tagSci-Fi & FantasyJudy's Submission Ch. 02

Judy's Submission Ch. 02


Judy didn't live in the posh areas like Manhattan, not was it totally like the Bronx, but the building was in a ratty condition and the knock seemed to echo in the walls. Ray inspected the exterior of the house before he knocked upon the door with a smile on his shorn face. It took her a few moments to answer, and when she did she was there, dressed in the best wear that she had.. a pair of worn jeans and pale yellow tanktop that accented her curves more than the office wear did. Her red hair she had managed to curl slight and otherwise she looked fine.. shying a quiet smile with a small hello.. and let him inside.

With a graceful elegance, he slipped over the threshold and looked around at the near surroundings that seemed to sport nothing of wealth. The first room was humble and was furnitured with second hand stuff.

And he returned his attention towards her, reaching up, stroking the back of his hand to her cheek and traced her jawline in a sweet touch like he did the first time, "You are beautiful, my girl," he spoke, his voice sensual and dark. She couldn't understand that she would deem a beauty with the ugly frames on her nose, "Even with these specs on?" upon which he smiled and nodded, "You should use contacts, they would enhance those beautiful eyes you already have."

She shyly nodded, "They're expensive though, and I'd be most likely misplacing them all the time," changing the subject, "make yourself feel at home.. want some coffee or tea?" she asked quietly.

Leaning over he bit her neck and growled with a dark lust. His hand caressed her breast taking it as his right to do so. He murmured, "You would wear them if I told you to.. and not lose them.." He smile, "get me Coffee my girl."

She shivered, and smiled.. somehow she wasn't afraid of him this time.. and scuttled off into the kitchen to fix him coffee, yelling out, "You like it black, white, sugar, sweetener?"

"I like it strong..." he sat down in the cozy living room, quaint, not too large and not too small. It fitted the couch, a coffee table, a tv, few rugs on the floors and a large poster of some native american tribe stuff with the belonging dreamcatcher or two.

She came back with a couple of mugs and set down his coffee to him. "I wasn't sure if you wanted sugar or not, so I took it with me.." setting the sugar and milk down too.

He observed her with a quiet smile, "I desire sugar. Serve me," seeing how much she was his now. She added the sugar and stirred around, offering him the mug. Taking it, he caught her hand with his free one and pulled her towards him, rewarding her lips with a deep and passionate french kiss, his tongue caressing hers.

She dropped to the couch next to him and well, she kissed him in return. After a few seconds Ray broke the kiss and asked her what she thought about him. "Are you kidding me? I wasn't able to concentrate on work after you just popped up," she giggled, flushing a total crimson in her face.

He grinned wide, this was getting better by the minute, and caressed her thigh with a soft purring growl again, "Aching to be fucked again?"

She smirked, "The question is, are you able to contain yourself from screwing me.. Ray."

At her sudden cockiness, Ray quirked up a brow, "Of course I can! I wil take you when I please to though," adding the last statement of his will still dominating her. She nodded, but asked if she could tell her friends about him, that she had a boyfriend finally and her wish was granted by an approving nod from his side, why wouldn't she be able to.

Caressing her cheek with a smile, he gazed into her blue eyes. After a long moment he told her, "Call me Sir or Master, not Ray."

She gave an amused smile, "I think Master will fit you at home, but Sir is more appropriate if you drop by at work."

An appreciative purr rumbled from his lips, "Yes, now then my slut, you have yet to swallow a load of my spunk. I think it is time that you learned how to suck me off." She looked up at him and nodded.. getting used to him.. slowly.. this whole idea of slut and Master still new to her, let alone being together with a man. He watches her with approval in his face, stroking her hair as he guided her hand in unzipping him and drawing out his cock, already almost entirely hard.

Just to be adventurous, she ran a delicate finger down his throbbing shaft and then up , circling around the head. "Look close at it my girl... I imagine its the first cock you have been so close to?" whilst he enjoyed watching her little game.

She nodded.. "Yes.." and peered as close to as it she could, but retreated to discard the ugly glasses from her face before she peered at it anymore.

Caressing her face a little more, he softly coaxed her, "Lick it.. suck it.. worship my cock my girl." She ventured to lash out her tongue around the head.. tasting it's difference now that he hadn't had it in her sex whilst he leant back and relaxed, observing her reactions with a smile.

She found him to be a bit salty, but tasty... and enfurthened more her explorations of his cock with her tongue, running it down his shaft. He sighed in happiness and drinks his coffee, "You have a gentle touch." Curiously she paused, "Is that good or bad.. Master?"

He smiles. "Good girl, and you are good to ask. Never use your teeth. You will learn."

"Yes master" she smiled, going back to work and explored further, lapping around the crown.

Quietly, Ray corrected her, "The head of the cock is the most sensitive..." adding a purr for pleasure. Listening to what he had to teach her, she kissed lightly the head of his cock before nibbling with her lips upon it. "Yes," a soft purr again, "and it feels very good when you take it deep into your mouth and suck and lick it.. do it slowly and relax your throat."

Following his words, Judy suckled him into the depths of her warm moist mouth whilst she bathed the underside of his shaft with her tongue, soon slurping on it when she got accustomed to the taste of man flesh. He groaned in pure pleasure as she learnt to take his cock deep, stroking her hair and groaned, "Yes...suck me slut. You're such a good cocksucker, a natural." He growls in passion as his cock throbs rock hard in her mouth, he guides her, "Bob your head faster!!"

She couldn't help but feel aroused that she was pleasuring him and began to suck, lick and bob her head on his shaft faster like he wanted her to, quite enjoying it if she was truthful to herself. A soft growl emanated from him, "Yes.. so good.. I'm going to cum, my Judy and you're going to devour all of it." He shivered, savoring this moment. Upon that, she worked harder to willingly accept his gift of seed. In pleasure, Ray arched his hips and came hard in her hot willing mouth, his hot thick spunk filling her throat. She faceplanted into his pubic hair, and swallowed his goo without any problem. In approval he stroked her hair and moaned in pleasure, "Such a good slut."

Remembering that he had wanted to be cleaned last time, and since she had her face on his cock anyhows, she decided to lick him clean, suckling and lip-nibbling gently before she was satisfied and lifted her face up to meet his gaze. He gazed at her with a very satisfied look in his eyes, "Excellent." Caressing her face. His dark eyes take her in looking so perfect kneeling there.

She saw him in a fuzzy gaze.. at least she saw the smile.. and his contours.. and smiled quietly back in return. "Does master wish for me to learn more?"

Finally he spoke, "I want to get answers from you.. I take the responsibility of owning you seriously," asking her to tell him about her life.

"Well.. I work halftime at the helpdesk at central park, but you already know that.. I've just turned 18.. and moved away from home when I was 16.. had a few rotten jobs that didn't last that long and I'm studying to be a vet.. mm.. I'm from Missouri.. originally.. and my dad is from Ireland but my mother is of native american stock."

He nods listening and says "You have enough money?"

"I can manage.. even if most days are the usual noodles and dry bread.. but so does every student live on that stuff.."

A thoughtful nod, "If you have needs, you will speak with me. I will take care of you." Being very serious as he speaks this to her. He had meant to make her a quick fuck but it was not working that way. So he would protect his territory and care for it.

"Yes master.." she spoke quietly and nodded, "anything else?"

He cups her chin and says "No man will touch you as I do. if they try or do tell me. I will warn or kill them."

She nodded... waiting for more.

Quietly, he considered, "Though if I decide to I may share you."

Quizzically she looked up at him, since that thought never crossed her mind, "share me?"

He cups her breasts and pinches her nipple teasing it "Yes. I might enjoy watching you suck someone else off."

She blinked, swallowing slight. "If Master wishes so.."

He watches her and nods. He wouldn't do it now not till he's enjoyed claiming her in every way. Might not ever, he was a bit possessive about things. He says "What fantasies do you have about sex?"

She blushed in total embarrassment, "I.. I.. have.. often had fantasies about being taken by an animal.. Master.."

He smiles and says "Tell me one of your fantasies slut." His dark eyes looking into hers.

Her voice was a hushed whispering, "It's.. more like a dream.. Master.. I am in the woods.. being myself.. and.. I hear.. footsteps approaching my way.. something growling and I turn to run.. being hunted but it catches up on me.. and I feel myself falling to the soils.. and it mounts me.. taking me as his mate.."

He caresses her cheek and considers. "I bet you have watched dog's fucking.. imagined you were the bitch.."

She swallowed, nodding, "Yes. I have.. Master.. but you are the first." He smiles and licks his lips thoughtfully, "I think I will share you.. I think I want to see you fucked by a beast."

Faint she swallowed, nodding. "Yes Master."

With a growl, he gave her nipple a hard pinch and growled low, the mere thought was exciting him, "In fact I think I would dearly love to see you ridden by an animal. Helpless under its assault."

She yelped, nodding, her face flushed in red, "Yes Master."

He chuckled, "How thick are your walls?"

She blinked, "My walls? I.. I'm not sure.. sometimes we hear music from upstairs.. why?" A nod, "Mmmm, wondering if when it howls as it fucks you if it will upset them" and he gives a dark chuckle watching her.

She blinked, "Howls? A dog doesn't howl.. " and blinked again when realization hit her, "Where do you get a wolf in the city?"

He liked how she thought, his slut was far from being stupid, "I know someone who has one I can use.. one that likes taking human bitches."

Again she blinked, "Oh.." and nodded, feeling all funny inside now.

Observing her, he asked of what was on her mind. Quietly she answered, "I'm wondering how it would feel.. with the beast.. and knowing you like to watch.. how it feels.. Master"

A pleased smile and he ran his fingers through her hair watching her trying to gauge how fast to push her. Then he has an idea. "I can't say how it feels.. but I think you will love it."

She glanced up at him, "Will Master be wanting his slut to suck him off whilst the beast takes her?"

Amused he grinned, "Maybe, eventually but for now, no. I am going to watch."

She nodded, brushing her hand over his crotch and sighed happily and felt his arousal, his excitement of the new idea. Hearing him ask what kind of ropes she had at home. She thought it was an odd question, what did ropes have anything to do with all of this, "Ropes? I don't have any ..ropes.. Master"

He nods and looks at her thoughtfully, "I will get some toys then while I get the animal..." He smiles and stands licking his lips as he looks at her. "This is going to be a fun evening."

"You mean.. you want me to be mounted by this wolf.. tonight?," realization once again dawning upon her.

"Yes my slut," he nodded.

The crimson in her face reddened even more. "Oh my.. " a pause, "does Master wish for me to be.. does he want me in any special way for when he comes back with the.. wolf?"

He smiles and says "when I return I will have restraints for you. I will secure you before I bring it in." He smiles at her his eyes dark with passion and his plans. He caresses her face and purrs "This going to be good."

She smiled and pressed her face into his hand. "I wish to please you.. Master"

He walks to the door and smiles, "Oh you will my slut you will...." before exiting to get the things he needs.

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