tagSci-Fi & FantasyJudy's Submission Ch. 03

Judy's Submission Ch. 03


After a little while he came back, he didn't need to knock this time, having stolen her spare key before. Quietly he slipped in and looked about, with a gym bag over a shoulder. He could see that his little slut had been busy with clearing away the dishes and other stuff whilst he had been gone, and saw her sleeping form on the couch. Gently he stole into the room and gave her a soft nudge with the familiar soft growl from his throat whilst he sampled a gentle bite upon her neck, thus awakening her from her slumbering state. "Mmm.. back already Master?," she asked.

"Yes. Come with me into the bedroom," he straightened up and took her hand into his, leading her into it and looked about for the first time.

The room again was neat and tidy, a cozy bedroom which fitted a normal-sized bed in blue shades, a bedstand and a small set of draws for her clothes. He glanced her over and simply demanded her to strip whilst he began unloading straps and a couple of poles from his bag. She watched him for a moment then simply shredded her clothes from her frame and set them neatly aside on the drawers. With a lustful eye he observed her young beauty, then reached out and discarded her glasses, "On the bed Slut. On all fours."

She made her way to her bed and climbed up on it, her head facing the headboard and the wall. He was pleased with how obedient she was, not really in the mood of forcing her again, and moved quietly up to her side with a blindfold in his grasp and covered her eyes with it, securing it behind her head. Gently he cupped her chin and gave her a deep frenching before he suddenly broke it and smacked down his hand onto her ass leaving a nice reddish mark on her cheek. Softly he caressed her where he just marked her, contemplating his next move.

There was a moment of silence for a second, and then he attached cuffs around her ankles. Settling her legs to a spreader bar, forcing her to keep her thighs wide apart. Her arms follow the same fate, being shackled in cuffs and then to add to her anticipation, he lightly ran his fingernails down her spine watching her shiver and arch her back together with a low mewl of pleasure.

She felt him then run a hand over her buttocks and then down to her knees where he attached another spreader bar to the cuffs around her thighs, which maintained to keep her wide, spread and open to anyone who wished to take advantage of her. "I wonder what the people at work would think if they saw you like this," he chuckled, lightly sliding a finger between her open labia and teased her already moist snatch. She shivered, blushing under the blindfold, and squirmed her hips, feeling very much exposed.

A few things more and she could hear him set up a couple of things around in her room, she listened, but couldn't figure out what he was doing. Then he paused, leaning in to surprise her. His tongue flicked over her clit, causing her to bounce in her restraints and gasp loudly. He teased her more, biting her nub before snickering in glee and finally strapped her shackles to the bed, immobilizing her fully. "Hmm.. now I will go and get the wolf," he purred in satisfaction.

Waiting in anticipation, Judy strained to listen. Stretched and taut as she was. She could feel her love juices trickle. She heard her Master walking out from the room, listening to the familiar click of the door and waited.

A short time passes, seeming more than it was. And the door creaks open, closing again with that well known click. She could hear something move into the room, and his familiar footsteps. A moment later, something jumps onto her bed, a shifting as it's fur brushed over her tied flesh whilst it sniffed at her skin. Judy shivered, holding her breath for a moment.

It growled softly, nuzzling under her prone body and nipped at her breasts with it's savage canines, chewing them roughly, especially her nipples upon which she yelped. The wolf moved down with it's cold wet nose, sniffing at her until it had traced her drooling snatch. She squirmed when he did, whimpering quietly whilst it slid it's long tongue between her spread labia and began to feast upon her with long strokes of licking.

However, the animal disapproved of her squirming, a low growl and it nipped at her ass and thighs, leaving no doubt red marks and returned to pushing his tongue into her pussy, ravishing it's depths. Whimpering she learnt quickly of her mistake and kept still through the rest of the procedure, shuddering in pleasure whilst she groaned in pleasure from the attentive tongue.

Across her clit it's tongue rubbed, but nothing consistent as it continued lapping at her, getting her equally good and wet before it leapt up and hugged at her waist with it's forelegs with a tight grip. He bounced a few times before it's tool found it's mark, slipping in just a little bit. There was a moment again, and she could feel the animal adjust itself slight, angling more correctly to get more aligned with her. Then it's cock hammered into her in one powered thrust of which forced her to scream.

It snarled at her scream and gripped her even tighter with it's forelegs. It began riding her hips, it's cock thrusting deep into her tight depths; only deflowered hours before and now used most brutally. She had no way of defending herself, much less protecting her most intimate parts and she cried out repeatedly over the rough poundings from the insensitive beast on her back. The strokes settle into a rough hot rhythm, it's breath hot on the nape of her neck and she could feel his canines nip at her skin on her shoulders whilst this impossibly different cock was taking her.

Then she could feel a pressure upon her inner lips, and with a hard brutal force, the canine atop of her drove his knot into her depths whilst snarling in passion. She squealed in return, feeling impossibly stretched at all corners and grunted in waves of pain, and strangely enough, pleasure above it all. His knot swelled slowly within her, his paws grasping her tight around her hips, claws scratching her skin whilst her wet hot box hugged him like a fitting glove.

She shook under the force of the creature, crying out between forced gasps and shivered as she felt something build up inside her. Together they were locked, human and wolf. The animal moved only by the ferocity of his assault, and whined as his pleasure too was rising. A hard, deep thrust. It took her. Making her his bitch in a frenzy of lust. And it rutted her like the animal he was, whilst she arched pinned under him, crying out in a convulsion of her own climax, quaking in her restraints as the wolf howled out his own desire and ejaculated deep inside her. Spewing hot ropey seed, filling her with it's throbbing cock. It's knot locking them together still, allowing no escape.

Grinding it's furry loins against her ass, the creature's hard rod still jumping and throbbing in her depths whilst it nipped at her neck lightly, his grasp on her hips still tight. Again, Judy held still as she could maintain, remembering that it didn't like her to squirm, and her pussy milked him still. The beast growled in pleasure and lapped at her neck and shoulders, each movement of his hips, big or small, transmitted through their link, to tease her taken sex whilst she shuddered in small quiverings, mewling now and then a soft gasp.

Soft growls came in response to her sounds, not of anger, but pleasure. Every so often, the wolf would move, its' knot pulling her hips with him, steadfast locked in unison. Then finally, her tight muscles and his strength let it happen and with a wet plop, the creature dislodged itself from her, leaving her empty which made her gasp disappointedly. With it's cold nose, it sniffed her wet coated labia and flicked it's hot tongue across her clit before it shifted on the bed and sat down in front of her face. It's soft brush of fur in her face along with the cold smear of it's cock.

She blinked into the blindfold, feeling the wetness on her face. Not understanding, not quite getting what was supposed to be done. The creature growled and whined, pushing his head with hers, very intelligently motioning her lips to brush his wolf tool. She got a taste of the member in her mouth and was about to spit it out but he growled in warning, his canines settling over the back of her neck. Judy froze on the spot and slowly submitted into taking the different cock between her lips and began suckling upon it.

Pleasure erupts soon in the soft snarling and the beast snuggled tight against her face as he managed to force his cock into her mouth, slimed down with both their juices. Now she accepted it's member, nuzzling back into the softness as she gave the beast a blowjob, licking and cleaning the cock whilst the wolf continued to purr in pleasure, gently licking at her face and nipped her shoulder tenderly. Suddenly, deciding it had enough of the good stuff, it stood and shifted away from her face, taking a chance to nip her ass one last time before she felt the bed spring as it jumped down from it.

Again she head the creak of the door opening and then she felt a hand tracing lightly down her spine, nails caressing whilst his other hand traced her swollen netherlips with a teasingly light touch. She shivered softly, murmuring his name quietly. Softly he spoke, "A well fucked slut..," his fingertip stroking her abused clit of which she bucked slight in her restraints, oversensitive after the rough coupling with the wolf. A smile, and he continued to tease her, "Tell me.. tell me what you felt."

Quietly she whimpered a soft moan, "It.. it felt like a burning rod, yet, aside from the pain.. it felt good."

Pleased he nodded, "Mmmm.. so you like being the bitch of a wolf?"

She shuddered slight, "Y-yes, Master."

He growled soft in pleasure, pleased that he had afterall taken her as his, "Good.." tormenting her a few seconds more before his finger faded from her.

She could hear him stow things away, most likely the odd poles that he must have set up around her in the beginning. And she felt the bed shift again when he sat down next to her restrained side, removing them, allowing her to rub back the circulation in her stiff joints before removing the blindfold and ordering her to go get cleaned in the shower, and come back quickly, for he had a surprise for her. She nodded and shuttled off to the shower though walking somewhat bowlegged due to being a bit sore.. the shower itself took about 15 minutes and she came back out feeling a bit more refreshed with a red towel wrapped around herself.

Sitting on the bed, Ray awaited her, having changed the cover from the one soaked with fluids. He smiles at her, "Join me girl." She shuffled across and sat down on the bed next to him. Pulling open her towel, he then slipped a hand down between her legs and rubbed his favourite toy again, "Ready for your surprise?"

Sharply she inhaled a gasp, "Yes, Master."

He smiled, knowing how sensitive she must be, "Close your eyes," he asked whilst his finger danced and tormented her clit, loving how she quivered.

After adjusting and fiddling with something, he told her to open her eyes again. His voice held a tone like he was going to enjoy the surprise for her. His finger teasing her clit still. She blinked and caught sight of the camcorder, blushing at the sight of her being ridden by the wolf quite brutally. "You liked it.. you can see it on your face.." he whispered into her ear, flicking her clit in time with the wolf fucking her on the camcorder.

She nodded. She couldn't deny it. Squirming as he rubbed her more and quivered, "Yes.. I liked it!"

"Such a slut you are," his words appreciative as he set down the camera to the floor, angling it so she could still watch it and lifted her onto his lap and raging hard-on. Quivering she groaned and sank down on his cock, sensitive, but God so turned on! He bounced her upon his lap, his exceptional strength making it easy to take her. Nipping her shoulders, her Master growled whilst slamming her faster and harder onto his throbbing cock as she began to get close to climax with the wolf. She shuddered and arched back against him whilst she sought her hands down to where they were locked, tormenting her clit in a mad frenzy, crying out in passion. Again he took her hard, spewing his semen into her womb whilst snarling like a beast, his hands sliding up to twist and torment her nipples, causing her to cry again, quaking against him as she reached climax for the third time that day. Milking his rod with her tight young snatch, panting heavily.

Harshly he snarled into her ear, "My slut.. my whore.. my Judy," his hands caressing her and reaches out to pause the video. "You like your video?"

Slowly she regained her wind, nodding, "Yes. Master.. I liked it.. much.. the video you gave me.. with you and I.. on it together," she gave him a hesitant smile.

He smiled as he heard what she said, stroking his palm over her hair and flexed his member within her. His secret was exposed a bit, but then he didn't mind much. He had been meant to take her and a part of him found home.

She hadn't he was a Garou before, but she recognised the familiar growlings and body language that both he and the wolf had.. and she had come to relaization that both had to be the same person.. but she didn't mind.. in fact she felt more accepted that way.. since no one else had wanted her with her wierd dreams.. and she had long thought she was the odd one out.. snuggling into him. "So.. shower next.. Master?" He chuckles softly and kisses her deep and hard. After the long sensual kiss he says "Yes if you wish."

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