tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJudging Kimmy Ch. 05

Judging Kimmy Ch. 05


This story is one of fantasy and it is not to imply that I approve or condone blackmail or rape. The people mentioned in this story are made up and any resemblance to someone real is strictly a coincidence.

A Warning to my normal readers: This chapter takes us into the mind of Eric, Kimmy's long time boyfriend. While Kimmy appears in this story, there is a strong element of forced male bisexual action. If that is not your interest or if it offends you, you may want to skip this chapter.

To those of you that requested to hear about Eric, enjoy! As always, keep the votes and comments coming!


My jaw hurt from the black cock that had ruthlessly been fucking my mouth for the last several minutes. It was all I could do to keep from choking and gagging. How the hell did I get here? Me, a middle aged white man with a professional career and a steady girlfriend? How did I get here and even more, why was my own cock hard?

My thoughts drifted back to earlier in the day when I received a package at my home. There was no return address on the package. I opened it and noticed that there was an envelope and videotape, the envelope said to view the tape before opening. I slid the tape in to the only VCR in my house, the one in my bedroom. I thought it funny as I had almost thrown it away with the others when I bought all new DVD players. The image came on and I felt my pulse quicken. On the screen was none other then my girlfriend, Kimmy. She was naked, covered in what looked to be cum and was staring at the camera. On each side of her was a black man and she had one of their cocks in each of her hands. As this image burned into my head, Kimmy spoke to the camera.

"To whoever is watching this, I am a slut. A total slut for black cock."

I could not decide what to do as she then started sucking one of the black cocks as she continued to jerk off the other. I kept thinking that I needed to shut the tape off, but something inside me wanted, no... needed to see it through. It was then that I realized I was getting hard.

Anger, confusion, feelings of betrayal, they all hit me at once. I thought about all the broken dates over the past several months. I thought about the number of times that, even when we were alone, she gave some excuse for not wanting to have sex. As these thoughts hit me, the enormous cock that she was sucking suddenly erupted, shooting another load of cum over her already drenched face. She wasted no time as she grabbed the one she had been stroking and slid it into her mouth, the camera moving in for a close up. A moment later, the camera panned down and I watched numbly as I saw that she was masturbating while sucking these black men. A wave of humiliation hit me, I wanted to cry but I needed something else. My cock was now, for reasons I still do not fully understand, completely erect. I stripped naked and sat on my bed as I continued to watch the love of my life service the cock in her mouth. I needed release and needed it now. I began to masturbate, my eyes never leaving the screen. I was thinking that there was my baby, fucking other men, black men, and loving it as I was sitting at home alone, stroking my own cock, a cock that was clearly smaller then the two men in the video. At that moment, the second man came, only he held Kimmy by the back of her head, making her swallow his load. It must have been a huge one as I noticed it dripping from the corners of her mouth and she looked like she was about to choke to death on it. Just then, I saw something that I was very familiar with, Kimmy orgasmed! That pushed me over the edge, as my humiliation hit an all time high, I came. I fell backwards on the bed, my cum shot with such force that some of it landed on my face and chest. I could not remember an orgasm so intense in my life. I lay there, now gently milking the last of my cum from my cock as I heard Kimmy speak again.

"God, I need more, please give me some more black cock!"

I heard the tape end with that. I did not look at the TV; simply lay there and thought about everything. I noticed that I was still rock hard and perhaps it was that along with the humiliation that caused me to do what I did next. I reached out with my tongue and licked the cum I could reach from my face. This was not something that I had ever done and it had an unpredicted effect, with my free hand I scooped up the cum from my chest and cock and fed it to myself. My other hand began to stroke my still hard cock again. Images of Kimmy being fucked by those men, thoughts of my own submissive actions and the first taste of my own cum brought me over the edge and I came again! What the fuck was wrong with me, why was I doing this?

I went into the bathroom and took the hottest shower I could stand, brushing my teeth in the process. I noticed that my cock did not go soft until I was almost done. After drying off, I went into the bedroom and looked at the envelope. I opened it. Inside was a single piece of paper that simply said;

"Want to know more? Meet me at this address at 7:00 PM tonight."

There was an address that appeared to be a motel. I put the note on my nightstand and quickly fell asleep as everything that had just happened ran through my head.

When I woke, it seemed that everything that had happened was a dream. The note on the nightstand told me otherwise. My cock was erect in that "morning erection" fashion and I ignored it. There was a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach and I had a strong need to see Kimmy. I had to ask her what was going on. It was then that I noticed the time. Six o'clock, not enough time if I wanted to head to the address. Did I want to go? I argued with myself as I got dressed and headed out the door. My first though was to drive over and see Kimmy. Yes, screw whoever sent the note and tape, I needed to see Kimmy.

When I arrived at her house, I noticed a car parked out front that I had not noticed in the area before. How many times did that happen that I did not take notice? My heart raced as I walked around to the back of the house instead of the front door. Kimmy had a large back yard and a large bay window that looked out from her living room. I knew that there was no curtains on the window and decided to see if she was alone. I should have knocked. As prepared as I thought I was, I truly was not for what I saw. In the living room was Kimmy, bent over the back of her couch, getting fucked by a black guy. I could clearly see the expression of pleasure on her face. I positioned myself where I could see everything pretty well, but could remain unseen unless one of them walked right up to the window. I thought of busting right into the house, catching her in the act, but my body reacted otherwise. I noticed that my cock was again hard. I again felt the feelings of humiliation hit me as I remembered that Kimmy had cancelled our date for tonight because she had to review a case. The need for release was intense, even more intense then before and I released my cock from my pants and began to masturbate. Though muffled, I could hear what was going on as the sight unfolded before me.

"You like my black cock, don't you slut?"

"Yes, please, fuck me harder, abuse my pussy!"

I could not believe the words that were coming out of my all to conservative girlfriend. She had never acted that way with me. I pushed my pants all the way to my ankles as another wave of humiliation hitting me with the thought of being discovered. I could feel my orgasm building and that sick feeling returned to my gut. Still, I could not stop or look away.

Suddenly, the black man pulled out of her and turned her around, pushing her to her knees. This was my first good look at his cock. God, it had to be 10 inches long. It made mine look like a cheap hot dog. He started cumming, coating her face with his seed. She caught some of it in her mouth and quickly took it in her mouth, sucking him dry. That was all I could take as I orgasmed, cumming all over the ground in front of me. Some of my cum got on my fingers and almost unconsciously, I raised my hand to my mouth and tasted myself for the second time in a day. My confusion grew as I found myself imagining that it was HIS cum. I pulled my pants up and retuned quietly to my car. It was almost seven; I still had time to make it to the address. I had to go, to find out what was going on with Kimmy. I had to know what was going on with me.

I stood at the motel door, frozen. I wanted to knock as much as I wanted to return to my car and drive away as fast as I could. The door opened and a black man stood there. He simply said,

"You gonna stand there all night or come inside?"

I entered. The man turned on a VCR in the room. It was another view of Kimmy on the screen, different from the one I had seen. She was getting fucked by five black guys and appeared to love it.

"What the fuck is this about?" I asked.

The next several minutes were filled with more information then I could take in. Everything about Kimmy's blackmail and her now willing participation as a slut was told to me. I felt sick and wanted to puke. Then I was horrified as I felt my cock stir in my pants. The man, who only gave the name Devon, said that while Kimmy was obeying her orders and therefore safe from all the information going public, her fate was now in my hands. He further explained that he had a need for a white pussy boy for some of his clients and I had two choices, submit to his demands or Kimmy's life would be ruined.

I wanted to cram his words down his throat! Even for a moment, I thought about forgetting Kimmy, let the slut get what she deserved. However, then I thought that maybe she was not as willing as he was saying. Maybe she was just trapped in this, terrified that she would be exposed and even jailed for her involvement. As all this ran through my head, I heard the door open behind me.

I was shocked as the man I had witnessed a short time before fucking Kimmy walked through the door, a smug smile on his face.

"This is your only chance punk." Devon said.

"What do you want from me?" I replied weakly.

The second man smiled more as Devon explained that he was one of his clients, a bisexual man that enjoyed doing couples. I felt my cock throb at the mention of this. What the fuck, why was my body responding to this humiliation? The seconf man walked right up to me.

"What's it gonna be bitch?" was all he said.

I felt weak, defeated. Worse yet, I felt as though something inside me wanted this. My reactions from the tape and then from seeing Kimmy fuck this man, the eating of my own cum, it all hit me at once and I realized that I was fully erect.

"What do you want me to do?" I asked.

He ordered me to strip. I did so and as I undressed, it felt as though I was someone else, watching what was happening to me. They noticed my cock was erect.

"Shit, this little bitch is liking this D." The man said.

"I guess birds of a feather flock together." Devon replied as he laughed.

The man pushed me to my knees and released his semi-hard cock from his pants. I noticed that Devon had started video taping the events. A huge wave of humiliation hit me as the man started feeding me his cock.

"Suck it bitch, suck your girlfriend's juice from my cock."

The biggest wave yet of humiliation hit me as I realized that I was in fact sucking Kimmy's cum from his cock. There was another taste also, something that reminded me a bit of eating my own cum and realized that pre-cum was dripping from his growing cock. He grabbed the back of my head and started to fuck my face like it was a pussy. I could hardly get all of it in my mouth as when he shoved deep, I gagged and choked, worrying that I may vomit. All this had an effect that, while I half expected it, still surprised me. My cock felt like it was going to explode!

A yank of my hair brought me back to the present. The man looked me in the eye as he pulled his cock out of my mouth.

"You like sucking my black cock, don't you bitch?"

"Yes." Was all I could say.

He backhanded me with such force that I almost fell over had he not been holding my hair.

"Yes what?"

"Yes Sir."

"Suck it then bitch, suck my nigger cock just like your slut girlfriend."

I again went to work on his cock, or perhaps more accurately, his cock again went to work on my mouth. He ordered me to play with my little white cock and I started masturbating. I noticed that it hurt a little, having masturbated twice that day. I could not recall ever having masturbated three times in the same day. Wave after wave of humiliation swept over me as I thought about the camcorder getting all this, my cock sucking, masturbating, and some twisted part of me enjoying it. Then it happened, I felt his cock throbbing as he began to fill my mouth with his cum. I thought that he would not cum much, having just fucked Kimmy. I could not have been more wrong. He came so much that it squirted out around his cock, dripping down my chin. Even more of it went down my throat. I could feel my own orgasm about to hit when he removed his cock from my mouth and ordered me to stop masturbating.

"Look at the camera bitch."

I did so without question.

"You like being my pussy boy bitch?"

"Yes Sir."

"Tell everyone then."

I looked at the camera Devon was holding. I was not touching my cock and I could feel it oozing cum, even though I was denied an orgasm.

"I am a pussy boy." I said meekly.

"And?" He said.

"And I like to suck the cocks of my black masters."

I had no idea where that came from but it pleased the man. He ordered me to finish myself while looking at the camera. My hand grabbed my cock and I masturbated with more force then I could ever remember.

"You like the fact that we are fucking your girlfriend bitch?"

"YES Sir, I do!"

I realized that when I replied it was without hesitation and more importantly, it was true. That was the final humiliation; I orgasmed. The orgasm was so intense that it hurt. I came more then I thought I would have and it dripped down over my fingers.

"Eat it bitch!"

I did not need to be told. I eagerly ate my own cum, still torturing my cock as I did so, looking at the camera the entire time. Devon turned off the camera. I did not stop stroking my cock as I had not been told to. The man paid Devon some money and left. Devon looked at me and explained that he would be sending people my way to use me as they saw fit. He said that if I ever let one of them down, not only would Kimmy's tapes go public, but also so would mine. He also told me not to discuss this with Kimmy at this time. Devon left me there that way, still playing with my now semi-erect cock. Something had been awakened inside me. I wondered if this was how Kimmy felt. I continued to masturbate and in a few short minutes, I came again. This time, the pain was rather intense. Only a small amount of cum came from my cock, but still I could not wait to eat it. God... what have I become?

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by Anonymous04/03/18

Next chapter please.

I would expect Eric to become the cockold of his girlfriend Kimmy.
Good storytelling so far. Keep up the good work.

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