laughed.

"Is he really good in bed?" enquired Mayuri but then she perhaps realized that this was a very personal question, although, Rohini didn't mind that.

"Yes he is very good and very well equipped too."

"You would find out soon," Rohini said.

"Stop kidding, how will I find out?" Mayuri said coyly.

"Well you can take it in your hand to find out," teased Rohini.

"You are incorrigible."

"What would he think if I did that?"

"He wouldn't have time to think," said Rohini laughing.

"What about the dress," asked Mayuri as they were about to leave the laundry room.

"Why don't you wear a saree?"

"That way you could give free access to your breasts and even roll up the saree if you decide to become really adventurous."

"You are so mean," said Mayuri.

And then they walked upstairs taking the laundry.

"Now you know that Mayuri is in for it," said Rohini. I was really surprised that Mayuri hadn't revealed any of this to me. I knew that Mayuri was fairly adventurous but didn't think she would be when it came to such taboo topics as well.

"Now, once Shrini is through with her this evening, he would have her hooked."

"And she would willingly become his mistress," I said almost resigning to my fate.

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